Gambling on Red 
(complete) by Juliemaru


Story: Here’s what I wish had happened when Kerry attended the Vegas conference. No real spoilers, the story follows the events of ‘April Showers’.

Disclaimer: I have no ownership of these ER characters, just a nagging obsession with them. Warner Bros/Amblin/ConstantC owns them. I am returning them unharmed.

Rating: It’s gets worked up to somewhere between R and NC-17. These two women are adults and in love- if graphic scenes of sex between women disturb you, go far away.

This is my first piece of fan fiction. I welcome suggestions and encouragement. Flames are not worth your time, so go volunteer or something. A big thanks to Christina for her extensive help!


The hotel bar was a welcome sight. After three hours of rain delays in Chicago, Kerry was relieved to have finally reached Las Vegas. After stopping by her room to drop off her overnight bag she had returned downstairs to find the bar. She wasn’t thrilled about attending the conference, for there was nothing thrilling about ‘Emergency Room Billing Strategy’, but she had agreed to go so she could get out of town. The past few weeks had been stressful and escaping her life for a couple of days seemed like a good idea.

Kerry moved slowly through the bar, surveying her options. It was a standard, low-key Vegas bar. The mellow atmosphere featured dim lighting, candles on the tables, strings of tiny white lights, overstuffed chairs and a massive bar with tall chairs along it. Kerry skipped the tables and headed for the bar since she liked to get a good look at the stock and pick her poison. Winding her way through the empty chairs and eyeing the bottles on display, she decided gin was in order. She wanted something different, something to take the edge off of her mood.

The heavy rain in Chicago had delayed her flight for hours and most of the time spent waiting in O’Hare was jittery and tiresome. The monotony had been broken when a stranger had approached her in the airport bar, introduced himself as Mike and insisted on buying her a round. She had appreciated his flattery but also knew that she didn’t have the slightest interest in him. He was friendly and curious, but Kerry had kept her distance. When Mike had interrupted her and asked what she was writing, she hadn’t been lying when she said it was a letter to a friend. It just felt like a lie because it was a huge understatement. She couldn’t just blurt out, “It’s a love letter to the most beautiful woman in the world, a woman who is so much a part of me that meeting her made me finally discover who I am. This letter is my last chance to show her my heart and win back her trust.” When a man introduces himself to you in an airport bar and flirts with you tenaciously, thought Kerry, it’s probably not fair to crush him with an answer like that. When he left, she’d pitched his business card and was drawn back to her writing. She had made some progress, but most of the wait in Chicago was spent thinking in circles. A year ago she might have considered hanging on to Mike’s number, but now she wasn’t interested in him at all.

She was only interested in one person. Kerry knew that much, but everything else still seemed so complicated. For the preceding three weeks, Kerry found that she wasn’t able to focus her mind on anything. Her thoughts would skitter here and there, leaving her tired and mildly confused. Writing had helped to clarify some of the emotional chaos, but there was still so much she couldn’t see clearly. She had been writing to Kim. She wrote about what happened, what she wished had happened and the way everything had gotten so far out of control. There were so many things to address that her letter ended up just skimming the surface of several issues. Kerry decided it would need serious revision, if she had the nerve to give it to Kim. Would Kim even accept her letter or read it? Kim had been blocking Kerry’s attempts at every turn, avoiding her calls and refusing to see her. Written words were inadequate, but with Kim so distant from her, they were all she had to convey her intentions. She had to start somewhere.

