Hands of an Angel

By Juliemaru





Story: In the alternate universe where Kim and Kerry are still together, Kim pampers Kerry after a hard day at work. No spoilers. Complete story.

Disclaimer: I have no ownership of these ER characters, but they come running when I call them. Warner Bros/Amblin/ConstantC owns them- don’t sue me guys, leave a message and they’ll get back to you.  

Rating: R/NC-17. Again with the HMS. I can’t help it, and apparently, neither can they. These two women are adults and in love- if graphic scenes of sex between women disturb you, then why are you here? Go recycle something.

Just a little story for those of us who miss Kim: a quick effort, but hopefully satisfying.



Kim let out a tiny giggle of delight as she checked the clock. Kerry was on her way home, and soon Kim could put her plan into action. She lit the candles and checked the room one last time: a fire crackled warmly in the living room fireplace and the wine stood ready. Kim had hauled the futon mattress out from the guest bedroom and it was draped with ivory flannel sheets that glowed with buttery warmth in the fire’s light. The massage supplies were set out; everything was ready.

            She had been preparing for Kerry’s arrival since their phone conversation an hour earlier. Kerry's voice had been heavy and dull when she called to say she’d be home after she finished up the last of the day’s charts. From Kerry’s terse description, Kim knew that the shift had been busy and stressful and she could hear the fatigue in Kerry’s voice. As Kim hung up the phone, she had decided it was time to treat Kerry to some well-deserved pampering. Kerry wasn’t one to indulge herself very often, and Kim had learned that ambush was the most effective approach. Kerry’s protests against being “spoiled” usually faded under Kim’s insistence. Kim suspected that tonight Kerry’s resistance would melt more quickly than usual, given that she would be wrung out from today’s hectic shift.

            The jingle of keys in the door brought a wide smile to Kim’s lips and she moved to the front entry to meet Kerry. The door swung open and Kerry stood motionless on the front steps. Her face was tight and drawn, but a thin smile played on her lips at the sight of Kim. Kim relieved Kerry of her briefcase, setting it down in its place by the door. She took Kerry’s arm and gently guided her into the house. Kerry’s brow furrowed as she began to rebuff Kim’s help, but Kim cut her off immediately. “Not one word, young lady,” she scolded Kerry, “I don’t want to hear it. You can deny it all you like, but I can tell that you’re tired and sore. It’s as plain as the exhausted expression on your adorable face.” Kerry groaned softly in frustration when she realized Kim’s agenda. She made a face of petulant defiance, which Kim promptly cupped in her hands. “Ker, you’re so cute when you’re cranky,” she teased.

After a soft kiss on Kerry’s lips, Kim moved into action. She eased Kerry’s coat off and hung it by the door, then wrapped Kerry in a gentle hug. Kim felt Kerry take a deep breath and then snuggle deeper into her embrace. “Mmmm…” Kim sighed happily, “does this mean you’ll let me take care of you tonight without the usual battle?” Kim trailed her hands along Kerry’s back, checking the muscles for spots of tension. As she explored Kerry’s back, Kim exclaimed, “What did you do at work today, arm wrestle all your patients? You’ve got so many knots…Oooo, there’s something…” Kim paused, still moving her hands on Kerry’s back and furrowing her brow in concentration. Kerry snorted at Kim’s dramatic examinations, “What? You’ve found my alien implant, haven’t you?” Kim giggled and reasoned, “Well, that would explain your bizarre aversion to human nurturing.” Kerry sighed. “Kim, I don’t have an aversion to being pampered, it just feels so…” Kerry searched for the right word, “…I don’t know. Wimpy?” Kim gave her a glare of playful disgust as she scolded, “It is not wimpy to let your leggy blonde girlfriend lavish attention on you after a ridiculously hard day’s work. In fact, it takes a strong person to ask for help. Only a true wimp would chicken out of one of my world-famous massages.”

            “Excuse me, Miss Thing? WORLD famous?” Kerry fixed Kim with her best incredulous look. “Do you have a girl in every port? Just what have you been doing while I’m stuck at work?” Kim returned Kerry’s question with a press of her hips to Kerry’s and a hot whisper in Kerry’s ear, “Waiting for you. Only you.” Kim giggled as she pulled back to look at Kerry. As fatigued as the redhead was, it was clear that she was suddenly very alert.

