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Cooking Notes: I have referred to a couple of cooking terms in past chapters that have confused people, so I am going to clear some things up here. I refer to a micro brew beer that I was very fond of in college, Abita Beer. It is a brew that is a favorite in parts of the south, but especially in Louisiana. There is a brew called Purple Haze along with some other great flavors. If you get a chance to try it do it's a wonderful beer. The web site is There is a section about proofing breads, that refers to the final rise a bread product goes through before it's baked. The TURDUCKEN is a Louisiana product that simply explained is a: stuffed de-boned chicken, stuffed inside a de-boned duck, stuffed inside a de-boned turkey. Usually rice dressing is layered between the birds and then it is baked. It sounds a bit frankensteiny I know but it is wonderful.
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Kerry Weaver's Bedroom 6:30am Thanksgiving Morning Sara loved Kerry's bathroom with all the white and black tiles and chrome, it was large and the crowning glory was the tub and shower. The shower was a stand-alone glass encased stall that doubled as a steam chamber; the tub was a whirlpool big enough for two. As Sara stood under the hot spray she smiled remembering the events of the night before, Jen had stayed late into the evening giving away all Sara's secrets, as old lovers will do. There were times Jen had Sara and Kerry in tears as her natural storytelling ability took over and she entertained. When Kerry and Sara walked her to the door Kerry invited Jen and her parents over the next day for the party, that act of including her pseudo-family made Sara happy. About a month ago when she had called her Mother to invite the entire Walker clan to the party her mother had been sweet but firm in her refusal of the invitation. She cited their own version of the party and the fact that her brother's wife had just given birth to their third boy and therefore the baby was still too young to travel. Sara had gotten her mother's less than subtle hint; it was fine if she was gay and in a relationship just don't bring it into the family. That was fine with Sara, she talked to her sister and brothers and their families and they loved her no matter what. She could live with her Mother's ways even though they hurt. Sara had been awake for hours; the alarm was set for seven but even as a child she could not sleep on the eve of major holidays. Christmas was a given, she never slept the night before Christmas, but Memorial Day? Her sister and brothers had given her grief about this since she was a child but she had always been a holiday girl and that wasn't about to change now. About four am she had gone down into the kitchen and pulled the breads to let them proof, she fired up the ovens and made sure that the temps were set for the birds. The desserts were all on her and Sara put all the final touches on the cakes: Red Velvet, Chocolate Decadence and her special Carrot cake. The pies were all in the fridge ready to go into the ovens all filled and waiting, she had taken a mini poll at both the Oaks and the ER to find what was traditional for all who were coming. The poll said that she had to make Pumpkin, Sweet Potato Praline, Praline, Apple Crumb, Queen Anne Cherry and Mincemeat. When she looked up at the clock it read 6:30 she glanced around the kitchen and realized that everything was ready and waiting. Now with an hour to spare before the alarm broke the silence she found herself ahead of the game. She climbed up the stairs and softly padded through the bedroom, not wanting to wake Kerry. Slowly pushing the door closed with a soft click she climbed into the shower and now forty-five minutes later she was relaxed and just wanted to curl around Kerry and wake her up slowly. Grabbing a fuzzy white bathsheet she scrubbed her relatively short hair and looked in the mirror, the toll of the last week showed around her eyes a bit but the last couple of days had erased some of the worry lines that had been there earlier. Wrapping the bathsheet around her she eased into the bedroom and walked to the bed, shutting off the alarm with two minutes to spare, staring down at the sleeping form tangled in the sheets. Sara wanted everything to be perfect for today and as she walked to the window she hoped that the fickle Chicago weather had held, pulling back the curtains she was greeted by snow. Oh my god, snow like this was never a problem back home, hell Thanksgiving Day was almost shorts weather, she thought. Sara leaned her head onto the cold pane of glass and stared wondering if this was a sign of impending disaster. She said a small prayer that she would not end up carting all the food back to The Oaks and having turkey on the special menu for the next week. Watching the snow for a couple of minutes she saw that it was big fat flakes, from her years in Vermont she knew that it was the easy kind of snow. Turning back to the bed she did a quick review in her head and realized that the first person would not be there until ten thirty, dropping the towel Sara slid between the sheets. Nestling up to Kerry's back she marveled at the amount of body heat she produced. Sara had teased her calling her her own little personal space heater. Wrapping her arms around Kerry's body she nuzzled the back of her neck nibbling and mapping the soft skin with her tongue. Sara deftly ran he hand from shoulder to thigh and back again, raising goosebumps on the lightly freckled skin. Whispering softly in Kerry's ear slowly brought her awake, that and Sara's hand on her breast.
