To Savor the Moment

by EM Fan

by EM Fan

Part 7 left off where Kim arrived at the ER for a psych consult. She made her way to the desk and approached Kerry.

Kim: Nice shirt!

Kerry: Thanks. It's yours.

Kim: I know, but I think it looks wonderful on you. (she gives Kerry a seductive look and walks away)

Luka: I'm glad to see the two of you getting along so well.

Kerry: So am I. (smiles and follows Kim with her eyes)

Kim returns to the desk a minute later.

Kerry: (humorously) Did you forget something?

Kim: I think I need to get a chart for the patient I was called down for.

Kerry: That might help.

The two stared into each other's eyes as if they had not seen one another for weeks. Luka nudged Kerry on the shoulder and she quickly snapped out of her brief daze.

Kerry: (Weak in the knees and blushing) Um...he's with Dr. Greene in Trauma 3.

Kim: Thanks, Kerry.

Luka: Sometimes I feel that way around Abby.

Meanwhile, Kim enters Trauma 3.

Dr. Greene: Thank you for coming down so quickly, Dr. Legaspi. This is Mr. Winowski. He caused an accident at the corner of North and Wells, rammed straight onto an oncoming vehicle, and was brought in for minor abrasions and head trauma.

Patient: I didn't start no accident. Sons of bitches wouldn't let me turn and the light was yellow.

Kim: Clear case of road rage. How angry were you today, Mr. Winowski?

Patient: How angry was I? I'm pissed off and I'm gonna get up right now, then find the son of a bitch who did this. Then I'm gonna...

The patient tried to get up, but his head was hurting too much for him to keep his balance. He then started waving his arms, trying to push away Drs. Greene and Legaspi.

Kim: (after calming the patient down) Mr. Winowski, I'm giving you a prescription for 2 milligrams of risperdal per day for a week, then up to 4 milligrams the second week. We'll then schedule an appointment and discuss your dosage.

After her meeting with the patient was complete, Kim made her way back to the ER desk. Kerry was barking directions at Malucci.

Kim: Here's the diagnosis. Mark said to go ahead and leave it with you.

Kerry: Thanks, Kim.

Malucci: What's up, Dr. Legaspi?

Kim: Hello, Dr. Malucci.

Kerry: Dave!

Malucci: Okay, chief! No problem. I'll let you two be alone.

Kerry: (shakes her head as Malucci walks away) Sorry about that.

Kim: That's okay, Kerry, really. He's just having his fun; that's all.

Kerry: Sometimes he irritates me so much...

Kim: Don't let it bother you. There are better things to think about.

Kerry: I guess that's true.

Kim: So, what time is your dinner break?

Kerry: 6:30.

Kim: Would you like to go to Magoo's with me?

Kerry: Sure, I'd like that.

Kim: See you then.

The two affectionately smiled at each other as Kim walked to the elevator to return to psych. A few minutes later, Dr. Greene arrived at the desk.

Kerry: Looks like everything went alright with Mr. Winowski.

Mark: Great. In fact, it seems like Dr. Legaspi and I have been working together all day.

Kerry: Really?

Mark: I had her help me earlier when I had to break the news to Ben Fossen.

Kerry: Oh, how did that go?

Mark: Very well. Much better than I had expected. He is holding up exceptionally well considering everything he's been through.

Kerry: Well I'm glad to hear it. Circumstances like that are never easy.

Mark: (slightly distant) No...they're not...especially when it's someone like Derek Fossen.

Meanwhile, back upstairs, Kim returns to psych. Romano is lurking around the front desk.

Romano: Dr. Legaspi. How was your trip to the ER?

Kim: Fine. The patient is doing better.

Romano: That's great. So, how's the ER besides that?

Kim: Busy as usual.

Romano: And Dr. Weaver?

Kim: I really don't have time for this, Dr. Romano. I have patients to see.

Romano: So, see them. I'm not stopping you.

Kim walked away and continued about her business. She wondered if Dr. Romano had any work to do at all.

Meanwhile, about 4:15 pm in the ER...Kerry, Cleo, and Abby just walked out of surgery. Kerry was exhausted due to almost losing the patient twice, cracking the chest, and resuscitating him. He was a 67-year-old who was brought in due to a cardiac arrest. After throwing her yellow scrubs into the biohazard and scrubbing out, Kerry returned to the reception desk. There was a vase of beautiful flowers sitting there. She saw 6 purple roses and 6 white roses mixed with baby's breath.

Kerry: Who do these belong to?

Randi: They're yours, Dr. Weaver.

Kerry: No, there must be some kind of mistake. I wouldn't be receiving any flowers.

Abby: (looking at the card) It says "Dr. K. Weaver" on the card.

Kerry: Wow, they are beautiful.

Kerry simply stared at the roses in awe as the suspenseful faces around her became impatient.

Abby: Well? Aren't you going to open the card?

Just then, who of all people arrived? Malucci!

Malucci: Are those flowers for you, chief?

Kerry: That's what it looks like.

Malucci: Hmmm, I wonder who those could be from? (a devilish grin emerged from the young intern's face)

Kerry: Malucci, do you mind?

She opened the card and read it as a glow of radiance emerged from her face. It wasn't very often that these colleagues of hers have seen a smile on her face.

Abby: Well, what does it say?

Kerry leaned forward to smell the roses; eyes closed as she clutched the card with both hands across her chest.

Kerry: Here. (she hands the card to Abby)

Abby: It says, "Kerry, your skin is as soft as the petals on these roses, your hands are as tender as baby's breath, your lips are as gentle as the breeze, and your silky red hair shines bright in the sunlight. See you tonight! Love, Me". Wow, that's beautiful. All of that fit on this one little card. That's amazing!

Malucci: Your admirer certainly has a way with words, huh chief?

Abby: Well, you certainly have someone's attention!

Malucci: Yep, and we all know who!

Kerry did not even acknowledge Malucci's last comment. She was completely swept off her feet by Kim's surprise. Kerry had never been romanced like this before.

Abby: Well, I think it's beautiful. Sometimes it would be nice if Luka did something like that!

Kerry smiled and retrieved the card from Abby's hand. She walked away to continue working.

Malucci: Women and flowers. I just don't get it. Even someone like Weaver can go all soft.

Abby: No, I guess you don't get it, Dave. Maybe you should try it and you just might keep someone around for a change.

Two hours have passed since Kerry received her beautiful roses. It was almost time for her break. During this long day, she had seen a head trauma, two cardiac arrests, a stab wound, a broken leg in three places, an appendectomy, and fractured ribs, just to name the milder cases of the day so far. She walked to the lounge, opened her locker, and traded her white coat in for her outdoor jacket. She pushed the door open and walked toward the ER desk as she caught a glimpse of a tall blonde. It was Kim. Malucci and Luka were at the desk.

Malucci: Behold the florist! Those were some nice flowers you sent to Weaver.

Kim: Thanks.

Malucci: So, have you ever sent flowers to another chick before?

Kerry: Malucci! That will be enough!

Luka: Dave, here I have something for you to do.

Kim: Hi.

Kerry: Hi.

Kim: Ready?

Kerry: For you, always.

Leaving the ER, Kim and Kerry walked outside and headed for Doc Magoo's.

Kim: Zip up your coat. It's cold out here.

Kerry: Kim, the roses...they were absolutely exquisite!

Kim: I'm glad you liked them.

Kerry: Liked them? I loved them! And your card was so touching. You really made my day, Kim.

Kim: Well, I hope that I can make your day every day.

Kerry: The roses are so beautiful.

Kim: No, Kerry, you're beautiful.

The two women entered Doc Magoo's and were seated at their favorite booth.

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