by tinkelbel

Disclaimer: These characters are not my own... Kerry/Susan

"Kerry? What's wrong?"
Kerry was sitting alone in the lounge.
"Oh, Abby."
Abby took the seet next to her and looked inquisitatively. "It's nothing really."
"It doesn't appear to be nothing to me." She shrugged.
"I got an invitation for a highschoolreunion." She handed the invitation to Abby.
"So what's the problem?"
"I'm not going to go."
"Why not? If I may ask."
She sighed.
"Because I always dreamed about going to the highschoolreunion with a handsome husband on my arm and a stack of pictures of my beuatiful children. I always dreamed about how I was going to proove them wrong. That I could be successful in every aspect of my life. The only thing I really accomplished is becoming the most hated ER chief in the country." "I heard there's one a lot worse than you in Los Angeles!" She laughed.
"You know you could have done a lot worse. You have a great job and you are good at it." She nodded.
"You were married for a while. You had the most gorgeous girlfriends, I mean KIM LEGASPI...WOW" She laughed again.
"That's not something to be proud about in their eyes." "Wasn't the whole point about you going there proving them wrong? So why don't you pick up a gorgeous blonde and take her. And show them what you are really made of." She shrugged again.
"I don't think thaht's such a good idea." "So what, you'll never see those people again and you'll fulfill part of your dream." "And where am I going to find a gorgeous blonde?" "Just turn on that ol' Weaver charm and you'll find one in no time." "What do you know about my charm?"
"Well you did get Dr Legs between the sheets! Wow, again!" This was becomming a little embarassing. "I'ld offer to go with you but I already have a date friday. And besides I'm not a gorgeous blonde!" "Thanks anyway."
"Just think about it Kerry. You'll regret it otherwise." "Ok I will."
Abby handed the invitation back and left her thinking about it. "Euhm, Kerry, I couldn't overhelp hearing part of the conversation." "Susan, I didn't hear you come in."
"Well... euhm... I might not be gorgeous but I am blonde and free on friday. So if you know a date... I would gladly accompanie you." "You would?"
"Yes... well Abby was right... I've seen pictures of Dr Legaspi... WOW... so I would like to see the other side of you. You know the charming side. We haven't always gotten along and I think it's about time we did something about that. If friday doesn't work out at least we'll have a good reason for being at eachothers throats most of the time." Well she had a good point there and at least she wouldn't have to go with someone she hardly knew. "I you are sure... It would be an honour to take you as my ..." "Date."
"So I'll pick you up around eight."
"Thank you Susan for doing this."
"My pleasure."

"Abby, what do you wear to a highschoolreunion?" "What a coincidence Weaver has one comming up too." "I know, I'm her date to hers."
The look on Abby's face was worth it.
"I'm her date, you know the gorgeous blonde you advised her to take." "She asked you?"
"No, I overheard you talking and I suggested it." "Why? You aren't going to make fun of her are you?" "No! Abby! I wouldn't do that. I would love to see the look on everyone's faces when we walk in." "Yeah me too."
"So what should I wear? A nice dress?" "Nothing to formal but not to casual either. But definitely a dress." "Wow... you and Weaver on a date. I'm just sorry I won't be a witness!" "I promise to tell you all about it later." "You'ld better."
Susan just grinned.

