Title: In the Mirror
Author: Lisa
Thanks to my Editors/Beta's: Scotty Wells, Erin Bree, and Kari. Thank you all so much for your contributions and efforts. Had these wonderful people not edited this would have been an incoherent mess, so thank them! Woo-hoo for editors!
Spoilers: If you don't know that Kerry is gay, then turn back. . . . Timeline: Somewhere between 'Stay', but before 'Go back to your life'. . . so in other words season 7.
Rating: NC-17 for sure. If you are a youngin' and you are this far, turn back before I get in trouble. LOL
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And without further ado. . . .

In the Mirror
by: Lisa

"So what do you think?" Kim said, stepping out of the dressing room.

She looked stunning. The dress was the perfect middle shade of blue to accentuate her eyes and skin. The dip in the neckline was enough to stop traffic, and the slit on the side up to the mid-thigh... 'God help me...'

"Earth to Kerry... Come in, Dr. Weaver," Kim said, waving her hand in front of Kerry's face.

"You look amazing," Kerry said, regaining herself. "It's the perfect dress."

Suddenly Kerry was aware of how dry her mouth was, and how hot it was in this damn store. 'God, it's hot as hell in here!'

"Thanks. Would you like to help me with the zipper?" Kim said, knowing full well she might as well poke a hornets' nest with a stick.

Kerry's eyes lit up. "I would be thrilled to help you," she said, walking behind Kim into the dressing room. She surveyed her surroundings quickly, then made her move.

Kim turned to speak, but before she could even get the first word out of her mouth, Kerry was on her. Their lips and tongues tangling about, revealing just how desperate they both were.

Kerry pushed Kim into the wall, jarring the full-length three-way mirror slightly. Her hands ran up and down Kim's sides, teasing her through the silk. Kerry's hand made its way to the slit on her right side, running her hand under the fabric lightly, teasing Kim's inner thighs.

Kim sucked air through her teeth and caught their image in the side mirror. 'God, they looked good together. Amazing, in fact.'

"Baby, don't tease," Kim said breathlessly.

Kerry walked Kim to the center of the room and gently turned her around so she was facing the main mirror, her back to Kerry. She lifted Kim's hair with one hand while the other slid around her torso, holding her tight. Kim's arms hung loosely at her sides. She loved it when Kerry got possessive like that!

Kerry slowly moved the hand that was on Kim's belly back to the zipper of the dress. Still kissing Kim's neck, Kerry eased the zipper down and kissed the skin it opened to her.

When Kim was finally fully unzipped, Kerry slid her hands inside the dress. 'Skin on skin. I love this part. Hell, I love all the parts.'

She circled her hands back to Kim's belly while still kissing her back. She slowly grazed her nails across Kim's stomach until her hands were back at Kim's sides.

Kim gasped. 'God, I'm glad she grew her nails out a little.'

Kerry ran her hands, palms down, up Kim's sides. She paused briefly at Kim's breasts, but refused to satisfy Kim's want just yet. Kerry slid her hands back up and over Kim's shoulders, under the impossibly thin straps of the dress.

She looked over Kim's shoulder and was pleased to see Kim's reflection, breathless, with a slightly glazed look, and incredibly hard nipples. Kerry smiled against Kim's back.

At that, Kim smiled her little angel smile and as soon as Kerry saw that, the urgency with which she began her endeavor returned and the dress hit the floor.

Kim stood there in nothing but a smile and a pair of purple satin panties. Kerry had never wanted her more than at that moment.

She slid around to Kim's front, and their lips rejoined as though they had missed the other pair terribly. Kerry's lips caressed Kim's as her fingers traced, alternately gently and fiercely, over her back.

Kerry kissed her way up and over Kim's shoulders, moving back to her backside, pinching it as she retook Kim from behind. Her hands slid slowly around Kim's body until her hands were resting just under her breasts. They looked at each other in the mirror and each loved what she saw, urging them on.

Kerry felt Kim hold her breath as they studied each other. Slowly, she traced the curve of the underside of Kim's breasts. This elicited a deep gasp, and Kim's head fell back onto Kerry's shoulder. They kissed deeply as Kerry repeated this slow gesture. Slowly, she moved her hands up until her palms fell lightly on Kim's breasts. She teased Kim's nipples with the heat from her palms for a few moments, gently kissing her outstretched neck.

Kerry kissed just behind Kim's ear, and slowly made her way back down her neck to the place where her long, graceful neck met her shoulders. When she reached that point, she nibbled and then dug in, claiming Kim's neck as her own. She looked into the mirror and caught the look of ecstasy in Kim's eyes, making it all the more intense, and strengthening her resolve.

Kerry slowly kissed around Kim's body until she came back around to Kim's front. She loved teasing Kim, and this was certainly working. Kerry was just unsure of how much longer she could hold out. She slowly backed Kim up against he wall opposite the mirrors.

Kim moaned as the cool wall touched her skin. This just drove Kerry on, and she kissed further down her chest. She stopped at 'her' spot on Kim's chest, that spot where the line from in between her breasts met with the line of her shoulders. Finding the slight hollow of Kim's clavicle, Kerry sucked lightly and kissed it deeply.

As Kim moaned, Kerry's hands delved again into the small of Kim's back, pulling Kim closer as her mouth moved down to Kim's right nipple. Kerry took the pert, strained nub into her mouth, bathing it in warmth. When the fingers of her other hand made contact with Kim's left nipple, Kim's head lolled back and her hands began to delve roguishly into Kerry's hair.