The vague buzzing of Kerry’s brain drove her crazy. She shook her head sharply, hoping the motion would clear away her mental fog. The bartender was moving in her direction, so she focused again on the bottles before her. He took her order and soon returned with a crisp gin and tonic, extra lime. Kerry paid for the drink and moved to settle in one of the high-backed stools near the end of the bar. She found some interest in watching people at the tables across the room, but she was pleased that her area near the bar was deserted. Kerry leaned back slightly in her chair and willed herself to relax. She inhaled the tart odor of the lime drifting up from her glass and noted the cool taste of the gin as it slid down her throat. “Bombay Sapphire was a nice choice,” she murmured to herself, “Good call, Dr. Weaver.” She spent a few more minutes watching the room, feeling relaxed and yet restless. Despite the long trip, she wasn’t the least bit sleepy. She didn’t feel like hitting a crowded casino. She certainly wouldn’t subject herself to Sigfried and Roy ‘Masters of the impossible’. There were a few dance shows to choose from, but topless showgirls seemed too hedonistic a choice and somehow depressing. Her first conference topic wasn’t scheduled until one o’clock the next day, so Kerry had the entire evening and next morning to do whatever she wished. But she couldn’t have the one thing she truly wished for. She wished she could be with Kim. She ached to hear the softness of Kim’s voice, wanted to touch her, to talk to her, to loop one of those long blonde curls around her finger and see that warm smile melt its way across Kim’s lips. But until Kim decided to acknowledge her, Kerry knew she would have to wait. She couldn’t boss her way through this one in her typical ‘ER chief’ style and force Kim to face her; there were too many painful issues between them. Kerry had wounded Kim so deeply when fear had kept her silent.

Three weeks earlier, Romano had scheduled a disciplinary hearing at the hospital to address Shannon Wallace’s sexual harassment complaint against Kim. Once the hearing began, it became obvious that Romano was using the complaint as an excuse to bully Kim and add more fuel to his personal campaign to have Kim fired. Kerry remembered standing a few feet away from Kim in the hearing, but it had felt more like miles. Kerry had been frozen in mute terror as Kim defended herself against slanderous accusations. Romano’s homophobic comments had thundered in her ears and Kerry had taken each slur personally, even though they were directed at Kim. Every stupid reason for hiding their relationship had seemed justified to Kerry when she witnessed the harsh treatment Kim endured from Romano simply because she was gay. If she had passionately defended Kim in the hearing, Romano might have seen that Kerry was a lesbian and he might have attacked her, too. He would have added Kerry to his list of targets, hounded her constantly and spread rumors about her sexuality through the entire hospital. Kerry had imagined the gossip, the stares, the comments that she would have to endure as “one of them”. She suddenly felt a whole new vulnerability and it had terrified her. Kerry was no stranger to discrimination. There were biases she fought against constantly, but she had grown used to them. She could handle the flack from being tough and demanding in the ER, because that was part of her management style. Reaction to her leg was something she’d dealt with for so long that it no longer bothered her to demand respect if someone devalued her based on her disability. These discriminations, while still painful, were familiar to Kerry and therefore easier for her to handle. But being gay was new territory and Kerry didn’t yet know how to defend that part of herself.

In the hearing, Kerry had panicked and stammered a sterile and detached assessment, hoping to avoid drawing Romano’s attention to her feelings for Kim. She had referred to Kim as a co-worker, describing her as an asset to the hospital and a well-intentioned psychiatrist. She knew Kim expected a strong endorsement from her, as a friend and a colleague. In her fear, Kerry had compensated for her personal feelings and censored her comments down to almost nothing. She hadn’t even been able to manage an argument worthy of one of her first-year residents. Her empty, impersonal words left Kim abandoned. As Kim stood her ground at the hearing, Kerry had watched the confusion and anger sweep across Kim’s face. Kim needed Kerry more than ever at that moment and Kerry wasn’t there. All her intentions and justifications didn’t change the simple fact that Kerry wasn’t there. Kerry wasn’t ready to reveal her private life to the hospital, and she had protected herself instead of protecting Kim. Kim had known it immediately and now Kerry had realized it, too. She was hoping now that it wasn’t too late and that in time they could understand each other. They needed to trust the progress of their relationship and know that they were committed to each other, even though they moved at different paces. So many times Kerry felt like a dawdling and clumsy snail, while Kim was racing ahead like a gazelle at speeds Kerry couldn’t hope to match. The relationship was still so new to Kerry; she hadn’t been confident enough yet to broadcast her personal life to everyone as she struggled to accept her sexuality. She had wanted to be sure of herself before dealing with everyone else. Kim had the opposite reaction and questioned Kerry’s commitment to a relationship she couldn’t admit to in public. Kerry’s inaction at the hearing had shattered Kim’s confidence in her, and Kim had been avoiding her since their argument that day. They had been caught in a tangle of misunderstandings and could barely communicate at all.