            “You have one last chance to protest being completely spoiled tonight, although it won’t do you any good,” Kim teased. Kerry threw up her hands and sarcastically offered a weak plea, “Oh no…please, stop. Don’t send me into fits of bliss with your magically talented fingers!” Kim planted her hands on her hips and deadpanned, “No, I was only going to give you a back rub.” They both laughed as Kerry realized the double meaning in her choice of words. Kerry gave Kim her best pout and argued, “But I’ve had such a hard day! What if I need more than a back rub?”  She stepped close to Kim and nuzzled her neck, kissing softly below Kim’s ear. As Kerry explored her neck, Kim warned playfully, “Kerry Weaver, don’t distract me. If you keep that up, you won’t get any massage at all.” Kerry quickly moved back and folded her arms across her chest. “In that case, I’ll be good. I promise. I’m too sore to stall you any longer. I need a massage. Please. I would really appreciate your world-famous treatment. Please. ” The sincerity in Kerry’s voice and the eager smile on her face warmed Kim to her toes. “Right this way,” Kim said with a grin, “the spa awaits you.”

            Kerry moved to the living room and surveyed Kim’s handiwork. The room was filled with warm flickering light from the candles and fireplace, and Kerry couldn’t remember a more inviting sight. “Kim, it’s lovely! So warm and cozy…how did I get so lucky?” Standing close behind Kerry, Kim wrapped her arms around Kerry’s waist, hugged her tight and asked,  “How did we both get so lucky?” Kerry brought one of Kim’s hands up to kiss the palm and squeezed it as she whispered, “God, I love you.” Kim kissed the back of Kerry’s neck and replied, “I love you, too. Now let’s take care of those cranky muscles.”

            Kerry kicked off her shoes and followed Kim over to the futon. Kim turned to Kerry and kissed her softly. Kerry smiled at her and started to remove her sweater, but Kim stilled her hands. “No, let me do that,” she offered. Kerry relented and stood quietly as Kim removed her clothes, making sure to plant a few kisses here and there during the process. Finally, Kerry stood in just her floral silk panties and camisole, with a shy smile on her face. Kim admired the magnificent woman before her, shaking her head in disbelief and gratitude. “Wow,” she said and she watched as Kerry pinked with a blush. Kim took Kerry’s hands, lowered her to sit on the futon and then moved around to kneel behind her. “Are you warm enough?” Kim asked. “Yes, perfect,” Kerry replied.

            Kim placed her hands on Kerry’s shoulders and let them rest there for a moment. “Okay, love. First, a few deep breaths. Nice and relaxed.” Kerry closed her eyes and began a series of calming exhalations. Kim’s hands were warm and still, pouring soothing energy into Kerry. They both focused on their breathing, inhaling and exhaling together in a slow rhythm. The only sounds were of their breath and the crackling fire. After a few moments, Kim’s hands radiated a heat that soaked deep into Kerry’s shoulders. The redhead melted into a soft hum of contentment. Kim praised her, “Good, Ker. Stay focused on that feeling…feel the tension start to let go…keep breathing.” Kim’s low voice drifted down to Kerry and she followed it as she floated away for a moment.

Kim stirred and slowly squeezed the muscles of Kerry’s shoulders as she asked, “How are you feeling?” “Your spell has taken hold of me completely,” Kerry answered. She broke into a grin as she continued with increasing drama, “I am under your power…you control me…what is your bidding, O master?” Kerry shook with giggles as Kim grinned and playfully gripped her hands around Kerry’s neck. “Alright, smart ass,” Kim laughed, “where should I start? Head or feet?” Kerry considered for a moment, “Hmmm…head, please.” Kim began to move her hands through Kerry’s hair, sweeping smoothly across her scalp. Kim loved to watch the fiery strands tangle in her fingers and she hummed as she worked. Kerry tipped her head back and let out a sigh as she reveled in Kim’s attentions. Kim took the opportunity to kiss softly at Kerry’s ear and whisper, “I love the way you look when you’re mellowed out like this. You practically glow. You are so beautiful.” Kim’s fingers worked down to the back of Kerry’s neck and kneaded the tense spots at the base of her skull. “Ahh…” Kerry exclaimed happily, “right there. It feels like I’ve had a vise-grip clamped there all day long.” Kim giggled, “Yes it does. You need to remember to take breaks during your shift to stretch. It’s easier to work out the tension periodically, before it accumulates.” Kerry smirked as she agreed, “Well, yes. I guess that would be easier, but then you wouldn’t get to have your fun spoiling me.”

