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Story: A crossover that features characters from the television series "ER" and "CSI."
Disclaimer: These characters are of course owned by their respective copyright holders.
Spoilers: No
Rated: NC-17 for explicit sexual content. F/F crossover slash fic

Catherine looked around the concourse at McCarron Airport. Just outside the crime scene, the gamblers had gone back to pumping their coins into the slots. They didn't look up at the blood-spattered corpse, the pack of cops and miscellaneous support personnel that descended when a life ended abruptly and violently in Las Vegas.

"I tried to stop the bleeding, and performed CPR, but it really wasn't any use," the red-headed woman told Buzz, the detective who'd caught the case.

"How do you know CPR, miss?" Buzz asked.

"Doctor..." the woman replied, with a visible straightening. "Doctor Kerry Weaver. I've been attending a medical conference here, and was on my way back to Chicago."

"I don't think they'll reopen the airport tonight," Catherine observed. "Guy with a knife and stun gun tries to blow by security and gets himself killed...this place is going to be locked down tight 'til they make sure he was by himself."

"I can rent a car and drive to LA," Kerry insisted. She didn't look like the sort of person who took no for an answer. "I'm due on shift tomorrow at 8 am."

"What? Can't they do without you?" Catherine said. Kerry looked slightly alarmed, then Catherine gave her the smallest wink. She relaxed when she realized Catherine was teasing her, then looked away. "I'm Catherine Willows, Crime Scene Investigation. It's not a real good idea to drive all night through the desert," Catherine told her. "They might have closed down LAX, too. Get a room, get a good night's sleep and go back tomorrow. Some things you just can't fight, you know? If you want to make a call, you can use my phone." Catherine offered it to her, and Kerry looked surprised, then grateful.

"Do you need anything else from me, Detective?" she asked. Buzz shook his head and she stepped away. Catherine watched as she leaned on her crutch and heaved a sigh. She wondered whether the doctor was recovering from an injury. The stick looked well-used, and she handled it as though it were another limb. She absent-mindedly brushed at the blood on her suit. Catherine's gaze lingered on the doctor's strawberry blonde coif, her neat, compact form. She held it together well, but Catherine knew enough about people to see that Kerry was upset, the way doctors get when they lose a patient. She took it personally.

"What are you doing here, Willows?" Buzz asked, startling Catherine. "You aren't on tonight, are you?"

" ex is taking my kid to Disneyland this weekend. They were supposed to leave here a few hours ago, but when I heard about what happened." She gestured at the activity around them. "I just had to check."

"And they're okay, right?"

"Yeah, they took off, they landed in LA, so I only have regular Eddie-angst, instead of kid-in-danger angst." Buzz grunted. He'd met Eddie.

"Well, I got the doctor's contact info," he told Catherine. "She can go; you can go, too for that matter. Why don't you be a Girl Scout and get help her get dinner and a room?"

"How'd you know I used to be a Girl Scout?" Catherine laughed. "I swear, I sold the most cookies every year." She looked at the long line at the customer service desk. It would probably be hours before they got everyone taken care of. "I'll get her a room and a hot meal. And maybe a drink."

"You look like you could use one yourself," Buzz commented. "And have one for me, too."

"Jerry...just tell Dr. Lewis that...well, let HER figure out who's going to cover my shift. When? When I get there, that's when!" Kerry thrust the phone back at Catherine.

"What's your specialty, Doc?" Other than looking startled, she thought.

"I'm Chief of Emergency Medicine at County General in Chicago," she added.

"So, you're kind of used to dead guys," Catherine said. Kerry shrugged and looked disgusted.

"Used to them," she replied. "Not that I particularly care for them. It's kind of a failure of my profession when..." she pointed to the body bag being lifted onto the gurney, "that happens."

"The end of your job is the start of mine," Catherine said. Kerry stifled a giggle, then let it out.

"She laughs!" Catherine teased. She liked watching Kerry blush.

"It's not really funny," said Kerry.

"No, you have a sick sense of humor, I like that," Catherine told her. "Gotta laugh..."

"Or you'll cry..."

"Or go nuts," Catherine finished. They looked at each other for a minute.

"Do you want to --" Kerry began.

"Can I buy you a --" Catherine started at the same time.

" kid's out of town for the weekend, and I'm as jumpy as a cat. I need to blow off some steam, BAD. What about you?"

"I should wash off the..." Kerry looked at her hands. "I don't...I'm generally not the sort...I should..."

