Bound Again III

by Loopyallie

Bound Again III

Summary: Sequel to Bound Again II. Kerry gets entangled in a threesome with Abby and Susan.

Rated: NC-17 for F/F & F/F/F sexual content

Disclaimer: Don't own the characters nor make any money from stories written, happy to write for free with pleasure! ER belongs to Michael Crichton and John Wells.

Sometimes we have to save the best till last again...


Abby and Susan both crash down on to the bed, arms entangled round each other, passionately kissing. Susan lifts herself to a straddling position over Abby's hips to try undoing her bra. Abby leaned forward to put her arms round Susan to help her, when they released the garment, Susan threw it across the room. The brunette marvelled at her full firm breasts, she cupped them both and nuzzled her cleavage. Susan lets out a moan when Abby gently bites her nipple that sent shockwaves through her body. Susan pulls Abby's t-shirt over her head then ran her fingers through the brunette's hair then wraps it round her hand to pull her away from her breast to guide her face into hers to kiss lovingly on the lips again. Susan probed her tongue as deeply into Abby's mouth as she could. While their mouths are engaged, Susan gently lowers Abby back down in to the pillows and hovered above her when the broke away from the kiss. Susan lowers her head to lick and suck Abby's small pert breasts.

"This isn't going to stop isn't it?" Susan moaned from her arousal, travelling her kisses along Abby's shoulder and neck so turned on by her friend's beauty and sex appeal. She shrugged her shoulders "You know us..."

Abby shakes her head playfully "No" she mouthed, letting out grunt when the blonde slips her hand inside her pyjama shorts to place it between her legs, stimulating her with gentle strokes. Abby reaches her arm out to place her hands between Susan's legs and copies her friend's rhythmical stroking movements. They both carefully peel off their underwear.

Abby then wrapped her arms and legs round the blonde to roll her on to her back. Abby used her knees to forced Susan's legs open wide to lower to rest herself onto her. Abby's small hips moulded perfectly between Susan's legs whereas she rubs her own clit against her friends by grinding rhythmically against her. She done this by lifting her one leg bent over Susan's thigh and targeted her directly in an angle. Susan's eyes marvelled at her friend's flexibility to reach the part that others can't reach.

"Uh uh mmh mmh" Susan's moaning is muffled by Abby's mouth against her lips. They both lovingly kiss deeply with their tongues sliding and stroking against each other. They both growled as they broke away from the kiss. Their grunting noises gets louder and faster at every thrusts Abby makes, Susan bucks her hips rhythmically against Abby as she rocks with her. Their breathing becomes erratic and heavier as they near climaxing.

"You look beautiful when you come, you're beautiful anyway" Abby moaned in her movement watching Susan's face shuddering from her orgasm. Abby shuddered too as she cried out with the climax.

They made love three times that night.


Abby is standing at the admit desk looking at a chart, bleary eyed and letting out a big yawn.

"Keeping you up Abby?" Neela smiled noticing that her friend could fall asleep there and then.

"A late night last night" She answered trying to keep her eyes open. The tiredness is from spending the whole night making passionate love with Susan. She is not hardly going to tell Neela that! I spent the night fucking my boss.

"Your prize meals go ok?"

"Feeling a little better now Abby?" Kerry interrupted, limping to her side.

"I'm ok, I'm sorry for storming off like that, I wasn't feeling very well"

"Not by the sound of it"

"What do you mean?"

"Susan said you were in a foul mood, Susan didn't say why but I think you two had a disagreement over something and it's not something to do with the competition we had yesterday"

"Whatever Dr Weaver!" Abby frowned with a firm tone, as she couldn't careless.

"Don't talk to me like that Lockhart!" Kerry snapped and stamped her crutch down to the floor with temper.

"Sorry" Abby waves her hands, surrendering and walks away "I'm going on my break"

Neela sunk her head into her paperwork; dare not to look in case anyone lashes out at her. Neela's eyes followed Abby heading to the lounge and walks off to catch up with her.

"Morning Kerry" Susan said, placing herself in front of the PC, inputting details into the system.

"Morning Susan" Kerry limped to her side and gives her a disconcerting looks.

"What's up Kerry?" The blonde asked.

