by Doctor D

by Doctor D

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SPOILERS: This happens right after "Rampage" (S7E23). Hope you know it, `cause I didn't give background info in the story.

Kerry's hand rose to her mouth - the air still, behind her lips. Her mind tingled with thoughts incoherent. Not words, nor images. But sensations. And when the elevator began it's short journey to she knew not where, the air again began to flow. The sharp movement of the lift jarred her, and her body remembered again to breathe. She'd pressed the elevator button instinctively. And when the doors shut, her mind had turned too, giving way from the anger, to the words she had last spoken. Briefly, and then - what? The tingling. The lack of thought. Or too much.

As she ascended, Kerry looked at the button she had pressed to see where the elevator would take her. The solitary light gave the answer. "Oh." Her mind again drifted. And then the doors opened. A corridor, a turn, and a familiar doorway. She was on the other side, leaning against the cold metal, her back to the outside world, her hands on the knob behind her, before her world came into view. She was back in her cocoon, the womb of security. Safety. Safe.

Kerry lifted her chin as the sign on her desk `Dr. Kerry Weaver' came into focus. It rested on the desk, and guided her towards it, to the chair beyond, and to a sitting position.

She sat for long moments, just staring into the empty space in front of her. Her head rested on her right hand. And slowly she became aware. Aware of the sensation of skin against skin. Fingers against cheek. Stroking. The softness of it all. And thoughts of Kim. Kim's soft sweet skin. Her face, her arms. Her long capable fingers entangled in Kerry's own. The curve of her neck, the taste of her lips. The taste of her breath. Kim. Her soft fur-like hair. Her eyes, her soul. And soon Kerry's lips were back resting on her own fingers, remembering and reiterating soft kisses as tears slowly fell from her eyes. She thought of Kim, and didn't care. Not about her job, Romano, the six lives she had just saved. Not about her friends and colleagues. Only Kim. Only. Kim. ... Kim.

Kim took a final look around the bare office, feeling nothing but contempt. She picked up the last box - half full of her belongings - threw the key on the desk and left the room. It was still marked `Dr. Kimberly Legaspi'. `Ha', she grunted and continued on. Six steps away, she turned back, plucked the sign from the door and threw it in the box.

`To say goodbye, or not to say goodbye, that is the question.' She didn't want to see her, "Go back to your life Kerry". It had been said twice before. But Abby. She owed it to Abby to say goodbye. And so she went - a final journey to the ER.

The nurse stood by the admit desk, discussing a chart with Dr. Kovac. As Kim approached she caught her eye. A slight smile crept up Legaspi's face. Abby returned the sentiment. It was a sad moment made okay.

"So is that it then?" Abby gestured towards the box.


"You're leaving," offered Dr. Kovac. "I'm sorry to see you go."


"Look, I -" began both women simultaneously. And again a smile.

Kim was so glad Kerry wasn't there.

"I wanted to thank - " Abby began.

"Dr. Legaspi!" barked Romano. "Are you moving back in or are you moving out? In my office!"

"I don't work for you, Robert." Legaspi smiled.

"Well, I see you've not been upstairs yet. I assume Dr. Weaver's still here. Perhaps I should page her for you? No, I'm sure you have the number." Romano walked away.

Kim placed the box on the desk, stunned. She shook her head. Frustration, anger, confusion. "What?" Distress. A `what has she done now' look on her face.

"She loves you," spoke Luka quietly.


"She loves you."

"What makes you say that, Luka?"

"She told me."

It was all too much. Kim left the box on the desk and walked towards the elevator.

Kerry sat as before at her desk. The tears had dried and in their place a kind of giddiness by shock. The shock of the past eleven hours, the past six months, the past twenty minutes. Her revelation. Declaration. Ultimatum.

She played with the charts before her - writing her signature on the bottom of the many forms. These could be my last two charts at this hospital, she thought. And she started to laugh. What her world had come to. Suddenly, it all stuck her as so much more than funny. The good doctor's laughter could be heard outside the door as Kim approached. For a brief moment her heart warmed. The sound of Kerry's husky laugh. And then a pang of jealousy. `Kerry was sharing a laugh with whom?' She knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Kim entered.


She glanced about the room, surprised to see no one else there.

"You're alone. I thought I heard laughter."

"You did."

"Kerry, what have you done?"

"I don't know. But I can't stop laughing."


"Okay, that's not true. Let's see. I got married, got divorced, backstabbed a colleague, fell in love with a woman - the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, by the way, but still shocked the shit out of heterosexual me, ratted out another colleague, fucked over said beautiful woman, and basically ruined the most important relationship of my life. And that brings us up to this morning. Oh, and I've learned how to swear."

"Kerry." And she gave her that look. That look that said -

"No Kim." Kerry leapt from her chair. She'd had it. "I can't take any more of this. I can't take you walking out on me again. You're going to hear this. It's not sentiment. What I wrote in that letter. It's not."


