Author: Sarah and Loneweaver

Title: Kerry'd Away

Pairing: Kerry / Abby

Rating: R

Summary: Abby drives a drunken Kerry home after running into her outside a

Disclaimer: All characters contained herein belong to Warner Bros.
Television, Amblin Entertainment, Constant C Productions, NBC and a few
others that aren't me.



Damn, it's cold out here. Why it when I need to clear my head it's always in
subfreezing weather?

As I walk the few blocks from the El to my place, most establishments are
closed for the evening. Those still open are spitting out their last
customers one by one. I take a long drag on my cigarette and notice a
familiar shock of red hair. Weaver? No way. Not here, not now. I don't need
this tonight. I start to turn but she's already seen me. She waves and I
wave back. Just keep walking I tell myself.

'Abby!' Followed by that ear splitting, two fingered, 'hey taxi' whistle of
hers. Shit. 'C'mer!'.

One last drag on my cigarette and I flick the butt to the ground and cross
the street before she can embarrass me further.

'What are you doing on this side of town?'

'I live here Dr. Weaver.'

'Call me Kerry. At this time of night?'


She's fumbling with her keys, trying to open the car door. It's obvious she'
s been hitting the bottle, or two or three. *Good thing I put out my
cigarette.* Even her crutch can't keep her from slipping sideways. I grab
her arm to keep her upright and she mumbles something about the 'stupid lock
', the 'damn keys' and the 'fucking cold'. Her voice getting louder with
each expletive.

I try not to laugh as I take the keys and lead her to the passenger side of
the car and settle her in.

'I'll drive you home, Kerry.'

'That's sweet of you Abby but I have my own car here...somewhere.'

This should be interesting. 'It's ok. We'll get your car later.'

As we pull away from the curb, I glance over to see her grinning like a
Cheshire cat. Then the giggling starts. Her laugh is infectious and I join
in at the hilarity of the situation.

Reaching her place, I put the car in park and race around to help her out
before she lands on her ass. Across the street and up the three steps to her
front door, teetering like a Weeble the whole time, leaning into me and then
away again. I can't help but laugh. She's kinda cute like this.

She reaches for the keys and tries to open the door. I keep a steady hand on
her arm ready to right her as she slides sideways again. She's cursing the
lock again, this time wanting to know who the hell changed it and why wasn't
she notified. The sooner I can get her on a caffeine drip, the sooner I can
get out of here.

Taking the keys again, I unlock the door and help her inside. She shrugs off
her coat and it hits the floor as she misses the coat rack by a good three
feet. Oh this is too rich. It's a damn shame I respect her enough
professionally to not say anything tomorrow. I pick up her coat and hang it
up with mine. This is going to take longer than I thought.

'Come on. Let's get you some aspirin and coffee. You're gonna be feeling
this pretty bad tomorrow.'

Two hours and three pots of coffee later, she's somewhat sober and decides
to tell me the reason she's been drinking is to forget Kim. *No shit.*

'Know what else?' whispers conspiratorially, leaning closer. She looks
around to see if anyone else is listening. In her own kitchen. I shake my
head and smile.

'I'm a lesbian.' She sits back, folds her arms, and nods like she's just
given away government secrets.

'Yeah? My mother's bi-polar. You just think you've got problems, lady.'
*Where the hell did that come from?*

She looks momentarily stunned then we both dissolve into side splitting
laughter. Leaning on each other for support she suddenly stops and reaches
to caress my cheek. Her touch so soft, her eyes so gentle. I should pull
away but I don't.

'You have such beautiful eyes, Abby.'

'You're so cute when you're drunk, Kerry' *Did I just say that?*

Her hand moves to my neck as she draws me into the most gentle yet sensuous
kiss I've ever been a part of.

'Ok, this should stop right here.' I'm fighting for control now. 'Give me
three good reasons why.' If she keeps running that tongue and those lips
down my neck, I'm lost.