Friday 8 PM

I can't believe I'm picking up Susan to go on a date. She rang the doorbell. "Hi Kerry come in"
"Hi... Susan... wow... you look great." Susan grinned.
"Thanks, so do you."
Susan looked breathaking. She was wearing a black formfitting dress that did her beauty justice. When Susan turned around she saw the dress didn't have a back. Oh my god, what did I do to deserve this.
"I thought we could drink a glass of wine to calm or nerves." "That sounds like a good idea."
Susan disappeared in the kitchen giving Kerry time to collect herself. "Please take a seat. Make yourself comfortable." Susan handed her a glass of white wine. "So I thought maybe we should get our stories straight, no pun intended." "Stories?"
"About how I ended up your date."
"Oh, I hadn't really thought about that." That wasn't exactly true. She was just glad Susan had started to talk about that. "You do want to make a good impression don't you. So why don't we tell a little white lie." "Oh... ok... I'm not a great liar though." Susan grinned.
"Well I thought maybe we could say we have been seeing each other for about a year now. It's becomming really serious between the two of us."
"That sounds good. How did we get together?" "Well the first time I worked with you we didn't really get along. You have to lie close to the truth. When I came back i heard you had a relationshipe with the gorgeous doctor Legaspi. It dawned on me that I had had a crush on you al along but didn't want to admit it to myself. When I realised that I didn't dare act on it because I thought you'ld never fall in love with someone like me so I didn't tell you. When you started dating Sandy the firefighter I was so jealous I told you I loved you when we were having one of our quarrels. Naturally I stormed out and avoided you. You did the same. I heard to the grapevine that you had broken up with Sandy what made me even more miserable because now you were available. One night when we were both working late you aked me out to dinner. Of course I agreed. Over dinner we talked about your fears of becomming involved with a co-worker again. You talod me you couldn't get me out of your head. So we decided to take things slow. So we did. And things are working out quite nicely, if I may say so myself." "I can live with that."
"Now we got that straight we'ld better be leaving if we want to get there in time."

