Evaluations, Discrimination and Cyber Crushes

by EM Fan


After Kim and Kerry's wonderful day off together, the next day was quite eventful. Kim started the day with Mark's psych evaluation and Kerry started with coffee from Kim, presented in a travel mug. Upon her arrival at the hospital, Kerry had a few minutes to settle in; for a change. The reception desk was a mess.

Kerry: Frank, what's this?

Frank: Those are Malucci's.

Kerry: Why are these here?

Frank: I'm not sure, Dr. Weaver.

Kerry: Well, here. Find a place for them or I'll throw them out.

Frank: Sure, no problem.

Kerry: I told Malucci time and time again to give up on this car thing. He will not be cluttering up this area with catalogs and brochures that have no business being here. Understood?

Frank: Uh, sure...I understand. But what are you telling me for? Why not tell Dr. Malucci when he comes in?

Kerry: You can relate a message, can't you? At least that's what we pay you for.(walks away)

Within minutes a few critical patients were brought in by paramedics. There was a fatal collision on the Dan Ryan (the expressway that cuts through downtown Chicago and through the South side). An SUV swerved directly into a Hyundai while misjudging a lane change. The Hyundai was totaled, leaving one person DOA and another with severe internal injuries. The rich, snobby Lincoln Parker (a well to do North sider with money in place of brains) who was the driver of the SUV developed a minor concussion. Immediately Kerry barked out orders as the ER became instantly swamped.

Meanwhile, Mark's psych evaluation with Kim had concluded. Elizabeth was waiting with the baby at the psych desk.

Kim: Hi, Dr. Corday.

Elizabeth: Hello, Dr. Legaspi. So, how did it go?

Kim: I'll need to analyze my notes a little more, but I think it went extremely well.

Elizabeth: (smiling at Mark) Thank God! Some good news for bloody sake! I don't know how much more of this nonsense we can take.

Mark: Well, I guess it's almost time for my appointment in neurology.

Kim: I think that everything will be fine, Mark. Just take it easy and stay away from any unnecessary stress.

Elizabeth: I'm glad to see that at least one person is in his corner. Heaven knows that Weaver's not!

Kim: Dr. Weaver is just concerned, that's all. She's simply doing her job.

Elizabeth: Well that's debatable.

Mark: Come on, Elizabeth. Let's go. I don't think you're talking to the right person as far as Weaver is concerned.

Elizabeth: Oh, that's right. My regrets, Dr. Legaspi!

The Greene family walked away. Kim nodded her head in astonishment and returned to her office. She closed the door and picked up the phone.

Randi: ER. May I help you?

Kim: Yes, is Dr. Weaver available?

Randi: Nope, sorry. She's in surgery right now. May I take a message?

Kim: No, that's alright. I'll see her in a few hours.

Randi: Oh, this must be Dr. Legaspi.

Kim: Yes.

Randi: I knew I recognized your voice. I'll tell her you called.

Kim: Ok, thanks.

She simply wanted to keep Kerry updated on Mark's situation before their meeting with Romano at 3:00. Kim continued working on her notes from Mark's evaluation. Suddenly her phone rang. She was hoping to hear Kerry's voice, but instead, she picked up the phone in anticipation only to hear from the hedon himself!

Kim: Dr. Legaspi.

Romano: Legaspi? It's Romano. You sound like you're in too good of a mood. Did you complete the evaluation for Mark Greene?

Kim: Yes, Dr. Romano. He's on his way up to neurology.

Romano: Well, good. Then you can drop off a copy of the evaluation ASAP.

Kim: Alright...I'll have it ready for you in about ten minutes.

Romano: The sooner the better. I don't like to be kept waiting!

Kim: Yes, I understand.

Romano: Great. Wonderful. Goodbye.

Kim hung up the phone while clenching her fist. Just then, the phone rang again.

Kim: Now what do you need, Dr. Romano?

Kerry: (seductively) I need you naked in bed with me stat!! Oh, and by the way, this isn't Dr. Romano.

Kim: Oh, sorry, Kerry. This morning is already a nightmare.

Kerry: Romano's giving you a hard time again?

