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             Part III PG-13
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             Part V R Angst Warning

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Sunday Night

Sara Walker's Bedroom

She always felt stupid after she cut herself; it was as if her ability to cook had been called into question. After the debacle at the restaurant and the following moments at the hospital all Sara wanted to do was go home crawl into bed and shut out the world. She still worried about the past, more specifically Kerry's past, and when it confronted her she caved. The fact that she had invited Kim and Sandy to Thanksgiving didn't mean the voices stopped nagging.

She watched as Kim looked back at Kerry and saw what was in her eyes. Regret. Kerry was holding her hand and softly talking to her,

"Baby let me sign some paperwork for you and we can go home."

"I want to go to my place."

"That's fine, let me just get this done and we can go."

"I want to go home alone, Kerry"

A ghost of a frown crossed her face,

"You need help Sara, you need to come home with me."

" No, it's just a cut, I didn't do any damage. I'll be fine."

Kerry stared at Sara willing herself to be able to read her mind, when Sara wanted to she could be as tough as Kerry and it seemed that tonight the tough Sara was going to make an appearance. Kerry didn't want to fight; she just wanted to make sure Sara would be fine alone. As she walked out of the room she willed herself to give Sara the space that she seemed or wanted to need. Kerry walked up to the admit desk and found Luka, checking out if the pain meds that Sara was on would be okay taken if she was alone. He assured her that they were mild and that she should have no problems, she would probably sleep through most of the next day. After signing some papers and getting clean scrubs for Sara she returned to the room,

"Sara, wake up and get changed, I can take you home."

A hazel eye peeked through a silted eyelid and muttered "Home?"

Kerry thought with a laugh "the drugs have kicked in." She helped Sara get into the scrubs and into a wheelchair, Luka came in to help them to the car parked in the ambulance bay.

"Sara take care of the hand and call me if you have any problems."

"I will, thanks Luka." Sara said half out from the painkillers. There was a throbbing in her hand but all in all it wasn't too bad. She was alert enough to make sure Kerry took her to her apartment and after she was settled in enough to make her leave. After a very hot shower, somehow negotiating getting clean with a bag over her hand, she got dressed and crawled into bed feeling very alone. She couldn't be with Kerry tonight. She felt like a fool, not just because of the cut, but because of a lot of things. Passing out in front of Legaspi, injured in front of Lopez, AGAIN, scaring Kerry. She had always been the strong half of the relationship; she was the one who took care of the other person, the nurturer. Now the tables were turned and she didn't know how to handle it. This thing they had, she and Kerry, was like a hothouse plant or so she thought. They had a pretty easy time of it up until now. Sara's last girlfriend was in London and they were still friends. Kerry's old girlfriends were out of her life, or had been until now. They had cruised through this relationship and over the hard parts it seemed. Now that it was so good and she was in love, as she'd never been. Now it was going to get hard? Sara had, against her rational mind, fallen in love with this woman, and now that she was in love she didn't want to get hurt. Thoughts unbidden pummeled her brain until she drifted off into unconsciousness.

She ached and the ache wouldn't go away, the painkillers weren't working. She didn't want to take anymore for fear of side effects but she needed relief. Sara slowly got dressed and cursing herself the whole time got into the car and drove to Kerry's. She let herself in with her key and made her way to Kerry's room, a light played into the hall as she got to the door. More than anything she needed comfort, Sara knew that Kerry's arms were her comfort from the world. She stripped and slid into the bed next to a sleeping Kerry. Nestling her body next to the warm form she relaxed and slept. Somewhere in her dreams she felt arms encircle her and she smiled.

Kerry Weaver's Bedroom

Monday Afternoon

When she woke the sun was streaming through the window, natures alarm clock her mother had always called it. Sara felt, as she had as a child, if it's natures alarm clock where's the snooze button? She stretched, working out the kinks in her spine, and then the throb that had become her thumb made its presence known. Looking at the clock she realized that it was past noon, shocked at the time she jumped out of bed and started to get dressed. The phone rang shattering the silence of the house.

"Hello, Weaver residence"

"Sara, what's wrong you sound out of breath?" Kerry asked.

"It's 1:20 Kerry I have to get to the restaurant, I'm late."

"It's Monday Sara, the restaurant's closed" Kerry giggled "I bet your standing in the middle of the bedroom with one leg of your jeans on trying to find you shoes" Kerry laughed at the mental picture.

Sara let out a long breath and laughed

"I'll have you know I know where my shoes are, what I can't find are my jeans. Where are you?"

"I'm at Fresh Fields getting groceries. I wanted to know if you needed anything?"

"I planned on going shopping tomorrow when we went to get the turkeys."

"I know, only I realized when I got up I needed some essentials. Oh, Tim called and said that everything went fine after you left last night. He'll pick up all the things you talked about, so take the time and recover. He also said don't expect to get out of anything on Wednesday, Slacker."

Sara laughed at their nickname for each other and asked "are you on your way home?"

"I've got to check in at the hospital, then I will be yours until Friday."

"Good because it's my turn to be chief, I'll see you in a while."

"Okay, I'll be home soon, love ya."

"Love you too."

As she hung up the phone and sat down on the edge of the bed she wondered if this was all a dream.