"Mmmm, who are you?" Kerry smiled and croaked as she kept her eyes closed, her body writhing closer to Sara.
"I hope you know who this is, if you don't I'm not doing this right." Sara teased kissing her cheek. "Good morning, babe. Happy Thanksgiving." Kerry laughed a sound Sara never tired of, "Happy Thanksgiving? I love the way you love holidays."
"You think this is big wait till Christmas and Mardi Gras," Sara grinned, "I go all out for those. The fact is this Thanksgiving I have something to be thankful for."
Kerry turned her head and captured Sara's lips in a kiss that said all she couldn't, pulling away from Sara she softly whispered, "me too." "What time is it?"
"About 7:20."
"Oh God we're late." Kerry started, trying to de-tangle herself from Sara's embrace.
"Wait baby we're ahead of schedule, I've been up since four putting the final touches on the buffet." Sara said pulling Kerry back to her. "What? I didn't even realize you were gone." She said a puzzled frown creasing her face.
"Kerry, after Jen left you were out on your feet. You wouldn't have noticed if there had been an earthquake. I mean I'm a deep sleeper but my god woman you were snoring." She laughed.
"I do not snore!" Kerry giggled.
"Don't snore?!? Oh my God, Yes you do!" Sara laughed harder. Pulling Kerry's face to her she kissed the tip of her nose, "but I love it, you snore so loudly at times that it shakes the bed, it's like having my own version of magic fingers." Sara laughed burying her face in Kerry's hair. Kerry was laughing along with her and it took a few moments for the two to regain their composure. "If we are ahead of schedule may I ask why in hell did you wake me up so early?"

"I thought that was obvious?" Sara smiled before leaning down and kissing Kerry, her hands tracing down her torso. One hand resting in the small of Kerry's back pulled her closer. The kiss deepened and grew hungry as the passion they felt came to the surface. Kerry broke the kiss panting and kissing her way to Sara's neck mimicking her earlier movements. Leaning her head back opening her throat to her lover she reveled in the sensations that washed over her body, Kerry seemed to be able to read her at every turn. Sara had tried to keep secrets but soon found that the stare of those green eyes on hers made Sara want to open herself up to anything and everything this woman had to offer. Kerry shivered as Sara drew her fingers up the inside of her thigh teasing the soft skin, she teased Kerry drawing closer to her at every pass but never coming close to the place Kerry wanted her touch the most. Sara moved her lips down to Kerry's again pulling her into a burning kiss, sweeping her tongue into the heat of her mouth. They danced like that for awhile letting the need grow. "Please." Was all she said and with that simple request Sara slowly entered her making it last. Moving together they let a rhythm build that took them over the crest. They came back down to reality and each other slowly. Kerry tucked into Sara's body felt safer than she had in a long time and at that moment she knew that the surprise she had planned for Sara later in the day was the right thing. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Abby and Tim were the first to arrive, Sara was surprised to see them getting out of Tim's car and made a mental note to tease Abby mercilessly about it later. While Abby and Kerry took charge of the buffet lay out and decoration, Tim and Sara manned the kitchen. When the guests started to arrive at 11:30 the dining room table was packed end to end with food, the turkeys and turducken hot from the oven. Kerry greeted the guests and welcomed them to the party; she was a bit astonished at the amount of people from the hospital who came. As Sara carved the turkey and turducken she greeted her staff and the people she had come to know at Kerry's ER. The house filled with the sounds of children as the nurses, doctors and her staff brought their families. As Sara played with the kids Kerry watched her from the den a smile on her face. Taking a break from the children and her carving duties Sara walked into the kitchen finding Kerry and Abby deep in conversation. "Am I interrupting or would you two rather be alone?" She said coming up behind Kerry wrapping her arms around her waist. "Not at all, Abby was just telling me how wonderful everyone thinks this is. Donald Anspaugh wants to know where to get a turducken," Kerry laughed, "I don't think he believed me when I told him what it was." "I'll go talk to him in a bit and give him some numbers where he can order one. I'm having a blast, are you doing okay?" "Yeah, it's fun to see people outside of work. God I never thought I'd hear myself say that." Kerry laughed.
