Date: June 15, 2002

Title: Learning to Live (2/?)

Author: Lara W


Show: ER

Rating: PG-13

Paring: K/K/Maggie Doyle

Plot: Sandy is fatally injured in a massive fire. Kerry must cope with the loss.

Disclaimer: Christina, Paul, Cassandra jr., Dr. Coleman, Raquel, Shelby and DK are mine. The rest belong to NBC.


Part 2: Fear

comes running into Exam 3, "Kerry, you need to come with me." In the hallway she looks at me. "Sandy's been hurt very bad. She's at Mercy. FD called and asked for you to get there quick." I'm shocked I can't believe this. I grab my cell phone and call Sandy's mother.I tell her to come quick and bring Christina. If the worse happens I want our daughter to say good-bye.I think of our unborn son, and place a protective hand on my noticeably pregnant abdomen.I'm speeding, but I don't care. I silently pray to God.Sandy's not just my friend and partner but my all.I can't dream of raising our children without her. I run to the desk at Mercy's ER.A young UR tells me rudely to wait in chairs.It's hard to be on this side of an ER.Then I see Maggie Doyle walking out of a Trauma room. "Maggie, EMS brought Sandy in. Can you find her?" She sees my horror, "Yes, let me check the board." I follow her.She leads me to the desk and looks at the board. "She's in Trauma 2. Wait in chairs and I'll check on her." I know she will. Maggie is not the type to brush a hurting friend off. Raquel Lopez arrives with a sleeping Christina in the stroller. She sits down beside me. She looks as scared as I do.