Dejected at their mess of a relationship and frustrated that she couldn’t escape thoughts of Kim, Kerry swiveled her chair around to face the bar. She set her glass down, rummaged her fingers through her fire-red hair and dropped her head to lean on one hand. She stayed like that for a while, tracing invisible patterns on the bar with her free hand. She watched her fingers move in slow, random circles until she drifted into a calm daze. Kerry marveled as she felt her mind gently let go. She had a sense of purpose welling up inside her, unfettered by distractions or judgments. Something spoke to her so clearly in this tranquil place in her mind. Kerry slipped loose from thinking and saw the truth: Kim was the most important thing in her life and Kerry would do everything possible to keep them together. All the turmoil and arguing; it was just bluster. All the fear and anger and pride were just distractions. The deep reality was that they loved each other and Kerry was willing to work tirelessly until Kim realized it, too.

Kerry surfaced from her reverie and decided that somehow she would reach out to Kim and when Kim stopped avoiding her, they would face everything together. They had to. It seemed inevitable somehow, simply because they needed each other so much. Kerry’s soft chuckle bubbled out of her as she sat up in her chair and looked around the room. She felt invigorated and clear-headed even though nothing had really changed. She simply had a different perspective on things now and she was determined to be with Kim. Kerry chuckled again at herself as she lifted her drink to finish it. She noticed a blonde across the room, moving slowly among the tables. She was about Kim’s height, but the bar’s dim lighting hid any other details from Kerry’s glance. Kerry turned back to the bar and set her glass down gently, amused that her thoughts of Kim were influencing her vision. Kerry knew that Kim was in Chicago; still, every blond Kerry saw reminded her of Kim. Relaxed, she stared off into space for a few minutes before she let out a long, deep sigh.

“You must be thinking of something very important, to be sighing like that,” a voice said from just behind her. Kerry froze. Every nerve in her body was immediately aware of the woman standing behind her. Kerry’s body sensed a familiar presence and her mind was trying desperately to catch up. She struggled to think clearly, but her thoughts were thrust back into chaos. As she fought for something to say, Kerry closed her eyes and tried to breathe normally. All she could feel was the crash of a single truth echoing through her: Kim. She heard a movement beside her and her name spoken softly and solemnly, “Kerry.” Kerry took another breath and looked to the person next to her. It was Kim. Kim was with her, near her, talking to her. Kerry understood it, but she was still too amazed by Kim’s presence to speak. Kim’s look was a mix of concern and despair, as her eyes searched Kerry for some response. Kerry blinked and shook her head once, to clear the haze so she could speak. Her brain snapped into action and her words came tumbling out, “Kim! Kim, what on earth…? What are you doing here? How did you…are you…?”

Kim’s face lit up and she laughed at Kerry’s jumble of questions. “Thank God,” she said, “I was starting to think you’d lost the power to speak. I can see now there’s no danger of that.” She glanced down, her smile faded and her voice turned somber as she continued, “I had to see you, to talk to you. These past weeks have been so awful. The argument after my hearing…” Kim paused and looked up at Kerry, who nodded in quiet agreement. “We’re hurting each other, Kerry, and I can’t stand going over it in my head one more time. I don’t know what to say right now, but I had to see you. There’s no master plan here, I just know the answer isn’t for me to sit home alone and argue with myself. I don’t want to argue any more, not with myself and not with you.” Kim paused, tried to continue her thought and finally sighed with a shake of her head. She looked lost as she muttered, “I must be crazy. I don’t know what to do now that I’m here. I bribed Randi for your itinerary. After I missed your flight leaving Chicago, I bought a ticket on the next flight to Las Vegas and I didn’t even pack a bag. I tracked down your hotel and somehow I found you in this bar. Now I’m…I’m not even sure how all this happened.” Kim looked at the floor with a rueful smile and said, “But I’m here. I’m here and I’m crazy.”

