The Reconciliation

by EM Fan

by EM Fan

Kim and Kerry walked into the ER together. Kerry proceeded to the reception desk as she started taking her coat off. Kerry caught a glimpse of Kim checking her out. She smiled at Kim as she checked back in. In the meantime, Malucci who was still at the desk was intently studying the eye contact between the two. Luka approached the desk to grab a chart.

Malucci: (tapping Luka on the shoulder) Look at that. I guess she found Weaver and it looks like more than merely viewing charts in my opinion.

Luka: Malucci, can't you find something productive to do?

Malucci: Let me ask you something, Kovac. Why can't I get hot chicks like that?

Luka: Maybe it's because you're not a lesbian. (smirks and walks away from Malucci)

Kerry and Kim have been talking to eachother during this time about Kerry's shift and about getting together for a talk afterwards.

Kerry: So, should I call first or just come over?

Kim: It's up to you. Personally, I like surprises, and I believe that you still have a key.

Kerry: Alright. I think I can manage to figure out something.

Luka: (cautiously interrupts) Excuse me, Dr. Weaver. Hello, Dr. Legaspi.

Kerry: What can I do for you, Luka?

Kim: I'll talk to you later then?

Kerry: Yes. Thank you, Kim.

(Kim gives Kerry a seductive smile and leaves)

Luka: I'm very sorry if I interrupted anything between you two, Dr. Weaver. I was hoping that you could take a look at this chart.

Kerry: We were just wrapping things up. It's alright, you didn't interrupt.

Luka: Then I assume that everything is fine again between the two of you?

Kerry: Yes, I think things will be okay. Thanks for asking. Now let me see this chart.

Kerry studies the chart for a moment.

Luka: Initially, the x-rays did not clearly detect the exact position of the GSW. The patient is stabilized right now but we'll need to move in immediately to remove the bullet.

Kerry: It's quite a risk. Did you explain to the family the chances of paralysis?

Luka: Not yet. Should I call Dr. Romano to help with the surgical procedure?

Kerry: (pauses) No. Find Dr. Benton, please. Then locate the family and be thorough.

Kerry and Luka leave the reception desk.

Malucci: Hey, Chief. I got a question for you.

Kerry: Not now, Malucci.

Later that evening...Kim is sitting on her couch flipping channels on her TV when all of a sudden the door opens. She puts the TV on mute and glances upward into Kerry's eyes. She immediately stands up.

Kim: Hi, Kerry. Here, let me help you.

Kerry: No, that's alright, Kim. I've got it.

Kim: Well, at least let me help you out of your coat.

Kerry: Sure. Thanks, Kim.

Kim: Would you like something to drink?

Kerry: Yes, thank you. (she sits down on the couch) It's been a long day. The number of casualties was just unbelievable.

Kim: (hands her a glass and sits down directly next to her) Here.

Kerry: Thank you. Well, I wasn't expecting brandy, but alcohol would probably do right now.

Kim: I thought the brandy would warm you up after being out in the cold weather.

Kerry: Well, that was very thoughtful of you, Kim.

Kim: So...

Kerry: So...

Kim: I'm very happy that you came over tonight.

Kerry: Kim, I simply came over to talk. I think it's too soon for us to become intimate again after all we've been through. Don't you agree?

Kim: (disappointed) Um...yes. You're absolutely right. So, what would you like to talk about?

Kerry: I think it's best if we slowly rebuild what we had. Otherwise, things just aren't going to be the same between us.

Kim: (reaches out and caresses Kerry's hand) That makes sense.

Kerry: (looks down at Kim's hand on hers) I'm serious Kim.

Kim: I didn't say you weren't.

Kerry: I just feel that we were friends first and that in order for our relationship to become what it was, then we need to rebuild our friendship before we can continue to pursue this.

Kim: (moves her hand down to Kerry's thigh) Alright, then. Let's do that. But let's also remember our discussion about that. Remember, Kerry, I can't simply be just friends with you. (moves in closer and passionately kisses Kerry's lips) You see, Kerry, that's why I can't be your friend.

Kerry: (looks at Kim in amazement and then realizes that Kim has reenacted the first kiss she ever gave her in the lounge of the ER) That wasn't a very subtle reminder.

Kim: It wasn't intended to be. (she passionately kisses Kerry again, this time slipping her tongue into Kerry's mouth)

Kerry: (sighs and then opens her eyes) Oh, Kim. You're just so beautiful.

Kim: (smiling) And you're so persistent.

Kerry: What do you mean?

Kim: Well if you didn't keep pursuing me the way you did, then I wouldn't feel so secure in your arms like I do at this very moment.

Kerry: I'll never hide again. I don't ever want to hurt you like that again, Kim. You mean more to me than anything, and being paranoid about what people think...well, I've been so stupid.

Kim: No, I was the one who was stupid. I was so unfair to you. I was so caught up in my own issues that I simply forgot what it was like to first realize that I had fallen in love with a woman. It was so many years ago that I had forgotten those feelings. Baby, you must have been so scared, so alienated from everyone and everything. And then you had absolutely no one to talk to about all of those emotions eating away inside of you.

Kerry: No, really I'm fine now. It was overwhelming at first, but after sorting out all of my feelings I knew that one thing was definite.

Kim: And what was that?

Kerry: My love for you. If something can feel so good and so right, then I knew that it couldn't possibly be wrong. It took a long time for me to figure that out.

Kim: Well, I'm very happy that you did. I was only caught up in a flashback from college.

Kerry: I know. The experiment girl who simply wrote it off as a mistake. You told me the story more than once. That's okay, I don't blame you for being cautious.

Kim: But I was wrong. I wanted too much from you too soon.

Kerry: No, I was wrong. I put you in a very awkward position and it's no wonder that you had no choice but to put your guard up.

Kim: Come here. (puts her arms out and embraces Kerry)

Kerry just lies in Kim's arms as Kim brushes the hair out of Kerry's face. She continues to hold Kerry in her arms and runs her fingers through Kerry's soft, beautiful red hair.

Kim: You do know that this red hair always drove me wild, don't you.

Kerry: I know. This is nice, Kim. This is very, very nice.

Kim continued to hold Kerry in her arms. She kissed Kerry on the forehead. A few more moments went by.

Kerry: Would you like to lie down with me? I'm feeling very exhausted.

Kim: Yes, I would like that very much. Here, let me help you into the bedroom. Would you like to borrow a nightgown or some sweats?

Kerry: Actually, neither will be necessary.

Kim smiles, undressing Kerry with her eyes. She helps Kerry up and they walk to the bedroom. Kerry then sits on the bed, facing Kim. She stares into Kim's gorgeously seductive eyes.

Kim: Here, let me help you off with that blouse.

Kerry lifts her arms up and Kim slowly unbuttons Kerry's blouse. She then proceeds to take off Kerry's black silky bra.

Kim: Is that better?

Kerry: (smiles back at her) Much!

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