Bound III

by Loopyallie

"Bound III"

Summary: Third in the "Bound" Trilogy. Abby and Susan try and make amends to their friendship after their tensions ran high from the aftermath of their abduction. Featuring Kerry & Neela. WARNING: Rated NC-17 SMUT ALERT [F/F Explicit Sexual Content]

Sometimes we have to save the best 'til last...

  1. Stuck

"Why do you take a shower to warm yourself up?" says Abby offering her friend, her hospitality "I'll put your clothes on the radiators"

"Thank you, I will take that offer" Susan replied, standing in her clothes, soaked to the skin.

"I'll find you some fresh clothes for you to borrow"

Abby walks to her bedroom and Susan follows her. The brunette opens her drawers and fished out a t-shirt and pair of jog pants. She walks up to Susan and put the pants against her to see if they are long enough considering Abby is nearly 4 inches shorter. They were too long for her anyway; the length is perfect for Susan, she kept them in case a visitor in need changing of clothes. Susan cringed and moaned when she tries to take off her blouse. The wet fabric clung against her skin, which made it difficult for her to remove. The blonde fumbled undoing the buttons on her blouse, one by one. Abby leaves to bedroom to get some clean towels from her airing cupboard. She come back and notices Susan's arms are stuck in her sleeves, the wetness made it hard for them to slip off.

"Stuck!" Susan groaned and pulls out her bottom lip.

"Do you need a hand with that?" Abby asked chuckling at her friends struggle.

Susan nods gritting her teeth trying to free herself. Abby grabs hold of both sleeves and tries to pull them off. They both tug with difficulty until Susan moaned at the friction burn from the pulling fabric.

"Ouch! Be gentle!" The blonde winced rubbing her arms and then puts on a dreaded look. "Oh god, I've got the pants to take off next!"

Abby pauses to look at them "I'm sure you can manage them on your own"

"It would be quicker if you could help whip them off"

The brunette pauses and raised her brows at what her friend had said

"You want me to whip them off?" She said in a low tone "That means you want me to physically rip them off?"

"God no! These slacks are not cheap" Susan answered abruptly. She unbuttons her pants and tries to pull them down. They were stuck to her skin too. Susan then lays back down on to the bed and wave her hand at Abby, pointing to her ankles. Abby shrugs her shoulders then stands on the end of her bed and grips the bottom of the pants and gives them a big pull.

"Aah!" Susan groans out loud, the wet friction from the pants burned down her legs. She lies on the bed for a minute to recover from her ordeal. She gets up only wearing just a bra and undies.

"Oh don't tell me you need a hand with the bra too?" Abby asked looking serious. Trying to forget the image of Susan's naked body she saw the night before.

"No I don't, thank you!" Susan snapped, again the reminder was in her thoughts too. She shakes her head trying to forget what they did together out of her mind. In fact the pair of them have been wanting to talk it out but too scared in case one or the other will get upset again and get defensive about it.

"Thank god for that!"

2. Dozing

Abby and Susan fell a sleep on the couch, they were watching television but the tiredness from the previous night has caught up on them. Abby is laid across with Susan who is, accidentally, in her sleep, resting between the legs with her head on Abby's tummy.

The intercom buzzer wakes Abby up, she looks down to see Susan resting between her. She strokes her head to wake her up.

"Susan wake up, someone's at the door" Abby tries to slip away from under her friend, trying to get to the intercom. She presses the reply button "Hello?"

"Hi Abby, It's Neela"

"Come in" Abby presses the open button for the door in the main lobby of the building. She then opens her door slightly ajar. Abby walks to the kitchen to prepare the coffee.

"Hi there, I was dropping by to see if you were ok?" says Neela walking in to the apartment, shutting the door behind. "I see you and Susan had a bit of a fight at work that Weaver sent you both home to cool off"

Abby looks at Neela signalling her eyes to the other end of the room. Neela frowns at her wondering what she was playing at, so she turns round and sees Susan standing the window.

"Oh hi Susan, I didn't know you were here"

"Hi Neela" Susan greeted back checking her clothes on the radiator, if they are dried.

"I see you guys made up then?"

Abby and Susan ignored Neela's question.

"Do you want some coffee?" Abby asked holding up a mug.