'Fine. 1: you're my boss.'

'I'm not your boss outside the hospital and we're not at work now.'

'2: you're still in love with Kim.' That should do it.

'Kim who? And *you're* still not over Luka *or* John.' Touché. '3: you're
drunk.' How lame.

'So sue me. Tell me you don't want this too.' Damn she's good.
'I...don't...don't want...oh hell.' She's at the first buttons of my shirt.
Who am I kidding? Certainly not the good Dr. Weaver.

My hands find their way to her face, pulling her to me, her lips so soft and
full. Her tongue brushes my lips and before I know what I'm doing, I'm
exploring that soft mouth with my own. Her hands are running from my
shoulders to my hips and back again as I wrap my arms around her waist. She
doesn't look this small and it surprises me to find how tiny she really is.

Coming up for air, she holds my eyes and says 'Bedroom. Now.' 'Yes ma'am!'
She is still very much in charge, make no mistake about it, Lockhart.

What the hell am I doing? This woman is my boss! I have to work with her
everyday! And I think my mother's crazy?

As she drags me down the hall to her bedroom, I can feel the heat radiating
from her body. I am *so* gonna pay for this, whether in this life or the
next, for now I don't care.

I stop dead in my tracks in the doorway. The bed is a queen sized four
poster cherry rice bed. The bed covers and curtains a deep burgundy and
emerald. The book case on the far wall is lined with leather bound first
editions of the classics and God knows what else, punctuated by Swarovski
crystal. The bay window looks out over what I will later learn is a small
but meticulously tended garden. I'm not sure what I expected from the Chief
of Emergency Medicine but this was not it.

Noticing my surprise she smiles. 'You were expecting something more Spartan
and a little colder?'

'No, not real...well.. uh, yeah, sort of.' I mutter scratching my head.

Her laughter is low and throaty. Perched on the edge of the bed she beckons
me. 'C'mer, little girl.'

'I got your little girl.' I smirk crossing the room to her waiting arms.
*Damn Abby! This isn't one of your old drinking buddies. This is a woman of
style and class.*

'Why don't you show me just what you've got.' *Or maybe not*

She leans back on her elbows, waiting for me to make the next move.

'I'll show you mine if you show me yours.' I pause at the raised eyebrow and
slightly daring smile she gives me.

Before I know it she's stripped off her blouse and bra. Her pale skin
practically glowing in the moonlight, I gasp at the slender shoulders and
full breasts. That lab coat does not do her justice. I find myself
unbuttoning and removing my shirt.

'Ditch the T-shirt, Lockhart' in that voice that would make any number of
rational adults jump like scolded pre-schoolers.

She moans her approval as she buries her face in my chest, one hand
reverently exploring my breast, the other wrapped around my waist. I cannot
believe I am holding this red headed wonder in my arms. Both of us naked
from the waist up. I wonder how this will play out in the morning when she's
sober. Her warm mouth on my breast dispels any fears I may have.

'Relax baby, I've got you' That's it. To hell with the consequences. Tonight
I let her take me wherever she wants. I only hope I can return the favor.

'Have you ever done this before?' she asks tugging at my jeans. 'Been with
another woman?'

'Once or twice. A long time ago.'

'Show me what you remember.' She has me completely naked now, as is she.

'Ok, Lady. Lay back and enjoy.' I lay her back on the bed and begin the
journey of discovering the woman behind the Chief. She offers no resistance
and I wonder who's showing who what here.

Her mouth begs entrance and I oblige. Her tongue chases mine and I explore
her slender body, my hands running from neck to breast to hip to thigh. Her
skin is so soft. Such a contrast to the crusty persona she projects in the
ER. Malucci would give his left nut to be where I am right now, his Legaspi
fantasies not withstanding.

And about Legaspi. How the hell did she walk away from this?

