Flirtatious Encounter/Secret Revealed

by EM Fan


The next morning Kerry woke up in Kim's bed, but Kim was not lying there next to her. With a perplexed look on her face, Kerry reached for her crutch on the side of the bed. She walked out toward the living room and found Kim in the kitchen.

Kim: Good morning, honey. Hope I didn't wake you.

Kerry: No, I just woke up and was wondering where you were.

Kim: I thought I'd surprise you with a little breakfast. Although, you look so cute in my t-shirt...I'd actually rather have you for breakfast.

Kerry: (blushing) What are you talking about? I look dreadful.

Kim: Nonsense. I love that cute, slightly messed up hair.

Kerry: (smiling) Well, thank you, I guess.

Kim: So, did you sleep well?

Kerry: How could I not? I was lying next to a beautiful woman.

Kim: Oh, really? And who was this beautiful woman? What does she look like?

Kerry: Hmmmm, I'm not sure. I didn't really get a very good look at her.

Kim: Then, how do you know she was beautiful?

Kerry: Just fantasizing, I suppose.

Kim: Smart-ass! So I take it you're feeling a little better this morning.

Kerry: Yes, I think so. Sorry to have been the one to be so depressing this time. I know that you listen to everyone else's problems all day long. You don't always need to hear about mine too.

Kim: (walks over to Kerry and caresses her hand) Hey, I'm your girlfriend. That's what I'm here for.

Kerry: I appreciate that. Just remember that you can share your problems with me anytime as well.

Kim: Well, I was meaning to talk to you about this problem that I've been having.

Kerry: Sure, you can talk to me, Kim.

Kim: (smirking) There's this silk robe that I've been wearing...and I've been getting very warm in it...but I think I need some help getting out of it.

Kerry: Very cute, Kim.

Kim: Well, can you give me some advice to solve my problem?

Kerry: I think that perhaps something can be arranged...but what about breakfast?

Kim: Oh. Well I haven't started to heat anything up yet. I was still deciding when you came in here. The coffee's ready, but it will be alright.

Kerry: That's good. Then I guess that I should help the psychiatrist with her problem.

Kerry turned around and started crutching back toward the bedroom with Kim close behind.

Kim: And how do you propose that, Dr. Weaver?

Kerry: Just continue following me to Exam 1.

They passed by the rose petals which were still leading a trail to the bedroom.

Kim: This is an interesting entrance to the exam room.

Kerry: Isn't it, though?

Kerry sat on the bed and looked up at Kim. She pulled Kim toward her and placed her hand on the belt of Kim's robe.

Kerry: I think we've found the source of the problem.

Kim: And what is the diagnosis, Dr. Weaver?

Kerry: This. (Kerry untied the robe and helped Kim to slip out of the rest of it)

Kim: (standing completely naked in front of Kerry) Why, doctor, I think you have alleviated my problem...and I didn't even need a prescription.

Kerry: And who said that you didn't need a prescription?

Kim: I guess it depends on what you'll be prescribing.

Kerry: (kisses Kim's right hand) This...(kisses Kim's left hand) and this...(lures Kim to the bed and passionately kisses her; tongue and all) and this.

Kim: (blushing) Oh, I think the medication is working but I think it will prove to be more effective like this. (removes Kerry's t-shirt and gently runs her fingers through Kerry's hair)

Kerry: (eyes contently closed) Mmmmmm, I think the prescription is quite effective, don't you, Dr. Legaspi?

Kim: Wonderful.

Kim's lips met Kerry's for another incredibly sexy kiss while Kerry reached her hand up to caress Kim's beautiful blonde curls. This time it was Kerry whose tongue met Kim's. Kim was enjoying the fact that Kerry had become much bolder lately in the bedroom. Continuing to be the aggressor, Kerry became more adventurous with her tongue as it trickled slowly down the side of Kim's face and toward the neck. Alternating kisses and tongue, Kerry worked her way down to Kim's chest. Kim leaned back until she was completely lying down.

Kerry: Are you comfortable?

Kim: (half whispering) Very much so.

Kerry: Good.

Her mouth found its way to Kim's chest as her tongue gently grazed the top of Kim's right nipple. Her right hand reached out to feel the hardness of the left one. She continued to alternate between left and right with kisses and caresses. Her soft, tiny hands gradually worked their way down to Kim's navel as her mouth followed shortly thereafter.

Kim: Kerry Weaver, you are quite the bold one this morning.

Kerry smiled at Kim seductively as she subtly began to kiss her inner thighs.

Kim: (grasping onto the head board; eyes closed in pure enjoyment) Oh, Kerry.

Then the unthinkable occurred: Kerry proceeded to make love to Kim with her tongue for the very first time. Kim did not expect that from Kerry because she had never done it before. Kim had let her know before that she didn't need to do anything new if she wasn't ready. That's one thing to be said about Kim's integrity: she never expected Kerry to do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable, nor did she try to push her into anything.

Kim: Kerry, if you're not ready for this, that's okay. Believe me.

