ER Related

Crossroads - Tuckerglenn's fantastic ER/Division series, and other cool cash and prizes.

Maven, the homepage thereof - The "Thing" series, and other stuff.

Mosca's Fanfic - Really great ER fanfic, plus a wonderful recs page.

A Work In Progress...Take Two? - Excellent fanfic and original fiction by Sharon Bowers.

Devil Danie's - ER fanfic and index of Whatever Weaver Wants fanfic.

Golden Kingdom of ER - ER site, includes some f/f fanfic.

Weavered - One of the best ER fansites out there.

Whatever Weaver Wants
- ER f/f discussion group.

Fanfic in General

Mosca's Witness Protection Program - Should be required reading for fanfic writers everywhere. Read it. Please. - Lesbian fanfic directory.

Vox Populli - Host to many other slash oriented sites. - X-Files slash links.

Greenegret's F/F Slash Links - Slash links.

The Slash Page Database Project - Slash links.

The Fan Fiction Directory v.2.0 - Slash links.

Slash Fiction Online - Slash links.

Lady Slash - Yahoo group devoted to all things f/f.