That Was a Kiss

by Coral

By Coral

DISCLAIMER: You all know the drill, they're not mine, I didn't make them up, I'm not getting any money, blah, blah, blah...


Scene 1
Kerry's hand flew to her mouth as she fell back against the elevator wall. So many thoughts and feelings swarmed in her head that she couldn't make any of them out and it was all she could do to concentrate on simply breathing. The elevator came to a halt forcing Kerry to use all her strength in trying to compose herself. As the doors slid open she was relieved to see that no one was waiting outside. She quickly stepped out and kept her head down as she marched towards the fire escape stairs and climbed to the roof. She had stepped briefly out of hiding and, for now, all she wanted to do was hide deeper than she ever had before. Slamming the door behind her, she fell back against it, and swallowed, unable to hold it in any longer. Tears began to stream down her face as her breaths turned into sobs.

Scene 2
Kim continued walking, ignoring Romano as he barked her name again. "Legaspi!"
She finally sighed and turned on her heel. Since, after today, she'd never have to see him again, she figured she could deal with it one last time. "Can I help you, Dr Romano?" she enquired, smiling sarcastically. "In my office, now!" he turned to head to the surgical floor, expecting Kim to follow. "I don't answer to orders, Robert. I don't work for you anymore, remember?" Romano opened his mouth to snap back, but thought better of it. A forced smile crossed his face. "Dr Legaspi, would you join me in my office right away?" he asked through gritted teeth. Kim looked at him expectantly. "Please." He finished. 'What the hell,' thought Kim, 'it cant really get any worse', "Fine." She stated simply and began to follow him upstairs.

Scene 3
Kerry stared over the edge of the roof at the city below her as the sun slowly disappeared behind it. The sobbing had now subsided and though she wasn't quite ready to face the world again, she felt calmer than she had in a long while. At this moment, she felt her pager vibrate against her hip. She laughed ironically to herself as she took one last look at the sunset before, turning to head downstairs. Calm had never worked for her.

Scene 4
Kim stared at Romano coldly, waiting for him to reach his point. The cold expression was mainly intended to cover her confusion, for at this point, she truly had no idea where the little ass hole was going with his current spiel. "... so you see, Dr Legaspi, having reviewed the situation, I feel I may have been just a little hasty in my decision. I was under a lot of stress at the time and spoke without clearly weighing out all the elements involved. Therefore I'd be pleased if you'd consider staying with us here at County General. You're a valuable member of the team." Kim was speechless. That, she had not been expecting. "Well?" pressed Romano.
"What...?" was all she could manage.
"Will you come back or not?" Romano snapped, clearly having used up his entire months worth of politeness in the last ten minutes. "What caused this sudden change of heart?" Kim demanded, finally regaining her ability to think clearly. "I told you, I reviewed the-"
"The truth." Kim warned.
"Don't push your luck, Dr Legaspi. That is the truth, along with heartfelt recommendations from certain members of staff. Now, I don't have all day, I'm a very bust man. What do you say?" Refusing to be bullied by this munchkin, she pulled her serious face. "I'd like to think about it." She turned and walked out the door.