Her hands wander my body as she presses her thigh between my legs. She
kisses my neck and trails her tongue from my ear to shoulder and back,
nipping and biting lightly. I raise up enough to look into the deepest green
eyes I've ever seen, our breasts lightly skimming each other as my rocking
brings a knowing smile to her face. She runs slender fingers through my hair
before pulling me into a searing kiss, then works her way to my neck. She
sucks lightly, almost teasingly at first, then goes for the kill.

'Oh God!' That has to have come from me because she's still hoovering my
neck. I'm gonna bare the mark of the Weaver for at least a week.

I decide to return the favor and work my way to the soft flesh at the top of
her breast. She'll have to keep an extra button done up on those tailored
blouses she likes to wear.

My work done here, I take my time tracing delicate patterns around her
breast with my tongue. I pause and flick lightly at her nipple feeling it
harden to my touch.

I run my hand down her side to her thigh. Lightly I skim through soft curls,
amazed at the eagerness with which she opens her legs for me. She places her
hand on mine and pushes our fingers into her. Withdrawing her hand she
places her fingers to my lips and I eagerly suck them dry while my hand
continues it's exploration.

She smiles her approval before suddenly placing her hands on my shoulders
and deftly flipping me over on my back. So much for showing her what I

Hovering over me, our bodies barely touching, she leans in and begins her
assault on my senses. She teases by lightly running her tongue over my lips,
then works her way along my jaw line to my ear. Here she traces the edge of
my ear and gently tugs my ear lobe with her teeth before the return trip
along my neck. She trails her way to my shoulder nipping and kissing as she
goes. Her hand caresses my breast till I try to guide her mouth there.

'Uh-uh. Don't make me have to tie your hands to the headboard,' as she pins
my arms above my head. She grins wickedly as I manage to whimper 'Yes, Ma'am.'

'Or maybe that's what you want. Is it Abby? Do you want me to tie your hands
to the bed?'

Before I can answer, she's pulled two silk scarves from the bedside table
and quickly ties my wrists to the headboard.

The rational side of my brain says, 'Ok, who are you and what have you done
with Kerry Weaver.' It is only a fleeting thought as my body takes over. It'
s her show now. I'm somewhere between panic and anticipation.

Satisfied I'm not going anywhere, she lays on her side, head in her hand,
propped on her elbow. She lightly runs her fingers over my body. Her touch
sends chills up my spine and she laughs seductively at my shudder.

'You're beautiful. Do you know that Abby? Your eyes, your lips, your soft,
soft skin. I could look at you forever.'

And she does, her eyes running the length of my body. She no longer touches
me, just looks. I do the same to her.

She begins to trail her finger down my body. tracing my lips, I nip at her
finger but she pulls away. Again that voice. 'No. I'll tell you when it's
your turn.'

She lays her head on my chest and lightly runs her fingers over my breast,
stopping to roll my nipple between her fingers. Gentle enough to tease yet
hard enough to be erotic. I feel rather than see her smile at the
involuntary shudder her touch elicits.

Her hand finds its way to my belly and hip. She spreads my legs with one of
her own. She then trails those fingers oh so lightly in the valley between
hip and thigh, heading for the wetness she's caused. She runs her hand
through damp curls and cups my sex in her hand. I moan in acceptance as she
skims my clit.

'Tell me what you want Abby.' She's moved down my body now and taken
position between my legs. Her hot breath on my lips as she inserts her

'Is this what you want Abby? Do you want me to fuck you?' She slowly pulls
her fingers out and asks again, 'Do you?'

I mumble something unintelligible and she grazes my clit, stopping just
outside my cunt.

'I can't hear you.'

I try again. 'Yes' I whisper.

'Say it, Abby. I can't hear you.'

'Fuck me, Kerry.'

'That's my girl, say it again.'

'Fuck me.' She enters me again and picks up the rhythm of my hips. This is
such sweet torture.

'Louder, Abby.'