Everybody heb looked surprised at first but Kerry had to admit that Susan had been a good choise. Soon everybody was hanging on to her lips. Kerry could proudly say she hed the best date of them all. Susan talked passionaly about there relationship while Kerry listened amused. How did she wome up with all that? People she had hardly known in highschool commented on how lucky she was to have found that kind of love. All the men looked envious, she even saw some envious looks from some of the women that had all she ever dreamed off. Susan was soon asked out on the dancefloor while Kerry just watched. kerry declined all the invitations she got not really feeling comfotable dancing in public.
"Dance with me please."
Kerry looked at Susan hesitantly.
"You can't decline your girlfriend a slowdance now can you?" "If you put it like that..."
Before she knew it Susan pulled her up from her seat and dragged her to the dancefloor. Susan wrapped her arms around her firmly, like she danced with Kerry every night of the week. Kerry relaxed in the embrace and allowed herself to enjoy the moment. One dance soon became three. "You enjoying yourself?"
Susan had whispered it in her ear.
"Very much. You?"
Susan just nodded contentedly.
Suddenly a guy, who had probably drunk too much was standing next to them. He had been looking at Susan the entire evening.
"Ladies, may I cut in."
He gestured towards Susan. Susan looked at her and Kerry just shrugged. Who was she to stand in Susans way?
"No thank you I'm dancing with my girlfriend." The guy just laughed.
"You're not fooling me. How can someone as beautiful as you fall for someone like her?" That one hurt.
"Easily, guys like you can't even begin to comprehend what I feel for this wonderful lady." Kerry felt a blush comming up. Susan was sticking up for her. "That's because you have neven had a real man, like me." Kerry could see that Susan was starting to get pissed. "Oh I had my share of men like you. That's why I know that Kerry is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I'm not even going to try to explain what true love is to you. If you would please leave us alone now, I'm trying to dance with the love of my life." Now she was definitly blushing. But still the guy didn't give up. "I bet she payed you to say those things about her." Susan decided to change tactics.
"Honey he doesn't believ we are together. What are we going to do about that?" Kerry shrugged helplesly.
"If he doesn't understand words we'll just have to show them." Susan looked her in the eyes before she leaned in and pressed her lips against Kerry's. The first kiss was soft and short. Susan looked her in the eyes again an then leaned down a second time. The second kiss was more demanding. Susan's lips were firmly on hers and Kerry felt herself respond. She opened her mouth when she felt Susan's tongue against her lips asking permission to enter. Susan accepted the invitation and deepened the kiss. Susan pulled her as close as was possible. Thought Kerry thought it impossible Susan managed to deepen the kiss even further. Kerry became bolder and roamed Susans bear back with one hand while the other played with Susans hair, holding the other woman in place. Finaly Susan broke away frome her without loosening the embrace. "That was... wow."
She husked in Kerry's ear. Kerry didn't trust herself to say something. Suddenly she remembered the obnoxious guy and looked to see if he was still there. He seemed to have gotten the message as he was walking away from them.
"You didn't have to do that."
She whispered in Susans ear.
"Yes I did. Nobody offends my girlfriend." Oh my god, if she's going to keep talking to me like that and holding me close I'm going to kiss her again. God, she smells so good and it feels so good to be in her arms and yet it is so wrong. "Thanks anyway."
"The pleasure was all mine."
No it wasn't. Didn't Susan realize what she was doing to her kissing her like that and whispering those words in her ear. Kerry tried to edge away from the embrace but Susans hold on her was firm. "Just one more dance."
Kerry just nodded. During the dance Susan edged away a little to look into her eyes. Before Kerry knew what was happening Susan was kissing her again. Soft at first as if to ask permission. Kerry couldn't help but responding to the kiss. It was wrong and she knew it. But Susan was such a great kisser. After they broke apart they didn't say a thing. When Kerry finally edged away from the embrace Susan let her go. Kerry took her seat again while Susan danced with one of the women that had had the guts to ask her.
"I must say you have yourself quite the girlfriend there." "Yes I have."
Luke was one of the only friends she had in highschool. "Now I understand why you never saw me that way." "Luke? What are you saying, we were great friends." "Friends yes, lovers no."
"You mean, you wanted..."
"Oh yes I had the biggest crush on you and you didn't even notice. You were so caught up in different things that you just didn't see it. So i'm actually quite glad you ended up being gay, it's good for my ego."
They laughed.
"I can honestly say I didn't have a clue. I'm really sorry." "Don't be. You have a girlfriend that's obviously head over heels in love with you. You can see she just adores you in the way she looks at you. And I have a great wife and beautiful children so please don't be sorry. I'm not."
If only it wasn't a lie. If only Susan really did adore her... "Hi I'm Susan."
Susan extended her hand.
"I'm Luke."
"Honey are you allright? You look a little pale." "Oh, I'm fine darling. Luke was one of the only friends I had in highschool." "I just confessed I had a major crush on her then. She didn't even have a clue." "Should I be getting worried."
Luke laughed.
"No, I'm happily married now and you two are great together." Susan smiled.
"Well I'll leave you two to it. Kerry it was nice to see you again. Maybe our paths will cross again one day. Susan it was really nice to meet you. Hold on to here she's quite a catch." "I know and I will."
Susan took his place next to her and lightly put her hand on Kerry's knee. Susan leaned over and whispered in her ear
"Well I hope this prooves you were appreciated in highschool." Susans breath in her ear and the hand on her knee made her feel week. She is getting to me. "Yes, I really had no idea. Thank you Susan for comming with me, it wouldn't have been the same without you." "Just stop thanking me and dance one more time with me before we go home." Well it was the least she could do. It felt good having Susans arms around her.

"Here we are. I won't tank you again but I just wanted to say I had a great time. You could say it was a dream come true. Even if it wasn't how I imagined it would be. Even if it was all a lie..." Susan silenced her with her lips.
"No it wasn't."
They looked at eachother for a while. Susans lips were on hers again before she could say anything. When they broke apart Susan rushed out of the car. Kerry didn't know what to make of all that had happened. What was Susan trying to say to her.


