by Loopyallie


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Summary: Abby and Susan are abducted by two men after a night out. In order to stay alive must endure a task by overstepping the boundaries. Something they would not dream of doing, to survive they must do it so! Heh hee!

I hope this story is kind of unique!

Rating: NC-17

Chapter 1 - Abduction

The deafening noise of the dance music is thumping away in a crowded bar. The flashing lights from the DJ stand penetrate through the dim lit room. It is Sam Taggart's birthday; they are having a girl's night out. Nearly half of the ER women staff is there. They are all getting very loud and drunk.

"We are going to move on to next bar," Sam shouted, so intoxicated; she can barely hold her balance. She doesn't smile much but she has the biggest grin on her face.

"Ok, I'll wait for Abby, then we'll come along" Susan replied looking at the brunette chatting away to some friends she has bumped into. Susan and Abby are the only ones who are sober. Susan is driving and Abby has been sober for 5 years now.

Abby looks round looking confused, to find her friends who are nowhere to be seen; she spots Susan at the bar, she is waving at her for attention.

"They've gone to the next bar," Susan mouths and points her finger to the opposite direction.

"Let's go then," Abby mouths back through the deafening noise. She turns to her friends to say goodbye and hugs them.

The bar door opens and they both walk out on the street.

"That was deafening in there" Susan commented, "I'm not rushing back there again"

"Hmm" Abby nods at the blonde then burst out with laughter


"Susie, you sound like an old biddy! Why don't you just chill out woman!"

"You do have some cheek!" The blonde nudges Abby's arm.

A car pulls up next to the sidewalk; a male pops his head out asking them for directions. The passenger gets out of the car and walks round the vehicle. They didn't notice him; they were concentrating on, where this place was to give directions.

"Gee... Chicago is one hell of a big place" Abby shaking her head "You better off going to the gas station over there and get one those street maps"

"Get in the car now" He says waving his gun at them, standing behind the two innocent bystanders.

They both put their hands up.

"You can have my purse, if that's what you want" Susan offered.

"Are you fucking deaf? Get in the car now!"

They both get in the car, the man virtually pushed them in and the car drove off at high speed.

Chapter 2 - Mirrored

They walk in to a bedroom at a secluded building; one length of the wall is mirrored top to bottom. The room's content is only one King-size bed; the bed is water filled.

"What this?" Abby asked pointing at the bed

"It's a bed" The man replied.

"Yes I know it's a bed! But why are we here?"

The dark haired male with stubble starts to laugh. He walks round the two confused, well-petrified women. He stops behind them and leans to talk in to their ears.

"You two are going to have sex"

Abby and Susan froze in shock with their mouths wide open, trying to believe what the man just said.

"Oh no... I'm not!" Abby protested

"Oh yes you are or I will blow your fucking brains out" Pointing his gun at them.

Abby grimaced at his threat.

"Who are we going to have sex with? Not you, I hope..." Susan asked turning to the guy and to ask him. Abby starts to shudder at the thought of jumping into bed with the guy, let alone he is unattractive. She would rather do with it Romano if she had a choice.

"You two are going to do it together"

"What? Oh no-no you can forget that!"

"Jesus! I'm not going there, no way!"

"Then I'll just have to shoot you both" The guy tuts shaking his head and rubs his gun against his cheek.

"Well I guess we have no choice then?" Susan surrenders.

"So why you want us to do it? Are you some kind of pervert?" Abby sneered.

"No... but they are" The man turns and points to the mirror.

They both frown when they focus at the mirror, looking into it.

"Is this a mirror that you can see in from the other side?" says the blonde tucking her hair behind her ear.

The man nods his head with a creeping smirk on the side of his mouth.

"Oh you can forget it!" Abby shouts waving her arms.

The man thrusts his gun to Abby's temple and cocks it to load it. "You wanna die?"

"No" She gasped

"Then do it!" he snapped, the man put his hand in his pocket. "What you have to do in order to stay alive - We expect you to have sex like you would do with man. If you fail to do it properly, we will shoot you"

"You are telling that I have to go down on my friend?" Susan asked pulling a face.

"Gee thanks Susan, " says Abby looking at her friend shuddering. "I didn't know I was that bad?"