“Well, you’re half right,” Kerry replied softly. Kim looked up, her eyebrow arched in curiosity. “You are here,” continued Kerry, “but I see no evidence of insanity or any mental imbalance in your behavior. You aren’t crazy, this situation is.” Kim sank into the chair next to Kerry’s and began fidgeting with a napkin on the bar. “Kerry, I don’t know what I can say to make you understand how bleak everything seemed without you. These last few weeks have left me empty. I was so angry and frustrated and frozen. Part of me was looking for a way to prove I wasn’t dead inside, but it was impossible. The usual hard night of drinking wouldn’t do it.” Kerry remembered her own attempts to erase everything with alcohol and felt a pang of guilt. “A good screaming tantrum would take too much energy,” Kim continued, “and I even thought maybe I could bluff my way through a one night stand with Lori.” Kerry winced. Kim quickly went on, “I couldn’t do it! Please, listen to me. Kerry, no one I’ve been with comes close to you, not even Lori. Truthfully, it’s been a long time since I broke it off with her and I don’t have her number anymore.” Kerry studied Kim’s face and quietly asked, “You couldn’t find Lori’s number; is that why you didn’t sleep with her?”

“No!” Kim’s fierce reply caught them both by surprise. Kim’s eyes met Kerry’s as she took Kerry’s hand and held it gently. “I didn’t go through with it because,” she took a breath, “…because you are the only one I want. Everything else is just not important to me anymore.” Kerry looked at Kim for a moment and then looked down at their joined hands. “The problem is,” Kim said wistfully, “If you can’t forgive me for pushing you away, if you won’t have me back, that leaves me apathetic about everything else.” Kim smiled as she tried to lighten the mood. “I’ll probably quit my job, lose my house, wander the streets…” Kim trailed off and her half-grin faded as she saw Kerry’s distant look. “Kerry?” Kim tried to catch Kerry’s eyes. “Kerry,” Kim asked softly, “what are you thinking?” Kerry stared at their hands in silence. “Tell me, please! Kerry, I need to know what you’re thinking. Please…”

The anxiety in Kim’s voice jolted Kerry out of her stupor. “I have a house,” she blurted. Kim looked at her, utterly confused. Kerry realized Kim had no idea what she meant by that and she rushed to explain. “I’m sorry, I was listening to you, but I was looking at our hands.” Kim continued to stare blankly at her, more confused than before. “I was looking at our hands and they fit so perfectly together, they feel so right together…I’d forgotten…” Kerry stopped. “Damn, I’m still not telling you what I’m thinking, am I?” Kim wrapped her other hand around their joined hands and waited patiently, her way of telling Kerry to take all the time she needed. And then Kim smiled that tiny smile at the corner of her mouth, the smile that disarmed Kerry every time. She stared at Kim for a moment and then confessed, “You wouldn’t be abandoned, Kim. I wouldn’t let you wander the streets. You would stay at my house, with me. Anything you ever need, I will try to give it to you.” Kerry’s voice quavered as she went on, “Kim, you are the most important thing in my life. I couldn’t tell you before because I’ve only recently realized it myself. I can’t hide it, and I don’t want to hide it anymore. We’ve both gone over everything in our minds and our conclusions are the same: nothing matters but you and I being together.”

Kim’s eyes glittered, not quite spilling her tears as she confessed, “Kerry, I was so afraid you would push me away.” Her lip shook as one tear escaped to roll down her cheek. “You were staring off into space like that and I was scared that you were trying to think of a way to escape.”
“I don’t want to escape,” Kerry assured her, “I want to stay….I want to stay with you. I don’t want anything to ruin what we have. I want to stay with you.” Each time she said it, Kerry wasn’t sure it was clear enough. She didn’t want any more confusion and she couldn’t quite read Kim’s expression. She opened her mouth to say it again when Kim threw up her hands and said, “Okay! Okay! You want to stay! I get it. Really! I’m clear on this.” She laughed and a cascade of tears danced freely down her face. “You don’t have to say it again,” she giggled. Kim caught her breath and wiped her eyes with her hand, repeating softly, “You don’t have to say it again.”

“Yes I do,” Kerry countered as she smoothed one last stray tear from Kim’s cheek. “I want to stay with you, Kim. You amaze me. You can read my soul with one look, electrify me with one touch and pull my breath from me with one kiss. You are what I want.” Kim fixed her with a look of admiration. “Well, Kerry, you seem to have clarified things since we talked last. I’m impressed.”

