Getting Lucky 
(complete) by Juliemaru

Story: In my world, Kim and Kerry are still together and now they own a house! They spend an afternoon working in the garden, which leads to…?


Disclaimer: I have no ownership of these ER characters. They are property of Warner Bros/Amblin/ConstantC. I just take them for a run periodically


Rating: Say it with me now: NC-17. These women are adults and in love- if graphic scenes of sex between women disturb you, don’t waste your time reading this! Go spend your time constructively: vote for more school funding or something.

 Thanks to Christina for her proofreading genius.



“Hey, Kerry of Green Gables, what do you think?” Kim was down on her hands and knees, digging along the garden wall.

“I think you’re insanely energetic, given the heat today,” Kerry answered, “and what’s with the ‘Green Gables’ comment?”

Kim flipped her blonde ponytail as she turned to smile over her shoulder at Kerry. “Sorry,” she apologized with a giggle. “It’s the hat. I can’t help it.”

Kerry frowned as she resettled her wide-brim straw hat and replied, “This is a very appropriate choice for the midday sun.”

“I know sweetie,” Kim agreed, “it’s very sensible, but it still cracks me up. Your red hair and your button nose and that hat- you’re as cute as little Anne of Green Gables.” Kim stood up and tossed her hand shovel at the tool bucket.

Kerry stood with her arms folded across her chest and a slight pout on her lips. “First of all,” she grumped, “I am much cuter than Anne of Green Gables. And secondly, I’d like to remind you that skin cancer is nothing to laugh at.”

“No, but that hat is,” Kim laughed. She moved to Kerry and stood nose to nose with her. “Don’t get me wrong, Ker. I love that hat, I love you in that hat…” Kim kissed Kerry’s nose and finished, “and I love you.”

Kerry grudgingly broke into a smile. “Okay, my hat and I both accept your apology. So, do we have a garden yet?”

“Almost,” Kim answered, “come here and tell me what you think.”

Kerry followed along as Kim pointed to various spots in the shade-dappled garden. “Hostas all along here, which we’ll plant today; then ferns here, lily of the valley here and in that bare spot…” Kim trailed off and made a vague circling motion with her hand, then finished, “…I don’t know yet.”

“Well, it’s part sun and part shade…vinca might work there,” Kerry offered, “or maybe some pachysandra?”

Kim stood and thought for a moment, then snapped her fingers and said, “Wait! I bet there’s some creeping something-or-other in the side garden that we can transplant. Once I clear out the weeds, we can see what’s there.”

“Perfect,” said Kerry. “Let’s work on this section today and the rest can wait until next weekend.”

“Okay,” Kim agreed. “Let’s finish these hostas. Will you un-pot them and hand them to me? I’ll plant them as we go.”

Kerry giggled, “Um, Kim? Is ‘un-pot’ a word?”

“I don’t know… un-pot, de-pot, dis-pot, non-pot. Whatever. Just yank ‘em out and hand ‘em to me,” Kim said as she adjusted her baseball cap and pulled on her gloves.

“Yes ma’am!” Kerry saluted, whacking her straw hat in the process. They both giggled and set to work planting the group of hostas.

            As they worked together in companionable silence, Kerry’s mind wandered back over the last few months. She and Kim had purchased the house from the Bensons, an elderly couple who had a hobby of collecting weathered and worn items from flea markets and estate sales. Since the old couple was moving into a tiny apartment, Kim and Kerry had allowed them to leave a number of boxes at the house for a break on the list price. During their first month in the new house, they had sifted through the boxes in the basement and saved the items with ‘character’, as Kim called it. Kim had enjoyed decorating with those pieces; placing a picture frame here, hanging an old griddle there, setting an oversized milk can in a corner nook. Amazingly, mused Kerry, the mishmash of unrelated items succeeded in creating a rustic cabin décor, which suited the old house perfectly.

            The garage, which was set back from the house on the edge of their lot, had been a gold mine of antiques and knick-knacks. It had taken two weekends to empty the garage of the last few boxes of strange hardware, some window screens and assorted old tools. Now that the garage project was finished, Kim and Kerry were putting the yard in order; clearing the weeds from the flowerbeds and transplanting any crowded plants. The yard was overgrown from a few years of neglect; the Bensons had obviously preferred shopping rather than doing yard work. Kerry smiled to herself as she delivered another plant, thinking how much she loved creating a home with Kim. They now had a place that was theirs, together. Kerry was finally beginning to feel that she was home.

