Crawling Distraction and Everything After 3

by Ki Finn

Author: Ki Finn
Title: Crawling Distraction and Everything After 3/3 Rating: NC-17
Pairing: See part 1 or 2
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Disclaimer: ER and its characters are the property Constant C Productions, Amblin Entertainment, and Warner Brothers Television et al. This story is not for profit. It is for entertainment purposes only. And heavens let it entertain someone. Notes: If BDSM offends or outrages you stop reading now. I mean it. However, the whole story follows the credo of "safe, sane, and consentual." And any spelling and/or grammatical errors are the product of tiny electronic gremlins. Really, they are ... Dedication: Cheerfully dedicated to Norma from the DrKerryandDrSusanofER list, whose interest actually got me to finish the piece. Thanks to you Norma.

Abby wrapped the collar around Susan's throat, carefully centering the D-ring in the middle of her neck. Susan twisted her neck and shoulders, knowing the collar was neither too tight nor too loose. Abby moved away and perched on the arm of the sofa. She lit a cigarette and inhaled, watching as Susan tried to stand casually in the centre of the floor. There was no conversation, no outpouring of feeling neither was sure she felt, no protests of friendship or fidelity. There was only clarity, the certainty of right action, of needs being met, drives sated. Abby pulled on her cigarette again and spoke one word. "Strip."

She watched greedily as Susan loosened the tie holding up her shirt and then pulled it from her jeans. She didn't hesitate as she pulled it away from her body and dropped it to the floor. Abby noted the slight movement of Susan's breasts as she unbuttoned her jeans and started to pull them from her hips. Even from a distance and in the easy light of her living room Abby could see the sheen of sweat on Susan's skin. Susan pulled her jeans to her thighs and realised she was still in her boots and bent down to untie them. She kicked one, then the other off and the second flew across the room and hit the wall. "Sorry," Susan muttered.

Abby rose and stood in front of her, and Susan saw the smile ease across her lips. "It's okay, I like slapstick," she said, pulling Susan's jeans and pants down, then providing a steadying hand as Susan stepped out of them. Her hands rested on Susan's hips and she stood and pulled their bodies together. "Funny has a place," she said as her hand slid from hip to pubic hair, slightly tugging. Susan luxuriated in the sensation of vinyl on her skin and made no sound, merely bucked her hips against Abby's. Abby slid her hand over the lips of Susan's cunt and smiled when she confirmed her suspicion of how wet Susan was. "Of course, this is pretty serious too. You are seriously wet, Susan." She whispered this last into her ear as she traced the terrain of it with her tongue, all the while rubbing her fingers over Susan's outer lips. Susan tried to remain calm but she felt herself starting to shake with desire. "Please Abby."

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me."

Abby chuckled and pulled herself away from her, only far enough to unzip enough to allow Susan a first look at her breasts. "Would you like to touch them, Susan?"

"Yes, Abby."

"Would you like to kiss them, lick them?" she asked, cupping her breasts, offering them to Susan.

"Yes, Abby, very much."

"Then you should."

Susan took the one step between them and brought her hands to Abby's breasts. She brought down her lips, laying a kiss on one and then the other. She took each dark nipple in turn, rolling it over her tongue, sucking slightly at first and then harder. Abby gripped Susan's shoulders, her head back, reveling in the sensations sent by Susan's tongue and teeth. "That's enough," she muttered. Susan continued until she felt a hard sting on her ass and heard the crack of Abby's strike.

"I said that's enough," Abby said, grabbing a handful of Susan's hair, pulling her head up until they made eye contact. "When I say that's enough, you stop, do you understand?"

"Yes, Abby, I'm sorry."

"But you were doing a very good job. Were you enjoying yourself?"

"Yes, Abby," Susan whispered.