Kerry continued kissing Kim's nipples alternately. She teased, flicked, bit, and sucked them, driving Kim into a frenzy. As she continued to worship Kim's breasts, Kerry's hands began the downward journey over the plains of Kim's stomach, over her hips, and finally cupping her scantily clad mons. Kim rocked her body gently on Kerry's hand, her hands all over Kerry's back. She wanted to make damn sure Kerry knew how much she wanted her.

Kim's sticky wetness flowed onto Kerry's hand through the thin fabric as Kim rocked her. Kerry stroked Kim lightly, running her fingers gently to Kim's inner thighs.

"Baby, please..." Kim begged Kerry. Kim's eyes followed every movement of their bodies in the mirror, pleased. Now she understood why Christi had that mirror installed.

"I know, Kimmy" Kerry said into her chest. Her hands slid under the waistband of Kim's panties, taking them to the floor in a fluid movement. Kerry stood back and appreciated Kim's body for a moment before she lowered herself down the length of Kim's body and dropped to her knees.

Kerry's hands moved back to Kim's belly as she planted small, fluttery kisses on the insides of Kim's thighs. Kim groaned a throaty, sultry groan as Kerry's hands finally moved over her bare mons. Skin to skin again.

She traced Kim's swollen, sticky lips back and forth, pulling the skin ever so slightly. As she stroked Kim open with one hand, the other was running up and down Kim's thighs, and her tongue was tracing lines on Kim's belly.

Soon enough, Kim was totally open to Kerry. With the flat of her tongue, Kerry licked from Kim's opening to her clit, long, hard, and slow. The taste of Kim was more intense than Kerry had anticipated. She couldn't help herself, and flicked Kim's hard little clit slowly a few times before she continued her lapping. Kim was pressing herself onto Kerry's mouth, desperate for her. Slowly, Kerry's hands joined her mouth. She rimmed Kim's opening slowly, teasing the hell out of her.

"Baby, please...please!" Kim moaned. Begging Kerry so desperately that her voice was almost incoherent. Kim was watching Kerry make love to her, and it was so intoxicating that she was feeling the effects in ways she never had before. She watched this woman love her and knew for sure that the words they had exchanged just days before were true. Kerry did love her.

With that moan, Kerry could no longer wait. She pushed two fingers into Kim. Kim's head snapped back hard, nearly hitting it against the wall. She let out a deep moan as Kerry began to move slowly in and out of her. Kerry's tongue began to slowly work Kim's clit. Kerry wrote Kim a great love epic on that hard, red bud. Kim gasped and writhed, her body begging Kerry for more.

Kerry gently moved another finger into Kim and quickened her pace slightly. The rhythm between the two built steadily. Kim moaning and begging, Kerry steady with her fingers and tongue. The mirror Kerry and Kim doing the very same, made things all the more intense. Kim loved the way they looked together, the way they fit together. She loved this woman more than she had thought possible.

As these thoughts occurred, the pace built more and more. Kim grabbed the rack on one side of her with one hand and Kerry's shoulder with the other, digging in hard as she came. She called out to Kerry, professing her love and desperation for her in that voice that always sent Kerry over the edge.

Kerry refused to stop, even for her own fulfillment. She kept steady with her pace and rhythm, bringing Kim twice more, each time more stunning than the last. Kim, all the while, watched how beautiful they were in the mirror.

As the grinding and wringing slowed, so did Kerry. She brought Kim down slowly and gently. When all the aftershocks were wrung out of Kim and every word of her love epic written in her, then, and only then, did Kerry stop.

At this, they both slumped totally to the floor. Kerry took Kim in her arms and held her as tight as she could.

"Baby...baby..." Kim panted.

"I know, Kimmy," Kerry said, kissing her forehead.

Just then there was a knock on the door of the dressing room.

Kerry slid her hand over Kim's mouth and replied, "Yes?" in her best Kim imitation.

"Ma'am...you've been in here awhile, and I was just wondering...how you liked the dress," said a shaken salesgirl.

Maybe they had been louder than Kerry thought. She had to stifle a laugh.

Kim continued to pant, but took one of Kerry's fingers into her mouth, sucking it gently as Kerry regarded the pile of blue silk in the corner of the room.

"I love it," Kerry said in her best Kim. "What's more important, my girlfriend loves it," she said, laughing quietly. Kim bit her fingertip lightly for that.

"Oh...okay," said the shaken salesgirl. "Can I help you with anything?"

"I'll be out in a minute. Would you try to find me some shoes to go with it? Heels, two or three inches...stilettos?" Kerry said, only half-joking. Kim was still sucking and biting her fingertips through a thin smile.

"Sure...eh...no problem," replied the relieved salesgirl, leaving.

Kim slid Kerry's finger out of her mouth. "I don't know if I can wait until I find shoes, baby," Kim whined.

"For what?" Kerry said, knowing damn well what.

"To help you undress like that," Kim said looking up at Kerry.

Kerry smiled at her. "We can always wait on the shoes and come back tomorrow," Kerry said.

"Yeah, why don't we do that?" Kim said, rising and helping Kerry up. "I have to get you home right now."

Kim kissed Kerry deeply, tasting herself. She was already plotting. 'I can't wait through picking out shoes, but maybe I can wait through a trip to housewares. We definitely need more mirrors at home.