Walk on the Wild Side, A

by Kelly Green

A Walk on the Wild Side

by Kelly Green

Story: Kerry/Sandy

Rating: NC-17 for sexual content between two women

Warning: This is my first attempt at fanfic, so any feedback you could give me would be great. ER and all of the characters mentioned are owned by Warner Brothers and NBC. I have just borrowed them for a little bit of fun. I made up the bar, and if there is such a place in Chicago or anywhere, it is purely coincidental.

Sandy Lopez had a huge smile plastered on her face when she walked into the ER. Today was her partner, Kerry's, birthday. She was excited because she had spent the day making plans for the two of them. She walked up to the admin desk. Dr. Susan Lewis, nurse Abby Lockhart and the desk clerk Frank were standing there buried in paperwork. Sandy spoke first.

"Hey guys, where's my little french fry?"

The three of them had confused looks on their faces, but quickly put together that Sandy meant, Dr. Kerry Weaver, uber er chief . Frank snorted and lumbered away in disgust. Susan and Abby had matching smirks on their faces at the thought of anyone having such a diminutive nickname for Kerry.

Susan stated, "She's with a patient but should be finishing up really soon."

Abby couldn't help herself. "You seem to be in a great mood. What's up?"

Sandy smiled. "Today is Kerry's birthday. I've got big plans for her this evening."

Just as Sandy finished her sentence, Kerry Weaver approached the admin desk, with a frown upon her lovely face.

"Why didn't you tell us it was your birthday, Dr. Weaver?" Abby asked.

"Because I had kept it a secret up until this point." She never took her eyes off Sandy and had a look of mock indignation on her face.

"Aw c'mon, Kerry" Sandy teased, "you should share your birthday with your friends."

Kerry sighed and filled Susan in on the patients she was turning over to her for the night shift. She grinned at Sandy and walked quickly into the doctor's lounge in order to hang up her lab coat and get her purse.

Susan peered at Sandy. "So, what are you guys going to do?"

Sandy considered for a moment. "You saw the reaction we got when I told you it was her birthday. I think she would injure me if I told you about my plans."

Susan nodded and said, "Yeah, you're probably right."

Kerry approached Sandy and said with a smile in her voice, "You ready?"

"Yep" she stated and took Kerry's arm as they walked toward the door.

Kerry looked back and called "Goodnight everyone!"

"Have a good birthday, Dr. Weaver" called Abby in a voice that dripped with sexual connotation.

Kerry blushed slightly as they passed through the door.

They entered their two-story brownstone laughing and holding hands.

"Ok, missy, you go into the bathroom and take a nice hot bath, and I will bring in a glass of wine for you" Sandy ordered.

Kerry answered in a quiet voice, "No fight from me on that one."

Kerry headed for the bathroom, and Sandy went into the kitchen and took a dish from the refrigerator, placed it in the oven and turned it on. She put a pot on the stove and turned the burner on low. Sandy reopened the fridge and checked on the salad and the Tiramasu. She had prepared the rest of the meal with the help of a friend from the firehouse but had gotten the dessert from Kerry's favorite bakery. Sandy was not much of a cook; she had lived on take out before she met Kerry. She never payed a lot of attention when she was younger when her mother tried to teach her how to cook. It never seemed that important to her. But, today was Kerry's birthday, and she wanted to show her partner how important she was to her. She had prepared salmon rubbed with rosemary and lemon, green beans, and a salad.

Sandy retrieved three wine glasses from the cupboard. She left two behind and poured red wine into the third. She shuffled into the bathroom where she found the room lighted only with candles and Kerry immersed in a bubble bath with her eyes closed. The room was filled with the scents of lavender, rosemary and Kerry herself. Sandy inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. Kerry became aware of her partner's presence, opened her eyes and smiled.

"Hey, how are you, hun?" Sandy asked and handed Kerry the glass of wine.

"Wonderful" Kerry whispered.