The doorbell chimed and Abby went to greet a new set of guests. "Are you sure you're okay?" Sara asked, she knew that Kerry had been a little spooked about this idea. The thought of bringing the people who worked with her into her personal life scared her, but watching her today she saw a side of Kerry that was wonderful. The caring side that wanted her staff to know she thought about their well being.
"I'm great." Kerry smiled and softly kissed Sara, the kiss went on and neither of them noticed when Abby walked back into the kitchen with people trailing behind her.
"Hey you two break it up." She laughed, "you have some people who want to say hello."
Sara looked up to find Jen and her parents standing in the doorway smiling. "Oh my God! Max, Bo it's wonderful to see you!" Sara cried as she bolted over to hug them both.
Max, after hugging her close, held her at arm length. "It's a good thing I moved here, a few more months and you would have been skin and bone, where's this doctor whose supposed to be so good for you?" Sara turned to catch Kerry grinning at her; "I'm right here Mrs. Comeaux." She said walking over and extending her hand; "I'm Kerry Weaver." Max ignored the hand and drew Kerry into a hug that went on for days, finally releasing her she looked Kerry up and down then turned to her husband "We have to fatten these two up Bo they look like they never eat." "Excuse my wife," Bo Comeaux said shaking Kerry's hand "you would think she would be happy bossing around the kids she has but no, she's always looking for adoptees." He laughed.
"Momma Max and Daddy Bo are like my second parents," Sara said "let's get y'all some food." Guiding them into the dining room she left Jen, Kerry and Abby in the kitchen.
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The party was in full swing, the men gathered in the den watching football, the women playing with the children and talking. This was the way Sara remembered her childhood happy voices filling the house enjoying food and company, she stood in the doorway to the kitchen watching the scene wishing her family could be a part of her life here. The doorbell rang and as she went to answer she caught sight of Kerry and Abby deep in conversation once again. Opening the door she was greeted by Sandy Lopez and Kim Legaspi laughing. "Hi, come on in." Sara said welcoming them into the foyer taking their coats. "Sorry if we're late, I kidnapped Kim this morning from the hospital and took her to my sisters for Thanksgiving brunch. They eat early and then go to my brother-in-laws parents for the rest of the day." "Not a problem, people have been coming and going all day. I'm glad y'all could make it."
"Sara, thank you for this." Kim softly said. "Kerry and I have had our problems but I want that in the past and you inviting us here today is such a big step." "It's a big step for all of us but I hope that we can all be friends, I know that Kerry loves you both and I love her and want to see her happy." Sandy and Kim smiled as Kerry came up to the group welcoming the new guests. Sara went in search of Abby wanting to know what she and Kerry were discussing earlier, she checked with Tim and he didn't know. Looking around she saw John and went to him.
"Hey John have you seen Abby?"
"Yeah, she borrowed my car about twenty minutes ago and left. She said something about forgetting a package at her place and that she would be back soon." "Oh okay, How is everything?"
"Sara it's great! I don't think I've ever seen Kerry this relaxed, everyone is saying that this is a new side of her." "I don't know about a new side, that side was always there I think she's just happier now. Who's your date?" She grinned. "Ah, not my date," John blushed "just a good friend. Maggie Doyle meet Sara Walker."
Maggie turned to greet Sara shaking her hand; "so this is the woman who tamed the she wolf of the ER?" she laughed.
"Both John and Sara broke out into laughter at the nickname Kerry had been tagged with years ago.
"Tamed? I didn't know that was possible in Kerry's case, I think we kind of tamed each other."
The three stood talking chatting about the two hospitals they worked at and the restaurants that were hot in Chicago at the moment. The party went on around them as Sara learned more about Kerry's life before she came into the picture, John giving a detailed picture of Kerry when he lived in the basement. The early mornings accompanied by Kerry's eclectic, to say the least, musical tastes. When they had first started seeing each other Kerry had tried to foist one of her health drinks on Sara, one taste convinced her that Wheat grass was something she could leave out of her diet FOREVER. People drifted in and out of the conversation all sharing stories and showing Sara that Kerry was liked more than even she knew.