And she does. She is breathing hard and her tongue is teasing me
mercilessly. Her breasts caress my thigh as she pushes deeper. She wraps her
arms around my thighs as I writhe under her expertise. (Kerry Weaver does
nothing halfway.) She holds me at the edge of orgasm so long I swear I'm
gonna faint if she doesn't let me cum soon.

'Kerry...please.' I'm begging now. I swear, if I live through this, she is
so gonna pay.

She looks up momentarily and smiles never missing a beat.

'Are you ready, Baby?' Does she really have to ask?

'Dear God, yes' I manage to spit out.

'Then cum for me Abby.' Her tongue drags over my clit oh so slowly and I feel
myself lose control as wave after wave of ecstasy wash over me. I feel my
hips and back rise off the bed and somewhere I hear myself scream her name
over and over.

She stays with me till I collapse on the bed. She then simply lays her head
on my thigh and waits for the trembling to slow before removing her hand.
Skimming her breasts along my body, she brings those beautiful lips, still wet cum to
mine. She kisses me slowly, gently. 'Taste yourself, baby' and her tongue finds mine
in an intoxicating dance. She pulls away and lays her head on my chest waiting for me
to return to her.

As I begin to relax, I realize that if I open my fists that have held on the
silk restraints, I can slip them off without her noticing. I don't have the
strength to repay her as I would like, but I will repay her.

As soon as I can breath again, I reach down and wrap my arms around her. She
looks up in surprise as I roll her on her back and quickly tie her hands
before she's aware of what I'm doing.

'Your turn now.' I claim her mouth before she can protest. She accepts my
kisses eagerly, hungrily sucking my tongue.

I break away as much for air as to start the journey down her body, My thigh
has already spread her legs as her hips beginning a slow methodical rocking.
She is already so wet, I know not to linger anywhere too long.

I kiss her neck and shoulders making my way to her breasts. I suck her
nipples briefly, leaving them to rise quickly with her breathing. She begs
me to stay there but I move on towards her sweet, wet cunt. I place myself
between her legs and enter her fast and hard. Her sharp intake of breath is
accompanied by a strangled 'God....damn!' I blow on her clit before bathing
it in my warm mouth. As quickly as I entered her, I begin sucking that
wonderful bud. Harder, then quickly flicking my tongue at it as she suddenly
gets religion on me.

Oh sweet Jesus....Fuck me Abby!

'I am, baby. Let yourself go.'

I can feel her ready to explode and still I can't help but prolong this
torture as she did me. I stop all movement momentarily and raise my eyes in
time to see her head snap up from it's previously thrown back position.

'Don't stop! It is barely a whisper. 'Please don't stop!'

I can't help but smile before sending off with a deep thrust of my hand and
a hard draw on her clit.

Her scream is loud and gutturally primal as her hips leave the bed. I find
myself kneeling to stay with her. She grips the silk restraints as thought
they were a life line. Her reaction triggers another orgasm of my own.

I remove my hand from its captive position within her as she lowers her
hips. Both of us breathing raggedly now, I untie her hands and gently kiss
her before collapsing on top of her.

'Oh dear God,' I manage. 'I think I've just been Weavered.'

Her breathing stops and I look up tentatively. She chuckles and shakes her
head, smiling. She wraps her arms around me, kisses my forehead and say's
'Go to sleep, Abby.'

It doesn't take long before we both drift off. We will deal with this in the

I wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and look at the clock. 5:30
AM. How does she get up so damn early? We don't have to be at the hospital
till eight.

Suddenly it dawns on me where I am and whose bed I'm in. 'Oh my God!!' I
mutter and pull the covers over my head.

I hear her coming down the hall and wonder if I can slip out the window
before she gets here. Being naked, I decide that's probably not a good idea.

She sets a cup of coffee on the bedside table. I peak out from under the
covers to see her standing there in a silk robe, her body clearly outlined
by the soft fabric.

Cocking her head, she looks at me and says shyly, 'Morning, lady.' I groan
and roll over, pulling the covers back over my head. She pulls them back,
kisses my cheek and says something about a robe and coffee and
unceremoniously throws the blanket back over my head.