Scene 5
Kerry gathered her senses as she exited the elevator and swiftly marched into the ER. "Randi, someone paged me?"
"Multiple MVA on it's way. ETA..." she paused to look at her watch "...about now." As if on cue, the paramedics then burst through the doors. Turning onto autopilot, Kerry Weaver left all her personal problems behind her while she began to do what she was born to. She led her team and saved a life. "Let's get him up to surgery before he bleeds out." Barked Benton, as he began to push the gurney out the door. "Nice work, everyone." Kerry commented as she snapped off her gloves and pulled off her yellow bib. She headed out the door, intending to talk to the family of her patient when she noticed Kim standing near just outside the ER, staring at her. "Carter, would you talk to the family for me?" "Sure, why?"
"Thanks," Kerry replied simply, ignoring his last question. Without breaking eye contact, she walked to the lounge and opened the door. Kim understood the gesture, and walked slowly over and entered. Kerry followed her in and shut the door behind her. The two women stared at each other for a few long seconds before Kim finally broke the silence. "Romano offered me my job back."
Kerry let out a sigh of relief, and tried hard to hide the grin that was trying to break out across her face. "Are you going to take it?" "I don't know." Kim stared hard at Kerry, looking for answers in her face. When she couldn't find any, she decided just to ask the questions herself. "What did you do?" "What do you mean?"
"Don't play innocent, Kerry. Someone changed his mind, and I know it wasn't me. What did you do?" "I did what I should have done a long time ago. I told the truth. Kim you know as well as I do that you didn't deserve to get fired. Now Romano knows it too." Kim could tell she wasn't going to get any more answers from Kerry. "Well, thank you. I'll let you know what I decide." She turned to leave. "Kim, wait."
She stopped and spun back to face Kerry. "Yes?" Kerry wavered slightly before beginning to speak. "I... I know I can't apologise enough for how much I hurt you, but that wont stop me trying. I am so sorry." Kim shook her head sadly. "I know you are Kerry. And I do forgive you. But I still don't think anything's changed. I wish it had, but I just don't see it. Am I missing something? Do you really think it has?" Kerry studied the floor, unsure of what to say. She concentrated on keeping back her tears, her head spun. Kim waited for a reply. She could tell Kerry was close to crying, and started to feel tears forming in her own eyes. She twisted quickly and strode out the door, determined not to let herself cry over Kerry again. She started towards the elevator, towards Romano's office. She'd made her decision. There was nothing left for her at County General. She needed a new start. SheHer train of thought was broken as she felt a hand grab her arm and stop her. Gently the hand turned her round until she found herself face to face with Kerry. "Wait." She heard Kerry whisper as she noticed the few tears gently rolling down the red head's face. Aand so she did. She stared into Kerry's eyes as she waited, not unaware of the few pairs of eyes that were now on them. Kerry breathed deeply, staring into the eyes of the women shed fallen for so hard. She faltered only slightly, also aware of the eyes watching the two of them. She then reached up slowly and touched Kim's cheek, moved her hand through those blond curls to the back of her head. She gradually pulled Kim's face towards her own and kissed her gently on the lips. Kim pulled away only slightly to look once again into Kerry's eyes, before returning the kiss. Stunned silence filled the ER as the two women broke form their kiss and fell into a tight embrace.

Scene 6
"Ok, what the hell was that?" Kim demanded, half laughing, half shouting. They had returned to the privacy of the lounge. "That," Kerry replied, "was a kiss." She demonstrated, by planting another kiss on the taller woman's lips. "No," Kim countered, "that was a kiss," she confirmed by kissing Kerry back, "in front of the entire Emergency Department at Cook County General Hospital." Kerry became serious. "You're right. It was. And I wish I'd done it a long time ago. It would have saved us both a hell of a lot of pain." "Forget it."
"I'd love to." They kissed again, with growing passion. Suddenly aware of just how much they'd missed each other's touch over the past weeks. Kerry ran her hands through Kim's curly blond hair, while Kim's hands moved down Kerry's back and found her hips, pulling her closer. Kerry took an extra step forward, pushing Kim back against the wall. Kim's hands progressed back up Kerry's back, underneath her blouse. "Wait!" Kerry finally gasped for breath. "I think we've shocked my staff enough for one day, without risking one of them walking in on this." She gently and reluctantly pulled away from her lover. "I'm going to have to get back to work at some point. Thank god I only have," she glanced at her watch, "an hour of my shift left." "I suppose your right." Kim relented. "I'd better head upstairs and give Romano the good news." Kim grinned, "I might see if I can score a raise while I'm in there, now that I'm a valuable member of the team." Kerry grinned back, "Good luck."
Kim looked at Kerry earnestly. "You too."

Scene 7
"So Chief...?"
"Yes, Malucci?" Kerry answered evenly, without looking up from her patient's chart. "You and Dr Legaspi...?"
Kerry turned to face the young resident. "Yes, Malucci?" she gave him the same warning look she gave him at least ten times a day. Dave got the message. "That's ...great." He finished hurriedly. "I'm gonna get back to work." He quickly turned and skidded away. "Good idea." Kerry laughed quietly to herself. The last hour of her shift had gone surprisingly smoothly, and it seemed now that she couldn't quite remember what it was she had been so afraid. The curious stares and hushed whispers all faded away when a double GSW burst through the doors, and Kerry once again began commanding her team. This was where she felt at home and she realised that couldn't be changed. Despite that realisation, she was still delighted to notice that her shift was now over. She dropped her chart back into the stand, headed for the lounge to grab her coat and swiftly came back out. As she did so, she spotted Kim stepping out the elevator, and smiled. Kim smiled back, and she joined Kerry outside the lounge and they turned to leave. "Good night, Dr Weaver." Carter smiled as he exited the lounge. Kerry smiled in return. "Good night, Carter." "Yeah, good night, Dr Weaver," Malucci piped up, "Dr Legaspi." "Good night, Dr Malucci." Kerry said warningly, but smiling inside. Choosing to smile outside as well, she took Kim's hand and together they left the hospital for another day.

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