"Oh no I didn't mean it like that, you're pretty but you're not my type" She chuckles nervously.

"You're not mine either!" says the brunette, gently folding her arms, turning her away in a huff.

"I guess I'll leave you hot bitches to it" The man walks to the door to leave the room; he locks the door behind him.

The two of them, watch him leave and then they look at each other in the eye, like two contenders...contemplating...

Are they going to do it?

Chapter 3 - Ripples

The waterbed rippled and quivered with waves, back and forth when Susan nervously climbs to lie on top of tensed Abby. The uneven movements of the bed make their naked bodies jerk all over the place that made Susan giggle and Abby laughed out loud, eased the awkwardness of the boundary they wouldn't ever normally pass. This moment is the matter of life or death for them. We all have to make sacrifices in life.

Susan stops humoring herself, she looks at her friend with her serious "boss" look. She studies the brunettes beautiful face and the amazing pout of hers, then leans down to give a soft sensual kiss, then moves back, moves in to let their lips meet again. Abby trembling opens her mouth to let the blonde slip her tongue inside to explore. She can taste the nicotine lingered in Abby's mouth; she can taste the fruitiness from the non-alcoholic cocktail and Abby can taste Susan's sweetness from her Coke.

Abby slips her hands round the straddling blonde's waist and runs them up and down her back. Susan arched her back; Abby's soft gentle stroking touch gives a tingling sensation, and reaches up to kiss her neck, Susan smells wonderful with that perfume lingering on her sternum. Abby plants soft kiss across her collarbone, down the cleavage and cups one of her breast. She traces her tongue round the areola and gently bites the nipple bud. Susan runs her fingers through Abby's long silky dark hair; grasps a handful and pulls her closer to kiss again. Her blonde hair falls on to Abby's face, the loose strands tickling her cheek. The petite brunette grips Susan waist and pushes her onto her back. The waterbed bounced again she can see her breasts wobbling with the rhythm and lets out a snigger at the sight. She traces her fingers nervously along Susan's soft navel and daringly slips her hand into her undies. She doesn't want to go there, compulsory to keep the assailants happy. Abby opens her mouth in shock as she feels Susan's swollen clit and gasps "Susan!" she is highly aroused and grins at the brunette. Her friend's arousal had heightened Abby's sexual feelings and made confident to go ahead and carries on massages the blonde's womanhood, she lets out moans on every stroke Abby makes.

The two beautiful women form unison in a 69 position. Susan wraps her mouth round Abby's clit, licking and sucking it. The brunette lifts her head up, rolls her eyes and lets out a moan. Susan can do better than all the men she's been with, maybe a woman know where to hit the spot like Abby slips her finger into the blondes core and hits her G-spot straight away. Susan lets out a pleasurable yelp "Oh my god! Ah huh!" and keeps pumping her fingers in to her until Susan can't cope anymore, she puts her hand on her friends arm to stop her "No one ever done that, hit it at first attempt ugh!" The compliment has put a smile on Abby's face and carries on.


"Yeah?" Moaning out load

"Do remember that we're being watched?"

"Oh Abby! Do you have to spoilt the moment?" The blonde gets up and flips Abby on to her back, again the bed jerked with ripples. "Your turn!" She slips her hand in her core to hit her G-spot as a payback and with her free hand she massages her small pert breast.

"Ugh! Aah" She screamed gripping the bed sheet as Susan pumps away.

They give one last kiss after they've exploded with their orgasms.

They travelled in silence in the back of the car with a sense of relief that they are taken back in one piece. The car pulls up to the same spot where they taken earlier.

"You can go now," The man grunted tapping his hand on the steering wheel.

They step out of the car on to the sidewalk. They watch the car quickly drive off. Abby looks down and spots her lighter near the kerb, must have fallen out when she was pushed. She bends over to reach for it and looks at it, still in one piece.

"Where the hell you guys had been?" Chuny rushed to them "We've all been worried"

"Oh we've had ride," Susan answered and looks at the brunette who mouths the innuendo "a ride" She lights up her cigarette, takes a long draw and looks at Susan.

"I knew there was something missing" She blows out the smoke and shows the blonde her cigarette "My post-coital smoke..."

The End

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