Bound Again II

by Loopyallie

Bound Again II

Summary: Sequel to "Bound Again" Susan and Abby are playing mind games with other and anyone who sees the most patients in one shift wins a night out with Kerry Weaver.

Rated: R for F/F

Disclaimer: Don't own the characters nor make any money from stories written, happy to write for free with pleasure! ER belongs to Michael Crichton and John Wells.

Would you seduce your boss?

Abby is leaning over a counter at the admit desk, filling out in a discharge form. She keeps making quick glances at Kerry Weaver and keeps hesitating to ask her something. She ducks her head down in her paper every time Weaver looks back.

"Is there something you wanted Abby?" Kerry Weaver said peering over her glasses, leaning her crutch while tapping away on the computer.

"No why?" Abby answered, shaking her head and carries on writing. She is playing a game of dare after Susan jokily asked her if Kerry wanted to join in for a threesome.

"I noticed that you are hesitant to ask me something"

"Oh?" Abby shook her head and raised her brows.

Susan walks behind the admit desk with a pile of files under arms.

"If you have a problem you should talk to the Chief"

"Talk to me?" Susan interrupted, eavesdropping as she placed the files on to the counter "Is there a problem?"

"Abby hesitant about something and I'm sure she can talk to you as you are less scary than me Susan"

"Oh right" Susan shook her head in confusion.

Kerry takes a glance at the pile of files Susan has dumped on to the counter.

"Has ER been that busy?"

"A few of us have, exceptionally" Susan replied. "I've finished signing reports for the day thank god"

"Can you name them?"

"Kerry... I don't want to broadcast who's who, isn't that a little unfair?"

"Well you come up to my office later and we will sort out a plan for those who worked so hard" Kerry said seated on the chair.

A smile crept along Abby's mouth; she has innuendo in her mind.

"This isn't school you know?" The blonde sneered.

"I know but some of us deserve a reward"

"Oh god, I remember now," Susan laughed.

"Remember what Susan?"

"When Donald Anspaugh first came here 9 years ago, He would give a bag of gums to the one who saw the most patients and the least had to wax his car"

"Who won and lost?" Abby asked

"I won and Mark Greene lost!"

"Mark Greene?"

"Well poor Mark was tied up with this patient with dispute and he couldn't get on with other stuff"

"Oh Susie you sounded like a square!"

"Ok from tomorrow, we will wipe the slat clean and start over again with who see's the most patients" Kerry grinned as she rose up and gripped her crutch in a comfortable position.

"What's the prize?"

"I will treat someone dinner in an expensive restaurant." The red head called out as she walks away.

At the end of next day's shift, Kerry Weaver rounded up the entire finished charts to count how many of her doctors had seen the most patients in one shift. Abby and Susan's were mounting evenly along with Neela's. She carries on peering through her glasses which are nearly hanging off her nose and the gold chain attached to them swinging about as she moves her head.

"Well it's looks like Susan is the winner!" Kerry announced until she was interrupted by Abby placing her last file on the pile. "Erm looks like we have a tie"

"Abby can go" Susan sighed in disbelief.

"No Susan you go and have fun" Abby gestured.

"Ladies, if it's a draw I can take you both out ok?" The red head grinned "Threesome would do nicely, meet me at the "Sushi House" at 8 o'clock"

As they walk away from the admit desk they both guffawed. "A threesome!"


Abby, Susan and Kerry are in a club nearby the restaurant where they had their prize sushi meal. The place is packed with revellers of all ages. Kerry left the other two sitting at a table, to chat to an old friend at the bar.

Susan busily minding her own business swigging her bottle of beer and Abby looks down and see Susan's legs exposed from wearing a skirt, she slowly traces her hand along her inner thigh causing her to jerk and chokes on her drink at the surprise. They both exchange glances, Susan frowned at her friend as she is grinning.

"Oh of course you hate surprises," Abby said leaning over to whisper in to her ear.

"I hope you're not going to be persistent?"

"What do you mean?"

"Doing stuff in public places like at work"

"Why not?" Abby playfully smiled "Are you scare of getting caught?"

