Romantic Dinner/Secret Concealed

by EM Fan


Kerry and Kim were seated at their favorite booth at Doc Magoo's. Kim had just finished her shift and Kerry had several hours to go. She was simply relieved to get away for dinner and to be with the one person who could take away all of her stress. The roses that Kim sent her had swept her off her feet and brought happiness into her day of darkness and despair in the ER.

Kerry: You really took me by surprise today. That was so thoughtful of you.

Kim: As long as I made you happy, that's the important thing.

Kerry: Kim, honey, you make me happier than anyone has ever made me.

Kim: So, besides Malucci, what did the rest of your staff have to say?

Kerry: I showed Abby the card and she also thought it was a beautiful gesture. She doesn't understand why Luka never does anything like that for her! (smiles)

Kim: Does Abby know who sent the roses, since the card wasn't signed in my name?

Kerry: Yes. I didn't exactly keep it a secret from anyone.

Kim: How does it make you feel to know that the people around you are more accepting than you had anticipated?

Kerry: Relieved...and surprised. Romano didn't tell anyone my business and neither did I. Some of the staff started figuring things out for themselves...yet nothing is different. I don't feel the aura of gossip around me, and come to think of it, I don't sense the feeling of non-acceptance either.

Kim: Is that what you've been afraid of all this time?

Kerry: Yes.

Kim: I was once afraid as well.

Kerry: It's odd in a way. I feel at ease in a way that I've never felt before.

Kim: That's why I had to come out as early as I did. It was as if a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I was able to breathe again; I was free.

Kerry: I feel so foolish for what I've put you through all these months. The hiding, the silence...

Kim: Kerry, I was the foolish one for being so impatient and intolerant. I'm not an advocate for secrecy and I let my selfish beliefs get the best of me.

Kerry: Well, hopefully that's all past us now. As Luka advised me, it is best to look forward; not back.

Kim: Luka sounds like a sensible man. Maybe we should take his advice to heart!

Kerry: I'd like that, Kim.

The waitress arrived to take their orders. Kerry was having the usual (whatever that would be, since I honestly don't know!), and Kim was having whatever Kerry was having. They ordered a bottle of chardonnay to accompany their meal.

Kim: Are you coming over tonight after your shift?

Kerry: It will be another late one.

Kim: That's alright with me. You can wake me again when you arrive.

The two smiled at each other with lustful thoughts running rampant through one another's minds. The waitress poured two glasses of chardonnay. Kim sipped from her glass and accidentally spilled a little on her chin. Kerry reached across the table with her napkin.

Kerry: Here. (she wiped the chardonnay from Kim's chin)

Kim: (blushing) It appears that I'm a little clumsy this evening.

Kerry: Actually, it's sort of cute and refreshing to see the cool and collective Kim Legaspi like this.

Kim: I'm glad to be providing the entertainment for the evening.

Kerry: (flirtatiously) No, the entertainment comes later.

Kim couldn't stop blushing and was no longer able to conceal her affection. She grabbed Kerry's hand and softly caressed it.

Kim: (sarcastically) And what type of entertainment would that be, Dr. Weaver?

Kerry: (laughing) Hmmmm, I wouldn't know. Maybe observing me picking on Malucci could be some great entertainment.

Kim: That's not exactly the thing I had in mind, but that could be fun sometime too.

Kerry: Alright, maybe we need to change the subject before our thoughts get out of hand.

Kim: My thoughts are already out of hand...and into the mouth!

Kerry started giggling like a giddy schoolgirl.

Kim: Okay, I'm changing the subject. was your day?

Kerry: Exhausting. We had cracked ribs, cracked chests, knife wounds, heart attacks, triple bypass surgery, multiple name it.

Kim: Sounds like a full load. And to think that you get to go back for more after this!

Kerry: Don't remind me. At least Malucci will be going home soon and Chen will be on.

The waitress arrived with their dinner.

Kim: Thank you.

Waitress: Is there anything else that I can get for you ladies?

Kerry: No thank you. I think we're fine right now.

The waitress left and Kim poured another glass for Kerry.

Kim: Is she still upset about the chief resident position?

Kerry: I'm not sure. She hasn't brought it up lately and I still haven't fully decided what to do yet. That will be taken into consideration on another day. So, since we're on the subject of work, how was your day?

