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Part 2 R

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Kerry didn't think it was possible that this night could get any weirder, but she had obviously guessed wrong. The radio crackled to life as it announced an EMS rig had a 5-minute ETA with a suicide attempt on board.

"Is the patient conscious?" Kerry said into the mike

"Conscious, yes. Sane, well if you consider the fact he considers himself Spiderman, no" a voice shot back.

Kerry grabbed Abby as she passed by the admit desk.

"Call psych and have and a consult waiting when this guy rolls through the doors, I don't want things getting backed up here".

Abby nodded as she walked to Exam 2 and handed off the meds to Carter before she picked up the phone.

"We need a consult in the ER on a flyer, ETA? 3 minutes"

Carter looks up for the leg lac he is suturing, "Who are they sending down?"

Abby halfway out the door to join Kerry for the incoming trauma turned and scowled "Who do I look like the amazing Kreskin? I have no idea."

As Carter watched Abby go he wondered if this would be the night Kerry and Kim would meet face to face. Carter was one of the few who knew the human side of Kerry Weaver; he had been privy to it when he rented out her basement a few years back. Kerry had stood by him in the aftermath of the attack on he and Lucy and his subsequent drug battle. He felt protective of her, but if she had known that, it would have driven Kerry crazy, so he kept it in check. Carter had met Kerry's new girl friend and he thought that she was great for her. NOT a doc, she wasn't involved in Kerry's world at all in fact. She was a chef and the closest she came to the hospital and it's confines was the cafeteria, where she and Kerry would sometimes grab a quick lunch before she had to go to prep for evening dinner service. Now, with Kim Legaspi back on staff and Kerry's outing by LT. Lopez, the day had been coming for a showdown.

The EMS bus rolled into the ambulance bay and the doors burst open reveling a gurney with a flailing patient and firefighter trying to hold him down.

"What the hell is going on here?" Kerry yelled to be heard over the patient screaming.

The firefighter lifted her head and locked eyes with Kerry.


The gleam in Sandy's eyes had nothing with what they had meant to each other it had to do with the patient that she was trying to keep from pulling the IV's out of his arms.

"DR. Weaver, I am trying to save this patient's veins from being stripped out of his arms, there are no restraints on this rig, is that ok with you?"

Kerry recovered and turned to the EMS tech and said, "Give me the bullet." As the tech ran down his obvious injuries, they wheeled him into trauma 1. Sandy continued to hold the jumper down until restraints could be put in place. As they settled into the trauma routine Sandy had a chance to get a good look at Kerry. She had not seen her this close since that night at the firehouse about 10 months ago.

"She looks good, happy" she thought "I hope that she is"

Sandy watched Kerry and Abby stabilize the patient. Finally he had calmed down enough for Kerry to able to assess his condition.

"Abby, where is that damn consult"

At that moment a tall blond woman strolled into the trauma room

"Don't get your knickers in a twist Kerry I'm here" Dr. Kim Legaspi said

Sandy watched as the unflappable Kerry Weaver was most definitely flapped.

"Ah...Kim, I didn't realize you had been called."

"The psych ward is a madhouse, pardon the pun, all of the staff is tied up so you get me. Fill me in"

Sandy took this as her cue to leave and as she walked out the door Kerry called "Sandy, wait a minute, could you".

"Sure, I'll be outside"

Sandy stepped into the hall and relaxed against the wall "Well that was Kim, I understand a lot now"

Kerry walked out of the trauma room stripping the gloves and gown off her body. She saw Sandy waiting for her and as she walked up she smiled.

"How are you?" Kerry asked

"I'm fine, you look good."

Kerry smiled "I'm better than I've been in a long time. Listen I just wanted to talk to you, I wanted to..."

Sandy overlapping her said "Look Kerry I want to...sorry you were saying?"

"No that's ok what did you want to say?"

"I just wanted to apologize for the kiss, I still think I did you a favor, but it was the wrong place"

"Sandy, you're right it was the wrong place, but it was the right thing and it turned out to be a favor"

"So, we...you and me, we're ok?"

Kerry grinned "Yeah we're fine."

Sandy looked over Kerry's shoulder to see Dr. Legaspi standing behind her trying hard not to hear the conversation. Kerry followed Sandy's gaze to Kim.

"Kim, let me introduce you. Lt. Lopez this is Dr Kim Legaspi the new Co-Chair of the Psych Dept here at county."

"It's nice to meet you Lt. Lopez" Kim said as she extended her hand.

"You too" said Sandy as she returned the handshake.