            Kerry felt the hot mid-afternoon sun on her back and felt a sweat rising between her shoulder blades. They had been working steadily for close to an hour and were now down to the last few plants. Kerry pulled another hosta from its pot and loosened its roots, then sat back on her heels to rest for a moment. As she waited for Kim to finish preparing the soil, Kerry’s glance lingered over her blonde lover’s form. Kim was wearing a birthday gift sent by their friends Megan and Tess: a tank top from the annual Rainbow Families conference in Minneapolis. Kerry took in her favorite sights: the shifting muscles in Kim’s strong arms as she dug in the earth, the smooth curves of her shoulders under a fine sheen of sweat, and the long planes of her back as she reached forward and struggled to remove a large rock from the dirt. The heat of the sun and the intoxicating view of Kim’s body lulled Kerry into a daydream. She admired Kim’s solid thighs as she imagined herself lying naked between them.

            Kim, oblivious to her partner’s distracted state, was still wrestling the rock aside as she asked, “We’re just about done, can you hand me another hosta, Kerry?” Kim got no response, and she said again, “Kerry?”

            Kim turned and reached for the next plant only to find Kerry staring at her ass and wearing a lascivious look. “Helloooo,” Kim called, “Hey, get to work! You promised to help me, and instead you’re staring off into space.”

Kerry snapped out of her reverie and tried to shift the subject away from her obviously lusty thoughts. “I’m working! I was thinking about the landscape,” she lied unconvincingly. “Come on, haven’t I earned a break? You’re such a slave driver today.”

Kim quirked an incredulous eyebrow. “If I left it up to you, I’m getting the feeling that we’d be out here until the fall. So,” Kim said with authority, “I’ve decided that I’m in charge and you are my minion.”

Kerry licked her lips and teased, “Sounds like fun.”

“Back to work, minion,” Kim commanded with a dominatrix-inspired scowl.

Kerry roared with laughter and handed the requested plant over to Kim. “Maybe I’ll start that as my new nickname in the ER,” Kerry mused, “ ‘minion’ sounds better than ‘butch with a crutch’.”

Kim stopped in mid-action and stared open-mouthed at Kerry. “Don’t tell me that’s what they’re calling you,” Kim warned, “or I may have to suspend my practice of non-violence and go down there to crack some skulls.”

“Down, girl,” soothed Kerry, “it’s only Rick from maintenance. He was pissed that I chewed him out for sleeping in the storage closet again. Actually,” Kerry explained, “Abby overheard him use my clever new nickname and she chewed him out royally, according to Randi.” Kerry grinned and finished, “Everyone else knows better than to cross me these days. Our ‘zero tolerance’ policy has really cut down on the chatter.” Kim looked silently at Kerry, trying to assess the situation. Kerry reassured her, “Kim, it’s fine. Really.”

“All right,” Kim said as she plopped the plant into its hole and packed soil around it firmly. “In that case, I guess I can leave the leather jacket and brass knuckles in the closet.”

“Aw,” pouted Kerry, “I was hoping to see those leathers; you look so sexy in leather.”

            Kim sat back on her heels and playfully scolded Kerry, “What is up with you today? You’re like a horny teenager; first you’re checking out my ass...”

“Oh, you saw that, huh?” Kerry asked sheepishly.

“Duh,” Kim said with a sarcastic grin. “It wasn’t exactly subtle. And, you’re practically radiating hormones. You’re not having hot flashes, are you?”

Kerry shook her head slowly, “No. Not that kind, anyway.”

“You hussy,” Kim gasped in playful shock.

Kerry let out a hungry sigh. “So, I’m a bit frisky today; I’m sorry. It’s just that watching you work has reminded me how strong and beautiful you are. And those cute shorts are reminding me of how much I like your legs…and…”

            “Okay, my little minion, before we shock the neighbors with some wild sex right here in the yard, you need to stop talking,” Kim laughed. “We only have a couple of plants left, then you can take me inside and have your way with me.”

Kerry threw up her hands and confessed, “I don’t know what’s gotten into me today, I’m just incorrigible! Isn’t it awful?”

“On the contrary, it’s absolutely fantastic,” Kim grinned, “I just need a little longer to finish this.” She reached out and swatted at the brim of Kerry’s hat. “Now, you grab those last two hosta plants, and I’ll dig a spot for them in the corner there. Feel free to ogle me if you like,” Kim teased.