People continued to drift in and out of the den and dining room and by the halftime of the Illinois-Ohio State game the remaining people were the core friends of the two hostesses.
Sara was in the kitchen starting to straighten up when Abby walked in the back door.
"Hey you! Where did you sneak off to?"
Abby looked like a five-year-old, who had just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, "Uh...I forgot something at the hospital. I really needed it so I went and picked it up, did I miss anything?" "Hospital? Carter said you were going to your apartment?" A frown crossing her face.
"Oh, yeah that's right sorry it was my place, I was in a hurry and went by the hospital too." Abby smiled, "Where's Kerry?" "Last time I saw her she was talking to Kim." Jen said walking into the kitchen holding a couple of bottles of Purple Haze Brew. "I brought you something from home." She said handing a bottle to Sara. " Honey, Abita Purple Haze I haven't had one in ages." Sara took a long pull closing her eyes and savoring the flavor of the brew that got her through college in Baton Rouge.
"I'm gonna find Kerry, I'll be back in a few minutes to help you straighten up, okay?
"Cool beans." Sara said as Abby made her way into the den. Jen watched her leave and turning back to Sara she grinned, "that one has a few hearts on her sleeve. I bet she cuts a path through the ER." "Yeah she used to date Luka, you met him earlier and she has flirted with Carter since she started in the ER, but the girls love her too. I think she is oblivious to them. Kerry and I joked about setting her up but it was just joking."
"Too bad, I wouldn't mind a date." Jen laughed. "Jeez, Comeaux you never change!" Sara laughed hooking a arm around Jens shoulders pulling her close, "thanks for being here today. It means a lot to have you, Max and Bo with me."
Jen pulled back kissing Sara on the cheek, "for you babe anything." "Sara!" Kerry's voice called out from the den; "can you come in here?" Sara wiped her hands on the kitchen towel she had tucked into her apron and made her way to the room that held all their friends and family. "What's going on?" She asked as she saw everyone turned facing Kerry, Sara was handed a glass of champagne.
"I just wanted to propose a toast to this wonderful group of people and this wonderful day. Would everyone raise a glass: I want to thank all of you for gracing this house with your presence today it means a lot to us both. This past year has been one of many changes for the ER and for me personally, I have to say I was surprised that they were handled so well by my staff. In fact I think they handled it better than I did at times." Kerry laughed. "The biggest change for me is finding Sara. Those of you at the hospital have welcomed her, and the staff at the Oaks has welcomed me. We are both blessed with people who love and care about us. I want to raise my glass to Sara and Tim who made this day happen, and to many more like it."
Kerry and Sara touched their glasses and drank as the assembled toasted along with them. "One more thing, I want to ask Sara a question," Kerry said turning to the room, taking Sara's glass and putting it down beside hers. "I realize I am putting you on the spot here, but you told me how your dad proposed to your mom and it gave me an idea." Kerry took Sara's left hand in hers and slowly slipped a plain gold band on her finger, "I love you and I want to have you in my life forever."
Sara couldn't believe this; she looked into Kerry's eyes and seeing nothing but love she whispered "Yes."
The room burst into applause and Sara wrapped her arms around Kerry's shoulders kissing her softly whispering "I love you." People crowded around them offering congratulations and hugs, when Abby hugged her Sara asked, "did you have anything to do with this?" "Where do you think I was this afternoon, I forgot the ring at my place and Kerry almost skinned me. I didn't know she was gonna do this today, in fact I don't think she knew. She decided this morning and sent me off on my little treasure hunt." Abby laughed.
The rest of the afternoon was spent eating drinking and having a wonderful time. When the last guest had left Sara and Kerry stood in the middle of the den surveying the damage. "We have a ton of work to do but I don't think I can lift a finger," Sara said flopping down on the couch. "I just want to sit here and watch the fire."
"That can be arranged," Kerry said settling down beside her. Kerry took her hand and traced the ring that was a new addition to the finger. "Do you forgive me for ambushing you?"
"I couldn't have asked for a better way to have celebrated today, I want you to know that love you and consider it an honor that you want to be with me." Kerry drew Sara's face to her kissing the lips that had become her favorite place in the world.