"Come out with me. That's what you should do," Catherine said. She wanted to see what the doctor from Chicago was like. There were a lot of layers there, and she wanted to peel off at least a few.

"Okay!" Kerry said suddenly. She pounded her cane for emphasis.

"Okay! Let's get out of here." Catherine grinned. She didn't know where they'd end up, but she had some ideas and getting there would be half the fun.

Two hours later, Kerry stared mesmerized as the stripper writhed closer and closer, thrusting her pelvis at their faces.

"Put the money in her garter," Catherine told her, and Kerry reached up, and stuffed the five near the dancer's inner thigh. She left her hand there for a moment, then pulled it away suddenly.

"It's all right, she'll tell you if she doesn't want you there," Catherine advised.

"How do you know?" Kerry asked, her eyes never leaving the dancer.

"I destroyed plenty of dental work when I was dancing," Catherine told her. "Someone gets a little frisky -- POW, and a mouth full of bloody chiclets on the bar!" Kerry slugged down the rest of her White Russian. "You want another girlie drink?" Catherine asked.

"Isn't this very expensive?" Kerry wondered.

"I used to dance here," Catherine explained. "I can come back for a comp when I want. They made a helluva lot off me here when I worked here!" She lifted her drink to the manager. "And they were pretty good about changing my shifts when I started taking classes to get my degree."

"You're fascinating," Kerry said, turning her attention to Catherine. "I hope you don't mind me saying that. I'm a little drunk, I think."

"Well, you're not getting the watered-down drinks," Catherine observed. Kerry wasn't that drunk. But she could use it as an excuse to say things she might not if she weren't a little lit. "And no, I don't mind at all." The dancer reached down and ruffled Kerry's hair. Kerry tucked another bill between her breasts. The dancer kissed her on the cheek, and whispered something that left Kerry wide-eyed.

"She likes you, I think," Catherine said.

"It's not just because I..." Kerry held up what remained of her money. "I mean, isn't that what the dancers want men to think?"

"They'll take a tip from a man or a woman," Catherine said. "But they want boyfriends...and girlfriends, too. Most dancers are bi."


Catherine almost laughed to see the wheels in Kerry's head turning.

"Yeah," she continued. "Sometimes, you get so tired of guys slobbering all over you. They want a quick fuck, or to come on your tits, or talk dirty to you because you're their idea of a whore. Even if you don't turn tricks, which I never did, it's pretty dehumanizing after awhile. You start craving something softer, someone a little gentler, soft lips, suckable breasts, a wet pussy instead of a prick."

"I enjoyed sex with men," Kerry said. "I was married. But then I fell in love, like I had never fallen in love. With a woman." Catherine put her hand on top of Kerry's. She felt a shiver run through the other woman.

"Honey, I was married, too," Catherine said. "Oh, he was the worst specimen of mankind. Left me reeling...I couldn't have gotten through it without my friends. My girlfriends, who lent me money, and gave me a place to stay, and helped me get the hell out of a life where I was doing too much blow and throwing myself away. And I loved them, and made love with some of them. And I found some guy friends, too, who didn't turn out to be pricks, and pushed me along the way men can, and you know, I loved some of them, too. I don't know if I believe in being in love. But I do believe in making love. And when you do it with someone really cool, and good, then you're both better off."

"Wow..." Kerry said. "What you said... Yes! I mean...I totally agree." Tears filled her eyes.

"So, are you coming home with me?"

Kerry picked up her purse and headed for the door.

* * *

"Pardon the mess," Catherine said, a little nervous. She wished she'd cleaned the living room that morning, picked up Lindsey's toys and the errant sock and T-shirt that peered out from under the couch. "I don't have a cleaning lady, and I do have a nine-year-old."

"It's a home," Kerry said quietly. "I'm touched that you brought me here." Catherine realized there was something about Kerry she instinctively trusted. There was a kindness, and a gentleness. She had the sudden thought that Kerry must be pretty good with kids.

"Do you have kids?" Catherine asked, trying to remember whether she'd made the bed.

"No.  I kind of wish I did," Kerry said, picking up one of Lindsey's dolls, "but my job keeps me pretty's not the right time."

"It's hard to do it by yourself," Catherine admitted. "But I wouldn't trade my girl for anything."

"I envy you that," Kerry said, once again retreating to a still, inner place that made Catherine want to pull her out of herself. Before Kerry could say yes or no, Catherine kissed her: hard, deep, ruthlessly. She felt Kerry leaning into the kiss, felt her fingers digging in, as they both opened their mouths.