"Good, I think you'll enjoy this too," Abby said. She let go of Susan's hair and traced her hand down Susan's cheek. She then took her arm and led her into the bedroom. Susan was split -- half-hoping Abby's teasing was about to end yet wanting more than a light slap and tickle. Abby turned her toward the wall and lifted her hands above her head. Susan felt each leather restraint wrap around each wrist in turn, then they were hooked to the wall. Abby drew her hands down Susan's arms, to her shoulders and laid a soft kiss between her shoulder blades. She kissed her way down her spine to her waist and brought her hands up Susan's legs, easing them farther apart. Abby stood and Susan heard her step away and the sound of a drawer opening.

"Do you remember your safe word Susan?"

"Yes, Abby."

"Do you want to keep going?"

"Yes, Abby."

The first blow was light, and hit at the juncture of ass and thigh. The second was higher and harder and after that Susan quickly lost count, caught in the sound of the lash on her skin, her own breathing until there was only sound. Abby was careful with the blows, watched the colour brighten in Susan's skin, noted her tensing slightly before the fall of each blow and then relax.

There was a sound of movement behind her and Susan felt the tendrils of the flogger strike across her shoulders. She was surprised to feel a new heat on her body. Slipping again into sound and sensation, Susan tugged on the her restraints.

"No need to tug on those, you know." And the flogger struck again, across her ass.

"I'm sorry."

She heard something something fall to the floor, then felt hands on her shoulders; they rested there for a moment and she felt the press of another body into her back. The hands slid from her shoulders to her breasts. Strong fingers found her nipples and pinched them hard.

"Still enjoying yourself?"

"Yes, Abby."

Leaving the restraints on her wrists but detaching them from the wall, Abby turned Susan around and wrapped her arms around her, careful to lay her arms between the rising welts on Susan's shoulders and ass. She kissed her easily at first and then more strongly. Her lips still on Susan's, Abby walked backward toward the bed; Susan matched her steps. She fell back onto the bed and drew Susan on top of her. She busied herself with Susan's breasts, first taking each in hand as she broke from their kisses.

"You did very well, I'm pleased."

Susan rested her hands on her shoulders and then dared to slide them down Abby's body to her breasts. Abby smiled. She took her nipple in her mouth and bit until Susan gasped. Susan grinned as Abby lay back and then she bent over and kissed Abby's sternum, then her breasts. She worked her way to her navel and started to unzip the rest of Abby's suit. Susan saw she wore nothing underneath and traced the outer lips and quickly slipped two fingers inside her. Abby bucked against the fingers, lifting her hips off the bed. Susan was more than willing to indulge and her boldness left Abby speechless. She eased herself down the bed and planted her mouth at the top of Abby's cunt. "After all, I should say say thank-you, shouldn't I Abby?"

Abby simply grunted as Susan lapped at her clit for the first time. Susan assumed this was a yes. She caught the rhythm of Abby's hips with her right hand, and the thrust of her fingers brought a groan from Abby's throat. The sound sharpened when she added a third finger and drew deeper on her clit. Susan grinned at the sight of Abby as she writhed, and knew by the contractions of muscle she felt on her fingers that Abby's orgasm was close. Susan stopped moving completely. Shocked, Abby opened her eyes to see Susan grinning at her from between her thighs.

"Did you want me to keep going, Abby?"

"I didn't tell you to stop."

"No, you didn't, Abby."

"So until I do, keep going."

Susan laughed as she grabbed Abby's legs, pulling them apart and lifting them onto her shoulders. She pushed her fingers back inside and found that Abby was wetter still. She made long, slow strokes over Abby's clit and just as Susan fought her own orgasm, Abby came, grinding her cunt into Susan's mouth. Susan sucked and licked until Abby quieted. She brought her hand to rest on the top of Susan's head, and pushed her hair off of her forehead. Neither spoke nor moved for several minutes until Abby grabbed a handful of Susan's hair and pulled her sharply away from her.

"Topping from below Susan?"