Sara heard the door open and bags being dropped in the foyer, getting out of bed and going to help she encountered a snowy Kerry.

"You look like a red headed Frosty the Snowman." She said giggling.

"Well about an hour after I talked to you a freak storm blew in off the lake and it has been snowing ever since. I was in the ER when it hit and got sucked into helping with the traumas that came in."

Helping Kerry off with her coat and picking up the bags to take them to the kitchen she asked,

"Were any of them bad?"

"No minor really, just a lot all at once." Kerry said following Sara to the kitchen.

Setting the bags down on the island prep area Sara began to put things away, while Kerry made some tea.

"Kerry? Do you love me?"

Kerry froze, teabag in mid air,

"Do I what?

"Do you love me?" Sara said softly not turning around.

"Do I love you, where did this come from Sara? You know I love you."

"You loved Kim, she still loves you Kerry."

Kerry moved behind Sara turning her around she said, "No she doesn't."

"I saw her face when she walked out of the trauma room last night, she's still in love with you and I don't know how to compete with that."

"You don't have to compete."

"Kerry you want to be friends with Sandy and Kim that's fine, but it might take me a while to process the why." Tears welled in Sara's eyes as she gave voice to the black thoughts that were in her head. Kerry looked as if she had been punched, she opened her mouth to quiet Sara's flow of words, but she realized that she had to say this. "I look at Legaspi and see a gorgeous, intelligent, funny woman and I have to wonder if she wasn't enough for you how can I be." She waited till Sara finished and she gathered her into her arms, she whispered into Sara's ear

"You are more than anything Kim ever was to me, I was scared of my own shadow when I was with her. I ruined that. I am a different person now thanks to you."

Kerry pulled back from the embrace slightly to look into Sara's eyes

"I want you to hear this, I love you. Kim is past, Sandy is past, WE have a future."

Kerry softly kissed Sara and as she deepened the kiss Kerry followed. The taste of Kerry and the words she said fueled a passion that she couldn't keep at bay. She reveled in the softness of Kerry's lips.

"I can get crazy at times, maybe we need to keep Kim around just for professional reasons." Sara said as she broke away from Kerry's mouth to trace a line of kisses down her neck.

"All I know is that she likes you." Kerry sighed.

"What?" Sara stopped her progression southward to look at Kerry's face. "She what?"

"I saw her at the hospital and she asked how you were, we got to talking about you and she said that she liked you. She thought you were funny and sweet."

"Great I'm a puppy." Sara groaned as Kerry laughed. She rested her head on the small redheads' shoulder and giggled. The giggles faded as Kerry wound a hand into her hair cupping the back of her head she pulled her in for a scorching kiss, all tongue and teeth. Nipping at her lips then soothing with her tongue she backed Sara up to the island. One of the beautiful things about Sara was the fact they were almost the same height. Kerry pressed her body to Sara's and was rewarded with a low groan. Moving her mouth to her ear Kerry ran her tongue around the rim causing Sara to shiver, Kerry laughed

"You like that?" Nibbling on her earlobe.

"Yeah...oh God"

Kerry's hands seemed to be everywhere, in her hair, on her face but when she found Sara's breast and Sara arched into her touch she knew she was home. Sara sought out Kerry's lips and drawing her into a kiss that seemed to last for days, she started to unbutton Kerry's shirt. Finally rid of the royal blue silk she could feel Kerry's skin, her hand went to the flat stomach as her other strayed to the hip to pull her even closer. Kerry's hands were divesting her of her clothes as fast as humanly possible, when her bra hit the floor Kerry started to kiss her way down Sara's neck and shoulders until she reached her breasts. Slowly almost torturing she ran the tip of her tongue around the nipple barely touching. Then without warning she engulfed it with her tongue and teeth. Sara bit down on a scream as a bolt of desire shot through her and she felt herself grow even wetter. Her head thrown back against nothing she felt Kerry opening the fly on her jeans, the buttons didn't seem to want to give. Kerry tugged until they all came loose in a rush and she slipped her hand into the warmth of Sara. Kerry pulled her mouth from Sara's breast as she looked into eyes shrouded with equal parts love and lust.

"What do you want?"


"You have me, what do you want right now?"

"Inside me...please...inside. I need to feel you." Sara growled her voice raw.

Kerry slid a finger into Sara, then added another. The only thought in her mind was `so wet and so hot'. Sara ground against Kerry's invading fingers welcoming them with her body. Feeling them stretch and touch places she had kept hidden. Kerry's thumb found her clit and a shock of excitement tore through her as she circled it and stroked it in time with her thrusts. Sara was on the verge of coming undone; Kerry snaked her arm around Sara's waist and pulled her even closer. As she felt the first wave of Sara's orgasm break she met the scream on her lips with a kiss.

She held her body to body as heartbeats slowed and breath returned and the power of speech was restored.

Sara brushed the hair out of Kerry's eyes and lifted her face to meet her eyes.

"You know that was better than the painkillers, I haven't felt the pain in my hand for a while." She giggled softly kissing her.

"I don't think what we just did is established medical procedure for relief of pain, but maybe I could do a study." Kerry said between kisses.

"I'll volunteer to be your lab rat." Sara said as nuzzled into Kerry's neck.

"I'll bet you will"

As they held each other both knew that they had each found their anchor, whatever storms came their way.