Secrets and Revelations

by EM Fan

by EM Fan

Kim entered the psych ward for the first time after Romano's change of heart. It was 7:45 am. As she turned the corridor, she caught a glimpse of a bald-headed man standing in front of her office. Much to her dismay, it was Dr. Romano. "It figures," Kim thought, "Just the first person I want to see around here."

Romano: Dr. Legaspi...nice of you to show up. Cutting it a bit close today, aren't we?

Kim: (unlocks her office door) Well, Dr. Romano. It's not surprising to see you here this morning.

Romano: I wasn't expecting you to be surprised.

Kim turned on the lights to her office and took off her coat. Romano stood in the open doorway but did not make his way into the office.

Kim: Is there something I can help you with, Dr. Romano?

Romano: Looks like your office could use a little work.

Kim: With all of my belongings in boxes, I guess it would.

Romano: Well, I'll let you get settled in before you start your rounds. I'm sure we'll run into each other again sometime today.

Kim: I'm sure we will.

Romano: I'm not an entirely hateful and malicious person.

Romano left and Kim sat down at her desk, letting out a huge sigh. "Jerk!" she thought to herself. Running her fingers through her hair, she studied some charts. A few minutes later, she left her office. On the way to see her patient, Kim ran into Dr. Greene.

Mark: Excuse me, Dr. Legaspi.

Kim: Hi, Dr. Greene. How are you doing?

Mark: Actually, I was wondering if you would have time today to talk with me before I tell Ben Fossen that his father has died.

Kim: Fossen...the shooter? I heard that he was shot but I had no idea that he...

Mark: He passed late last night on the way to the OR.

Kim: Perhaps I could talk to the boy with you.

Mark: That may be a good idea , but I still need to talk with you first.

Kim: Alright. I have a couple of patients to see this morning and then I'll meet you down in the ER when I'm finished. If you're in the middle of a surgery, then I'll start talking to the boy.

Mark: Great! Thank you.


Kerry only slept for a couple of hours before she decided to hop in the shower. She needed to go home, pick out something to wear, eat something, and then go to work. It was going to be a long day. Who would be at the reception desk when she arrives today? Who did Romano tell? Will people be talking? Will they be looking at her differently? All of these thoughts running through her head were once thoughts of fear. Today they were tidbits of curiosity. There was nothing left to hide any longer, and there was no reason to hide. The excitement of being with Kim again had completed her.

Back at County General...

Kim went down to the ER to talk to Mark. She reached the reception desk to find Randi, Haleh, Abby and Malucci.

Malucci: Hey, Dr. Legaspi. If you're looking for Dr. Weaver, she doesn't come in for awhile today.

Kim: Yes, I'm already aware of that. Actually, I'm here to see Dr. Greene.

Malucci: Well...he's with a patient in Trauma 2.

Kim: Thanks! (walks away)

Malucci: Maybe she changed sides.

Abby: That's not funny at all, Dave.

Kim went to Trauma 2 to see Mark, who immediately asked Carter to finish up.

Mark: Thanks for coming down. Here let's go in here. (brings her into the lounge)

Kim: So, what would you like to see me about?

Mark: I was the one who initially examined Ben and discovered the bruises.

Kim: I remember.

Mark: Derek Fossen came in to confiscate his son, but we wouldn't release him. He then became irrate and violent. (pauses)

Kim: Did he hurt Ben?

Mark: No, but he pushed me down. Then we had security escort him out the door.

Kim: Oh, my.

Mark: That's only the beginning. We had the multiple casualtlies yesterday, the loss of his friend's mom, and then Fossen arriving as a critical GSW victim. We had him stabilized and then I was asked to wheel him up to the OR. Even in critical condition his behavior was extremely aggressive. (pauses again)

Kim: Would you like me to explain his behavioral pattern?

Mark: Wait, there's more. His pulse rapidly decreased in the elevator and all I remember seeing was this look; a look of pure evil in his eyes. I pulled out the paddles but was unable to revive him.

Kim: We'll need to break it gently to his son.

Mark: Dr. Legaspi, I was unable to revive this man.

Kim: You face death all the time in the ER. The important thing though, is that you try to do your best. We can't always save everyone.

Mark: This case was different.

Kim: What are you trying to say, Dr. Greene?

Mark: I...I couldn't bring myself...

Kim: Go on.

Mark: No, I can't do this. I'm not sure how to say it, but most importantly, I can't tell you something that Dr. Weaver could get wind of. First, the competency hearing and now this. I know you're friends with Dr. Weaver. How do I know that I can confide in you?