"No I better not, I need to get going, I need to get ready cos I have a date tonight" says Neela doing up her coat.

"A date?" Abby chirped in surprise "Wow! Who with?"

"A guy I met last night" She smiled letting out a sigh

"You have fun" Abby smiles, has a flashback from the night before, she blinks hard to clear her head. She gives Susan, her mug of coffee.

"Don't do I wouldn't do" Susan grinned, taking a sip of her drink.

"Or in my saying don't do what I WOULD DO!" Abby lets out a wicked laugh.

"Ok" Neela pursing her lips "See you guys, bye" Neela leaves the apartment.

"Hey Susan do you want to get a movie and get a Chinese take out?" Abby asked "That's if you're not doing anything this evening"

"Yes I'd like that" The blonde nods "maybe we can try and talk later?"

Susan is trying to break the ice, about bringing up the taboo subject that has been eating inside them.

3. Video Store

Abby and Susan are browsing in the Video store. The place is busy with customers, renting movies for their Friday night in. Abby is looking at the comedy section. She picks up a DVD and looks at the back of it, then puts it back on the shelf. Her eyes raced around to find Susan and she spots a familiar red head, Kerry Weaver.

"Oh no" She muttered under her breath

"Oh no what?" says Susan coming up from behind.


"Where?" The blonde looks around frantically and spots her "Oh there"

"Lets pretend we haven't seen her" Abby picks up a DVD and thrusts it in her friend's face.

"What a pleasant surprise seeing that you two have kissed and made up" Says Kerry walking up to them. "I guess the sleeping off done you both good?"

"Oh hi Ker... Dr Weaver" says Abby and Susan at the same time, they are forcing a smile.

"So what are you guys doing here?"

"Well..." Abby replied trying not to be sarcastic 'Are you stupid? This is a video store!' and politely said, "We're looking for a movie to watch"

A tall short haired female comes up from behind Kerry and puts her arm round her waist. Kerry smiles at her and she leans over to kiss her. It wasn't just a kiss; they went in to a deep passionate one that lasted about a minute.

"Get room," Abby muttered, Susan overheard her, and she snorts and nudges her. Then Susan coughs and it distracted the two lesbians from pashing in the middle of the video store.

"Oh sorry" Kerry smiled looking flushed "This is my girlfriend Yvette" then she introduced her to them "These are my work colleagues Abby and Susan"

"Hi" They both said at the same time.

"Well we'll better get off now" Kerry waving her DVD "bye"


Abby turns to Susan "I didn't know Kerry had a new girlfriend"

"Neither did I, anyway are we going pick one?"

Kerry's girlfriend voice can be heard, she is quite loudly spoken and the two overhears their conversation.

'Kerry, they're gorgeous, how do you work with them without getting distracted by their beauty?'

'I just get on with my job sweetie'

'Are they together?'

'No they're not, they are just friends'

Abby and Susan are lounging on the couch eating popcorn, watching a chick flick.

"They are well suited" Abby commented at the couple on the movie "They have that chemistry not to forget that he's gorgeous and she's beautiful"

"Yes she's beautiful... like you" Susan blurted out popping popcorn into her mouth staring at the screen avoiding eye contact. Abby jumped to sit up straight, feeling shocked at what her had friend has said. 'No she didn't intentionally say that' the brunette thought she would test her reaction if she said the same.

"Yes she's beautiful like you..." Abby said subtly. Susan took her eyes off the screen to think what Abby just said. She swings her head in Abby's direction and made eye contact.

"You really mean that?" She asked taking a sip of her drink trying to wash down the dryness of the popcorn.

"You really mean that?" Abby mimics her.

Susan drops her shoulders feeling annoyed at her friend childish behaviour. "I really meant what I said..."

"I erm never imagine that you were..."

"I'm not" The blonde interrupted "I've never looked at woman nor ever taken interest, I've always been very fond of you but I'm not that way inclined but what we did last night, well what can I say..."

"Go on..." Abby putting her hand in front of her mouth trying not to laugh, waiting for Susan finish her statement.

"I found the connection with my inner self when I was with you, I can't stop thinking about you, what you did is reached the parts where a man never could ever do"

"Hmm I've been thinking the same too" The brunette takes a hard swallow "What you did was mind blowing, but then again I couldn't look at another woman"

"You can only look at me?" Susan looks at Abby nodding "Likewise"

"I still love having a big hard cock ramming into me!" Abby shouted crudely.