            Kim smiled widely at that, realizing how much she enjoyed being able to soothe Kerry. Her instinct to nurture and support was what made her a good therapist, but it was also just part of her nature. “You know, Ker,” Kim said reverently, “It really pleases me when you let me help you.” Kerry turned to face Kim and kissed her deeply. “Kim, your adoration is something I never knew I deserved.” She smiled and traced her fingers down Kim’s cheek. “When I can let go of being ‘tough’ and ‘self-sufficient’, it’s really wonderful to let you care for me.” They smiled at each other and Kim kissed Kerry again before reaching for the wine. Kim filled their glasses and handed one to Kerry.

They sipped their wine and watched the fire for a moment, and then Kim set her glass down and said, “Now for those dainty little feet.” Kerry snorted into her glass, “Hah. They don’t feel very dainty. I think they’ve swelled to a size 12 today.” Kim piled pillows at one end of the futon and helped Kerry lean against them, sitting her up enough so that she could still enjoy her wine. Kim moved down to kneel by Kerry’s feet and she stopped to admire the play of warm light across Kerry’s skin. “Your body is so beautiful, Ker. I love to look at you.”

            “Why don’t you do more than just look?” Kerry asked seductively as she made a show of tipping her head back and slowly arching her torso to give Kim a better view of her silk-covered breasts. Kim smiled and slapped lightly at Kerry’s thigh as she chided, “Stop that, you tease.” The redhead simply stared wickedly back at Kim over the edge of her wineglass as she took another drink. Kim sighed with pleasure. She always enjoyed Kerry’s sex-kitten attitude, both for the fun it allowed Kerry and for the arousal it inflamed in both of them.

            “Feet,” Kim announced, and then looked down to see a pale set of wiggling toes digging against her thigh. Kim squeaked and fell back, laughing as Kerry’s toes tried to sneak between Kim’s legs. “Little Miss Frisky Toes, you’d better watch it,” Kim warned as she righted herself to kneel at Kerry’s feet. “Yes ma’am,” Kerry replied as she sat back against the pillows with a look of obedience. “Ok,” Kim said as she uncapped the massage oil and warmed a small pool of it in her hands, “let’s try this again. Time for the feet.”  She began to rub one of Kerry’s feet, moving her slick fingers over heel, arch, ball, toes and back again. Kim worked intently with firm strokes and Kerry watched Kim’s face, fascinated by the look of concentration she found there.

Kim switched to the other foot and after a moment, looked up at Kerry. “How are you doing, honey?” Kerry smiled down at Kim and cooed, “You are incredible. That feels great.” Kim smiled with satisfaction. “Okay then,” she said sweetly, “let’s move on to the back and shoulders.” Kerry giggled with joy and sat up from the pillows. Kim took the wine glass from Kerry and moved to rearrange the pillows. When she finished, she sat down on the futon, facing Kerry. Kim ran her hands lightly along Kerry’s shoulders and down her arms, enjoying the softness of Kerry’s skin. Kim smiled lovingly as she lifted the silk camisole up and removed it slowly, revealing Kerry’s pale skin inch by inch. Unable to resist, Kim brushed her fingers lightly over Kerry’s breasts, humming happily when she saw Kerry’s nipples harden. Kerry chuckled softly, well aware that Kim was having trouble fighting her desire. She cleared her throat and mused, “You know, Kim, I could swear that in medical school they taught us about these,” she cupped her breasts and grinned at Kim, “ but they never called them ‘shoulders’.”

