Bound Again

by Loopyallie

"Bound Again"

Summary: Follow up to the Bound Trilogy. Set around 6 months after the abduction. Abby and Susan moved on... Can they resist that temptation again in the Drug lock-up?!

Rated: NC-17 F/F Sexual Content


Susan is redecorating her apartment, which she has been leasing out for years after when she left Chicago. Back then Susan decided to rent it out, as an investment, it would be a perfect opportunity for her future. When she came back to Chicago in 2001 Susan bought a house and kept leasing the old apartment out. She decided that the place needed a makeover after the previous tenant who lived there for 8 years, whose taste in dcor was revolting. Abby kindly offered to give her a hand so Susan can get it ready for her newest tenants who were due to move in the following week...

Their abduction, happened 6 months earlier lead them to temptation again after an event happened between them, since then they moved on and carried on as colleagues/friends. Only Weaver knows what happened the night...

Susan and Abby are busily working away putting emulsion onto the bedroom wall. Abby is up on the stepladder reaching at arms length, she purposely flicks the brush at Susan, splashing a bit of paint on her. Susan flinched when it splattered on her face. She wipes it off her face with her sleeve and looks at her friend who is carrying on as nothing happened. Susan continues to paint. Abby puts on a sly grin and again flicks the paint on the brush directly at her.

"Abby!" Susan said, as she wipes the paint of her face again.

"What?" Abby replied, looking at her friend innocently.

Susan look up and studies her friend's face. "It doesn't matter"

Abby shook her head and she steps down the ladder.

"The top bit's done"

"Thanks" Susan replied holding the roller and nodded. "Looks like we've done"

Susan bends over to put the roller down and stands up straight to turn to Abby, who flicks the paintbrush at her for the third time.

"Oh! You little minx!" Susan grinned after catching Abby red-handed and she tries to reach for her brush "Give me that"

"You'll have to catch me first!" She laughed, running away.

Susan chased her and wrestled to get the brush off Abby. Sudden they lose balance and tumbled into a heap on the bed. They continued to laugh and Susan is tickling Abby to get her to let go of the brush. After they stop playing about, they try to catch their breaths and they look at each other seriously when they studied each other's faces. The position they're in, lead them to another flashback about what happened between them six months earlier. To wake her up from the stare, Abby bucked her hips against Susan, who is positioned on top is hesitating whether she should kiss her friend, so she nervously moves her head down; her lips just brushed against Abby's when she was interrupted by a knock on the door...

The Drug Lock-up

Susan is standing in the drug lock-up room with her eyes scanning along the shelves to look for the drug she needed to give to her patient. She frowns in frustration as she gets fed up with the staff moving them out of order. She notices, side of her eye that someone has entered the room.

"Do you know where they've put the Activan?" Susan asked, turning to look who entered the lock-up and looked on in surprise "Oh?"

"The nurses have moved them down here" Abby replied, she grinned as she points down to the corner.

"Thanks" Susan said, letting out a deep sigh, placing her right hand on her hip. "I need to have a word with everyone about this, they're not even in order"

"Well I guess you can send the next naughty person to the job!" Abby chirped.

Susan raised her brows at the brunette who cuts in front of her to reach for the bottle of Donnatal.

"You are awfully quiet today?" Abby asked, glancing at the bottle.

"I'm ok" Susan murmured, folding her arms.

"Are you avoiding me?"

"Why would I be?"

"Because you haven't said a word to me today"

"I've been busy"

"Busy thinking about what we nearly did to each other last night?" Abby chuckled at her friend as she watch her blush.

Susan steps forward to leave the room to avoid the conversation, Abby puts the bottle back onto the shelf and steps back and quickly shuts the door behind gripping on to the doorknob to stop someone from the outside coming in.

"Abby!" Susan moaned, trying to get past.

"So why have you be avoiding me?"

Susan shook her head "What?"

"You feel embarrassed at the fact you hit on me last night?"

"No" She replied in low tone.

"Susan?" Abby scolded, in a playful tone.

"Yes, ok!" Susan sighed and waves her arms to surrender "I'm sorry"

"No you're not"


"You wanted it bad" Abby grinned, hooking her arm round the blonde's hips and pulls her towards herself.

"So did you..." Susan gasped at the pulling force from her colleague. They are now closely face-to-face. Close enough for them to feel each other's breathing against their skin. Close enough for them to see each other's skin forming goosebumps. Their breaths are getting hotter, heavier and faster from the arousal building up between them.

"I didn't deny it..." Abby smiled wry and tilts her head forward to plant a kiss on Susan's lips. The blonde didn't move a muscle when Abby did that; she only closed her eyes when the brunette pulled away.