Kim: Romano was waiting for me when I arrived; just to see if I was actually going to show up.

Kerry: What did you do when you saw him?

Kim: Pretty much ignored him and gave him some of the same back. Then Mark dropped by to see me.

Kerry: Mark Greene?

Kim: Yes. He wanted to discuss the Fossen case.

Kerry: But why was it so imperative for him to look for you upstairs?

Kim: He was very concerned about breaking the news to Ben and needed a helping hand in doing so.

Kerry: Well, what exactly did he say and how exactly was everything presented?

Kim: My discussion with Mark was strictly confidential and off the record, so I'm afraid I can't share any specifics with you. I...I'm sorry, baby.

Kerry: I see. Something doesn't seem quite right about it, however. When I talked to Mark, he was rather uneasy about the entire ordeal.

Kim: Kerry, you may want to talk to Mark. It's not my place to discuss anything he told me.

Kerry: Well, he's not one of your patients, Kim. If there is something wrong, then I need to know about it as chief of staff in the ER.

Kim: Please, Kerry. I can't do this. I...won't do this. I cannot discuss a conversation with a colleague that was promised to be in strict confidence.

Kerry: Obviously there is a serious problem with the Fossen case. You wouldn't be so secretive with me if there wasn't a problem. I just thought that as my girlfriend and as someone who claims not to be an advocate of secrecy, you would be able to tell me anything.

Kim: It's not that simple, Kerry. I wouldn't be telling you as a girlfriend. I would be telling you as a colleague breaking a promise to another colleague, and that's not fair nor is it my place.

Kerry: I see...well, I suppose I'll need to find Dr. Greene when I return. Perhaps you can at least give me some type of a hint as to what this entails.

Kim: Sorry.

Kerry: You seem so comfortable hiding Mark's secret, but when it came to mine, you were extremely reluctant.

Kim: Kerry, this an entirely different type of issue. Can't you see that? This is on a professional level and yours was on a personal level. Kerry: I'm so sorry, Kim. That just slipped out. Yes, I can understand what you're saying, and I apologize for the dig about hiding my secret. Perhaps we shouldn't discuss work if it drags both of us into a dispute at the personal level. Agreed?

Kim: Agreed...but that comment jumped out and slapped me in the face, Kerry. I'm not comfortable hiding Mark's secret and it wasn't easy for me to hide yours. But, you know what? I did. I hid my feelings for you at work. How do you think I felt when I couldn't look at you a certain way or when I just wanted to reach out and hold onto you after Romano reamed me in his office over Shannon Wallace, or how I wished that I could share my happiness over our relationship with my colleagues who all know that I'm gay?

Kerry: It honestly just slipped out, Kim. Please...please don't be upset with me. All of that is over now. There is nothing about us that I want to hide ever again. I'm so proud of you...and of us! I know that I hurt you very badly during these past couple of months, but I was confused. But, now I'm not. I know exactly who I am and you can look at me any way you'd like and you can hold onto me anytime or any place.

Kim: Let's just finish our dinner. You need to get back to work soon anyway.

Kerry: Honey, I'm so sorry.

Kim did not say a word and simply continued to eat her dinner as she poured herself another glass of chardonnay. Kerry sensed Kim's tension and knew that it was best to let things go for the time being. Whenever Kim gets upset like this, the best thing to do is to leave her alone. So on that note, both women finished eating and the waitress brought the bill.

Waitress: Will there be any dessert this evening?

Kim: No, thanks. (grabbed her credit card) Here you go.

Waitress: I'll be right back with your receipt.

Kerry: Kim, you didn't have to pay again. I was going to...

Kim: (interrupts) No, that's alright. I was originally intending on paying tonight. I took you out this time, so you can take me out next time.

Kerry: But I thought that you were upset.

Kim: (the waitress brings the receipt and Kim signs the bill) Upset? Yes, but you're still my girl. What's a relationship without a good argument every now and then? (looks at Kerry with one of those Kim half-smiles)

Kerry: Thank you, Kim. Thank you for dinner and for accepting my apology.

Kim: I'm still upset, Kerry, but I still love you.

Kerry: I love you too! I love you so much.

Kim: Come on, let's get out of here.

Kim helped Kerry across the street and dropped her off at the ER. The two women were distraught and perplexed over their discussion/argument at dinner. Neither knew what the other one was thinking, but both did not presume to find out anything further.

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