“I like,” Kerry admitted with a slow smile. “Have I mentioned how sexy you look, all sweaty like that?”

“Christ,” Kim chuckled as she picked up a shovel, “guess I’d better hurry.”

Kerry laughed as she brought the remaining plants over to the spot where Kim was digging. “Wow, Kim, this is really looking good. I think the ferns will fill in nicely by the end of the summer.”

“Yeah,” Kim huffed as she dug further down, “it’s a nice little garden. I think the Buddha statue will look good here, and we could set a bench over there. Maybe we should put in a birdbath, too?” Kim crinkled her forehead as she thought for a moment. “Oh! Don’t let me forget,” she continued, “I need to grab some lumber to build the compost bins.”

“Kim, I swear you’ve been to Home Depot every day this week! Do they have some ‘frequent shopper’ discount, or something?”

“Nope, no discount. I just go there to look for hot chicks,” Kim teased with a waggle of her eyebrows.

Kerry slapped Kim’s ass lightly as she chided, “Just dig! You’re a married woman now…no Home Depot girls for you!” 

“Yes dear,” Kim sing-songed as she thrust the shovel into the dirt again and it hit something with a dull clang.

“What’s that?” asked Kerry.

“Probably another rusty relic from the Bensons,” Kim said, as she bent down to investigate. “They had things stashed all over this place…could be buried treasure.” She dug around in the hole and soon produced an old horseshoe. “Look at this!” Kim exclaimed. “Hey Ker, I forget; aren’t horseshoes supposed to be lucky or something?”

Kerry peered at the horseshoe, leaning her head close to Kim’s to get a good look at it. “Yeah, there are dozens of variations on luck and horseshoes, dating back to fourth century Greece. They think the Greeks made the first horseshoes and apparently horses were held as sacred back then, so even their shoes had some value.” Kim put the curved metal in Kerry’s hands and returned to settle the hosta plants in their new home as Kerry continued, “So, it’s said that if you hang a horseshoe over your door, it will bring you good luck. This is perfect. We needed something to hang over the back door; talk about buried treasure.”

Kim packed soil around the plants, brushed off her gloves and then offered, “I’ll finish up here, and then we can hang it together.” Kerry nodded as she turned the shoe over in her hands and studied it closely. It was dark and rough with a few spots of rust. She wondered how long it had been buried there, forgotten.

Kim’s voice brought her back again from her thoughts, “Love, these need to be watered. Can you get the hose? I’ll start putting these tools away.” Kim tossed several hand tools into the bucket and carried it into the garage.

Kerry turned on the hose and began watering each plant. She closed her eyes for a moment, lulled by the warm sun and the sound of gurgling water. Her mind wandered again to Kim’s body; the flex of her shoulders as she moved the plants, the smooth movement of her thigh as she forced the shovel into the dirt, the smell of her sweat mixed with the green smell of the garden. Kerry’s own sweat was intensifying; whether due to the sun or to her fantasies of Kim, she couldn’t be sure.

“Hey,” Kim’s voice at her ear made Kerry jump, “no daydreaming on the job…even if it is about my ass.” Kim snatched Kerry’s hat and darted behind her. Kerry whirled around with the hose, trying to catch the giggling blonde in the cold spray, but Kim had anticipated the attack and scampered out of reach. “Ha!” Kim called from across the lawn, “caught you! Can’t you keep your mind off sex for five minutes? You really have it bad today.”

Kerry stood, hose ready, with a look of determination on her face as she said, “Come here.”

Kim stayed where she was. “No way,” she called, “you’ll soak me.” She tossed Kerry’s hat down and put her hands on her hips.

Kerry moved the spray in lazy circles on the grass, filling the distance between them with shimmering drops. “What?” she dared, “you can’t handle it? A little water?”

Kim broke into a grin at Kerry’s comment and ran toward her, squealing as the icy water hit her body. Kim pressed on, closing in on Kerry and taking the spray from head to toe. They were both laughing hard by the time she reached Kerry. Kim grabbed her around the waist, pulled Kerry’s crutch from her arm and gently toppled them to the ground. Kim wrestled the hose from her and tossed it aside before tickling Kerry mercilessly. They finally came to rest in a heap with Kerry underneath Kim, both of them breathing heavily. The hose, now abandoned, gurgled on the grass nearby.

