We all need somebody to lean on

by Abby Sweetheart

We All Need Somebody To Lean On

Abby lay silent, listening to Susan, Dr Lewis. She'd only recently been attacked by Mr Kovac, Luka's father because she'd dumped Luka. "We have to do a rape test, so we know..."

"C...can Angel do it?"

"That's up to her, but, I don't see why not."

Angel looked up from reading Abby's notes. "I will do it." She agreed, her eyes, normally Hazel, shone a deep brown and she pushed her golden hair back from her face. Angel was a new medical student, new doctor, fresh from her medical studies. Her full name was Angelina Sweetheart. She preffered the name Angel. Angel took the test from Susan, and gently took the sample needed. Abby watched as Susan took it.

"We should know within the next few minutes..." She said, before leaving to take it to the lab.

Abbby's deep browny-black eyes swam and she let the tears fall. Angel, unsure of what to do, took her hand gently. "Abby..." She said softly, her voice causing Abby to sob slightly. Angel gently held the sobbing Abby to her, a hand gently tucking Abby's hair out of her face, she softly stroked the tears from Abby's face. "It'll be ok.. Shhh.... It'll all be over soon." She soothed, looking at Abby's lovely hair and kind face.

Susan was soon back , with good news. "It's negative." then Susan left.

Abby started to cry again and Angel held her once more. "It's over Abby." she said soothingly. "It's alright."

Abby looked up at Angel, smiling softly. "Thank you...for everything." Angel just shrugged, smiling down at Abby. Suddenly their lips met, brushing gently, lingering softly. "I...I've longed for that... for you Angel."

"Abby...." Angel smiled. "You have no idea how happy you've made me."

The two kissed again, then headed back to Abby's flat. They stayed happy, taking time to learn and love.

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