Bound II

by Loopyallie

"Bound II"

Summary: Sequel to the NC-17 rated "Bound". Abby & Susan are trying to cope with the aftermath of the abduction from the previous night. Did the situation they were pushed into, affected their friendship? Tension runs high for them in the ER. Featuring Kerry Weaver. Rating PG-13 It's fairly clean!

  1. Tension

Abby and Susan are standing opposite end at the admit desk. They both forced their weary heads out of their beds to come to work. Since arriving at the ER they have spend it the entire morning clashing with each other, haven't said a pleasant word nor looked at each other in the eye. They both look dreary eyed from the lack of sleep, a sleepiness night getting over the shock of being abducted.

Abby turns round to place a chart in a tray and coincidently Susan is doing the same. They bump into each other. They paused and waited for one to go ahead.

"You first" says Abby looking away with one hand on hip and the other hand holding up the chart.

"Thank you" Susan mumbled, placing her chart in the tray and asks her friend trying to break the ice from the tension. "How are you?"

Abby grunted and puts her chart on top of Susan's and walked away. The blonde stood there in a daze, feeling rejected by Abby ignorance.

The ambulance bay door crash open and a GSW victim is on the gurney. Abby and Susan join in to take the victim to the trauma room.

The heart monitor screeches out the lethal rhythm

"He's in fib"

"Abby what are you doing?"

"I'm draining the chest"

"He doesn't need it" Susan listening through the stethoscope, trying to feed in the central line.

"Why is his chest full of fluid? It's better to be safe than sorry"

Abby grabs the instrument and cuts an incision on the side of the patient's chest. Inserts the tubing inside the chest.

"I said no Abby!" Susan shouted, "Get out!"

The brunette ignores her and carries on the procedure.

"Get out of here now!" She shouted again.

Everyone else in the trauma room, look at each other with uneasiness. They can feel the tension between the two doctors. The blood starts to drain out of the chest through the tubing in to the bag. The heart monitor blips the normal rhythm

"There you go" Abby said smugly.

"Normal sinus rhythm" says Haleh looking at the monitor.

"Ok take him up to O.R." Susan staring at Abby, watching her leaves the room snapping of her gloves.

Susan races out of the trauma room to catch up with Abby, grabs hold of her arm and yanked it to drag her straight into a nearby room. They are unaware that they were being watched by Kerry Weaver, who is quite shocked at the reaction The room is unused and pitch black, the flickering of lights came when Susan turns on the switch. They both winced at the change of darkness to the brightness. She is standing looking infuriated, the look that you wouldn't normally see her, Susan is quite laid back and easy going. But at this minute her tension is running high feeling embarrassed and angry from the night before and humiliated by Abby's ignorance back in the trauma room.

"How dare you disobey my orders!" Susan yelled at the top of her voice.

Abby flinched at the blonde's reaction; she has not seen her like this before.

"I saved the guy's life" Abby standing folding her arms "So what is your problem?"

"Well done you saved the guy's life" Susan claps her hand in sarcastic tone "I told you not to do the procedure, hell! I was in the middle of putting in the central line in!"

The room door opens and Kerry Weaver hobbled in, pursing her lips at the pair.

"You two in my office now!" The red head shrieked.

2. Weavered

Kerry Weaver sat with both hands together leaning on her desk, looking at Abby and Susan in somewhat, with disappointment. The pair looked miserable.

"Would you mind telling me what the hells going on between you two?" Kerry asked in a steady calm voice. "You both have been at each other's throats all morning!"

Abby and Susan stand looking at the Chief of Staff in silence. They are unsure who should go first to confess.

"And as for you Susan, as the Chief of ER why aren't you handling this efficiently?"

"Because it's my problem too"

"Did something happen between you two at last night's pub crawl?" The red head curls her top lip to sneer.

"Erm... yes" Abby answered under her breath.

"Would you care to share it?" Kerry asked with her eyes peering over her glasses, tapping her pen on her desk, looking at the brunette.

The pair look at each other in awkwardness.