“I’d call them spectacular,” Kim teased as she gave the nipples a quick squeeze. Kerry squeaked and slapped Kim’s hands away as they both dissolved into laughter. Kim managed to regain her composure enough to control both her giggles and her libido, promising, “Okay, I’ll be good. Here we go. Shoulders- the real ones.”  Kerry chuckled and settled face down on the futon as Kim straddled her back. “Warm enough?” Kim asked as she warmed more oil in her hands. “Yes, the fire is perfect; nice and warm,” Kerry replied. Kim began to work the oil across Kerry’s back and shoulders with long sweeps of her hands. “As I’m working on these knots, focus on your breathing, let these muscles loosen up and tell me if I hit any really tender spots.” Kerry mumbled something into the futon and Kim snickered as Kerry lifted her head and repeated, “Oops, sorry. I said ‘you have a knack for finding just the right pressure’. It’s great.” Kim worked the shoulders and back, enjoying the feeling of Kerry’s skin beneath her hands. After massaging Kerry’s back for a while, she could feel the warmth of Kerry’s body rising up and mingling with the slow fire between her own legs. She rocked her hips where she sat on Kerry’s lower back and felt a tingling rush in her sex. Kerry lifted her head and cleared her throat loudly in response. “Sorry,” Kim apologized, “guess I’m a little fired up. C’mon Legaspi, focus.” Kerry just laughed and dropped her face back to the futon.

Before she got carried away, Kim moved down to straddle Kerry’s thighs. She’d planned to work on Kerry’s lower back, but changed her mind and gingerly explored Kerry’s left hip. She could tell from Kerry’s reactions that her leg was bothering her. “Ker, can I work on your hip tonight?” Kim always asked before massaging Kerry’s bad leg. There was no danger of hurting Kerry by working on her damaged muscles, but Kim asked as a show of respect for Kerry’s privacy. There were times when Kerry would rather not focus on her disability, usually when she was fatigued and feeling vulnerable. Kerry lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at Kim. “It’s pretty stiff today. That shift was insane; nothing but running from one trauma to the next.” Kim waited, her warm hands resting on Kerry’s lower back. Kerry gave Kim a soft smile, acknowledging the request, “Thank you for asking, love. It could really use some attention.”

Kim tilted her head to one side and flashed a sweet smile back at Kerry. “Anything for you,“ she said as she helped Kerry roll to her side. She propped pillows both behind and in front of Kerry to help steady her. Kim gently smoothed her hands back and forth over Kerry’s hip for a moment to announce her intentions to the solid muscles beneath Kerry’s long surgery scars. Kerry relaxed against the pillows with a sigh and assured Kim, “Go ahead, it’s okay.” Kim moved with slow purpose, easing the tension from the muscles around Kerry’s hip joint and along her leg. Kim’s confident fingers pressed in, sweeping slow and deep circles along the snarled knots. “Good,” Kim whispered as she worked, “keep breathing.” Soon Kerry felt the knots let go and a warm relaxation flowed through her from Kim’s expert fingers.

As her body released the last of its pain from the day, Kerry felt a different warmth rising in her. Kim was still kneading the thigh muscle when she noticed that Kerry’s breathing seemed to be speeding up. She glanced at Kerry’s face and found a satisfied grin, edged with lust. “Feeling better?” Kim asked curiously. “Feeling frisky,” Kerry corrected as she rolled to her back and stretched languorously. She fixed Kim with a leer as she added “Feeling wet, too.”

“Oh God,” Kim moaned as she crawled on top of Kerry and into her waiting arms. Kerry’s wicked grin was covered by Kim’s hungry mouth as their hands tangled together to strip off Kim’s clothes. Soon Kim’s naked form was stretched long on top of Kerry’s, their hands roaming over each other as they kissed.

Only Kerry’s floral silk panties were left between them now, and Kerry reached to pull them off. Kim’s hands stopped hers. “No,” Kim breathed, “leave them on for me.” Kerry whimpered at Kim’s request, wanting to feel Kim’s skin against her. Kim’s hands had slowly worked Kerry into a fever during the massage, and she felt it crashing inside her now like a boiling wave. Kerry tried again to reach down between her legs; but this time Kim straddled her and held her wrists firmly, pinning Kerry’s arms down at her sides. Kim’s face was close to Kerry’s and her eyes glinted darkly with desire. She leaned down and kissed Kerry roughly, then pulled back to run her tongue along Kerry’s lips. Kerry groaned and tried to free her arms as Kim teased her. Kim kept her grip on Kerry’s wrists and kissed her way down Kerry’s neck. Kerry gasped for breath as Kim kissed lower, trailing her mouth along the curves of Kerry’s breasts.