“I had no idea you were so ruthless,” Kim teased. “Remind me never to give you hose duty again.” Kim smoothed the tousled hair back from Kerry’s eyes and kissed her lightly. “Mmm… and remind me again how much you want me.”

Kerry pulled Kim close and kissed her deeply, her hands creeping down to cup Kim’s ass through her wet shorts. “Kim,” Kerry teased with syrupy innocence, “are you hot for me? You’re so wet!”

She laughed as Kim rolled her eyes and groaned, “One more bad pun like that, Weaver, and I’ll turn the hose on YOU!”

Kim stood up, lifted the still-giggling redhead to her feet and retrieved her crutch. “I’ll put away the last few tools and grab the ladder from the garage,” she told Kerry. “You put the hose away and find a hammer and nails. I’ll meet you at the back door.”

“And after we hang the horseshoe?” Kerry asked with a grin as she stepped close and nuzzled Kim’s neck.

“After we hang the horseshoe,” Kim answered huskily, “you just might get lucky.”

 Kerry laughed and released Kim, who took the tools to the garage. She noticed Kim was walking with an extra swing in her hips for Kerry’s benefit. Kerry watched Kim go, then picked up the hose and sprayed it straight up in the air to let the drops rain down on her for a moment. With a contented sigh, she turned off the hose and coiled it up near the faucet. She picked up her hat and the horseshoe, and headed across the lawn.

The back of the house had a screened-in porch, which led to the back door. Just inside the back door was a small utility room and it was above that door where Kim wanted to hang their lucky shoe. Kerry hung her hat on a wall hook and looked through the boxes in the utility room until she found the hammer and a box of nails.

The porch door creaked and slammed as Kim came in, lugging a ladder with her. Kim looked up above the doorway and asked, “What do you think? Perfect, right?”

Kerry, ignoring the question and staring instead at Kim’s body, replied slyly, “Mmm hmmm…perfect.”

“Smooth talker,” Kim laughed as she opened the ladder and climbed up above the door while Kerry stood at the ladder’s base to steady her. Kim reached down with an open hand and barked orders like a surgeon. Kerry answered her with equal seriousness.


“Shoe,” Kerry parroted as she slapped the horseshoe into Kim’s palm.


“Hammer,” Kerry answered as she handed it up.


Kim’s stern demeanor disappeared with a surprised yelp as Kerry’s free hand ran down the back of Kim’s leg, her blunt nails raking slowly along the thigh. Kim reached down and grabbed the box of nails from Kerry, trying not to squirm as Kerry continued teasing with her fingernails.

“What?” Kerry asked playfully, “You said ‘nails’.” Kerry drew soft patterns on the back of Kim’s thigh, delighting in the look of desire flashing across her blonde lover’s face.

“You are evil,” Kim muttered under her breath. “Do I have to fall off this ladder and break my neck to distract you from your seduction?”

 “Sorry,” Kerry apologized, “you just look so good and smell so good…and on this ladder, your beautiful ass is right at eye level; how could I resist?” Kerry looked up at Kim with her best puppy-dog eyes, trying to look helpless.

“Evil,” Kim said again, laughing. “Besides, I’m all sweaty and smudged with dirt. I’d think you could restrain yourself until I’ve had a bath.”

“Deal!” Kerry grinned.

Kim rolled her eyes and held the horseshoe up above the door. She tacked it up snugly with a series of nails and gave it a wiggle to make sure it was solid. “There. What do you think, Kerry?”

“I think you’d better get down here,” said Kerry sweetly. “You’re late for your bath.”

Kim closed her eyes for a moment and let the desire sweep through her. “We’ll put the ladder away later,” Kim mumbled as her pulse started to race. She set the hammer and nails on the ladder’s shelf and started to climb down. Kerry stood with her hands on either side of the ladder so that Kim was descending into her arms. Kim moved slowly, arching back to rub along the length of Kerry until she reached the floor. Kerry wrapped her arms around Kim and kissed the back of her neck, cherishing the salty, soft skin.

“Mmm,” Kerry purred, “have I ever told you how much I adore this little spot…right…here?” Kerry brushed her lips back and forth across the base of Kim’s neck.

Kim hummed a low sigh and panted, “You may have mentioned it…twelve or thirteen times. Why don’t we go upstairs and you can show me all of your favorite spots?”

“Spectacular idea,” Kerry said, spinning Kim around in her arms until they were face to face. Kim moaned as Kerry pressed close and kissed her fiercely.