Kim: Always!

Kerry: Well I will be taking care of that today. Listen, Kim, I'm taking a quick break after finishing up some surgery but I just called to give you a quick hello and to hear your voice.

Kim: That was very nice of you, honey. You always know how to make me smile.

Kerry: See you at 3.

Kim: Wouldn't want to be a minute late for fear of being barked at by Romano.

Kerry: He'll be backing off by the time I'm finished with him.

Kim: No, don't do be daft!

Kerry: Daft, huh? How very cute! Don't worry. I won't do anything drastic or anything. I'll see you later.

Kim: I'll be waiting.

3:00 pm- The Moment Of Truth- The conference room...

Romano: Lizzie, I'm sorry but you can't be here.

Elizabeth: But Mark is my husband and I have every right to be here, Robert!

Romano: You are here as his wife and not as a fellow physician who is associated with the subject matter of this meeting. Now, I'm going to have to request that you leave.

Anspaugh: I'm sorry, Dr. Corday. I'm afraid that he's right.

Elizabeth: Fine, but I will be directly outside the doors. (abruptly exits)

Romano: So, let's get started, shall we? It has come to my attention that Dr. Greene has passed both his neurological tests and his psych evaluation with flying colors. Where I disagree with his morals in the matter of his care for this patient, Dr. Greene may not have been able to revive Mr. Fossen regardless. The charts show that the vitals were extremely weak and the survival rate of the patient was bleak at that particular point.

Kerry: Bleak, Robert?

Romano: Yes, well...the chances of his survival were slim to none.

Kerry: But you're missing the entire issue at hand. What about his negligence in the care of this patient?

Romano: According to Dr. Legaspi's evaluation, it seems that Dr. Greene suffered from a momentary lapse of reasoning due to the traumatic stress he suffered while being associated with Mr. Fossen's violent demeanor. Also it interfered with the healing process from Dr. Greene's surgery. The neurological tests showed evidence of heavy scar tissue at the time. It's all pretty cut and dry as far as I'm concerned.

Kerry: I see. And the neurological tests simply showed scar tissue?

Romano: Take it away, Dr. Nicholas.

Dr. Nicholas: There is no evidence of any recurrence of the tumor, nor are there any neurological problems related to Dr. Greene's stress levels or decisions in this matter now that the scarring has decreased.

Romano: Thank you. Now are there any other concerns? Dr. Anspaugh?

Anspaugh: No, everything seems quite explanatory as far as I'm concerned.

Romano: Dr. Legaspi?

Kim: No, everything is there in writing.

Romano: Alright, then it's almost unanimous. Dr. Greene may return to work tomorrow for his regular shift. Meeting adjourned.

Kerry: Robert, I would like to have a few words with you in private.

Romano: Come on, Kerry. The decision's been made.

Kerry: It's not about this.

Romano: Alright, well I have about five minutes after we clear the room.

Everyone left the conference room with the exception of Kerry, Kim, and Dr. Romano.

Kerry: I'll meet you in a few minutes, Dr. Legaspi.

Kim: Kerry, you don't need to do this.

Kerry: Please, Kim, just leave everything to me. You trust me don't you?

Kim: I would trust you with my life. (she leaves the room)

Romano: (interjects) Oh, how sweet.

Kerry: This is exactly the reason I need to talk to you, Robert. You should be ashamed of your behavior toward Dr. Legaspi. She's an excellent doctor and deserves the same respect you give to me or any other colleague!

Romano: Kerry, I really don't have time for this.

Kerry: Why? Because you know that I'm right? I don't think she appreciates the condescending comments you have been throwing at her ever since her reinstatement.

Romano: She would never have been reinstated if it weren't for your stupid threats.

Kerry: Stupid threats, Robert?! It was blatant discrimination on your part, and it's against the law!

Romano: Kerry, I would never discriminate against an employee, and besides, you have pointed out to me that you're a lesbian. Have I ever done anything discriminatory toward you? Didn't think so!

Kerry: Robert, this has nothing to do with your treatment towards me; it has to do with how you treated Maggie Doyle in the past and how you're treating Dr. Legaspi currently.