"Well yes" Susan nodded tucking her blonde hair behind her ear "It doesn't look good for my position as the chief"

"Weaver did it then"

"Yes, in her own time, not in some drug lock up"

"Well maybe you should have had me the night before then?"

"How can I? Someone was at the door"

"Could have ignored it"

"How? I was expecting a delivery of my new bed, I've waited few weeks for that after missing the delivery guy on several occasions"

"So is your bed comfy?"

"The matter of fact yes" She said abruptly and then sarcastically says "And don't say I'll come round and test it for you"

"Susan what's the hell is wrong with you?" Abby snapped. "The other night, you came on to me, well nearly and yesterday I made the first move in the drug lock up as I knew you wanted me, you were hesitant about it but still went ahead. Now you are still on edge, what is it? What is your problem? I'm having a bit of fun here and you give hot and cold signals and you the first one to make the first move!"

"Sorry guys I got chatting away to an old friend," Kerry grinned as she sat down "Is everything ok with you guys?"

"Yeah great thanks" Susan huffed as she folds her arms.

"Look guys I know it not fun being joint winners at least you can smile, unless you both had a disagreement"

Abby shook her head. "I'm going to the bathroom," She announced getting up from her seat; she had to squeeze past Susan as the place is overcrowded, she purposely nudged her bum into her face.

Susan walked in the ladies room looking for Abby, she leans her backside against the wash surface with her arms folded. She waits for her friend to come out of one of the cubicle. The door unlocks and Abby steps out and looked surprised seeing Susan there. The blonde watches Abby washing her hand and freezes to look back at her.

"Toilet's free" Abby pointed; in fact she points at all the toilets which are free.

"I don't want the toilet"

"Oh ok" The brunette dries her hands and walks past with a forced sarcastic smile. Abby never got as far as the door because of Susan's quick reaction by grabbing her by the wrist pulling her into the broom cupboard. Abby yelped at the forced drag, she is now positioned against the wall with both wrists pinned each side of her head.

"Since when you been rough?" Abby gasped at her friend's unknown aggressiveness.

"I'm not," Susan started to pant leaning her head forward to press her lips against Abby, "I'm frustrated"

Abby blinked hard "Sexually?"

"No... about you" She muttered in her kiss as she traces her lips and tongue along her neck, Abby starts to squirm in her moan and roll her eyes with pleasure.

"Me?" Abby smiled in confusion.

"No I can't do this" Susan shakes her head as she lets go of her then leaves the cupboard.

Abby frowned and rubbed her forehead "Hey Suse!" She ran out to catch up and tugged her arm "You have just done it again, hot and cold thing, you know what Suse, just forget it I'm going home, you can have Weaver with pleasure"

"Abby wait!" Susan shouted as she watches Abby struts off.

"Did I just see Abby leave?" Kerry asked, watching Susan sitting back down her seat.

"Yep" She replied, "She's in a mood"


"I don't know Kerry" Susan lied as she suspects that Abby is fed up with her mind games. Then a fight broke out in the bar causing the glass bottle flying about and one hit Susan across her eye.


It is 1 o'clock in the morning; Susan is standing outside Abby's apartment door compressing the cut above her eyebrow; it is still slowly seeping with blood, leaving a mess on her low cut top. She knocks on the door gently.

"Oh you" Abby sighed half asleep as she opens the door in her skimpy pyjama t shirt and shorts, blinked hard at Susan's deep cut near her brow and her bloody top then gasped "What happened to you?"

"Oh I'm ok, there was a bar fight and I got hit by a flying glass bottle"

"You want me to fix that up?"

"No, I'm ok thanks" She shakes her head "Can I come in?"

"Oh let me guess, you're hot now and if I let you in you'll be cold" She said sarcastically

"Yeah very funny"

"It's not actually, its bugging me"

"Well I have a genuine reason for it"

"It better be a damn good reason"

"Well... can I come in then?"

"Yes only for a minute and you can go when you tell me the reason"

"Ok" Susan lets out a nervous sigh and closes her eyes to calm her nerves. "Ok I have something to tell you"

"I'm waiting, I haven't got all night"

"I'm in love," She said softly

"With who?" Abby jumped in shock and the jealousy is starting to take over her. Her thoughts were who is it she's in love with? Carter? Luka? Could even be Weaver, did they do it? Oh god I feel jealous, I've have really got feeling for her.