Kim broke the kiss and tried to catch her breath. “Wow,” she gasped.

“I agree,” Kerry said weakly, as she leaned against the wall briefly to steady herself. “Definitely ‘wow’. God, I love you.”

“I love you more,” Kim replied as she kicked off her shoes, pulled off her socks and hung her hat on the hook next to Kerry’s. She gave Kerry a huge smile and said, “Let’s go,” before disappearing into the house. Kerry tugged off her socks and sneakers and closed the back door before following Kim upstairs to the bathroom.

            Kim ran a sink full of warm water while she brought out the soap and fingernail brush. “Come here, Ker,” she invited softly. Kim guided Kerry over to stand in front of the sink. She stood behind Kerry and in the mirror’s reflection, their eyes danced together. Kim smoothed her hands down from Kerry’s shoulders to fingertips. She took Kerry’s crutch and leaned it against the wall, returning to press her body close to Kerry’s back. She kissed the back of Kerry’s neck as softly as a flutter of dragonfly wings and said, “I happen to like this same back-of-the-neck spot on you, too.”

Kerry whimpered softly and let her eyes drift closed. She felt Kim’s fingers entwine with her own and then gently submerge them into the water. Kim rubbed the bar of soap in their hands until lather bubbled up between their fingers. Kim caressed Kerry’s hands with smooth strokes and enjoyed the glide of the soap on their skin. Kerry leaned back into Kim with a sigh, cradled in the blonde’s strong arms. Kim delicately scrubbed their hands with the brush and gently worked the bristles under each nail. She rested her chin on Kerry’s collarbone and peered down at their hands as she worked. When their hands were clean, Kim rinsed and dried them and then kissed Kerry’s palms. “Now,” she said, “if you’ll run the bath, I’ll go get some clean towels.”

“Deal,” Kerry replied as she turned on the faucets in the big claw-foot tub.

            The bathtub was one of the reasons they had fallen in love with the quirky old house. With its deep dimensions, the tub had quickly become one of their favorite places to relax together. It was roomy enough to hold not only a small ocean, but two human islands as well. Kerry added some bath salts and swirled the warm water with her hand to dissolve them. A crisp smell of rosemary and lavender drifted up from the tub with the rising steam. Kerry leaned against the sink and closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations coursing through her body. She was invigorated after working in the yard; her muscles felt warm and flexible, yet sturdy and strong. Kerry imagined her body as a willow tree with limbs gently bending in the breeze. She smiled again at the irony: a 5’3” woman of slight build with a pronounced limp, transformed by her imagination into a majestic and graceful tree. Kerry felt energy radiating from her body as she enjoyed the sensation of being vibrantly alive in her own skin. When she heard Kim coming down the hall, she opened her eyes and moved to turn off the faucets.

            Kim entered the bathroom, carrying an armload of fluffy towels and two glasses of iced green tea. “Ooo, you used those great bath salts, didn’t you?” Kim asked, inhaling deeply. “I love that smell.” She smiled and handed Kerry a glass.

“Well, we deserve it,” Kerry said after a long drink of tea. “We worked hard out there.”

“Yes, we did,” Kim agreed with a smirk. “I worked hard at digging, and you worked hard at undressing me with your eyes.”

 Kerry took another drink of tea and set her glass on the shelf above the sink. “Since I’ve already rehearsed it in my mind, why don’t I give the real thing a try?”

Kim set her glass down next to Kerry’s before turning to face her. “You’ve been very patient, given your raging hormones,” Kim commented as she draped her arms over Kerry’s shoulders. “I can’t tell you how flattering it is, to have you wanting me.” Kim leaned her body fully into Kerry’s and kissed her languidly. They stayed there for a long moment, enjoying the kiss. Kim finally brought her hands up to Kerry’s face, kissed one last peck on Kerry’s nose and looked her in the eye. “Ok,” she said simply, “undress me.”

            Kerry reached up and freed Kim’s mane of blonde hair from its ponytail and ran her fingers through the wild curls. She lifted Kim’s tank top, peeled it off and pitched it into the clothes hamper. Kerry’s hands moved up Kim’s strong back and unhooked the bra with a soft snap, revealing the breasts she’d been dreaming about all day long. She dropped Kim’s bra to the floor and skittered her fingertips quickly from collarbone to navel, avoiding Kim’s nipples just to tease her. Meanwhile, Kim had unbuttoned Kerry’s shirt and eased it open to smooth her hands along Kerry’s ribs and up to her breasts. Kim leaned close to Kerry as her fingers brushed over Kerry’s bra and searched for the clasp, finding it in the front and releasing it. Kim pulled the bra and shirt free from Kerry’s arms and dropped them to the floor. “Hey,” Kerry protested, “I’m supposed to be undressing you.”