Sandy leaned down and gently kissed Kerry on the mouth. "You sit here and enjoy. I have to check on dinner."

Kerry whimpered and pouted.

"I'm going to bite that lip if you're not careful" Sandy flirted as she rushed out of the room. Kerry couldn't help but crack a smile.

Sandy finished preparing dinner and followed her friend's directions to the letter. She placed the salmon and green beans on two plates. She served the salad with oil and vinegar dressing in two small bowls, then poured two glasses of white wine. As she lit the candles on the table, she heard Kerry emerge from the bathroom. She was breathtaking. She was wearing a cerulean blue satin bathrobe that brought out the color of her eyes and barely came down to the top of her knees. Kerry pulled her wet hair back into a ponytail. She approached the table.

"Ooh, what do we have here?" she asked as she sat down in a dining room chair.

"Your birthday dinner, which I made with my own two hands" Sandy grinned proudly.

"Wow, honey! You made this all for me? It looks and smells wonderful" Kerry exclaimed with love written across her face.

"Let's eat" Sandy said.

When the meal was over. Sandy gathered up the dishes, placed them in the dishwasher and grabbed the cake out of the fridge. She put the five birthday candles that would fit, on the cake. She lit them and began singing "Happy Birthday" to Kerry in a slightly off-key voice. Kerry clapped her hands and giggled like a little girl as Sandy walked in the dining room carrying the cake. Sandy placed the cake in front of Kerry and said, "Make a wish!"

Kerry closed her eyes tightly and blew out the candles.

"What did you wish for?" Sandy inquired

Kerry dipped her finger into the lighter than air frosting then into her mouth and said "Wouldn't you like to know?" in a very throaty and seductive voice.

Sandy giggled joyously as she served the pieces of cake on two dishes.

"Ok, before you get too involved with the cake, I have something for you" Sandy stated.

She handed Kerry a long black velvet-covered box and said "Open it."

Kerry looked into Sandy's eyes for a moment before opening the box. "I love you, you know" she uttered quietly.

Sandy nodded. She pointed to the box with an expectant look on her face.

Kerry opened the box and gasped. It was a diamond hanging from a dainty gold chain. "Sandy, it's beautiful!"

Sandy took the necklace out of the box and placed it around Kerry's neck. The diamond hit her neck right where that sexy little scar was. She looked at Kerry and said, "Perfect."

"Thank you so much" Kerry managed with tears in her eyes.

"You're welcome, baby" said Sandy as she embraced Kerry and kissed her lightly on the lips.

They ate their cake together. Kerry kept making little moans of pleasure as she ate the Tiramasu. Sandy just shook her head and quietly laughed. When they finished, Sandy leaned over to Kerry. "There is something else waiting for you in the bedroom."

"I bet there is" Kerry purred as she reached for Sandy.

"No, not that; something else" Sandy purred right back..

Kerry's curiosity was piqued, and she shuffled into the bedroom. There was a large dress box on the bed. As she opened it, she heard her lover call from the kitchen, "Put it on ... all of it."

There was a little black dress in the box that looked just Kerry's size. As she pulled the dress out, a black bra, black panties, black stockings and black garters tumbled out with it. Kerry was intrigued. She got dressed as quickly as she could considering the garters. She took her hair out of the ponytail and combed it. She slipped on a pair of black flats. Sandy came into the bedroom and commented, "Whoa baby, you look amazing!"

Kerry smiled a little self-consciously and asked, "Where are we going?"

"You'll see" Sandy answered. "I want to do your make up. We are going somewhere ...unique."

"Ok" Kerry half smiled.

Sandy dressed herself in a similar outfit, only in a deep blood red.

She put make up on Kerry that she had never tried before. It made her skin look very pale. Kerry loved it when Sandy touched her even if it was just to put on make up. She put black make up around Kerry's eyes, and the lipstick was nearly the color of her skin. She looked in the mirror and said, "I look dangerous."

"That's the whole idea" Sandy stated as she put similar make up on herself.