“It’s been the hardest time of my life,” Kerry admitted, “but it was worth it. I needed to know who I am. I needed to understand the things I kept hiding from myself and from everyone.” She looked at Kim and smiled hopefully. “If I have the chance to work things out with you, then it was even more worthwhile.”

Kim smiled gratefully and leaned closer to Kerry. “If you only knew how much I’ve wanted to hear you say that,” she sighed. “I was praying you’d forgive me for pressuring you to come out. I guess I’d forgotten how scary it could be and it wasn’t fair to rush you. I’ve wasted so much time refusing to see you or talk to you. I don’t want to refuse you any more. You have owned my heart since we met, how can I deny you anything?”

Kerry stared at Kim with a determined look in her eyes. She leaned in and closed the space between them until her mouth was at Kim’s ear. “Kim, will you stay with me tonight? In my hotel room, in my bed?” Kim trembled at the heat of Kerry’s breath. The low buzz of Kerry’s words against her ear sent sparks down her spine. She slowly released a sigh with a smile. “Oh Kerry…yes, please…” Kerry’s pulse jumped as she heard Kim’s soft acceptance. Kerry’s hand was on Kim’s knee now, slowly squeezing and creeping up her thigh. Kim’s eyes fluttered closed and a low hum rumbled from her throat. Kerry inhaled deeply, the scent of Kim’s hair and neck reminding her of their last encounter. The last time they were together seemed an eternity ago, but Kerry could still recall it vividly. As Kerry’s erotic memories affected her breathing, her forceful exhalation warmed Kim’s ear. Kim ran her fingers lightly along Kerry’s arm down to her wrist as she enjoyed the delicate friction of Kerry’s hand on her thigh. “Kim, let’s go,” Kerry said, and there was no mistaking her tone. The urgency and authority in it allowed no argument and Kim was aroused by Kerry’s power. Kerry’s decisive nature served her well in the emergency room when she made life and death decisions, and she hoped that her commanding tone would give her control of Kim now. She stood up and looked at Kim expectantly.

Kim didn’t move from her chair. She was risking the wrath of the woman beckoning her, but Kim had to know that there was no doubt for either of them. As Kim hesitated, Kerry fixed her with a hungry glare. “Kim,” Kerry warned, “I need you. If you don’t come upstairs with me right now, I can’t be held responsible for what I might do in this bar, in front of these people. I swear I won’t be able to control myself much longer.” Kerry’s eyes were narrowed with intensity and she spoke under her breath. Her hand was now clamped around Kim’s wrist, gentle but inescapable. She dared Kim’s further hesitation with a look that Kim knew was the last word. Kim fought the urge to leap up into Kerry’s arms and instead rose slowly until she stood close to Kerry. She challenged Kerry silently with her best defiant stare. There was a flash of both frustration and helplessness in Kerry’s eyes. Kim broke into a knowing smile as she whispered, “I know, Kerry. It’s unbearable. As much as I like anticipation, this is torture. Take me up to your room. Now.” Kim’s request was both a relief and a new agony as Kerry realized the amount of self-control needed to make it up to her room. Kerry took a deep breath and collected herself. She turned and led Kim out of the bar and back to the hotel elevators.

Kerry punched the button and tried to focus her attention on the doors in front of her, but her entire being was aware only of the woman standing with her. Kerry could smell her perfume, hear the rustle of her clothes and she swore she could hear the uneven racing of Kim’s pulse. Suddenly, she felt Kim’s hand pressing at the small of her back and she realized the empty elevator stood open before her. Kerry ducked a quick glance over her shoulder and saw Kim’s amused smile as she chided, “Kerry, babe, the elevator’s here. Are we getting in or not?” Kim was trying not to laugh at her powerful and commanding woman who was so caught up in some fantasy. A fantasy about her, Kim realized. A heated shiver ran through her as Kim’s own fantasy exploded in her mind. She found she was unable to move for a moment, thinking about Kerry’s hands and mouth on her. She shook herself back to the present and followed Kerry, the doors closing behind them. Kim turned and faced the doors, with Kerry standing so close behind her that the heat between them increased. Kerry punched 8 and the elevator began to lift. Kerry’s hands settled on Kim’s hips as she said, “Kim, I noticed you had some trouble getting into the elevator. You obviously had something on your mind.” Kerry’s hands were lightly cradling Kim’s ass now, and Kim found it very hard to concentrate. She stared up at the floor number display and realized she was trapped in a slow-moving elevator with a dangerously aroused woman. The numbers crawled along, 2…3… Kim prayed they would move faster but the elevator continued to lumber up slowly.