"It's Lockhart"

Susan's heart skipped at beat when Kerry mentioned Abby's name.

"What about her?"

"I need you to have a word with her, it's her attitude"

"Kerry how long have you known Abby?" Susan said in a whiney voice, dropping her shoulders. "You know Abby won't take shit from anyone, if she's in the right"

"Are you suggesting that I am wrong for asking her if she was ok this morning after asking why she was in the mood?"

"Did you say why you think that she was in the mood?"


"Then maybe you were wrong what you thought," Susan steps aside "Excuse me I'm gonna grab a coffee from over the road, I haven't had a break all morning, I've been working my ass off"

"Are you ok?" Neela asked entering the lounge.

"I'm fine" Abby replied opening her locker and pauses when she notices a letter leaning against her cigarette box.

"Oh a love letter?" Neela joked having a nosey.

"I dunno"

"A secret admirer? Must know your locker combination"

Abby picks up the paper and unfolds it to read the content.

Dinner my place tonight? I'll cook your favorite, please let me know. Xxx P.S.You were great in bed last sure know how to blow my mind!

"You were great in bed!" Neela gasped then laughed, looking over Abby's shoulder.

"Neela!" She snapped, "How dare you read over my shoulder especially if I'm looking at something personal!"

"So who is you secret lover?" The young Indian asked out of curiosity.

"None of your damn business"

"The handwriting's familiar" Neela frowned and tries to memorize the style of writing to match up with the writings on the charts out in the ER.

"Don't bother Neela, there's over 100 of us working in this hospital"

"Well my guess it's someone in the ER"

"I'm off to the Jumbo Mart to get a coffee, you coming?" Abby asked avoiding her friends curiosity.

"No I'm waiting for some lab results,"

"Ok" Abby answered putting her coat on as she leaves the lounge.

Neela strode round the admit desk and looked at the triage board, stating patients names, treatment room and symptoms. She sees the same handwriting written on there numerous times but different doctors named next to them.

"Jerry do you know whose handwriting is that belongs to?" Neela asked, pointing at the board.

Jerry raised his head up from his magazine to look up "Which one?" He asked.

"The ones are written in green"

"That Dr Lewis's writing, listing patients for the interns to deal with"

"Dr Lewis? Are you sure?" Neela looked puzzled or lets say shocked, as it can't be possible that note for Abby is from her.

"I am 100 per cent sure, I have worked here for years, her handwriting hasn't changed, you can tell that she's has the neatest left-hand writing I've ever seen"

"Ok Jerry, I'm just going to get a coffee, can you page me when my lab results come back please."


Abby shivered as the entered the warm air in the Jumbo Mart. She walks down an aisle to grab a snack and spots Susan. She walks up to her.

"Are you going to cook Lasagne tonight then?" Abby asked, nudging in to Susan, with her hands in her pocket trying to warm herself up.

"Yep" She answered and then turns to her friend "I guess that's a yes then?"

"Sure" Abby cocked her head sideways and moves it forward closely to Susan's face, teasing her that she that close that they are almost in a position to kiss. Susan smiles at her. Neela walks in to the store and froze on the spot when she sees Susan and Abby standing closely down the aisle.

"Oh god" Susan looked from the corner of her eyes.


"Neela is at the end of the aisle" She forcefully grinned "Don't you think were standing a bit close that makes it obvious?"

"Shit" Abby hissed through her teeth "The stupid girl peered over my shoulder to have a nosey at your note"

"Oh no!" The blonde gasped "Did you tell her?"


"Then she wouldn't know then"

"I don't know about that, Neela said that handwriting is familiar to her, I think she's going to play Nancy Drew"

Susan sniggered "Well let's do something less obvious like me telling you off!"

"Good Idea"

Neela walks down the aisle to approach the secret lovers.

"Abby I've had Weaver come to me about your attitude towards her" Susan said raising her voice a little to ensure Neela hears every word she says. Listening to Susan's awareness of what happened earlier with the Chief of Staff has wiped the smile of Abby's face.

"Well she shouldn't be presuming things," Abby whispered undecidedly whether to smirk or stay serious as the issue has been raised.

Susan shakes her head "She isn't wrong"

"I know" The brunette snapped.

