R U Goin' To San Francisco?

by EM Fan

Part Seventeen: RU Goin' To San Francisco? by EM Fan

Note: Sorry that it has taken me so long to continue my fanfic series. It was very difficult to find the time to write after I started my new position at work earlier this year. Then I had problems figuring out where to go with this story next, due to the fact that my story no longer paralleled the events or the prospective events on ER. So, here is the continuation of my fanfic via several requests. I plan on #20 to be the last installment before I move onto the next segment of Kerry Weaver's love life. Thanks for reading!! Enjoy!

Kerry and Kim finished their long, exhausting day at the hospital. Kim surprised Kerry by taking her to dinner at Ann Sather's on Belmont and Sheffield in Boys Town. She decided that it was a cozy refuge away from the hospital crowd. At the same time, Kim felt that they could relax and feel right at home in Chicago's popular gay neighborhood.

Kim: Well, we haven't been here for awhile, so I figured that this would be a good idea.

Kerry: Kim, this is great, really.

Kim: Sorry it took so long to find parking. I knew we should have just taken the el. (The restaurant is right next to the el exit)

Kerry: I'd rather have been alone with you anyway, dear.

Kim: Oh, thanks, Kerry.

The two were promptly seated and had placed their orders. Reviewing the day's events, Kerry had decided to abruptly change the subject.

Kerry: So are you ready for a nice relaxing weekend?

Kim: I am ready now, Kerry. Let's just skip work tomorrow and start early.

Kerry: Well I don't think that would be possible but we can definitely start tomorrow after work.

Kim: Ok, I want to know what you have been up to.

Kerry: But I haven't kept you in suspense long enough.

Kim: (raising an eyebrow) Kerry!

Kerry: Alright! How does a little getaway sound?

Kim: Kerry, I will go anywhere in the world with you this weekend and always.

Kerry: Well, I'm certainly glad to hear that because we are going to San Francisco!

Kim: You're kidding! I LOVE San Francisco!!

Kerry: I know. I remember you telling me about it. In fact, I remember everything you tell me, Kim.

Kim: I haven't been there in years! Oh, Kerry, this is wonderful!!

Kerry: Well considering everything that you have been through lately with Romano, Mark, your patients, and everything else, I figured that you needed a change of scenery even if it is merely for a few days!

Kim: I appreciate how you always think of me, Kerry. No one I have ever been with has thought of me the way that you do.

Kerry: I want to spend my days making you happy, Kim.

Kim smiled at Kerry, reached out, and caressed her hand. Just then their food arrived. Kim stared deeply into Kerry's eyes from across the table with a look of complete and utter happiness.

Two days later they flew to San Francisco for their romantic weekend getaway. In San Francisco's prominent gay area, Kerry had booked one of the most incredible and luxurious hotels; the Castro Suites.

Kerry: I've done my research on the web. Is this alright, Kim?

Kim: Wow, Kerry! This is beautiful! I can't believe that you went through all this trouble to find a gay hotel.

Kerry: Well I just want us to feel that we can be ourselves. We can't exactly do that at the hospital.

Kim: (sarcastically) We could...but somehow I don't think that Romano would appreciate it very much. I may even get fired again for doing something as crazy as looking at you a certain way.

Kerry: Now, Kim, we promised to have a good time.

Kim: And we will, Kerry. We will.

Kerry: (smiles) Good. That's what I like to hear. Ok, so I figure we would hit Fisherman's Wharf, Boudin Bread, see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, take the Alcatraz tour, go to Chinatown, see if we can book tickets to the symphony, and of course get in some quiet time together!

Kim: Slow down there, tour guide! (laughs) We have plenty of time this weekend to see and do anything we want. Right now though, come here.

In the lobby of the Castro Suites, Kim and Kerry tightly embraced as their lips passionately met. It felt so wonderful to actually feel so uninhibited in a public place.

Kim: Kerry? Why are there tears in your eyes?

Kerry: They're tears of joy, Kim, because for once I feel that I don't have to hide who I am or what we mean to each other. I can feel like I did when I've kissed men in public and no one cared. And why? Why should people care anyway if two people are in love?

Kim: That's the sadness of it. Love should be viewed as something beautiful; not something disgusting to the straight world because people refuse to grasp the concept of two women or two men kissing. It has been a battle from the onset, and I wish that most people would see past their prejudice fears long enough to understand the actual meaning of the love between two individuals, regardless of who they are.

Kerry: I completely agree, Kim. I had that exact same problem when I was in an interracial relationship. Remember?

Kim: Oh, of course I do, gorgeous, but since that time people have become more tolerant of interracial couples.

Kerry: Well, yes and no. It is still a problem but...

Kim: But nothing like this, I know.

Kerry: Well nothing has ever felt so right to me as this does. Waking up to your beautiful face every morning is worth more to me than all of my past relationships combined.

Kim: I love you, Kerry Weaver!!

Kerry: Well, I certainly hope so because I have an entire romantic weekend planned for you, my dear!

They went up to the front desk, checked in, and settled up in their suite. Kim looked out the window as the glow of radiance reflected upon her face; the last few rays of the sunlight at dusk gently shining upon her cheek.

Kim: This view is absolutely breathtaking, Kerry.

Kerry: (Flirtatiously) I think there's a more breathtaking view that I have in mind for you!

Kim: Why, Dr. Weaver, are you flirting with me?

Kerry: Flirting? No, that's not my style. I feel that actions clearly speak louder than words. Don't you agree?

Kim glanced over at Kerry, who was slowly unbuttoning her blouse merely a few feet away from the bed. Kim raised an eyebrow and gave Kerry one of those half-smiles as she walked over to Kerry and finished unbuttoning the blouse from where Kerry had left off.

Next: Kim and Kerry experience the sites of San Francisco...and the sights of each other. Plus, Kim runs into an old colleague.

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