"I was only saying thank-you, Abby." Susan swallowed hard, trying to keep eye contact but struggling with the angle of her neck. Abby sat up, not releasing her grip. She grabbed Susan's nipple with her free hand until she gasped, and then kept the pressure at that point as she spoke. "When I want you to do something Susan, I'll tell you. Do you understand me?" Susan could only nod her response, fighting the pain in her nipple that headed directly for her clit. Abby released her holds and Susan struggled to stay in the same position. Abby slid out from underneath her and rose off the bed. Susan shut her eyes and dropped her head onto the bed; she was afraid she had shattered the scene, and that Abby would simply tell her to dress and leave. She felt Abby get of the bed and walk away. She braced herself for what Abby was about to say.

Abby stood at the end of the bed and looked at Susan: her ass and back still red, a few welts on her skin, her legs sprawled over he edge of the bed. She stepped closer until her legs were between Susan's thighs. She bent over and pushed Susan's legs further apart roughly until she could see the sheen of wetness on her thighs. Susan edged her way further down the bed to bring her legs in closer contact with Abby's. Abby brought both her hands to rest on the back of each of her legs and trailed them up towards her cunt, then over her ass. Susan groaned at the touch, then groaned louder still as Abby brought her hand down hard on her ass.

"What do you think is an appropriate number for a submissive who has taken too much initiative, Susan?" she asked as she brought down her hand in another slap, on the other cheek of Susan's ass. Susan mumbled something into the bed and Abby slapped her again, in the same place as before, intensifying the pain. "I didn't hear you, Susan. Speak up." Susan lifted her head off the bed and tried to speak but another hit intervened. She tried again. "Whatever you think is best, Abby."

Abby laughed as she struck Susan again. "That's the right answer Susan. Glad you figured it out. Now do you think you can hold up for ten more, to please me Susan?"

"Yes, Abby, to please you."

The words ran like an electric charge down Abby's spine. She took a step back from the bed to gain a better advantage and delivered the first blow. Susan hissed out her breath. Abby alternated her blows over the whole of Susan's ass as Susan ground her hips into the bed, gasping, trying not to shout. When the tenth blow fell, Abby dropped to her knees and ran a series of kisses over her cheeks. Still kissing, she brought her hand to Susan's cunt and easily slid two then three fingers inside her. Susan bucked against the fingers so suddenly inside her. Abby fell into a steady rhythm, working her thrusts against Susan's. "You see Susan, when you're a good girl, you get a reward."

Susan understood. The tension in her body was centered around Abby's fingers and she knew that she would do almost anything to please Abby at the moment, simply to release the orgasm that had been growing in her since the bathroom at the bar. She pushed herself harder against Abby until she responded and added another finger.

"You're going to be a good girl and ask before you come, aren't you, Susan?"

"Yes, Abby."

"Good," Abby replied and brought her other hand to Susan's clit. She lightly circled it with her hand and then Susan felt Abby's tongue slide down from her fingers to her clit. She sucked on it lightly and then started quick licks on each side. She brought her lips over her teeth and bit lightly and that sensation alone almost brought Susan over the edge. Abby continued to lick and thrust and Susan's whole body began to shake.

"Please, Abby, may I come now?"

"Yes, Susan."

Abby eased herself out and away from Susan's body once her orgasm slowed. She climbed back onto the bed and gathered Susan into her arms, kissing her intensely.

Susan clung to Abby like a limpet, wrapped her arms around Abby's waist and held her like something lost only just found. Abby laid back on the bed and Susan rested on her chest, bringing her hand up to cup one of Abby's breasts. They rested, sated.

Abby brought the duvet up to cover them.

"So should I say something smart to break the mood, Abby?" Susan asked.

"I don't think so. You're staying for the night?"

Susan nodded. Abby kissed her forehead.

"Should I ask the obligatory questions?"

"Like what?" Abby asked, brushing a stray hair from Susan's forehead.

"What about work, what about tomorrow morning?"

Abby shrugged. "Tomorrow morning we get breakfast and go to work. Beyond that, it's up to us." She kissed Susan again, then turned off the light.

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