Discovering Comfort Within Myself

by EM Fan


Although they had opposing views on Mark's confession, Kim and Kerry promised each other that their professional disagreements would never get in the way of their relationship. After Greene's confession, Kim and Kerry remained in Kerry's office for a few minutes longer. Kim sat on Kerry's desk directly in front of her. They began to lock lips as Kim started unbuttoning her blouse. They talked about getting themselves in trouble. Our story picks up here:

Kim: Good trouble, I hope.

Kerry: Isn't that the best kind?

Kim: Let's get out of here and continue this elsewhere. I wouldn't want to give Romano any ammunition.

Kerry: You're right.

They picked up their belongings and left. As Kerry locked her office door, the first person she ran into was Romano, of all people.

Romano: Hello, Dr. Weaver...Dr. Legaspi. Interesting running into the two of you simultaneously.

Kerry: And what the hell is that supposed to mean, Robert?

Romano: Oh, relax, Kerry. I simply meant that I find it interesting that you are both here when you both have the day off. Can't get enough of this place?

Kerry: Robert, that's not what you were getting at. Anyway, I am on call. But, since you brought it up, our reason for being here was to meet with Mark Greene. He called me down to reveal some information about a patient who was in his care. We may need to set up a disciplinary meeting.

Romano: Yes, I know all about it. As a matter of fact, I was wondering when you were going to find out.

Kerry: You knew about it? When did you find out?

Romano: Dr. Greene told me about it yesterday; a short while after he talked with Dr. Legaspi.

Kerry: I had no idea.

Kim: Neither did I.

Kerry: Well we will convene pending the results of neurological testing and a psychiatric exam.

Romano: And naturally, you'll be doing the psychiatric exam, Dr. Legaspi?

Kim: Yes, is there a problem with that?

Romano: No...that's fine. Gives you both a chance to work together, doesn't it?

Kim: That's not why I'm doing this and if you think...

Kerry: (interrupts) Come on, Kim. Let's go. It's not worth getting upset over. That's what he wants.

Romano: That's not true. I just call them like I see them. (looks at his watch) Well, I'm late for a luncheon. Thank you very much, ladies. By the way, your shirt appears to be unbuttoned a little too low for hospital policy, Dr. Legaspi. In the future, please abide by the rules.

Kerry: We'll discuss this tomorrow, Robert.

Romano: (walking away) Talk to my secretary. I don't know if I have any openings.

Kim: Of course not! Ooooh, he makes my blood boil!

Kerry: Let's go, and stop letting him get to you.

As they arrived at the car, Kim opened Kerry's door for her and helped her into the seat.

Kim: Would you like to grab some lunch?

Kerry: Sure. That would be our second meal of the day together. Some might consider that a date!

Kim: Are you making fun of me, Kerry?

Kerry: No, I would never do a thing like that.

Kim: That's very cute!

Kerry: I try. So, where am I taking you?

Kim: Well, would you like to go out or bring something back with us?

Kerry: Either is fine. Which would you prefer?

Kim: On one hand I'd like to have you all to myself, but on another hand, I'd like to show you off. Hmmm, let's see...we could go out for something light and then tonight I can cook you a nice quiet dinner at home.

Kerry: That sounds nice, Kim. Then let's just go across the street to Doc's and split a club sandwich.

Kim: Alright, then.

Kerry: We can leave the car and walk.

Kim: No, that's alright. I don't mind driving around to find closer parking.

Kerry: Kim, it's fine, really.

Kim: I don't want to stress out your leg.

Kerry: That's so sweet, dear, but I'm fine. Besides, I walk miles around the hospital all day.

Kim gave in and they wound up walking to Doc's, where they were seated at their favorite booth. A few minutes passed and the waitress took their order.

Waitress: You mean that you're not getting the usual today, Dr. Weaver?

Kerry: No, not today, Lynn. Thanks for asking, though.

Kim: Wow.

Kerry: What?

Kim: I'm so accustomed to seeing you in a routine, but lately I've seen quite a number of changes in you.

Kerry: Like what?

Kim: You are no longer afraid to stand up to Dr. Romano, you ordered something different for the first time since I've known you, you've been trying new things in all facets of our relationship lately, and in general you're bolder and more confident at work and around me...especially in the bedroom...

Kerry: I guess I haven't really noticed it, but now that you mention it, I do feel more at ease since I came out.

Kim: See? Aren't you glad you did?

Kerry: Yes, I can honestly say that I am.

Kim: And you were so relaxed this morning; not nervous at all about anything we did.

Kerry: I was nervous, actually. That was my first time doing that particular thing.

Kim: And what particular thing would that be?

Kerry: (blushing) Stop! You know.

Kim: And it was incredible.

Kerry: I was quite paranoid. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right.

Kim: I'd say you did something right!!

Kerry: So now that I've officially used my tongue for the first time, does that make me a full-fledged lesbian?

Kim: (laughing so hard that her pop went up her nose) No, silly! There are no titles like "full-fledged" or anything like that. Where did you hear that from?

Kerry: Well, when we were having problems, I started reading a couple of books about discovering your sexual identity as a lesbian. There are steps to self-discovery and self-acceptance, you know. Anyway...

Kim: (giggling) You mean to tell me that your books mentioned the tongue as one of the steps?

Kerry: No, no...I'm talking about the overall experience of self-acceptance and finding comfort within yourself.

Kim: I see...was this particular book written by a good shrink?

Kerry: Kim! (blushing)

Kim: You're so cute when you're insecure, Kerry. I like seeing a side of you that no one else gets to see.

Just then, the waitress brought their lunch which they shared along with their thoughts, several laughs, and occasional footsies under the table. Their relationship possessed the excitement of a new relationship all over again, but with more confidence.

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