They managed to disrobe each other while still joined at the lips, their clothes strewn around as they frantically undid buttons, unzipped pants and frantic fingers reached for the touch of bare skin. Catherine unhooked Kerry's bra with a practiced flick, and Kerry shoved Catherine's panties down her legs until she kicked them away. Kerry's crutch thudded to the floor and Catherine felt her bad leg buckle.

Urgently but gently, she guided Kerry backwards to the couch, and laid her down, pressing her thigh between Kerry's legs, squeezing Kerry's nipple. Small moans escaped from Kerry between kisses. She pulled Catherine closer, and raked her hands down Catherine's back. She thrust herself hard onto Catherine's thigh, and Catherine felt Kerry's wetness on her thigh. She sucked Kerry's neck and covered her throat with bites and kisses. She felt Kerry reaching for her clit, then finding it. She grew hotter as Kerry stroked and squeezed it, and somehow the two of them tumbled to the floor, Kerry on top.

"Is that the way you like it?" Kerry hissed as she thrust two fingers into Catherine's pussy. She went right to the G spot and rode it hard. Catherine purred her approval and tried to roll back over. She thought Kerry would be easy to get back down, it wasn't like she had much leverage with the bad leg. But the smaller woman surprised her. Suddenly Catherine felt cool steel across her breasts. Kerry's crutch pinned Catherine down, and she looked up to see a glint of triumph in the other woman's eyes. Catherine tried to sit up, but found she couldn't. She struggled and Kerry pressed down harder, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to keep her from moving. Catherine found herself growing hotter.

"You want me to let you up?" Kerry whispered. "Make me."

Catherine wrapped her legs around Kerry, who thrust even harder into her; she almost forgot she was trying to get back on top it felt so good. Kerry's small, sure fingers went in deeper and deeper, even without lube, Catherine was so wet she thought she might take Kerry's whole hand.

"There's some lube in the other room..." she breathed, and as Kerry turned her head toward the bedroom, Catherine took advantage of the distraction to roll her back over. She continued to ride Kerry's upthrust hand, rocking back and forth in waves of pleasure. She knew she was going to come, but tried to prolong it because she was soaring so high.

She pulled Kerry's face up to hers and thrust her own tongue deep in the other woman's mouth. Their tongues were entwined as Catherine felt herself contract hard around Kerry's fingers. She came in a sudden sharp rush, and felt her juices trickling down Kerry's hand. Kerry gently slid out of Catherine and slowly brought her fingers to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and she licked Catherine's cum delicately. She kissed Catherine again, and Catherine could taste herself on the other woman's lips.

"Thanks for that," Kerry said, looking both awed and proud of herself.

"That was SO hot," Catherine replied, her voice low and husky. "I don't let anyone hold me down unless I really like them...but I knew I was in good hands with you."

"And you had good hands in you," Kerry replied, kissing Catherine once more. They were both slick with sweat and their own juices, and Catherine shivered a bit as the air conditioner kicked in.

"Do you want to continue this under the covers? We haven't actually been in bed together yet," she pointed out.

Kerry laughed, a full, lusty crow that Catherine suspected she rarely let out. She wanted to see what else Kerry was hiding, spend all night, and even the next day (Lindsay was gone all weekend), and maybe the next night exploring a living body that was fascinating her, and was in much better shape, than most of the dead ones she spent so much time with.

"You do want to stay, don't you?" she asked. She'd already learned that Kerry could stand her ground.

"Very much," Kerry replied. "I want to make love with you, and try all the things I haven't found out about myself.  I've only been with two women, and I sort of felt like I had to follow their lead, I didn't want to disappoint them being so new at this..."

"And you're not worried about disappointing me?" Catherine teased. Kerry knew she was being teased and let out another laugh.

"No, we both know this is our own little world for the next day or so, and then I'll go back to Chicago and the ER where I'm the dragon lady to my staff, and you'll go back to being a Mom and a crime scene investigator. Though I hope we can stay in touch."

"Yeah," said Catherine. "I think that's possible. And if I were to turn up in Chicago for some boring forensic conference, would you rescue me from droning panels and slide presentations?"

"I think that could be arranged," Kerry said. "What kind of sheets do you have?"

"What are you, a detective?" Catherine sassed back. "I DO have a set of satin ones hidden away for the nights when I get lucky."

"Did you?" Kerry asked, looking for all the world like a kid waiting for her report card.

"Honey," Catherine said. "Tonight I hit the jackpot." Kerry beamed. "And so did you."