"Kerry can I talk to you a minute? Kim asked.

"Sure, Sandy thanks for waiting and for what we talked about." With that Kerry gave Sandy a quick hug and turned to Kim as Sandy went to the admit desk to sign off on her patient.

"Will he be ok?" Kerry asked.

"He'll be fine, I put a psych hold on him and we'll get him upstairs soon. I wanted to see how you are? Every time I've been called down here you aren't around."

"I've been off for a couple of days and you've only been back 6 days."

"I just wanted to make sure that you weren't avoiding me or anything."

"Kim" Kerry said, "I have gotten over avoiding things. I will not have any problem working with you I am glad you're back." Kerry looked at this woman who had changed her life so radically, she saw the relief in Kim's face and knew that it was going to be ok. Kerry turned back towards Trauma 1.

"Let me get back in there and check on Mr. Hudson and we'll get transport to get him to you soon." Kerry walked back into the room leaving Kim staring after her. She turned and walked down the hall, as she passed the admit desk a voice said

"Dr. Legaspi can I talk to you a minute?"

She turned to see the woman Kerry had introduced her to a few minutes before.

"Sure, Lt. Lopez"

"Let's go into the lounge."

As they walked into the lounge Sandy softly laughed to herself,

"Man I never had a chance."

"Excuse me?"

Sandy turned to face Kim and gestured in her direction,

"If she wouldn't come out of the closet for you, I didn't have a chance."

"Who? Kerry?" Kim asked with a laugh in her voice.

"You haven't heard about me kissing her in the ER one night?"

"About her being out? Sure. But not about someone kissing her in the ER. How painful was it to have the crutch removed?"

Sandy laughed "It was painful but not because of the crutch, we broke up after that, that was painful part."

Kim cocked an eyebrow at Sandy and said "I learned very early on never back Kerry into a corner unless you want to see her fight and she fights dirty."

Sandy laughed at the thought as Kim turned to go.

"Is she alright?" Kim asked in a small voice.

"I guess so, this is the first time I've seen her since that night. I hear she has a girlfriend."

Kim twisted around quickly "A girlfriend? Who?"

"Some chef at a restaurant in the Loop, I answered a kitchen fire call at her place last week."

"What's she like?" Kim asked suddenly interested.

"She's nice, funny, pigheaded she burned her hand trying to put out the fire with a towel and wouldn't go to the hospital. In fact she invited me to have a meal on the house, would you like to join me? I would love to compare notes on Kerry.

"Ah...sure. When?"

"What about tomorrow, I have the day off."

"My shift is over at 7 but I usually don't get out until 7:30."

"Fine, I'll pick you up here at 7:30."

They exchanged phone numbers as Kerry walked into the lounge "Sandy, I thought you had gone."

"Nope, Dr. Legaspi and I were just talking, but I need to head back to the house. Night Dr. Legaspi, Kerry I'll see you soon."

Kim turned to walk out of the lounge as Abby walked in, "Dr. Legaspi transports here to take Mr. Hudson up."

"Thanks Abby, Night Kerry."

"Night Kim"

Abby went to pour herself a cup of coffee. "Kerry are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, why?"

"I just thought seeing Sandy and Kim all at once might have been a little shocking for you."

"No, it was alright. In fact I think we are going to be able to be friends."

"With both of them?"

"Yes, Abby with both of them" Kerry laughed. "By the way what are you doing for Thanksgiving?"

"I don't know probably working, why?

"Sara and I are throwing a day long Thanksgiving Day thing and we want you there." Kerry said. "Sara gave her staff the day before and Thanksgiving Day off so she and Tim, her sous chef, are cooking. She also said that she needs kitchen help the day before so you've been volunteered."

Abby laughed "Kerry would you two stop trying to set me up."

Busted Kerry shot back "We are not trying to set you up, it's just Tim is a nice guy and he thinks you're cute, plus you know how to peel, dice and chop."

"Is anyone else from the ER going to be there?"

"Luka, John, Randi, Jing Me all said they would be there."

"Kerry, are you nuts? Luka, Carter and me in the same room with the guy you want to fix me up with? Do you want to have to treat trauma patients at your house after the fight? Abby laughed.

Smiling Kerry said "If I have to I will pat people down for weapons, but it will be a great time and we won't take no. You are coming and you will help prep the day before."

Abby saluted as Kerry made her way to the door "Yes Chief" she smiled.

