Overturned Decision

by EM Fan

by EM Fan
added 05/19/01

Story: What happens after Romano leaves the men's room Spoilers: Only for "Rampage" (S7E23); the rest is speculation Rating: This section rated PG; later installments may be rated PG-13 through NC-17

Dr. Romano left the bathroom a few minutes after Kerry stormed out. He was in total dismay as he walked down the hall pondering the situation. He wasn't sure if he was more surprised at Weaver's courage in standing up to him or admitting that she was a lesbian. Distracted by the occurrence, he ran directly into another person passing in the corridor. "Excuse me", Dr. Romano exclaimed.

Then a familiar voice replied, "Oh, that's alright Dr. Romano. I'll be out of your way permanently soon enough!"

He turned around to discover Dr. Legaspi, much to his astonishment. "Oh, it's you, Dr. Legaspi. I thought for sure you'd be long gone by now."

Kim: Don't worry, Dr. Romano. I'm just running upstairs to get the last of my things. (she then turned around in usual Kim fashion and started walking away)

Romano: Dr. Legaspi!

Kim turned back around with one of her "what do you want" looks, but did not say a word.

Romano: I was wondering if I can have a few words with you for a moment.

Kim: Why? Would you like to rub the salt in the wound just a little bit more? I don't think there's anything left to say. As I told Dr. Weaver earlier, I'm not interested in working for a place that doesn't want me.

Romano: Well, as a matter of fact, Dr. Weaver just spoke to me in the men's room just a few moments ago gave you a rather heartfelt recommendation.

Kim: Dr. Weaver in the men's room?

Romano: She wouldn't leave me alone all day, so finally she tracked me down and cornered me.

Kim: That's interesting.

Romano: So, if you wouldn't mind, I would like to see you in my office for a few moments.

Kim: Like I said, I'm not sure there's anything left to say.

Romano: That is not an option, Dr. Legaspi!

Kim: (throws her arms up in the air with aggravation) Fine.

She follows him to the elevator and not a word is uttered between the two until they exit the elevator, arrive in his office, and shut the door.

Romano: Please, have a seat.

Kim sits down in anticipation.

Romano: It's been one hell of a day, hasn't it?

Kim: I actually have no comment to that statement.

Romano: Oh, relax, Dr. Legaspi. I meant nothing by it. I know that people around here seem to think that everything I say has some underlying meaning to it.

Kim: To be honest, usually that's true.

Romano: Well that's hardly the case, and in fact you were the one who assumed that you were fired. All I said was to go home and that Dr. DeRaad would finish your shift.

Kim: Then you said, "It's been nice knowing you".

Romano: Just a figure of speech. Look, it's been an excruciating day, massive gun wounds, doctors ignoring what I asked them to do, and you and I were just not seeing eye to eye as usual. So what did you expect?

Kim: I guess I expected just a little bit of mutual respect as a doctor. I didn't have to help out down there, but it was my judgment to go that extra mile and to help out with as much as I could in addition to my duties upstairs.

Romano: Well, sometimes taking on too much can be just as bad as not taking on enough. And in this case, you just refused to listen.

Kim: Dr. Romano, I always do whatever is in the best interest of the patients, and since you disagree with my method of doing things, then it only makes sense that you would rather see me leave County General. To me, you made it abundantly clear that my job was finished here.

Romano: That's where you're wrong again, Dr. Legaspi. As I was mentioning earlier, you have at least one person vouching for you around here.

Kim: Well I'm glad that Dr. Weaver has so much confidence in my abilities but I don't see how that alone has enough impact for keeping me here.

Romano: Dr. Weaver told me that if you go, then she goes.

Kim: She said that?!

Romano: She also told me that she's a lesbian.

Kim: (devastated) I...I don't think Dr. Weaver would have said anything like that to anyone; especially not to you.

Romano: Well, she did. (pauses) You mean to tell me that she was a lesbian all along and you never knew it? That's fascinating. I thought you people had a sense for these things.

Kim: I won't even acknowledge that, Dr. Romano. But, I just want to be clear on this. Are you sure that Dr. Weaver told you that she is a lesbian?

Romano: She stated it quite clearly, in fact. Why? Does that make a difference in all of this?

Kim: I don't know. What else would you like to talk to me about, Dr. Romano?

Romano: Well, I think that you need to follow directions better, pay closer attention to your patient charts, and you'd better be punctual tomorrow morning. You have a patient to see at 8 am sharp! Do I make myself clear?

Kim sits quietly perplexed.

Romano: Hello...is there anybody in there?

Kim: Yes, I heard you, Dr. Romano.

Romano: Then good. I hope we understand each other. I'm still going to be keeping a very close eye on you. Now, is there anything else you would like to discuss with me?

Kim: (stands up to leave) Absolutely nothing.

Romano: Then you have a nice day, Dr. Legaspi...and be grateful to Dr. Weaver that you still have a job!

Kim then left the office with no interest in acknowledging Romano's last comment. She knew that he was the biggest jerk she had ever met in her life. Just being in the same room with him makes her and mostly everyone else ill who knows him. Relieved that the discussion with the @*#hole was over, Kim made her way down the corridor and pressed the elevator button.

She entered the empty elevator and upon taking in all of the information from the meeting with Romano, something hit her like a ton of bricks. "Wait a minute! Kerry just came out...and she did it for me!"

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