Susan raised her brows at Abby's response "You go and apologise to her"

"Already have"

"I bet you didn't do it intentionally, you know that you were sorry" Susan nodded frantically.

Abby sucked in a breath and answered in a deep tone. "No"

"Hey, what you guys up to?" Neela grinned nervously interrupting the two.

"Abby! I can't believe that, you know what I want you to stay out of my way today in the ER because I am practically fed up with everyone moods and interference today, and that goes to you as well Neela, what do you want?"

"I erm nothing, just grabbing a coffee"

"Well the queue's over there" Susan pointed. "I am having a private conversation here, actually Abby I should have sent you to my office to sort this problem out, I will give you something to work through on your next break"

Abby takes a hard swallow as she listens to Susan ranting on, she is so convincing that the brunette is unsure whether the blonde is really telling her off or she must be a damn fine actress!

"Apologize to her again! Dismissed" Susan said curtly.

Abby takes one last look into her eyes then walks away and Neela follows her from behind, cringing at Susan's foul mood.

Susan walks back to the admit desk and slams the polystyrene coffee cup on to the counter and lets out a sigh.

"Something bothering you Susan?" Kerry asked peering over her glasses standing at the other end of the admit desk.

"Yes there is" She replied "Would you like to have dinner at my place tonight?"

Kerry raised her brows at Susan's surprise proposal.

"Well erm... I erm..." Kerry stuttered.

"It's to make up for last night"

"Ok I'll come along"

"7.30 ok? Abby will be there too"


"Is that a problem?"

"Well no as long as she doesn't bite my head off, you don't want to see me angry"

"Why? Will you turn into the Incredible Hulk?" Susan snorted in her laugh.

"Maybe" Kerry mumbled in her smile as she limped off "See you tonight then?"

"What were you two laughing about?" Abby asked, handing over her chart for Susan to sign.

"None of your business" Susan answered scribbling her name. "Bad girl..."

"Are you going to be like that then?"

Susan raised her brows at Abby and grinned.

"So what's my punishment then?"

"Your punishment is that Weaver is joining us for dinner"

Mnage a Trois

"So Kerry what is your fantasy?" Abby smiled looking over the rim of her glass taking a sip. They all gathered round on the settee relaxing after their meal.

"What you mean?"

"Who would you most like to sleep with, someone you know?"

"Oh I erm..." Kerry stuttered and blushed "I rather keep that to myself"

"Go on tell us?" Susan smiled folding her arms gently felling intrigued.

Kerry takes one hard gulp and struggle to find her voice when she tries speak "I erm... hey don't be offended...erm... It's you two"

Kerry's eyes stared down to the floor, dare not to look at them and her complexion turned in to a deep shade of red. Abby jerked forward as she chokes on her drink and starts to cough. Susan nudges and laughed at the brunette.

"Wow Kerry, we had no idea," Abby said wiping her mouth.

"I've had a good idea" Susan nodded.

"Yeah?" Abby frowned looking at Susan.

"Kerry I knew you had a soft spot for me"

Kerry agreed.

"Well I haven't noticed because I keep low profile from you Kerry" The brunette sniggered.

"It's ok, I'm used to being ignored"

"So Kerry would you like us to fulfil your fantasy?"

"What you mean?" Kerry raised her brows at Abby's proposal, taking a sip of her wine. "Oh no guys I don't want you to do it cos you feel obliged to do because of my feelings" She pauses for a second and asked, "Hey you guys done it again since that incident haven't you?"

Abby and Susan nodded in unison.

"Abby and I have been having an affair on and off the past week"

"Oh? not for six months?"

"We only did it once after the incident then carried on with our lives"

"I thought so, but I thought you guys were straight?"

"Well by the looks of it I think we're both bi curious or bi sexual we are just going through a phase but we still fancy men though"

Kerry laughed, "I guess you found the parts that men can't reach"

"Well Kerry..." Abby smiled wryly "Do you want to join us in the bedroom?"

"Oh god" Kerry gasped. It is the first time Susan and Abby see Kerry feeling intimidated. They felt that they were in control.

"Maybe you could teach us a few tricks?" Susan smirked.

"I erm..." Kerry blushed again.