"Where are we going?" Kerry asked.

"Remember a few weeks ago, you said that you wanted to take a walk on the wild side?" Sandy inquired.

"I was joking" Kerry stated in an alarmed voice.

"Too late" Sandy sneered with a seductive smile.

Seeing the way they were dressed, the cab driver gave them a bemused look as they piled into the cab. Sandy handed the driver a note card with an address on it. The cab sped away, and Sandy put the card into her purse. They sat in silence. Kerry had a million questions careening through her brain. She was so excited, she couldn't sit still. "You're awfully fidgety."

"I can't help it" Kerry answered. "I'm trying to imagine what my dad would have said if he saw me in this outfit."

Kerry's adoptive father was a Christian minister who had taken his family to live in Africa in order to spread the Word. Sandy guessed that he definitely would not approve of his little girl dressing this way, but he probably wouldn't approve of a lot of things in Kerry's life now.

The cab pulled up to a club in a dodgy end of town. Sandy paid the driver, and they got out of the cab. Kerry could hear the throb of music coming from inside. The outside of the bar looked menacing in a gothic sort of way. Kerry looked up and saw a neon sign that read XX/YY in jagged red letters. "This is it?" Kerry questioned.

"Uh huh" Sandy answered flirtatiously.

They walked inside with trepidation. Sandy paid the cover charge, and they got their hands stamped with a blood red X by a person who looked like she belonged in the dark ages. As Sandy led Kerry to the bar, she looked around and saw all manner of people. Most pairs were same sex, but there were a few who were of the opposite sex. Some of the clothes they were wearing made both Kerry and Sandy's dresses look like girl scout uniforms. The walls were black, and the lights cast a green glow on everyone, making them look like the undead. They got to the bar, and Sandy ordered a beer for herself and a vodka for Kerry. They drank their drinks and looked wide-eyed at the patrons. They noticed that some of them disappeared through a door at the back of the club and would not re-emerge for several minutes.

The music was incredible. It had a steady, slow beat. The guitars repeated the same pattern over and over again, which was hypnotic. It reminded Kerry of the dark and seductive music in David Lynch's movies. After they finished a couple rounds of drink, Sandy yelled in her ear, "Let's dance!"

Kerry looked at her in horror but followed her partner's lead. She let her crutch hang from her arm as she steadied herself by holding onto Sandy. They swayed back and forth in each other's arms to the beat of the music. Sandy looked into Kerry's eyes, smiled and pulled her closer. Sandy started to grind up against her, and Kerry let her hands wander over her lover's body. She buried her face in Sandy's hair and smelled a combination of perfume and sweat. Kerry was intoxicated by both the alcohol and Sandy's scent. Kerry was quickly becoming aroused. They could have been out on the dance floor for ten minutes or for an hour; Kerry couldn't tell. All she knew was that there was a building urgency coming from between her thighs. "Sandy," she moaned, "let's go; I need you."

Sandy looked deeply into Kerry's eyes and guided her towards the back of the bar. They disappeared through the door. The room was poorly lit, but Kerry could see no other people there. Her back was leaning against a shelf coming out of the wall. "Sandy, I ..." Kerry trailed off.

Sandy began kissing Kerry passionately, sliding her tongue into Kerry's hungry mouth. Her hands wandered over the doctor's well toned body. She nibbled and licked her neck, causing Kerry to hum quietly. Sandy slid the strap of Kerry's dress down her shoulder and slid her hand into her dress. She found Kerry's left nipple, which immediately became erect when Sandy rolled it between her adept fingers. All Kerry could manage were inarticulate sounds of pleasure. Sandy continued to kiss Kerry and tickle the inner part of Kerry's thighs with her fingernails. Sandy broke from her partner briefly and returned to her before Kerry knew what had happened. She had gotten a chair and was now urging Kerry to put her informed left leg on the chair. She did so, and Sandy slid onto her knees, and with one swift movement, pulled Kerry's dress up so her panties were exposed. Kerry's mind was racing. What if they were caught? She didn't have much time to contemplate this because Sandy had just pulled her panties over to one side and gently separated the folds of Kerry's sex. Kerry's legs instinctively separated to allow Sandy access to her clitoris. Sandy found the nub with her tongue and began flicking it to the rhythm of the music booming in the bar.