Kerry: I've been ready! (she continued on with her new exploration)

Kim: Oooooh!

This turned Kim on immensely because it felt like they were doing something forbidden. Kerry's tongue continued its exploration until finally Kerry detected that the spot was found. And...sure enough, she was right! Kim always started to grasp onto Kerry's shoulders right before her release.

Suddenly, Kerry felt a jolt as she tasted an explosion of Kim's luscious juices...

She moved up to kiss Kim's lips. Kim pulled her in to give her an intense kiss of passion. She held Kerry in her arms.

Kim: Wow! (smiling at Kerry)

Kerry: (smiling back at Kim) Is there a problem, Dr. Legaspi?

Kim: You are just full of surprises, aren't you?

Kerry raised her eyebrow like Kim always does. The two doctors were lying peacefully in each other's arms until suddenly...a pager went off.

Kerry: Oh, crap!

Kim: That's a romantic sentiment!

Kerry: I'm still on call, so I need to see if that's the hospital. I'm so sorry, Kim.

Kim: Hey, I understand, remember? That's what we do. Want me to get up and check?

Kerry: Sure.

Kim grabbed her robe and headed for Kerry's pager on the kitchen counter. She quickly returned to the bedroom.

Kerry: Well?

Kim: It's County General.

Kerry: Of course. Mind if I use the phone?

Kim: Here, honey. (hands her the cordless)

Kerry: Yes, this is Dr. Weaver. Someone paged me.

She was very irritated by the interruption. Kim sat next to her and held her hand.

Kerry: (to Kim) I'm on hold. This had better be good! (she waited a little while longer until someone answered on the other end)

Malucci: Chief?

Kerry: Malucci, this better be important!

Malucci: Dr. Greene asked me to page you. He's in with a patient right now but told me that he needed to talk to you about something as soon as possible. He said it was urgent.

Kerry: Then have him call me back when he's finished!

Malucci: He said that he needs to see you and that you would know what it was regarding.

Kerry: Then tell him that he'll need to wait until I get there. He's there for a few more hours, correct?

Malucci: Uh, yeah.

Kerry: Alright, thanks, Dave.

Kim: So, what was all that about?

Kerry: (she picks up her t-shirt and puts it back on) Greene's ready to talk about Fossen.

Kim: Oh.

Kerry: Kim, I'm so sorry that they called and spoiled everything for us.

Kim: Nonsense! They didn't spoil anything. We're doctors. It's a hazard of the trade. Now, you go get ready and I'll cook up a quick breakfast for you, okay?

Kerry: Okay. And, Kim...thank you.

Kerry took a shower as Kim whipped up some bacon and eggs with their coffee. Kerry arrived in the kitchen wearing another one of Kim's blouses.

Kim: Wow, you look very sexy in that.

Kerry: I'm glad you like seeing me in your clothes.

Kim: It turns me on. Now, here, you sit down and eat. I'll go get ready quickly.

Kerry: I thought it was your day off.

Kim: It is, but I'm going to drive you.

Kerry: You really are wonderful in so many ways.

Kim took a quick shower and didn't even dry her hair this time.

Kerry: Kim, you're going to get sick if you go outside with wet hair. You know that.

Kim: But if I get sick, then I'll have a doctor available to take care of me.

Kerry: Go dry your hair.

Kim: You just want to watch again! It turns you on for some strange reason.

Kerry: (laughing) Go!

Kim finished getting ready and drove Kerry to the hospital. On the ride there, Kim decided that she would go in with Kerry to act as a mediator between her and Mark. Arriving at the desk, Kim and Kerry were greeted by Malucci.

Malucci: Hey, how's the happy couple today?

Kerry: Dave, page Dr. Greene.

Malucci: Sure thing, chief.

Mark arrived at the desk and was surprised to see Kim there.

Mark: Hi. I didn't know that Dr. Legaspi would be here too. In that case, then you probably already know everything anyway.

Kerry: Mark, Dr. Legaspi hasn't told me anything that the two of you have discussed. She told me that the discussion was strictly confidential.

Mark: Oh, well then I'm sorry, Kim.

Kim: No problem.

Kerry: Let's go to my office.

In Kerry's office, Mark started going over the entire Fossen case form the beginning.

Mark: After we discovered the bruises and Fossen argued with me over his son, I was pushed down. We refused to release Ben into his custody and security threw him out. The next day after the mass casualties from Fossen's little shooting spree, Fossen himself was brought in. He was in critical condition and we stabilized him before I was assigned to bring him up to the OR. In the elevator his pulse deteriorated rapidly. I reached out and grabbed the paddles, but was unable to revive him.

Kerry: Yes, I understand that, Mark. His condition was weak to begin with.

Mark: But, I was unable to revive him because I didn't want to revive him. I looked into that face and saw a look of pure evil. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. So, instead of shocking him with the paddles, I shocked the air.

Kerry: WHAT?

Mark: I shocked the air...and watched him die.

Kerry looked at Mark with an expression of pure confusion.

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