Kim had read those words, `I love you' in the letter, but somehow didn't believe they were true.

"I don't care about Lori. I don't care about Christy or Romano, or anyone. It's you. I care about you." She started to cry. "I know there is nothing I can do to ever change what I did. I know that. But I. I don't even know how to try. You're right. I wanted you long before you kissed me in the lounge. The moment I saw you. You light up the room. Every psych consult I'd hoped it was you."

They stood so close to each other now. With every word Kerry seemed to approach Kim, unconsciously trying to convey her every need and want.


"No." And suddenly Kerry was right before her love, kissing her.

Kerry grabbed Kim's arm, holding her still, not wanted to let her walk out the door. And she was so afraid she would. She kissed her. Not hard, but definite. And Kim couldn't help but respond. She'd wanted to walk out the door, but instead found her hands placed on either side of Kerry's face. She was holding her, kissing her. The need between them so strong. After so many months and evasions, Kim's own fears slipped out of her body. She was coming home.

"I've missed you," she whispered unintentionally between kisses.

And again Kerry broke into sobs.

"I'm so sorry."

"Oh god, me too."

Their arms struggled to eliminate every inch of space between the two women. Their lips fought for each others lips. The tongues groped inside each others mouths. Their want was so intense. Their legs dove into each other. And then Kerry lost her balance and fell against the door, causing the blinds to crunch against the pain of glass.

"Oh god Kerry, are you okay?"

"Don't stop. Don't ever stop."

"We have to."

"Why?" panicked Kerry.

But Kim pulled back, only slightly. "We're in your office."

"I know. Don't stop." Kerry continued with her kisses.

"What if they call you?"

"They won't. I've been off for hours."

"What are you still doing here?" she laughed.

"Making love with the woman of my dreams."

Kim closed the latch behind Kerry's back, locking the door. They groped for each other again, trying to satiate a need that could do nothing but overpower them. She pulled Kerry to the desk, flinging her body on top of it. She sat the good doctor on the desk top, yanked the lab coat down around her arms, essentially pinning Kerry's arms behind her. Kim bit all along her love's neck, sliding her tongue and lips towards the nape. Kerry groaned. Kim held her lovers arms behind her back with one hand. The other she brought to the front and began to undue Kerry's buttons. For a moment they looked at each other, Kim silently asking permission to proceed. In answer, Kerry threw her head to Kim's lips, sucking and kissing voraciously. She was so wet.

The buttons undone, Kim lowered her mouth to Kerry's beautiful breasts. One and the other, sucking kissing licking. She wanted it all. "Oh god, I've missed you so." She let go of Kerry's arms allowing them freedom.

"I love you so much Kim." Kerry threw off her lab coat, flinging it to the floor. She grabbed at Kim's head, caressing the hair that she had dreamed about not an hour ago. And then her hands were on Kim's clothes. "I need these off," she spoke to her lover. Breathlessly, Kim removed her mouth from Kerry's breasts, only long enough to pull her shirt up and over her head to expose her bra. It was all lace, and all Kim. Kerry sucked back a breath of desire. "Oh god, you're so beautiful."

Kim started to go back to the place her lips had just left. "No wait. Let me just look at you for a moment," Kerry yearned. She stared into the eyes of the taller woman, hopelessly in love and oh so happy. And then Kerry took over. She kissed her cheek so gently, then her lips, her chin, her neck. And lower. Through the black lace bra, she kissed her nipples, soaking them. And lower. Her stomach. And lower. Kerry began to undo her lovers pants. And lower. She slid the slacks down, and kissed her thighs. And further. Her legs. And further, until Kerry was on the ground, on her knees before the most beautiful woman she had aver seen. She looked up and kissed the black lace panties. She could smell her lovers want. She released the black lace from where it held. She released her desire upon Kim's cunt. She licked. Pulled her legs further apart. Licked and bit, and kissed. Kim stood, her arms braced against the desk as Kerry sucked her flesh and lust inside of her. Kerry was so hungry. She needed more. She guided Kim's feet out of her pants, so that she stood full out before her. Kerry flung the slacks to the far off reaches of the office. She could stand no encumbrances. She dug her tongue as far as possible into Kim. Sucked and pulled. Suddenly she released her tongue and replaced it with her hand. Kim was so wet and wide. She began to groan. It was familiar but not. Kerry had never had, nor wanted, Kim as she did now. Kim grasped and pulled at Kerry's hair as her tension mounted. She tried to stifle her moans but couldn't. And finally ... oh god ... Kerry ... oh god ... oh god ... and with a final shutter upon Kerry's face, the need of the past many months was fulfilled. Kim's legs gave way, and she slowly slid down to join Kerry on the floor.

Eye to eye, Kerry kissed her lover, the taste of Kim still on her lips. And they shared her lust.

"I love you so much," Kerry whispered.

"Oh god, me too."

Kim guided Kerry to a full on floor position. They kissed and hugged, and started again.

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