"Goodnight Abby"

"Night Kerry"


Driving home had always been a difficult thing for Kerry. The adrenaline rush of her job seemed to abandon her as she drove towards a cold, dark house. Then came Sara, now her adrenaline rush spurred her on. When her shift was over now it was a sprint to see how fast she could get out of the ER while making sure everything was done. She found herself watching the clock knowing that, on most nights there was someone in that house waiting for her. How had she lucked in to this? What rainbow had she found the end of? As Trisha Yearwood sang about long slow road trips and Mexico, Kerry barely watched the road willing the traffic to move faster.

Pulling up and parking in front of the townhouse she smiled lights blazed from within. Kerry opened the front door and a symphony of smells assaulted her: fresh baked bread, oranges, vanilla, chocolate, spices.

"Honey? Sara? I'm home."

From the kitchen Kerry heard a loud pop of a Champagne cork and out walked Sara pouring two flutes of wine. Dressed in her tall hat, chef's jacket and nothing else. As she walked up to Kerry handing her the flute she said "Welcome home, baby, have a good day?"

Kerry stunned took the flute and said "I had a good day but it just got better" as they toasted and drank the wine.

"I hope you had a little more on when you were cooking" Kerry laughed.

"I did and I hope you are hungry because I have a feast for you tonight." Sara took Kerry's hand brought it to her lips and kissed the back as she led her to the dining room. Kerry gasped as she saw the candles, about 100 of them, on every surface. The light was golden and beautiful. Sara led Kerry to her seat and then took her own.

"Um...Sara? If you are sitting there how's the food going to get here from the kitchen?

As if on cue Marco, a waiter from The Oaks, walked in with the first course and laid it in front of Kerry. The look of surprise on Kerry's face was worth every penny. They ate in silence through the first three courses the only sounds were Kerry moaning over the food. Sara loved that she could make Kerry this happy. As the entre was taken away and the Puff pastry shell with Marscapone Mousse and Wild strawberries, blackberries and huckleberries was brought in, Kerry reached over and took Sara's hand.

"Thank you for this, it's wonderful"

"It is just one way to say I love you and I do, I hope you know that" Sara said.

"You don't need to cook for me to let me know you love me, I know that."

"I don't say it enough and I just want you to know that in the past 9 months you have changed my life. If I knew answering a patrons question would have lead to something as good as this, I would have started going out to tables a long time ago."

Kerry softly laughed as she cupped Sara's cheek and pulled her close "I am so glad you came to my table" and with a kiss dessert was forgotten.

Sara tasted wild strawberries in the kiss as she deepened it. Kerry brought her up short every time she touched her. In her 35 years Sara had never been effected by anyone the way she was by this woman, Kerry had this insight into her that was scary at times. Sara always felt a little naked under Kerry's gaze.

Kerry grabbed the bottom of Sara's chair and pulled it next to hers as the kiss lingered. Sara was within reach now and the fun really began.

Reaching for the knotted button of Sara's chef coat Kerry tugged it open finding a bare patch of skin, she placed a chaste kiss on it and continued downwards. Sara marveled at the feelings and desires this woman stirred in her. Love, desire, lust, passion, need, want, all were at play in Sara's mind and body at the same instant. As Kerry brushed the coat back to reveal Sara flushed and nude, she whispered "Now I get my real dessert."

Sara placed her hands on the side of Kerry's face and brought her mouth to Kerry's. She kissed her like a drowning woman drawing Kerry onto her lap. As she straddled Sara's lap she was pulled into the arms that had come to feel like home. Hands caressed breasts and develed lower as Kerry blazed a path down Sara's body. A kiss became a moan as fingers found wetness. Sara couldn't focus her thoughts, she gave herself over to the sensations that had overtaken her body, and she laid her head back on the chair as she gasped for air. Kerry kissed the spot right below her right ear and whispered "let go baby, let it go."

Sara looked into the eyes of the woman she knew she would love for the rest of her life and shattered. Kerry held on as Sara road the crest of her orgasm. When her heart rate slowed they locked eyes,

"Baby are you ok?" Kerry asked.

In a shaky voice " Oh I think I'm more than ok" then a laugh crept into her tone "You know I planned on having this happen the other way around" Sara said as she hugged Kerry closer.

"Well the best laid plans of mice and men, baby" Kerry chided with a smile.

"At least now I know what to cook you if I want to get lucky" Sara said.

"What? Food of any kind?" Kerry chuckled.

"No, Marscapone mousse and berries."

"Why is that?

"Because it can wait to be eaten," Sara says as she reaches around Kerry and gets a spoonful and feeds it to the woman she loves. TBC