            “Well,” Kim replied slyly, “did you ever stop to consider that maybe all day today I’ve been just as eager to get YOU naked?” Kerry considered the idea briefly before shaking her head. Kim laughed and explained, “I’m just more subtle about it. Much more subtle.”

Kerry laughed with her and bent over to scoop up the bras and shirts that now littered the bathroom floor. Kim moved behind her to caress Kerry’s ass and plant a kiss on her back. “What was that about subtle?” Kerry asked as she stood up and tossed her handful of clothes toward the hamper. Kim leaned in close, her breasts brushing Kerry’s back. Her strong hands slid around to Kerry’s stomach, undid the front of her shorts and whisked the shorts and underwear to the floor in one smooth motion. Kerry gasped and shivered as Kim picked up the clothes and tossed them into the hamper.

“Swish! I should’ve played for the Lynx,” Kim bragged, kissing Kerry’s shoulder blade. “When can we go back to Minneapolis and catch another game?”

            “Anytime you want to,” Kerry said as she turned to face Kim. “Call Tess and tell her we’re coming to visit. I’m sure we can stay with them again.” Kerry’s fingers wandered lightly over the skin of Kim’s stomach, unzipped her shorts and kissed Kim’s neck. Kim leaned her head to the side to give Kerry better access and moaned when Kerry worked her hands inside the shorts and over Kim’s bare ass. Kerry pressed her mouth into the blonde curls below Kim’s ear. Kim sighed happily as Kerry pushed the shorts down over Kim’s hips and let them drop to the floor. Kim stepped out of her shorts, hooked one foot in them and flung them toward the hamper. When the shorts hit the floor instead, Kerry pulled herself away from Kim’s neck to tease, “You missed, Miss WNBA.”

“Give me a break,” Kim argued. “Pro basketball players never have to shoot while being seduced by a naked redhead…” She reveled in Kerry’s wicked smile for a moment before finishing, “…which is definitely their loss.”

Kim led Kerry over to the bathtub, stepped in first and then turned to steady Kerry as she climbed into the tub. Kim eased Kerry down into the warm water and then settled in behind her. “Want me to wash your back?” Kim asked sweetly as she opened her legs and scooted Kerry to sit between them.

“Mmm…yes, please,” Kerry murmured as she rested her hands on Kim’s thighs. Kim dipped her hands in the water and brought them up to splay across Kerry’s shoulders. Kerry wiggled as the drops trickled down her back and sighed contentedly as the heat from the bath soothed her muscles.

            Kim grabbed the peppermint soap and worked a minty lather across Kerry’s back. Kerry leaned her head forward as Kim rinsed the soap away with a cupful of water, then tipped her head back so Kim could wash her hair. “Ker, I love the color of your hair,” Kim whispered as her fingers gently scrubbed through the deep red strands. Kim filled the cup again with water and offered, “Lean back and I’ll rinse you.” Kerry obeyed and closed her eyes as warm water cascaded down over her like a caress. She hummed softly as Kim rinsed the last of the lather from her hair and skin.

            “Ok, now your turn,” Kerry said. After a bit of sloshing, they were re-settled in the tub with Kerry now behind Kim.

Kim danced her fingers along Kerry’s inner thighs, tickling the soft skin as she asked, “Is your hip ok, sitting like this?”

“More than ok,” Kerry replied huskily as she leaned forward to brush her lips against Kim’s neck. She turned her head to rest her cheek on Kim’s back and hugged her close. Kerry’s hands crept from Kim’s stomach up to her breasts, pinching the nipples firmly.

Kim stilled her hands on Kerry’s thighs and squeezed them lightly, her breathing suddenly rapid and uneven. “I can’t wait to get you in bed,” Kim whispered.

Kerry withdrew her hands from Kim’s breasts and retrieved the soap. “Well then,” Kerry purred, “let’s get you cleaned up.”

She soaped Kim’s back and arms, rinsed her and began to shampoo her hair. Kim’s head was tipped back and her mouth hung open as Kerry kneaded her long blonde curls into a soapy mass. The firm pressure of Kerry’s fingers working across her scalp made Kim moan quietly. The rhythm of Kerry’s strokes broke Kim’s moan into short, low sighs that sounded like laughter. Kerry whispered against Kim’s ear, “I love the sounds you make when I touch you.”