Susan takes a hard swallow "...with you"

Abby felt like as she's been hit by a bolt of lightening at the shock of the flattery from her friend, then laughed nervously.

Susan looked at her seriously and frowned why she reacting this way. God she wishes hasn't bothered saying anything now.

"I've said my reason and I'll go now" She opens the door to walk in to the lobby.

"Susan wait!" Abby shouted "I'm sorry I shouldn't have laughed it's just that you have more nerve than me?"

"What do you mean?"

Abby opened her mouth to speak but her voice was lost, she changed the subject by saying "I think I should fix that cut Susan, would you like some coffee?"

Abby gestured Susan into her apartment and followed her into the kitchen area. The brunette pulls out a stool from underneath her breakfast bar.

"Sit here"

Susan seated herself on to the stool watching and admiring Abby's movements preparing the coffee. Her skirt rode up her legs as she crosses them.

"Look Abby, I don't see myself gay, well I'm not"


"Bi-curious, oh I don't know, I don't fancy any other women, I don't even fantasise about them," Susan said in puzzlement "It's you... I'm attracted to you"

"Ok" Abby said answered pulling out a first aid kit from the cupboard. She quickly glances at her friends exposed thighs. "I have a home suture kit"

"Very plush of you"

"I used to practice suturing pigs feet, Carter suggested it to me"

"Abby why are you not reacting to my desires?"

"What is there to react to?" Abby questioned, parking herself in front of Susan, between her legs. She picks up an alcohol swab to clean the wound, the blonde winced as it stung. Susan is starting to get frustrated and annoyed at her friend's ignorance, as she wanted to know if she felt the same about her for sure.

"I think you're playing mind games to get your own back at me"

"Am I?" Abby muttered innocently as she focuses on putting the thread into the needle and then smiled at her.

"I need to know..." Susan raised her brows as she feels Abby's bare skin pressing against her exposed inner thighs. She shudders with arousal as she can feel her breathing against her skin from her closeness.

"Well...with you giving me hot and cold signals, it has put me off..."

"Oh?" Susan interrupted

Abby carried on finishing her sentence "by telling you how I really felt about you"


"Damn!" Abby groaned as she rummages through the kit "I haven't got any local left"

"Ice will be fine"

"I have an ice pack" Abby left Susan to go to the refrigerator and pulls out the pack from the freezer compartment. She places it on to her brows to numb the area.

"And?" Susan waited for Abby to continue what she had to say.

"And I will close the wound in no time" Abby said changing the subject to tease her possible lover. "Susan do you want me to put your top in a soak? I do have a spare one you can borrow"


Susan purposely pulls her top off over her head and she smirked at Abby, as her eyes are fixated on the blonde's prominent cleavage. She wished that she had bigger breasts like Susan's. Abby carries on suturing with distraction from her exposure.

"That's nicely done" Abby commented inspecting her finished work.

Susan wrapped her legs round Abby's waist to trap her "You haven't told me..."

"I don't know what you're talking about?" She smirked.

"Enough with the game, you little minx!"

"Hey our mission is incomplete" Abby mentioned "We haven't got Weaver in for a threesome yet"

"That's your fault Abby for being a stroppy bitch"

"Susan!" Abby gasped, she then slapped her one of her bare thighs, still wrapped round her.

"Oh!" The blonde moaned at the sharp blow against her skin and grinned, "That was nice"

Abby smiled and then traces both hands along Susan's thighs making her way up her skirt grasping her butt cheeks giving them a gentle squeeze, then traces them along her inner thigh, back and forth teasing her with gentle brushes against her womanhood. Abby leans forward to mould herself in to her closely and plants a kiss on to the blonde's lips then traced little kisses along her jaw line and nibbles her ear.

"Likewise..." Abby whispered in her ear, telling her that she feels exactly the same. "I find it a turn on that I'm secretly fooling around with my boss"

Susan chuckled as she pulls her ear away from Abby and looks at her, they both study each others face; They clung their arms round each other when their lips met again and they parted them to explore their tongues in each other mouths so they can deepen their kiss. They spent a moment deep kissing each other...

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