Kerry felt the electricity generating from her sex. It shot down her legs and up into her arms. She arched her back, felt her face flush, and soon forgot about the worries of getting caught. Sandy licked quickly and with constant pressure. Kerry was moaning wildly, her pitch getting higher and higher as she approached orgasm. Sandy could tell Kerry was getting close, so she began to hum while she went down on her lover. This sent Kerry over the edge as she cried Sandy's name out over and over again. She grabbed hold of the back of Sandy's head by her hair, trying to still Sandy's movements. Sandy's tongue continued to move against her lover's sex, and Kerry's body shook with orgasm.

When she thought Kerry could take no more, Sandy ceased, returned Kerry's panties to their proper place, and pulled the bottom of her dress down. She stood up and Kerry grabbed her and held onto her tightly. She was panting and sweating, and, every once in a while her body would jerk with an aftershock of her orgasm. Sandy looked at her "You ok?"

Kerry nodded and smiled but did not say anything. She slid her leg off of the chair and put her foot into the shoe that had witnessed the sexual act from its position on the floor. She suddenly realized that she no longer had her crutch. Sandy could tell what Kerry was thinking and began to look for it. She found it on the floor a few feet away and handed it to her partner. Kerry wiped her brow and pulled her dress strap back up onto her shoulder. They walked out of the back room, hand in hand. As they emerged, people grinned at them with a secret knowing in their eyes. They both blushed as they approached the pay phone in the vestibule. Sandy called for a cab, and they wandered outside.

They stayed close to the door considering it wasn't the best neighborhood. Kerry and Sandy looked at each other by the light of the street lamps. They both looked disheveled, and their make up had run from working up a sweat. They began laughing at the same time. No one would ever believe what they had just done! Sandy sauntered closer to Kerry and said "Did you have a good birthday, baby?"

Kerry said "I think this will be my most memorable birthday ever."

She kissed Sandy gently on the mouth and could taste the salty remnants of her own juices on her lover's lips. Just as they separated, their cab pulled up. Kerry and Sandy slid into the cab, and Sandy handed the cabbie the same note card as before, only this time she showed him the side with their home address. The cab sped off into the night.

Kerry had to be at work at 5:00pm the next day. She felt a little tired, but she and Sandy were able to sleep in, make love, have brunch and shower before they had to leave for work. Dr. Weaver strode into the doctor's lounge, put her purse away and put on her lab coat and stethoscope. Kerry looked around quickly to make sure no one was coming and adjusted the garter belts and stockings underneath her pants. She walked out to the admin desk like she meant business and felt eyes following her. Dr. Weaver looked up in time to see Susan and Abby look away in a big hurry. She smiled to herself. "How was your birthday, Kerry?" asked Susan bravely.

"It was wonderful" Kerry said with a grin. "Look what Sandy got for me."

Her right hand moved up to the bobble around her neck. Susan and Abby both looked at it. Abby said, "Wow! It's gorgeous."

"Thanks" said Kerry with the shine of love in her eyes.

Susan and Abby noticed the remnants of the red X stamped on Dr. Weaver's hand. Susan tapped her hand with her right index finger and said "Where did you guys go last night?"

Kerry was taken aback. "Uh, you've probably never heard of the place" she said as she pretended to check something on the computer. She silently admonished herself for not trying harder to get that damn stamp off of her hand that afternoon in the shower. Thinking of the bar made her face blush red as she remembered having sex with Sandy in a public place.

"I doubt it would be up to your speed" she lied and quickly walked away.

Susan and Abby exchanged glances and both said "Mm hmm" as they headed in opposite directions.

The End.

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