New Confidence, A

by EM Fan

by EM Fan

Disclaimer: This portion of my story contains some brief sexual content which may not be appropriate for younger readers. Rating: NC17

Kerry felt the intensity of Kim's throbbing until Kim's juices poured out all over Kerry's hand. Kim immediately embraced the redhead tightly and released her excitement with a sigh before sealing her pleasure with a long passionate kiss. The two gazed into each other's eyes for just a moment of silence until a slightly self-conscious Kerry whispered, "I hope that I was able to make you feel as good as you made me feel".

Kim: Kerry...this is the best you've ever made me feel. I think it was the first time that I've felt completely relaxed with you, and it was so incredible. You're incredible.

With that statement, Kerry received the reassurance that she had been seeking. Kim kissed her on the forehead and in a few short minutes, Kerry was fast asleep in Kim's soft but firm arms. Kim smiled to herself as she reflected upon the evening's events. Content and relaxed, Kim reached the nightstand with one hand as she set the alarm. A few minutes later, she fell asleep.

6:15 am- The dreadful sound of Kim's alarm filled the room and woke the two women lying naked in each other's arms. Kim immediately reached over to turn off the alarm.

Kim: I wish I could lie here all day with you just like this.

Kerry: (eyes half shut, mumbling) Go, get to work so that Romano doesn't time you through the surveillance cameras. Anyway, it'll be alright.

Kim: The best thing in the world would be coming home after work and seeing you lying here just like this.

Kerry: Maybe that could be arranged.

Kim: Don't tempt me.

Kim hit the shower and Kerry rolled over to fall back asleep. She didn't have to go in until 2 pm today. After the shower, Kim wrapped herself in a towel and tried to be quiet by setting her hair dryer on low. Surprisingly Kerry was already awake.

Kim: I'm sorry, Kerry. I was trying to be quiet.

Kerry: I didn't want to fall back asleep without watching you dry your hair...just like old times.

Kim: (smiling with a seductive look on her face) Then enjoy the show.

Suddenly the towel fell to the floor, much to Kerry's pleasure. Kim continued to dry her hair while deliberately naked. She glanced at Kerry out of the corner of her eye.

Kim: (smiling) Is there a problem?

Kerry: You just love to tease, don't you?

Kim looked into Kerry's eyes, then raised an eyebrow, and continued to dry her hair without uttering a syllable. Kerry knew that things were better between them than ever before. There was never this level of seduction between them. There was never such a feeling of comfort and confidence within herself. In the ER, she was always able to exude this level of confidence...but now she actually possessed this confidence.

Between telling off Romano, coming out to him, and winning Kim back, there would be nothing that she couldn't do. Going to the ER today and facing possible gossip that would once worry her, would not even make her blink an eye. "The hell with all of them; especially Malucci.", she thought to herself. Kerry figured that by now Romano had outed her to the entire hospital, but she was so happy to have Kim back that she didn't particularly care what these people thought any longer. This was not the same Kerry from "Witch Hunt".

Kim finished drying her hair and walked over to Kerry. Kerry studied her beautiful, sexy bod from head to toe. Kim reached over, caressed Kerry's hair, and passionately kissed her lips.

Kerry: You're pushing it, Kim. If you continue in this manner, then I can assure you that you won't get to work on time.

Kim: (smiling) Actually, it's just a little food for thought...for after work tonight.

Kerry: I see.

Kim walked away and proceeded to get dressed for work.

Kim: Are you cold?

Kerry: A little.

Kim: Would you like me to get you a shirt?

Kerry: One of your flannels would be wonderful. Would you like me to cook you some breakfast before you leave for work?

Kim: That's so sweet of you to offer, baby, but I'll need to take a rain check. I have to make sure that today I'm on time without pushing it. You know that Romano will be standing there just waiting for me. Besides, you need your sleep before you go in today. You need your strength to face the ER staff since I'm sure Romano already filled them in on everything.

Kerry: Well, I don't care about what Romano or any of my staff thinks about the fact that I'm a lesbian. Leave them talk...and if I catch any of them gossiping behind my back, then I can assure you that they'll have their own problems to deal with!

Kim: Wow! I can't believe you feel that way. You really have come a long way in a very short time with all of this. (she finishes getting dressed)

Kerry: I can only be pushed so far, Kim, and when someone is continually trying to hurt someone I love, then that's it! I've had it with Romano, I've had it with the ridiculously childish gossip in the ER, and I've had it with trying to hide! There's no reason for me to be ashamed of you; ashamed of us, and I'll be damned if anyone tries to hurt you! When you go in there today, tell Romano to stay out of your way!

Kim: (hands Kerry a shirt) I'm completely overwhelmed. Oh, if only I didn't have to leave...

Kerry: Don't worry...everything will be alright at'll see. Now go. Don't be late. (she puts the shirt on)

Kim: Should I page you if there are any problems?

Kerry: Immediately!

Kim kisses Kerry goodbye, grabbed her wool coat, and then left for work. Kerry sniffed the flannel shirt to smell Kim's scent once again before falling back asleep. Last night was the most wonderful night she had spent with Kim thus far, and no one in the ER was going to take that away from her today. She had no idea what the day would entail, but it didn't really matter to her. There was no reason to hide any longer.

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