Just Like the First Time

by EM Fan

by EM Fan

Disclaimer: This portion of my story contains bits of sexual content not recommended for younger readers.
Rated: NC17

Kim helped Kerry out of her blouse and asked Kerry, "Is that better?"

Then Kerry's response was, "Much." Kerry stood up and slowly removed her black dress pants while Kim watched. Wearing nothing but a pair of black silk panties, Kerry went to lie down in the bed. Kim was so overwhelmed by Kerry's forwardness that she did a double take. She thought it was a dream.

Then she moved in closer to Kerry and rested her head on Kerry's chest.

Kerry: What time do you start work tomorrow?

Kim: 8:00. Romano made a point to let me know that I'd better be on time.

Kerry: Well, we can do this some other time if you need to get to sleep.

Kim: No, I don't think I'd like to wait any longer, Kerry. I've missed you for a very long time. Besides, now that you've teased me with your half-nakedness, I can't simply ignore what I see lying here next to me.

Kerry: And what do you see?

Kim: (moving upward to look at Kerry's face) A very beautiful and sexy woman with a new sense of self-confidence.

Kim caressed Kerry's hair and softly kissed her lips. Kerry couldn't believe that she almost lost this incredibly passionate woman. Just the thought of it brought a tear to her eyes.

Kim: Kerry, what's wrong?

Kerry: I'm just so incredibly happy. Kim, I'm so sorry for all of the pain that I've put you through. There's no excuse for how I've behaved. I just...

Kim put her finger over Kerry's mouth.

Kim: Sshhhh...It's alright, Kerry. Coming to terms with my sexuality years ago wasn't easy at first either, but I conquered my fears and so did you. I'm so proud of you for coming out today.

Kerry: Thank you, Kim. You always know how to make me feel better.

Kim: Well, that's a good thing...Now...just relax.

This was not their first time making love but it felt just like the first time; the night before Kerry woke up and watched Kim in the bathroom as she dried her hair.

Kim repositioned herself on top of Kerry and continued to softly kiss her lips. Each kiss grew more intense until Kim's tongue subtly slipped inside Kerry's mouth while just barely touching Kerry's tongue. Then she clasped Kerry's hands and raised them up above Kerry's head and onto the pillow. The fully clothed Kim continued to kiss Kerry while slowly resting her lower torso directly on top of Kerry's. Her tongue grew more aggressive as she began pelvic thrusts against Kerry's body.

Kerry: Oh, Kim!

Kim removed her own shirt while Kerry could only lie back and watch. There was no bra underneath. She smiled seductively at Kerry and began to kiss Kerry's neck. The sound of Kerry's moans excited Kim, who began to suck on Kerry's earlobe. She alternated between sucking, kissing, and tonguing Kerry's ear.

Kim: (whispering into Kerry's ear) I have a much better place for this tongue. Should I continue?

Kerry: (moaning) Kim, you're so beautiful, so sexy.

Kim couldn't help herself. She wanted to ravish Kerry's entire body. Her lips and tongue grazed their way down to Kerry's chest. Her sensual mouth alternated from nipple to nipple. The pelvic thrusts ceased only to be replaced by her hand. Kerry's body moved to the rhythm of Kim's hand between her legs, as it rubbed over Kerry's silk underwear. Kim started to feel the warmth between Kerry's legs with her hand as her mouth continued to taste Kerry's gradually hardening nipples. Kim removed her hand from Kerry's warmth for a brief moment.

Kim: I think there are a few obstacles in our way.

Kerry watched as Kim unzipped and seductively removed her own pants. There was nothing underneath. Kerry was pleasantly surprised as she studied the radiance of Kim's naked body. This was a sight that Kerry had only fantasized about since Kim closed the elevator doors on their relationship after the Shannon Wallace meeting.

Kim and Kerry smiled at each other as Kim reached down and removed Kerry's underwear. Then as a serious look emerged over Kim's face, she moved her way downward to Kerry's thighs. Kerry caressed Kim's beautiful, shining blonde hair as Kim's tongue teased her inner thighs.

Kerry squirmed in ecstasy as Kim's finger moved its way inside. Turned on by the feel of testing Kerry's wetness, Kim replaced her finger with her tongue. Lightly sampling the lips with only the tip of her tongue, Kim proceeded to tease Kerry's swollen clit. The moans grew more intense as the tip of the tongue continued to lightly tease Kerry.

Kerry: I don't think I can take much more of this. I...I think I'm right on the edge.

Kim couldn't take much more either. She wanted Kerry more at this moment than she'd ever wanted her before. Her tongue pressed up intensely against Kerry's clit...faster and faster...the pressure increasing as her tongue darted in and out...in and out. Finally Kim felt an intense quiver as Kerry exploded all over her tongue and chin.

Kim: (whispering) I've wanted to taste you for the longest time. I love you so much, Kerry.

Kerry: (out of breath) Kim, I love you like I've never loved anyone else. No one has ever made me feel so good; so loved.

Kim kissed Kerry's hand as she lay her head down next to hers.

Kim: I'm so flattered to hear you say that.

Kerry: Oh, Kim...(she turned and boldly started kissing Kim's lips)...You don't even know. I'm going to show you just how much I've missed you.

She decided that now it was her time to make love to Kim. She had waited for at least a month, and she was not about to let Kim's passion go unrequited. Kerry started to gently caress Kim's soft, silky skin as she continued to sensually kiss her beautiful lips.

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