As the conversation continues, Kim returns to the psych. ward.

Receptionist: Dr. Legaspi, there is a message for you. Your friend Ali called and said it was urgent.

Kim: Alright, thank you. (she closes her office door and picks up the phone)

Kim met her friend Ali last year in the UK during an international psych. convention. One night, she went out to a pub with a couple of her colleagues and that is where she met Ali. They were laughing at a girl who was hitting on every unavailable woman in the place and have been friends ever since.

Ali: Hello.

Kim: Hi, Ali, it's Kim. How's my favorite overseas friend?

Ali: Splendid, actually. Are you still at work?

Kim: Yes, but I'm calling from my cell phone. Last time I called you from the hospital phone, I was reprimanded by that jerk I told you about; Romano.

Ali: Oh, yes, I remember him. That's the homophobe who was trying to can you, wasn't it?

Kim: That's him, alright. So, what's new?

Ali: Well, I sort of met someone.

Kim: Really? Wow, what about Rebecca?

Ali: We...are still together.

Kim: Ali!

Ali: It's a...a cyber crush.

Kim: Oh my God, you're kidding.

Ali: No, quite serious, actually.

Kim: Well how can you fall for someone on a computer?

Ali: We have been on the website I told you about for quite sometime, in fact, and we have chatted for a couple of weeks while flirting back and forth; quite cheeky of me! Then it progressed to e-mail and we learned that we have so much in common! She is simply the nicest, most extraordinary woman.

Kim: How do you know she's for real? She could be a freak.

Ali: Her words are simply amazing! We have written, chatted, and spoken on the phone. She has this incredibly sexy voice.

Kim: And where is she from?

Ali: You'll never believe it if I tell you.

Kim: Try me!

Ali: Chicago, same as you.

Kim: Oh, for heaven's sake! What's her name?

Ali: Jane. She has a beautiful accent and she's a few years older than me. Feminine, green eyes, dark hair, and she's a writer.

Kim: Is she single?

Ali: No, taken, same as me.

Kim: Ali, you are bad!

Ali: I know. I guess I'm a babe magnet. She even sent me flowers.

Kim: Do you know how expensive it is to send flowers overseas?

Ali: Very, I would imagine. They were gorgeous. A dozen pink roses. It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me in my entire life!

Kim: Wow! So this girl is really taken by you.

Ali: I would say she is! She is interested in getting to know me better and told me that if I ever broke up with Rebecca, then she would be waiting in the wings.

Kim: What in the world do you do to these people?

Ali: I don't know. Just good, I guess. A tad cheeky I suppose! She says cheeky is good!

Kim: Apparently so! What are you going to do?

Ali: I don't know. She is having problems with her girlfriend. She told me that her girlfriend is very conflicted with her sexuality and they are going through some tough times. Rebecca and I are not exactly at our best either. But I love her and Jane loves Linda.

Kim: My advice to you is that you continue getting to know her better. She must really like you if she sent you roses. You'll need to e-mail me and tell me more about this girl.

Ali: I most certainly will, Kim. She has made my day every day this week and I can't seem to stop smiling! She makes me blush and she tells me that I'm beautiful.

Kim: How can she tell if you're beautiful if she can't see you?

Ali: She says that I'm a beautiful person both inside and out and that she is sure that I am gorgeous. I bet she's a babe!

Kim: You have to keep me updated, Ali. This is too good to be true!

Ali: I know! And although I'm feeling guilty at times, I like this! We both have been sneaking around like we've been doing something wrong.

Kim: Maybe it's a little sneaky, but that's okay. Hey, you never know what will happen. Everything happens for a reason, you know. At least that's my philosophy anyway.

Ali: Sounds like a good philosophy to me. Maybe I should relax and see where this goes. Well, I'd better go before my phone bill turns into the price of my paycheck.

Kim: Really! I know what you mean. Ok, Ali, you keep in touch.

Ali: I definitely will. And, Kim, thanks!

A few minutes later there was a knock on Kim's office door. It was Kerry. Kim smiled as Kerry closed the door and crutched over toward her.

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