When I venture out from under the covers, she's sitting in the window seat.
Knees drawn up, she's reading her paper and sipping at her coffee. She looks
over and smiles.

'There's clean towels in the bathroom if you want to shower and I'm sure we
can find something for you to where. We're about the same size.'

'Um, yeah. Thanks.' I reach for the robe and the blanket I've been holding
to my chest slips. I'm suddenly shy in front of her. I hear her laugh
quietly as she goes back to her paper.

'What?' a little more forcefully than I meant.

'Well, it's a little late to be getting shy, don't you think? I mean, I know
what I did last night and I'm pretty sure you were there too.'

'Uh, yeah. Yeah, I was. So how's your head?'

'A little fuzzy, but I'll be fine.'

'So now what?'

'Now what, what?'

My jaw all but hits the floor and then I notice the teasing smile and the
sparkle in her eyes. I roll my eyes and sigh loudly.

'Look Abby, this isn't something I do on a regular basis. But it was good
and I'm not sorry it happened.'

I take my coffee and join in her in the window. 'Neither am I.'

We sit quietly for a few minutes looking out the window. This isn't quite
the reaction I expected from her. Shock, denial, excuses maybe but certainly
not calm acceptance.

'So, um....what now? I mean, how am I supposed to call you Dr. Weaver after
last night?

'Like you always do. And so what if you call me Kerry. John does, So do Luka
and Susan. Look, Abby. This doesn't have to leave this house or happen again
if you don't want it to.'

I look at her and sigh. I'm not sure what to think. While the idea is one I'
ve entertained before, I'm not sure I can handle the reality. She squeezes
my hand and says, 'Or we can play it by ear.'

I finish my coffee and head for the shower. I'll have to think on this.

'Do you have a set of scrubs I could wear? Might be a little less
conspicuous, you know?'

'Yeah, I'll find you some.'

I hit the shower and run all the options over in my head. I won't deny what
happened but neither can I commit to it. Playing it by ear seems the best
and most logical choice. I exit the shower to find a set of scrubs waiting
for me along with a toothbrush and paste. I never heard her come in.

'Abby? You 'bout ready?'

'Yeah, be right there.' Guess this is the moment of truth.

I start for the front door where she's waiting with coffee and coat in hand.

'I can take the El' I volunteer, donning my coat and taking the travel mug
she hands me.

'Afraid your reputation will be damaged coming in with the boss?' she smiles
as she puts on her coat and picks up her bag.

'I've already cum with the boss.' I venture.

'ABBY!' she grins as she slaps my arm. 'I take it we're playing by ear then?
''Yeah, Yeah I think so.'

She stops, hand on the doorknob. 'Thank you for driving me home last night.
It certainly wouldn't have done MY rep any good to be brought into my own ER
after being cut out of my car cuz I wrapped it around a tree.'

'Never would've happened. You couldn't even get the door open.'

'That bad?!' her eyes wide.

'Yeah, 'fraid so.'

'Damn.' She glances at her watch. 'Come on, let's go.'

'Um, Kerry? Before we go?' I lean in and kiss her softly. 'Thank you.'

She smiles and nods her understanding as she opens the door.

'I can always drop you off a few blocks from the hospital.' as she gets in
the car.

'Thanks mom.' I smirk. 'But I'll walk in with you.'

We enter the ER and immediately people scatter from the admit desk.

'I don't want to know.' she mutters.

Before we can reach the desk, there's a loud crash followed by Malucci and
his infamous wheelchair race participants.

Seeing Kerry, he stops short. 'Morning Chief.'

'Don't morning chief me. Get this mess cleaned up and then my office, STAT!'

'Oh man, you are gonna get so Weavered.' Randi informs him.

'He wishes.' I mutter to no one in particular.

Kerry looks at me and winks before taking off after Dave.

If they only knew.