“Uhhh,” Kim grunted as she dug her nails into Kerry’s thighs. “Kerry…please.”

“Yes, love,” Kerry said as she pressed herself into Kim’s back and reached around to cup her hand over Kim’s center. The coarse curls between Kim’s legs were slick and Kerry teased one fingertip through Kim’s folds. Kim shut her eyes tightly and gripped the sides of the tub as Kerry’s fingers sent shivers of pleasure through her. She felt her heart start to pound and her breath caught in her throat as Kerry delicately tortured her.

Kim’s eyes flew open and she mewled in soft, wordless despair when she felt Kerry’s hand pull away. She looked down to see Kerry’s toes tug the stopper out of the tub drain.

Kerry gathered Kim’s wet hair and squeezed the water from it, saying softly, “Don’t worry. I want you too much to stop. I just want to move to the bedroom.” She kissed Kim’s neck and ran her tongue along Kim’s earlobe. “If you can make it to the bed, it will be worth it,” Kerry promised.

Kim was helpless to resist; she was drawn to obey Kerry’s request as inexorably as the water was drawn to the bathtub’s drain. Kim took a deep breath, willed her muscles to function and pulled herself up out of the tub. She turned and helped Kerry out of the bath, watching hungrily as water droplets skittered down the redhead’s legs.

Kerry pulled a fluffy cotton towel from the pile on the vanity and shook it out to full length. She held it out in front of her as she stepped toward Kim, then pinned it between their bodies as she wrapped Kim in a hug. Kim and Kerry swayed together, letting the towel dry legs and bellies and breasts while it was held captive between them.

After a few minutes, Kim couldn’t resist kissing Kerry’s neck. She nipped at the soft, mint-scented skin and sighed as Kerry pressed closer and ground her hips into Kim’s. Kim took a step toward the door, still clinging to Kerry and pulling her along.

“Going somewhere?” Kerry giggled.

“Yes,” Kim growled, “you are. Come here.” Kerry squeaked with surprise as Kim stripped away the towel, scooped her up and carried her down the hall to their room.

In the bedroom windows, warm breezes whispered among sheer curtains, casting the late afternoon sun in soft patterns across the floor. Kim crossed the room, held Kerry just above the bed and dropped her to bounce softly on the mattress. Kerry rolled onto her hands and knees and stared at Kim with anticipation. Kim watched Kerry intently, like a lioness stalking her prey, taking in every quiver of her lover’s body. Kerry crawled over to the edge of the bed where Kim stood and raised herself up on her knees to look Kim in the eye. Kerry moaned quietly, cupped Kim’s breasts in her hands and pressed her mouth to Kim’s neck. She kissed her way from neck down to breasts, licking and sucking each nipple in turn. Kim’s hands gripped Kerry’s head roughly and she gasped as Kerry savored her breasts. “Mmm…Kerry,” Kim breathed, “take me. Fill me up…please.”

Kerry kissed a trail back up to Kim’s neck and nuzzled at her ear, tracing the ticklish earlobe with her tongue. Kim giggled and slowly stroked her hands over Kerry’s back. “Kim,” Kerry asked seductively, “are you feeling adventurous today?”

Kim replied eagerly, “I’m feeling lots of things today, and I like all of them. What did you have in mind?”

“I was imagining something, but I’m not sure…” Kerry trailed off and looked up at Kim.

“Whatever you’re unsure of,” Kim purred, “let me put your fears to rest.” Kim’s eyes never left Kerry’s as she reached for the redhead’s slender hand. She guided Kerry’s hand between her legs and pressed it against her sex. Kerry inhaled slowly as her fingers felt the slick heat of Kim’s flesh and she saw the loving trust in Kim’s eyes. Kerry stayed still for a long moment, her lips parted as she sighed in wonder and gratitude for the radiant woman before her. Kim was moving almost imperceptibly in Kerry’s hand, still watching her eyes. Standing there, with Kerry’s palm cradling her sex, Kim felt safe and grounded and connected. She brought her hands to Kerry’s face and kissed her slowly, telling her what words could never say. She broke from the kiss and flashed Kerry a wicked smile, asking, “Now, what was it you wanted to try? I can’t wait much longer.” She ground her hips down against Kerry’s hand and was thrilled to see Kerry’s eyes glimmer with desire.

