Brief Hiatus, A

by EM Fan

by EM Fan

Dear Fellow K/K fans. I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to complete this installment. I have been having some computer issues at home. In any case, I'm back!!! Please enjoy!

The meeting with Mark had concluded, Kim talked to her friend Ali about Ali's cyber crush, and Kerry discussed her concerns with Romano regarding his treatment of Kim. All in all it was an eventful day at County General. Kim received a knock on her office door and it was Kerry. She walked in, closed the door, and crutched toward Kim.

Kim: Hi, beautiful.

Kerry: What a pompous ass!

Kim: (smiling) Who, me?

Kerry: No, silly. Romano! Next time I talk to him, I am bringing a tape recorder!

She has a seat in front of Kim and sighs in aggravation.

Kim: Kerry, what in the world did he say?

Kerry: I confronted him because he let Mark off the hook so easily, but with you he looked for every excuse possible to fire you. So hypocritical! He kept blaming it all on the scar tissue, yet as far as you were concerned he stated that he would never have reinstated you if it weren't for my stupid threats.

Kim: Stupid threats?

Kerry: Yes, he called them stupid threats. I let him know that I have called his bluff and that this is blatant discrimination.

Kim: And what did he say?

Kerry: He denied the entire thing of course! He told me that since I admitted that I was a lesbian, he has continued to treat me with respect as a colleague and has never shown any signs of discrimination toward me. However, I know for a fact that he let Maggie Doyle go for the exact same reason he tried to get rid of you.

Kim: Can you prove anything though?

Kerry; No, that's the entire problem! If I can just prove that he has been discriminatory, then I can fight to have him terminated. Kim, I don't like the way he has been treating you. There is no just cause for his behavior. It's unlawful, immoral, and immature!

Kim: Wow! This must have been some conversation because you are just so feisty right now, Kerry. But then again, feisty is good!

Kerry: This turns you on?

Kim: Of course it does. I'm not worried about Romano. I can handle him just fine. But picturing you telling him off; putting him in his that turns me on!

Kerry: Hmmm, interesting.

Kim: Yes, I know.

Kerry: But, Kim, he shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. If he keeps treating you in this fashion then he'll simply continue doing it; and if not to you, then to the next gay person who comes around.

Kim: Then that would be you.

Kerry: No, he already knows that it won't fly with me! Hopefully what I said today will keep him off your back for awhile.

Kim: Well, thank you, Kerry. Thank you for standing up for me again. It means more to me than you'll ever know.

Kerry: Kim, honey, I won't let him get away with this. I just can't do it. You don't deserve it and it makes me lose all respect for him. No one messes with the woman I love!

Kim picked herself up, walked over to Kerry, threw her arms around her, and gave her an incredibly long passionate kiss.

Kim: (looking intently into Kerry's eyes) I love you, Kerry Weaver!

Kerry: (holding Kim in her arms) And I love you too, Kim. I will never let anyone hurt you!

Kim: What time do you finish today?

Kerry: 6:00.

Kim: How about if I meet you downstairs at 6, take you to dinner, and then take you home?

Kerry: Take me home? Sounds good to me!

Kim: Yes, I will take you home, throw you up against the wall, and kiss you so passionately that you'll wonder why you ever left the house this morning!

Kerry: Oh my God, Kim! I think I'd better get back to my shift now before we both get into some serious trouble.

Kim: Yes, I think that would be a very good idea!

Kerry: Alright, then I'll see you later...and by the way, don't make any plans for this weekend.

Kim: Kerry Weaver, are you up to something?

Kerry: Maybe, but you'll just have to wait and find out. (smiles mischievously and leaves)

6:00 couldn't arrive soon enough. Kim lost a patient to Dr. DeRaad due to the word around the psych ward concerning her sexuality. This was just one more obstacle falling directly in front of Kim's face. Perhaps there was more discrimination around than she had even realized. She felt extremely hurt and betrayed by this patient because Kim had been working with her since the start of her position at County. The entire day was completely merciless. An exhausted Kim appeared at the ER desk right around 6:00 pm.

Malucci: (smiling at Kim) Well, hello, Dr. Legaspi. How are you this evening?

Kim: Great now that I see you, Dave.

Malucci: Oh, don't do that to me , Doc!

Kim: (raising an eyebrow) So, let me guess...she's in surgery?

Malucci: I think she's just wrapping it up with a patient who is on his way up to the OR.

Kim: Dave, could you please tell her that I'll be waiting in the lounge?

Malucci: Well, of course I could do that for you.

Kim: Thanks!

Kim enters the lounge and plops into one of the big cushy chairs. She is completely ready to drop from her tiresome day. The only other person in the lounge is Luka.

Luka: Hello, Kim.

Kim: Oh, hi, Luka. Sorry, I didn't even see you.

Luka: Oh, well that's understandable. I've had some long shifts myself lately. By the way, I just started a fresh pot of coffee. Would you care for some?

Kim: Well, sure, that would be wonderful. Thanks, Luka.

Luka: (pouring coffee) So I trust that everything has been going well with you and Dr. Weaver.

Kim: Absolutely perfect!

Luka: I am so glad that everything has worked out for the two of you. I was very concerned for her.

Kim: Thanks, Luka. How's everything with you and Abby?

Luka: Well, that's a different story altogether. I'd rather not talk about it right now.

Kim: Well, if you ever need a friend, you know who to turn to.

(Kerry enters the room)

Luka: I appreciate that, Kim. Really, I do.

Kerry: (smiling with a glow in her eyes) Hi!

Kim: Hi, there. (taking a sip of her coffee)

Kerry: You look awfully beat.

Kim: I'm completely exhausted.

Kerry: (walking toward the lockers and removing her white lab coat) Well then we'd better go and get you to bed right away!

Luka: Ahem!

Kerry: (blushing) Oh, hi, Luka. Didn't see you there.

Luka: Yes, well there seems to be a lot of that going around lately.

Kerry: No, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to be rude.

Luka: You weren't rude, honestly. Now, go on, I won't keep you.

Kim: Ready?

Kerry: Yes, let's go before we both drop.

Luka: Have a good night, you two.

Kim: Thanks, Luka.

Kerry: Goodnight, Luka.

Kim and Kerry left the lounge and were on their way out when suddenly a familiar voice beckoned.

Romano: Ladies, how wonderful to run into you. And together again? How splendid!

Kerry: Goodnight, Robert! (briskly walking toward the doors)

Kim: (walking with Kerry to the car) Unbelievable! Doesn't miss a punch, does he?

Kerry: Never. That's why I have just learned to ignore him. Get used to it, my dear. It's all he knows how to do.

Kim: Too bad we can't prove discrimination so that we can get him fired.

Kerry: Let's not worry too much about that now, Kim. I want to concentrate on us for the rest of the night.

Kim: (unlocking the car doors) Good, because I'm taking you to dinner at one of your favorite places.

Kerry: And which favorite place would that be?

Kim: Just somewhere cozy.

Kerry: Cozy is nice.

Kim: Well it's a good place to seek refuge from the regular hospital crowd.

Kerry: Sounds good to me, Kim. It will be the perfect opportunity to discuss our weekend plans.

Kim: A little surprise weekend, huh?

Kerry: Just a brief hiatus from everything.

Kim: I love the sound of that! Where to?

Kerry: Sorry, you'll just have to wait and find out.

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