"Susan, I seem to recall you owe me some details." Susan didn't answer her.
"Oh, was it that bad?"
"No Abby it wasn't. On the contrary. It went a little too good." "Oh. Wanna talk about it over a coffee after our shift." "Yes, yes I would."
She really needed someone to talk about what happened. She had thought about what happened the whole weekend. How on earth was she going to face Kerry again? Abby had listened to her without interupting once. "So you kissed her a lot."
"Did you, you know, like it?"
Oh my god she had just admitted to Abby she had liked kissing Kerry 'the lean mean killing machine' Weaver. "Wow."
"You can say that again."
They both laughed.
"So, you wanna kiss her again?"
"I don't know. She's quite the kisser. But I'm straight except for a few flings in college." "Have you talked to Kerry since it happened?" "No we've been avoiding each other all day. You know Kerry, when she's uncomfortable she retreats." "Well you seem to know her a lot better than I." "Yes maybe I do. She's so different from who I thought she was. She's actually really nice. It was so easy to hold her and protect her from all the jerks she went to school with. I didn't mean to kiss her again but when I was holding her close... It was just natural." She sighed.
"So what are you going to do?"
"I don't know, I actually implied I fancied her and it wasn't the alcohol talking. And if I'm honest I have to say I kissed her without feeling something. The way she whispered in my ear. The way she smelled. The way she seemed to fit in my arms..."
"Oh my god, you are so falling for her." "Yes I am. And I don't like it one bit." "You have to tell her."
"I can't. I don't want to hear her say she doesn't even want to concider this... us... whatevere it is." "You really got it bad. I would have never ever imagined the two of you... together. But take it from me once you start talking about 'us' there is no way back. You have to tell her how you feel or you'll regret it." "I know, I know..."
She sighed.
"She'ls be a fool to let you go."
"Thank you Abby. Be sure to tell her that." "As a matter of fact, I will."
"Don't you dare!"


"Susan, we need to talk. We can't keep avoiding each other." "Yes, I know."
"If you have nothing on tomorrow we could have that dinner we talked about." "Oh, ok. I'll pick you up at seven."
"I'll make the reservations. Nothing fancy." "Well I'll see you then."

Susan took a deep breath before she rang the bell. "Susan come in."
How can she be so calm. And why does she look so great. This is the woman I couldn't stand. Before friday that is. "Thanks."
Kerry took her coat and guided her in the living room. "I couldn't get any reservations so I decided to cook. I hope you don't mind. I thought it would be easier to talk without a lot of people around."
"Oh, that's ok."
She cooked for me. This is only making it harder. "Take a seat, make yourself comfortable." Comfortable! Well that would be impossible. "Wine?"
"yes please."
They sipped their wine in silence.
"We need to talk about what happened friday." She just nodded.
"You want to tell me what exactly did happen?" "I kissed you."
"I know, I was there. So why did you." "Because I wanted to get rid of that guy." "Well you managed to do that quite nicely." They smiled remembering his face.
"Thanks for sticking up for me like that." "He had no right talking about you like that. It must have hurt what he said." "Yes it did. But he was right."
Susan saw a sad look on Kerry's face.
"No he wasn't. You have been with beautiful women before. If they were impressed with me what would they have said about Kim?"
"But I lost her didn't I? I screwed up big time. I let her walk away. The first person I really loved." "You were confused, scared."
"Yes I was. Still am. But for different reasons. I don't want to go through that again. It hurt too much." She nodded.
"So why did you kiss me the second time?" "Would you believe me if I said that guy was comming in our direction?" "He wasn't in the war."
"No he wasn't."
"So why did you?"
"Because... I... Because..."
"Susan you can tell me. Contrary to popular belief I don't bite." "You kissed me back."
"You kissed me again because I kissed you back?" "No... not really... But you did kiss me back every time." "Yes I did. I'm only human Susan. If a beautiful woman I like kisses me I kiss her back." "You think I'm beautiful?"
"Of course I do."
"You lik me?!?"
"Well yes, I had a really great time friday." "Me too."
"You haven't answered my question yet." "Because it felt nice."
"Yes it was. You wanna elaborate on that." kerry wasn't going to let go. Did she have any idea how difficult this was for her? "I saw you in a different light. I actually liked you. You were so shy and... you looked so good." "Go on."
"It just felt right."
"So where do we go from here?"
"I don't know. I was expecting you to tell me that what we did was wrong and it couldn't happen again." "I expected you to say it was a 'heat of the moment' kind of thing." The both nodded.
"I can't begin with someone who's straight and who I work with. Presuming you would want something more." "Would it help if I said I had some flings in college." kerry laughed.
"So you want... something..."
"I know I don't want to look back and regret not taking a chanse." "Me neither."
"So where do we go from here?"
Kerry mooved closer to her and looked her in the eyes. She was giving her time to walk away from the kiss that was about to follow. But she didn't. She leaned forward and was met by Kerry's soft lips on hers. Kerry pulled back.
"I've missed that."
"Me too."
They leaned in again. This time the kiss was more heated. Susan deperately tried to pull Kerry closer as Kerry deepened the kiss. Before she knew it Kerry was on her lap kissing her. Susans hands had a mind of their own. Roaming over Kerry's back till she found her way under Kerry's shirt. Kerry pulled back a little surprised by the sudden contact of flesh. But Susan couldn't stop. Her lips found Kerry's earlobe.
"Oh my god."
So she likes that.
"Susan... If you don't stop now..."
She didn't even think about stopping now. A hand found Kerry's breast and cupped it. "Susan."
It sounded more desperate.
"I want to... oooohhh... do this right." Susan stopped.
"Take me to your bed."
"Susan, we should take it slow. This is something new to you and I don't want to ruin it by moving too fast." "That's really considerate of you Kerry but I did sleep with those flings so it isn't really that new. And if we aren't going to this I will explode. I want this. I want us. All of it." kerry stood up and walked to the kitchen. When she came back she took Susan by the hand and led her to the bedroom. As soon as they were there Kerry started to undress herself. Susan stopped her. "I want to do that."
She gasped when she saw kerry's breasts for the first time. She took one in her hand and massaged it. Kerry's eyes fluttered shut. Reluctantly she left the breasts and started to unbutton Kerry's slacks. She pushed Kerry on the bed while she shed her own clothes. Knowing Kerry was watching her every moove made her really aroused. God, how long had it been since she felt like this. When she was finally naked she joined Kerry on the bed. They kissed eachother passionately and explored each others body. Kerry quickly took the lead and Susan didn't object. All she wanted was Kerry to keep doing what she was doing. Susan arched her back when kerry slowly made her way to her breasts.
"Oooooooooh... Kerry."
Susan couldn't wait much longer. She needed Kerry in her. "I need you... in me."
Kerry obliged her