"We can make your dream come true by having a threesome with us" The blonde smiled broadly.

Kerry peeled off her blouse to reveal her creamy skin, she looks at Abby and Susan undecidedly who to do first. She opts for Susan, as she is attracted to her more than Abby, Abby lost points down to her no nonsense attitude, Susan is the gentle one. Abby and Susan are sitting on the bed and both let Kerry take control first. The red head gently pushes Susan on to her back and starts unbuttoning her blouse. She plants kisses on every bit of flesh exposed as she undoes her blouse and then nuzzled her cleavage. Kerry's lips made her way up to Susan's mouth and nervously leans down to kiss her. Susan parted her mouth to welcome Kerry's tongue to explore inside her mouth. Abby watches on. Kerry broke away from the kiss and climbs on to Abby and pulls her top over her head. The red head starts to kiss Abby along her breasts, while Kerry does that, Susan leans over to Abby and they kiss intensively.

Kerry then switched bodies to work on by taking the blondes trousers off and nibbles her inner thigh. Susan lets out a moan and closes her eyes praying to herself why have they gone this far. She prays that Kerry doesn't succeed herself or Abby with her skills. It felt like a competition, of course Kerry's the experience one. Kerry's eyes marvelled at Susan's sexy underwear and then moved over to Abby to take her trousers off too. She gasped with delight at the brunette's lacy thong, fitting nicely over her trimmed womanly arousal. She slips them off and turned to Susan again and grits her teeth on to her underwear and pulls them down her legs.

Susan lets out a gasp when Kerry wrapped her mouth her clit then probed her tongue in to her, Susan is then muffled by Abby when straddled to lower herself down on Susan's face and at the same time she leans over to massages Susan's breasts. Abby moaned when she can feel Susan groaning and licking against her, trying to fight of the pleasure that Kerry is giving her.

"Oh god!" Susan moaned as Kerry slipped two fingers into her and pumped them in and out then Kerry hovered over her to kiss Abby. Susan reached to slip her fingers between Kerry and pumps two fingers in to her. Kerry lets out a pleasurable shriek; she has orgasm quickly as she is too overexcited about getting it on with two women of her dreams. Kerry pulled her self away to recover and grabs Abby's hands to pull her to lie down on to Susan. Kerry watched at them performing the "69" position with admiration.

"Oh god Susie, oh Susie!" Abby lifted her head up to moan. "Ah ah ah I'm gonna come!" Abby's hips jerked against Susan's face as she climaxed, she then collapses to recover. Susan moaned in her orgasm too, turned on from Abby's reaction. Kerry grinned at an idea that she had in her head.

"Not finished with you Lockhart" Kerry slapped her hand across Abby's buttocks, she lets out a yelp from the sharp blow. "I'm gonna sort that attitude of yours out"

Kerry pushed Abby on to her front and laid herself on to her back. With one of her hand she presses Abby's head against the mattress nearly suffocating her. Kerry spreads Abby's legs apart for her to slip her free hand between her legs.

"No Kerry let me recover I'm too sensitive" She begged.

"If I knew if we were planning on doing this I could have bought my strap on!"

"Nooooo!" Susan and Abby shouted in unison "We don't wanna go there"

"Why not?" Kerry grinned "You got this far so what's stopping you?"

"It doesn't feel..." Abby mumbled then interrupted by Kerry forcing her hand inside her, Abby jerked her head up and screamed "Riiiiiiiight! Aargh! Fucking hell Kerry what are you doing?"

"Punishing you"

A pager bleeps from the other side of the room.

"Damn" The red head groaned, "I'm still on call"

"Thank you" Abby mouthed to herself in relief, sinking her head in to the pillows.

"Are you ok?" Susan leaned over to stroke Abby's hair.

"No, thanks to your stupid threesome idea"

Susan guffawed "It wasn't so bad! You were quite happily to go along with it!"

"No it wasn't until that S & M bitch started torturing me," Abby whimpered glaring at Kerry.

Kerry buttons up her blouse "I'm sorry girls I've got to go to work, I'm needed there" she then suggested "Perhaps we can do this again?"

Abby sunk her head in the pillows again, shaking her head and muffled out "Nooooo!"

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