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Too Many Cooks

Part 3

November 17th

Sunday Morning

Kerry Weaver's Kitchen

Sara loved this kitchen, it was roomy, warm and it had more toys than hers. The last thing she wanted to do this morning was clean up, but after last night she owed Kerry a clean kitchen and an easy morning. It had taken everything she had to pull herself out of that warm bed that held Kerry's warm body, but she needed the space. Things had been said last night and barriers had been torn down, it was as if they were starting fresh. Sara had realized the depth of what she felt for Kerry and it scared her. She didn't know why she was feeling this way, this is what she had been looking for for so long, and now presented with it she felt overwhelmed. Trying to block out the nagging voices in her head she turned on Morning Edition and listened as "The Puzzle Guy" Wil Shortz and Lee Ann Hanson tried to help a guy from Ann Arbor figure out a word puzzle. At the touch of Kerry's hands on the small of her back she jumped

"Oh God, Kerry you scared me" Sara said. Kerry taken back by the reaction held up her hands,

"Sorry, too cold?"

"No", Sara said, pulling Kerry into a hug, "Just lost in thought. Good Morning"

Snuggling into Sara's arms Kerry mumbled "Mornin', you sleep ok?"

Laughing and pulling away a fraction she looked at her "Sleep, who had a chance to sleep, seems there was a little redheaded ER doc in my bed that wouldn't take no for an answer last night."

Kerry grinned and blushed.

"But that's okay, cause I don't think I coulda said no last night." Sara ran a hand through Kerry's copper hair and smiled "Hungry?"

"A little, I just wanted to read the paper and relax till you have to go in. I planned on going into the ER and get some paperwork done so the day won't be wasted."

"Kerry you live there already, take the day for yourself and stay home" Sara said as she broke the hug and headed towards the fridge to start breakfast.

"If I want to take the Thanksgiving day I have to get everything caught up so Romano stays happy, I don't want that little Napoleon to have any reason to bitch. Do you have to go to the market this morning?

"No Tim went and picked up the order. I don' t have to be in the kitchen till about 2 this afternoon, that gives us a while to be slugs."

Sara fired up the Vulcan stove and started making Smoked Salmon and Bourisan Cheese omelets, while Kerry went and retrieved the Sun Times from the stoop. With the bagels toasted, the espresso made and the breakfast laid out they sat across from each other as they read the paper and ate. Sara looked over at Kerry engrossed in the financial section and wondered when the other shoe was going to drop. She had to stop thinking this way. Kerry loved her. She loved Kerry. But that little voice in her head kept saying Something's gonna happen.


With the morning winding down Sara went upstairs to take a shower and Kerry sat still reading the paper in the den. Kerry had planned on telling Sara all about Kim and Sandy last night, but when she walked through the door and was greeted in such a passionate fashion all those plans flew out the window. Now came the hard part, how do you tell the person you love that the two people who changed your life are back in it. Kerry had meant what she said to Kim about not avoiding things any more. She was out at work, she had faced up to her role in the Marfan's case, she accepted Chen back she was past being scared about what could come around every corner. So why was she terrified about this? Part of the terror was the fact that she wanted to invite Kim and Sandy to Thanksgiving, she had invited all of the ER and some of the Administration at the hospital. To not invite Kim would be proving that she was avoiding her. In Sandy's case she wanted to repair a broken friendship, she had learned a lot from her brief time with her. Kerry had never met someone so proud and confident before, they had truly had fun together and Kerry didn't want to lose that. She also didn't want to put Sara in the same position she had been when she met Kate and Christie. She had to tell Sara of her plans. She put the paper down and made her way upstairs to change. As she walked into her room she saw the bathroom door open and heard Sara singing "I am a painter, I live in a box of paints..." Kerry broke into a grin as she remembered the first time Sara had heard the Joni Mitchell song "A Case of You".

May 2nd

When Kerry had called all she said was dress " nice" they were going to have fun tonight. It was their 5th date and Kerry picked Sara up at her place. When she got to the door she was not prepared for what greeted her. Up to this point she had seen Sara in her whites and casual clothes, she had never seen her dressed for a "REAL" date as Sara had jokingly put it. This night was special for Kerry it was the first time she had picked Sara up at her apartment. It had become routine for Kerry to stop by the Oaks and have a glass of whatever with Sara after a long shift. Sara had even stopped by the hospital and they had gone to Doc Magoo's for lunch, but as for a REAL date this was a first. When Sara opened the door Kerry lost the power of speech, the only thing that came into her head was "Damn she cleans up great." Sara stood in the doorway in your basic little black dress. She stared at Kerry for a moment and then started to giggle.

"Kerry, close your mouth it's me Sara." She laughed

Shaking her head as if to jumpstart her brain "I know, I'm sorry I just wasn't expecting.... This."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"Do, you look fantastic."

"As do you, Dr Weaver." Sara touched Kerry's face brushing the backs of her fingers over the cheek she loved to touch and cupping her hand around the back of Kerry's head she kissed her hello. Kerry felt herself drawn into Sara's kiss and surrendered gladly, this was the beginning she had wanted for this evening. With a whimper Sara broke off the kiss, touching foreheads together she looked into Kerry's eyes.

"Where are we going for dinner, because if we don't leave here RIGHT now we won't leave at all"

"I thought we'd go to Charlie Trotters and then to hear some music at this little club Peter Benton told me about."

Unable to let go of Sara, but knowing if she kissed her again the evening would be shot Kerry softly said,

"Is that alright with you?"

With her eyes closed Sara nodded her head and lightly kissed Kerry before pulling away and getting her wrap. Turning off the lights Kerry watched Sara gather up her things and lock the door. When she turned, Kerry took her hand as they walked to the elevator.

Dinner was spectacular and the music was the best jazz, smooth and daring. But neither of the women who sat at the table was really listening. Sara leaned over to Kerry and whispered in her ear

"Let's get out of here, okay?"

As they walked to Kerry's car Sara was quiet. Kerry not knowing what to say opened her door and let her in. As she got into her side she was faced with the age old question "Your place or mine", but before she could ask, Sara found her hand in the dark. Staring straight ahead she whispered

"Take me home Kerry."

She must have felt Kerry tense because she added "Your home."

Twenty of the longest minutes of her life later they sat on the couch of Kerry's den. Joni Mitchell in the background, they sat holding their wineglasses like shields. Both not knowing how to proceed, both not wanting to brake the silence, then "A Case of You" came on and Sara listening to the lyrics softly smiled And said,

"That is how I feel about you Kerry"


"I wasn't looking for you, you found me. You're in my blood now and I'm a little scared of where this might lead."

"It will lead wherever it takes us."

With that Sara softly kissed Kerry and breathed "Then lead on"


Kerry breathed in sharply at the memory and slowly made her way to the door of the bathroom, Sara was out of the shower, drying her hair.

"Honey?" Kerry said, "Can I invite a couple of more people to Thanksgiving?

"Sure Kerry, more people from the County?"

"Well, one is from County, the other is from outside the hospital."

"Not a problem, who is it?"

"Kim Legaspi and Sandy Lopez."

The only thing that came to Sara's brain was "THUNK, there went the other shoe."