Perceptive Thoughts

by EM Fan

by EM Fan

After lunch, Kim and Kerry decided to take a break from County General, especially from Mark Greene and Robert Romano. They tried to decide on a movie but were unable to pick one they could agree on.

Kim: Well...we seem to be at an impasse. Any others you may have in mind?

Kerry: No, sorry. I have an idea though.

Kim: What's that?

Kerry: How about if we rent a couple of movies that would, you know, sort of introduce me to your world?

Kim: It's not just my world anymore, Kerry. It's your world too now.

Kerry: You're right. I'm sorry, Kim. That's not what I meant.

Kim: I know. It's alright, honey. I know it's been difficult for you to adjust. (caressing Kerry's arm)

Kerry: So are there any good ones?

Kim: I think we'll be able to find something.

They went to the video store and rented "If These Walls Could Talk 2" which Kim had initially taped from cable, but her VCR messed up. Kim was a little nervous to anticipate Kerry's thoughts on the issues that the movie presented. At the end of the movie, Kim asked Kerry to share her thoughts.

Kerry: Well there are many things to discuss. While we shared the box of Kleenex during the first segment, I couldn't help feeling anger about how silent Vanessa Redgrave's character had to be. The nephew and his wife were more concerned about inheriting her belongings rather than concentrating on the loss of his relative. Did they know his great aunt at all? And then for the poor woman to be forced to conceal it? People couldn't even discuss same-sex relationships back in 1961.

Kim: Yes, it was awful. The first part of the movie is terribly depressing. She had no one to share her pain with and her entire life would be altered in a very short time. If her character wasn't such a strong-willed woman, then it would have been too traumatic for her to deal with everything as she did. I admired her for that. And what about the rest of the movie?

Kerry: The second segment showed me that our relationship wasn't the only new relationship off to a rocky start.

Kim: That's for sure!

Kerry: So, you're not the only one who shares clothes?

Kim: That's one of the benefits of being with a woman; doubling your wardrobe!

Kerry: (laughing) I never thought of that. Well, I liked the new relationship aspect of that segment, but I had no idea that there was so much discrimination from within.

Kim: That's what makes everything so difficult. There is just as much discrimination within our group as there is on the outside. Straight people are not the only people who discriminate, and that's so sad. Amy was butch because she always dressed like that. She was not trying to be a guy like the other girls assumed. They didn't even give her a chance because they didn't like how she looked. People do that in general though.

Kerry: That's true. Well the 1970's were different times for women. I remember the Women's Liberation Movement when I was in junior high. That's all my social studies teacher talked about. So were the other girls feminine then because they were trying so hard to be?

Kim: Well, some. Mostly though, these girls were fighting for equality between men and women, equality within women, and self-acceptance simultaneously. I don't think many people truly liked who they were back then.

Kerry: But Amy knew who she was and that's what appealed to Linda.

Kim: I love your insight and your observations, Kerry.

Kerry: We always have been on the same wavelength. Then the last part with Ellen...her acting was fabulous! The scene where she is looking through the files demonstrated some true talent. I only have one question though?

Kim: Go ahead.

Kerry: Why did they have so many cans of whipped cream for the parfaits in the background? And why did they never reveal whose birthday it was?

Kim: Wow. You are observant! But you're avoiding the issues at hand.

Kerry: What do you mean?

Kim: What do you think of the fact that they were going to have a baby together?

Kerry: Well, I don't have a problem with that.

Kim: Is it something you would do?

Kerry: To be honest, I hadn't really thought about it.

Kim: I see. You never thought about being a mother?

Kerry: Kim, I don't think about anything other than medicine most of the time because even when I'm not working, I'm still working.

Kim: Oh.

Kerry: Well I do think about you almost all of the time.

Kim: I certainly hope so!

Kerry: Oh, Kim. When we were apart, I couldn't think of anything other than you.

Kim: Really?

Kerry: Yes, really! So to answer your question, I guess you can see how I wouldn't have time to think about children.

Kim: Ok, I guess I can accept that.

Kerry: Well, what they did in the movie was great for them. Plus, other than the idiots in the waiting room, everyone around them was very open-minded. They didn't need to hide their love for each other. It made me think about how foolish I was for hiding my love for you.

Kim: Oh, stop beating yourself up about it. You're here with me now, and that's all that matters.

Kim leaned over and softly kissed Kerry's lips.

Kim: Now, I need to get dinner started.

Kerry: Can I help you with anything?

Kim: No, that's alright. I want to cook you a romantic dinner tonight.

Kerry: Hmmm, a romantic dinner.

Kim: You can watch if you'd like.

Kerry: I love to watch.

Kim: (smiling) I know you do.

Their romantic dinner consisted of salad, bacon wrapped filet mignon with mushrooms, baked potatoes, fresh green beans, red wine, and strawberry souffl. The girl knows how to cook!! Kerry was completely swept off her feet. How did she almost lose this wonderful woman?

Suddenly, a pager went off. What a way to kill the moment! It was County paging Kim.

Kim: Now what?! (reaches for the phone and dials) Hello, this is Dr. Legaspi.

County Psych: Dr. Legaspi. Your appointment with Mark Greene is scheduled for 9:00 tomorrow morning. Dr. Romano had me page you to make sure that you know when to come in tomorrow.

Kim: Thank you. Please tell Dr. Romano that he doesn't need to worry about my punctuality. I'll see you tomorrow. (hangs up)

Kerry: What was that about?

Kim: Mark's psych evaluation is scheduled for the morning. I don't understand the urgency in paging me though.

Kerry: I will have a serious talk with Romano tomorrow. This has to stop!

Kim: Kerry, don't worry about it.

Kerry: Too bad, I'm already furious.

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