Kim: Well, Dr, Greene, you'll just have to trust me. Anything a person reveals to me in this hospital is in strict confidence.

Mark: I shocked the air.

Kim: What?

Mark: I was going to place them on his chest and then I saw pure evil in his eyes. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't revive him, and now I have to explain to a child that his only parent is dead.

Kim: Wow. I don't know what to say. This is something that I need to contemplate. Have you told anyone else yet?

Mark: Not even my wife.

Kim: I'll talk to Ben.


Kerry enters the hospital. She is wearing black pants and one of Kim's beautiful silk blouses.

Malucci: Good afternoon, Chief!

Kerry: Good afternoon, Malucci.

Luka: Hello, Kerry.

Kerry: Hi, Dr. Kovac. Any news on the shooter?

Luka: Actually he's dead.

Kerry: He was never stabilized?

Luka: He was but we lost him on the OR. Greene wasn't able to revive him.

Kerry: That's too bad.

Luka: Why? I know that this doesn't seem very professional to say, but the man was a monster.

Kerry: No, Luka. I mean it's too bad that he couldn't be revived so that he could be punished for all of the crimes he committed in just one day.

Luka: I see your point. So, are you okay?

Kerry: (smiles) Couldn't be better. Thanks for asking. (pulls him aside for a moment) So, what is the word around this place today?

Luka: Everyone knows that Dr. Legaspi has been reinstated.

Kerry: And?

Luka: And what?

Kerry: Come on, Luka. Don't hold out on me. I'm sure that Robert told everyone about my little discussion with him yesterday.

Luka: No, he hasn't mentioned anything about you at all.

Kerry: I'm surprised.

Luka: Well, if you'd like to talk about anything, just let me know.

Kerry: Thank you, Luka.

Perplexed by the fact that Romano kept his big loud mouth shut, Kerry decided to go find him up in the OR. He was working with Peter and Dr. Anspaugh on one of the patients from yesterday's shooting. Romano saw Kerry through the glass and set down his instruments.

Romano: Yes, Dr. Weaver? Do you have something important to see me about?

Kerry: Robert, I just wanted to thank you.

Romano: For what?

Kerry: For reinstating Dr. Legaspi and for keeping our conversation between us.

Romano: What do you take me for, Kerry...a tyrant?

Kerry: I was just a little surprised, that's all.

Romano: I need to be getting back to surgery now, so if you don't have anything else to discuss, then consider both topics closed.

Kerry: Fair enough.

Romano: This doesn't mean that Dr. Legaspi is free and clear. I still intend on keeping a close eye on her.

Kerry: I'm sure that you'll see what a truly wonderful doctor she really is.

Romano: That's a matter of opinion.

Romano immediately left before Kerry could respond to his last little dig about Kim. Kerry returned to the ER to find Malucci showing off a golfing swing to Dr. Greene. He stepped back and almost ran directly into Kerry's crutch.

Kerry: Dr. Malucci! How many times do I need to tell you to watch where you're going? This is an ER; not the PGA tour!!

Malucci: Hey, sorry, chief.

Mark: The patient in Trauma 3 is a paranoid schizophrenic and needs a psych consult. Should I call up there?

Kerry: Yes, thank you, Mark.

Malucci: Maybe we'll get to see Dr. Legaspi! (smiles)

Kerry: And what's that supposed to mean?

Malucci: She comes down here quite a bit. I think she likes you, chief!

Kerry: And if she does...well, that's none of your business, Dr. Malucci.

Malucci: All I was saying was that she seems to have a thing for you. Too bad she doesn't have a thing for me. Have you ever tried it, chief?

Kerry: You're out of line, Malucci! Find something to do NOW, or I'll have you suspended - got it?!

Malucci: No problem, chief.

Mark: Psych will be right down. Legaspi's on her way.

Kerry: Thank you again, Mark.

It was going to be a long day, but not at all the type of day Kerry expected. Romano kept their conversation a secret. Perhaps he wasn't such a bad guy after all. Yeah, right! Malucci suspects that her and Kim are a couple, but it is just like Malucci; a horny guy with a fantasy of picturing two women together. And finally, she found a friend to confide in at last. Kerry was never one to share any aspect of her personal life with anyone she worked with before Luka.

Meanwhile, Kim enters the ER. Kerry's eyes light up. Kim walks up to the desk with a smile.

Kim: Nice shirt!

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