"What a night."
They were lying in each others arms not willing to let go. "We should get up."
"I'm not on until this afternoon."
"Me neither."
"So we still have a lot of time."
"My my what will we do?"
"Oh we'll think of something."
"I'm sure we will."

Saterday afternoon

"Oh hi Susan, you look happy today."
"I am."
"I had a great date last night."
"We talked things through."
"We ended up in bed."
"That's all I need to know about that." Susan grinned.
"So is she good in the sack?"
"I thought you didn't want to know."
"Well, I'm curious. No details just the general picture." "Lets say she's even more passionate at that than she is at her job." "Wow, I didn't think that was possible." "Oh it is, trust me."
Abby grinned.
"So are you two an item?"
"Well we didn't really talk about that but I suppose so. I hope so. I want to be at the receiving end of that passion again!"
"I can imagine."
"In your dreams."
Susan grinned.
"I'm really happy for the both of you." "Thank you Abby, we owe a lot to you."
"Yes we do."
"We were just..."
"I know. Just don't go into details. We'll get enough smart remarks as it is." "Sure... it's just... I'm..."
"I understand. I made the mistake of hiding relationships before and I'm not going to again." "I'm glad because I don't know how long I could keep it a secret." "I'm glad we cleared that up. I'll see you at the desk at the end of our shift, ok?" "Ok."

She felt arm wrap around her from behind. "Ready to go home."
Kerry took her hand and guided her outside leaving everybody stunned. The grapevine would do its work. "I can't believe you did that."
"I wanted to make a point. Don't expect me to do that when we are on duty." "I won't."
"Off duty... that's an entirely different thing all together..." "Is that a promise?"
"Yes it is. I think I can muster some af that passion." Susan blushed.
"You heard that?"
"Oh yes I did. And I can't leave my girlfriend hanging now can I?" "No, you can't."

The end

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