Kim was humming with pleasure, serenading Kerry’s breasts as she sucked a nipple into her mouth. Kerry cried out as Kim bit down, trapping the nipple between her teeth. As Kerry bucked in Kim’s grip, Kim’s mouth pulled roughly on the nipple, releasing it to stand swollen and lonely. Kim reclaimed the pink flesh in a wet, soothing kiss. She gently lapped at Kerry’s breast until Kerry sighed deeply. “Still hurt?” Kim asked as she licked slowly around the tortured berry. “I like it,” Kerry growled, and fought again to break free from Kim’s grasp. After a moment, she collapsed on the futon in giggles, realizing she was no match for Kim’s strength in this position.

Kim grinned and nipped at Kerry’s belly with her teeth. “Give up yet?” Kerry squirmed and squealed as Kim burrowed her tongue into Kerry’s belly button. “Yes! Yes. Kim, please, I give up! Uhhh..” she groaned as Kim blew air into her moist navel. Kim stopped to stare intently at her, enjoying the desperation on Kerry’s face. Kerry rocked her hips and moaned, “I give up! Oh God, Kim…touch me. I can’t stand it…”

“Neither can I,” Kim admitted as she settled herself between Kerry’s legs. Kerry groaned in frustration to find that Kim still held her wrists. Now Kim’s arms pressed down and trapped Kerry’s thighs as well, spreading Kerry open. Kim’s devious leer thrilled Kerry as she watched and waited. Kim pressed her face against the floral panties and felt the slick warmth seeping through them. She inhaled Kerry’s scent and sighed with pleasure. Kerry was whimpering in anticipation and Kim finally lost control when Kerry begged with a hoarse whisper, “Kim, make me come, please…I want to come in your mouth…”

Kim dove into Kerry, teasing her through the damp silk. Kerry wailed as she felt the heat and friction of Kim’s silk-veiled kiss, and her thighs shook as Kim’s lips rubbed the fabric against her swollen sex. Kerry gasped in surprise when Kim suddenly released the grip on her wrists. She gasped again as she felt Kim’s fingers hook in the waistband and tug the soaked silk down her legs. Kerry’s hands wandered aimlessly, finally reaching above her head to grip the sheets. Her body was stretched taught as Kim devoured her, first sucking hard on her clit and then flicking it with her tongue. “Oh Kim, oh yes...please!” Kerry panted. Her eyes were shut tight as she tried to sense every motion of Kim’s mouth on her. She rode higher, a wave of heat crashing through her again as Kim’s mouth pressed harder. Kerry’s muscles strained and tensed as a tingling energy gathered inside her.

Kim broke her tongue’s rhythm at that moment and took a deep breath. She plunged against Kerry again, fluttering the tip of her tongue firmly on Kerry’s clit in a loud purr like a cat. Kerry screamed and bucked as she came, her body quaking under Kim for long moments until her climax subsided. Kim followed Kerry’s hips with her mouth, pulling on Kerry’s clit and drawing slow shudders from her trembling body. Kerry finally collapsed with a long, rumbling sigh and a delirious smile. Her arms and legs were splayed bonelessly on the futon, too heavy to move. She moaned softly as Kim cradled her hips in a delicate bear hug.

Kim lingered over Kerry’s skin, kissing slowly along her belly and murmuring, “Ker…you are an amazing woman. God, I adore you.” She moved up to kiss Kerry’s lips and chuckled as Kerry tried valiantly to move her arms but managed only a clumsy half-hug. “My love,” Kim announced, “I do believe that you are officially relaxed.” Kerry closed her eyes and laughed weakly. “This explains why I’m always tense. If I were ‘relaxed’, I’d never get anything done! Kim, I can’t move. I’ve lost control of my limbs…” She broke off in a fit of giggles and confessed, “I’ve never enjoyed being helpless quite this much before.”

“Well, you just stay right here, Miss Helpless,” Kim ordered sweetly as she tucked the flannel sheet around Kerry snugly. “I’m going to make sure that this dopey look on your face doesn’t fade any time soon. You take a little nap, and I’ll heat up dinner. It won’t take long.” Kim turned to the fireplace and stoked the dying fire, adding a log to keep it going. Kerry watched her, admiring the curves of Kim’s strong arms as she tended the fire. Her hair glowed in the firelight and framed her face with a ring of gold. “Mmm,” Kerry murmured happily before she drifted off, “an angel. An angel of my very own.”