Kerry pulled away from Kim slowly, sliding her hand along the length of Kim’s center. She brought her fingers to her mouth and lapped her tongue over them like a cat to taste Kim’s scent. “Kim, I love watching you come, seeing the expression on your face…just the thought of it stuns me.” Kerry dropped her other hand down to touch her own wetness and watched Kim fight the urge to pounce on her.

Unable to ignore Kim’s look of desperation, Kerry sat down on the edge of the bed and guided Kim to stand between her legs. She ran her hands over Kim’s breasts and down her stomach, finally resting them on the soft curves of Kim’s hips. Kim bent down to kiss Kerry fiercely, growling as she dove into Kerry’s mouth. Kim claimed Kerry’s tongue with her own as Kerry’s hands roamed down to tease the backs of Kim’s thighs. She pulled back from Kim’s hungry kiss to catch Kim’s eyes as she commanded, “Kneel here on the bed, in my lap. I want to feel you in my hands.”

Kim quirked an eyebrow, both curious and impressed at Kerry’s suggestion. She put her hands on Kerry’s shoulders and climbed into her lap. Kim hovered there, kneeling on the bed and straddling Kerry’s hips. The simple, raw need for Kerry’s touch intoxicated her; being so exposed to Kerry made Kim feel vulnerable yet powerful at the same time. There was something delicious in admitting the depth of her desire and something empowering in brazenly asking for what she wanted. Kim was breathing hard and her legs were quivering with anticipation as Kerry’s hands smoothed over Kim’s ass and down along her thighs. Wanting Kerry’s mouth on her, Kim tangled her hands in Kerry’s hair and drew Kerry to her chest. Kerry devoured Kim’s breasts and darted her fingers over Kim’s clit with fleeting touches, wanting to drive Kim’s desire further. Kim threw her head back, her blonde curls flying as she begged, “Kerry…I need more. Please…” As she gasped for air and whimpered, Kim thrust her hips down, trying to find Kerry’s hand and impale herself on those strong fingers.

Kerry stilled her hand and rested her fingertips just outside Kim’s opening. “I want to watch you,” she said quietly to Kim. “I want to watch you take what you need. All of it…you are so beautiful.” Kerry kept murmuring softly to Kim as she guided Kim’s hips and positioned her to straddle one of Kerry’s thighs. Kerry placed her hand on her own thigh, palm up, with two fingers extended. She eased Kim down onto her thigh and slid her fingers deep inside Kim. As Kerry braced her hand against her leg, she flexed her fingers within Kim. Kim sat astride Kerry’s thigh, pushing down on Kerry’s hand and shuddering with a sigh of pleasure. As she kneeled there, with Kerry filling her, she realized what her lover wanted.

Kim gave her a slow, sexy smile and began to move herself up and down on Kerry’s hand. Kerry held her breath, entranced by the vision before her. She watched Kim intently, taking in every detail: the bend of Kim’s legs and the sway of her breasts as she pumped her hips up and down, the glistening skin at her collarbone that rose and fell with her ragged breathing, the tendrils of damp curly hair clinging to her neck. The sound of Kim’s breath rushing in and out of her with each thrust gave Kerry a surge of adrenaline that increased the heat between her legs until she felt like a volcano, waves of moisture sliding down her folds like molten rock. Kim braced herself on Kerry’s shoulders and bucked her hips wildly, pounding Kerry’s fingers deep inside and coating Kerry’s thigh with her wetness. She spoke a secret language of moans and sighs that Kerry had never heard before, yet understood perfectly. Kerry was mesmerized as Kim moved faster and gripped Kerry’s shoulders tightly.

The sensuous sight and sound and feeling of Kim riding her was more than Kerry could bear; she gave in to her impatient desire and worked her free hand down to stroke her own clit. The sudden, thundering crash of her own orgasm shocked Kerry and her body rocked and shook under Kim’s. As Kerry came, her quaking thigh drove her hand deeper up into Kim again and again. The fluttering of Kerry’s fingers within her plunged Kim into a climax that swept up to engulf her and she cried out with each delicious tremor.

They fell down together and sprawled across the bed. Kerry watched as Kim tried to recover; the flush in her cheeks gave Kim a glow that Kerry noted with pride. They lay there, limbs shaking, chests heaving, and minds reeling. And they both felt very, very lucky.