"We were abducted last night," Susan announced

"What?" Dropping her pen and stutters in shock "Are you both ok? Well obviously you're both alive and kicking"

"We are just angry about what they did to us," says Abby "or embarrassed is probably the best word to describe it"

"Of course you would be angry and upset if you were abducted" Kerry gets up from her chair and slips her arm through the crutch and walks round her desk. "But why are you both embarrassed with each other? Did one of do something like to jeopardise the situation? did you go to the police afterwards?"

"No we didn't go to the police" The blonde shakes her head

"Why not?"

"Because it is a difficult one"

"Why is it a difficult one, did they threatened, if you do go?" Kerry asked.

"It's what they made us do," says Abby

"If we didn't do as they asked, they would have shoot us dead" Susan interrupted

"What did they make you both do?" Kerry asked, "I hope you both didn't do something illegal"

"Of course not"

"Hmm" Kerry frowned "Are you frightened to tell me? They didn't forced themselves to have sex with you?"

"Not quite"

"What you mean not quite?" Then Kerry started to get frustrated "Will someone come out with it and tell me, I am not playing a game of guessing here!"

Abby and Susan started to cringe with awkwardness, they know that if Kerry went through what they did, it probably would not bother her the slightest.

"They... erm..." Abby winced "made us have sex with each other"

Kerry's jaw dropped to the floor, she didn't know what to say about that. She stepped back and leaned against the front of her desk.

"Wow" She muttered to herself. "I have not heard that happened before"

"It was a unimaginable situation, the room was mirrored and we could not see the audience on the other side of the glass"

"An audience? God how many?"

"Yes, exactly"

"I know I am that way inclined but what you went through is humiliation, especially between 2 straight females, but think yourself lucky that you both are close friends, or best friends I don't know which, it could have been with a stranger"

Abby and Susan glanced at each other thinking are they best friends? After the conflicts happened between them earlier on.

"I think you both should apologise to each other, I know what you went through was not nice, but at least can you put your differences to one side, it could have been worst"

Abby gently folded her arms, rolls her eyes letting out a sigh. Susan tilts her head forward rubbing her forehead.

"I'm very sorry Susan"

Susan frowned at the brunette trying to work out her tone of voice whether her apology was intentionally... To get even, she puts on a forced grin and nods her head.

"Oh I'm sorry too"

"Well that's sorted" Kerry chirped and she hobbled back behind her desk. "We are over staffed today so why don't both take the rest of the day off and sleep off your tiredness and tension, dismissed"

They both turn round to leave the office and until Kerry is voice is heard again.

"Susan can you stay for a minute, I need your help with this question on this report, its regarding the ER"


3. Drenched

Abby walks out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped round her and a towel in her hands drying her hair. She had a shower to warm herself up when she got home after being caught in the rain on the way home. The weather was forecasted torrential heavy rainstorms. She pours herself a coffee from the pot and walks to the lounge area; she takes a sip watching the news on the television. Then she hears a knock on the door, she frowns thinking that might be her neighbour. Abby walks to the door and opens it. She looks on in surprised to see who it is.

"Hi" Susan grinned nervously, she is standing there with her lip quivering, shivering from being soaked out in the cold, her hair is dripping wet and her coat and clothes seeping from the wetness clung to her skin. "Your neighbour let me in, she arrived at the same time"

"My god Susan! look at you!" Abby laughed at the sight "Don't just stand there, come in!"

Abby lets Susan in her apartment. The blonde struggled to undo her coat; her hands are numb from cold.

"Let me give you a hand" Abby reached to undo the buttons and helped to take the coat off. "Did you swim here?" She asked sarcastically

Susan laughed, "I guess you were lucky to get home before the storm hit the ground"

"Yeah, you didn't go to work in your car today?" Abby putting the coat on the radiator.

"No, I decided to take the EL this morning for a change, and relax, I was too tired to concentrate on driving through town" Susan wipes her brow to stop the water trickling in to her eyes.

"Coffee?" Abby asked

"Oh yes please" Susan replied "I... erm... came to say I am really sorry, I've shouldn't have yelled at you, you did the right thing"

"I'm sorry too" says Abby with sadness on her face "It's killing me, with us clashing"

"Yes it hurts, seeing us like this" says the blonde agreeing.

"What are we like?"

They both put wrapped their arms round each other to form a hug.

"What we did," Abby muttered in Susan's ear "I guess I can live with it..."

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