"Me too!" Susan snorts

"I guess that cleared the air between us then?"

"Yes, ok" She then bites her bottom lip thinking whether she could resist asking Abby "Shall we do it again, one last time?"

"Phffttt!" Abby looks at Susan funny and gets up to the DVD player and bends over to get the disc out. Susan leans forward to grab her hips and pulls her back.

"Oh" Abby yelped in surprised being forced back on to Susan's lap who pulling away her strands of her silky dark hair for her to caress the soft skin of her neck and gently suck her earlobe. Abby's back arched letting out a moan when the blonde is massaging one of her breast and the other hand rubbing between her legs, trying to stimulate her womanhood.

4. Intimacy

Susan is laid on top of Abby in bed; her hips are moulded between her legs. Abby is gently stroking her fingertips up and down her back. Susan's hand is holding Abby's thigh. Their lips are brushing against each other softly. Abby takes a nip of her bottom lip to nibble it with tease. They run their fingers through each other's hair and pull themselves closer, parting their lips to explore their tongues in each other mouths so they can deepen their kiss.

They roll over, Abby's turn to be on top. They both probe the tip of their tongues, touching each other playfully like a little chase without their lips actually meeting together. Abby raised herself up a little to move her leg up to apply pressure against Susan's arousal and stimulates her. The blonde let out a moan and gently holding her friend breasts. Abby can feel Susan's wetness against her knee. Then Susan hand traces down Abby's womanly desire and massages her wetness all over her clit. They both moan deeply along with themselves moving rhythmically, sucking each other's neck and earlobes.

"Look in my drawer" Abby whispered in her ear.

The blonde leaned over to open the drawer, she raises her brows when she sees Abby's vibrator.

"I want you to use that on me"

Susan turns on the vibrator on full speed, traces it along her cleavage, down her stomach, round her naval and then the brunette's inner thighs to tease her. Abby lets out moan from the tickling sensation. Then Susan rubs the vibro against Abby's clitoris, and her clit is already swollen and sensitive from the excessive rubbing.

"Oh god!" Abby lets out a pleasurable scream clutching the pillows, gripping them round her head trying to fight off the euphoria, which is causing her to orgasm quickly. The blonde has won, looking at her friend lying there all paralysed and gasping for air, trying to cope with the heighten feeling.

"I've not finished with this yet" Susan whispered, She goes down to kiss Abby's inner thigh and thrusts the vibrator to penetrate it into her core, pumping it in and out of her. Then the blonde moves her head to wrap her mouth round her nub, sucking it and at the same time thrusting the vibro, which is buzzing at full speed. She repeats the performance until Abby begs her to stop.

While Abby lay on the bed all hot and flushed, trying to recover, Susan disappears for a minute the returns to the bedroom clutching a can of cola in her hand.

"I thought you might be thirsty after being all hot and bothered" The blonde chuckled; she lies down next to Abby, cracks open the can and drinks from it. She passes Abby the drink, who is getting up to kneel next to her. The brunette takes a swig and then pours some of it over Susan's cleavage and stomach.

"Ah!" She gasps in shock and clenching from ice-cold sensation dribbling over her. Abby's mouth is kissing against her soft skin, licking and sucking the liquid up. Susan can feel her tongue tracing round her naval and moving down to her groin area. She looks down to see the brunette taking another swig and goes down on her.

"Oh my god!" She yelled, rolling her eyes feeling the ice-cold fizzy sensation round her throbbing clit. She then slips her finger in, and pumps it in and out, and then another finger in and she stopped with the third one. Abby raised herself up still pumping her fingers into Susan and she puts her thumb against her clit and rubs it at the same time. She leans over to give her a soft sensual kiss, Susan is moaning at the same time. The brunette takes one last sip of the cola and stops pumping for a moment, she leans over to part her lips and pours the drink from her mouth into hers. Abby carries on stimulating until Susan comes.

They lay kissing and cuddling each other. Abby rolls over and Susan snuggles up closely behind with her arm round her waist and head resting against her shoulder. They are holding each other hands tightly and they both gradually fall asleep...

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