"You're beautiful Lockhart" Susan said softly, opening her eyes and tracing her fingers down Abby's cheek and the other hand, flat against the door above her head. She studies the brunette's face and slowly traced the tip of her tongue over her top lip as she can still feel Abby's kiss. "Has anyone ever told you that?"

Abby nodded "Mmm... Has anyone ever told that how gratifying you are when you look serious? And how beautiful you look when you put on that big cute grin of yours?"

Susan grinned, feeling flattered and then blushed when she realised what she had just done. Abby slips her hand into Susan's lab coat pocket to pull out a set of keys. She turns to lock the door.

"Abby we can't, not in here!" Susan shouted in her whisper.

"Why not? The door's locked and you said you wanted it bad" She grinned again, swinging the bunch of keys under Susan's nose. "Don't tell me that you haven't made out in here before?"

"Of course, lots..."

"I think most of us have, even Lydia has!" Abby laughed, moving closer to the blonde.

Susan nodded "I know" She raised her hand t up to run her finger through Abby's silky long hair. She then laughs, "That explains why these drugs are out of order!"

"Carter and I done it hundreds of times, when we were desperate for that 'quickie' fix"

"So it was you two that put them out of order!" Susan joked "I can imagine him banging into you against them boxes causing them to fall off the shelves"

"This room should be called the Drug Fuck-up!" Abby laughed at the vulgarity.

Susan is still running her fingers through Abby's hair; she then gripped the stethoscopes hanging round Abby's neck and pulls towards herself to make their lips meet. They both teased each other by brushing their lips against each other. With their lips touching sensually Susan pulls Abby again for her to step back to be seated on the stool. Abby moves with her and straddles onto her lap and they part their lips to explore their tongues in each other mouths so they can deepen their kiss. Susan stroked her tongue against Abby's as she swirls it deeply inside her mouth.

Susan's temperature rose from the arousal; she slowly took off her lab coat. Abby's eyes marvelled at her full breasts with her nipples, erect poking through her thin top. She cupped them both and nuzzled her cleavage. She then traced her tongue up Susan's neck; across her jaw line then probed it back into her mouth for another deep kiss.

While they deepen their kiss, Abby's fingers fumbled with the buttons on Susan's pants then slip her hand down them. The blonde jerked and breathed erratically when she felt Abby fingers entering her core, pumping it in and out.

"Oh god, Abby!" Susan groaned in her smoky voice, as Abby is firmly stroking and massaging her silky essence all over her throbbing clit.

"You're so wet" Abby smirked as she looked at her friend. Susan nodded frantically biting her bottom lip trying to control herself from moaning out too loud. The brunette continued to give her stroking rhythms until Susan broke out in an orgasm. She then gave herself a few seconds to get her breath back, recovering from the climax. Then she untied the brunette's scrubs and slipped her hand down Abby's damp womanly arousal. Susan flicks her fingers against her swollen nub and then slips them one by one inside her.

"Oh" Abby moaned from the fullness as Susan slipped the third finger inside. She wrapped her arms round her neck and bucked her hip, moving up and down on the blonde's lap. Abby's breathing is getting noisy and irregular so Susan puts her free hand over her mouth to mute her orgasmic moans. The blonde starts to moan, not with pleasure; from the pain her friend is giving her. Abby sank her teeth into Susan's hand as she climaxed, trying to cope with the heightened pleasure that lead her to orgasm.

They spent a few moment embraced, studying each other's face, then they heard the doorknob turn then it turned again. Abby and Susan jumped up and as they quickly do their pants up and sort each other's hair. They can hear the rattle of the keys as someone is trying to unlock the door. They both grabbed the item they had in their hands earlier and turned to look who is entering the room... Carter raised his brows as he walked in and Weaver followed in.

"Why have you locked the door?" Weaver asked as she hobbled in.

"Erm because I wanted a private word with Abby" Susan stammered.

"Oh in here?"

"Well if you want me to explain?" Susan said, sighing with her arms folded, and then she felt shamefully having to lie to her boss. "She wanted a have a word in private and by coincidence we happened to be getting the meds and it was a good opportunity to discuss it in here so I locked the door"

"What was it about?" Weaver asked taking a quick glance at Abby, who is looking down, biting her lip trying not to smirk.

"Well it's confidential"

"Personal?" Weaver asked, sarcastically with her eyes peering over her glasses.

"I erm I need to get these to my patient" Abby said raising the meds up in her hand and tries to walk away.

"Hold on Lockhart, I've not finished" Weaver said, putting arms out to block Abby's pathway. "In future have it else where because this room now out of bounds for discussion or any other activity, do I make myself clear?"

They both nodded and left the room together.

"You think Weaver sussed it out what we got up to?" Abby asked

"Probably, she too smart for our liking"

"You think she's jealous?"

Susan nodded and stifled a laugh. "Abby why don't you ask her if she like to join us for a threesome?"

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