“Kim…” Kerry was still speaking low against her ear, “Were you thinking of me? Hmmm?” Kerry nuzzled the back of Kim’s neck, loving the obvious tension in Kim’s body. Kim’s mouth hung open slightly as she watched the numbers’ slow advance…5…6. It was incredible, the energy arcing through her from Kerry’s touch. She kept begging her body to stay in control as she drew in a ragged breath. Kerry cooed at her again, “Oh, I love that sound. Your breath crashing into you, inside you, where I want to be…” Kim stood there, thanking her legs for not giving out and trying to regain control. She gulped air as Kerry stood behind her, tormenting her. Kerry looked up and noticed they were just past 7. She was thankful they had the elevator all to themselves for the entire ride.

Kim’s vision cleared as they reached the 8th floor, and as the elevator doors slid open she noticed there were no other hotel guests wandering the hall. Kim stepped out of the elevator, grateful to escape the intensity of being so deliciously trapped near Kerry. As she turned back to Kerry, she saw the raw edge of desire warring with her stern expression. Kim realized that Kerry, too, was fighting to control her lust. “Lead the way,” Kim said playfully, “I want you in front of me where I can keep an eye on you.” Kerry walked slowly past Kim, brushed lightly against her and started off down the hall. Kim grinned, determined now to give Kerry a taste of her own medicine.

Kerry moved down the hall, following it as it turned. Her room was at the end of the hall, in its own corner. Kerry reached the door and waited, facing the door and listening to Kim’s approach. Kim moved in close behind her, standing silent and still. Suddenly she dove into Kerry, nibbling her ear and running her hands over Kerry’s belly and up to caress her breasts. She kissed hungrily along the back of Kerry’s neck, delighted at the redhead’s shocked gasps. “Now who’s a tease?” Kim demanded as she fingered Kerry’s nipples relentlessly. “What’s on your mind Kerry? Can you speak? Hmmm? Tell me…” Kim stopped her attack, wrapped her arms around Kerry’s waist and leaned her head down on Kerry’s shoulder.

“God, Kim,” Kerry breathed with a grin. “We’re lucky this room is in a private corner or the other guests would have quite a show here.” Kim smiled and pressed her mouth against Kerry’s ear once more. “I was hoping things would go well when I found you,” she whispered. “Very well,” Kerry shot back over her shoulder with a smirk. Kim pinched a nipple and scolded, “Shush. So, I mentioned to Randi when she pulled your itinerary that if she changed your reservation to a more private room, I’d make it worth her while.” Kerry giggled, “What on earth did you promise her?” “Well,” Kim said, “let’s just say Randi is a big Melissa Etheridge fan and I’ll be paying her way at the concert next month.” Kerry leaned back into Kim and said, “Make it three tickets. I’d like to thank Randi personally.” Kim was enjoying Kerry’s weight pressed against her, and she sighed, “Absolutely. I’d love to bring you along. Besides, from now on, I’m never letting you out of my sight.”

They stood there for a moment, content to find a lull in the storm of desire that had swept them along. Kerry was the first to step back into the tempest. She reached one hand in her pocket for the room key and ran her other hand down along the outside of Kim’s thigh. “Kim, I want you. Once I unlock this door, I won’t have any willpower left. I want everything with you. Are you ready?” Kerry waited, needing one last reassurance.

“Oh baby,” Kim purred, “I am so ready.” Kim’s mouth nuzzled the back of Kerry’s neck and her hands moved along Kerry’s belly, tracing back and forth across her waist. “I’m ready to give you everything you want, to make you feel how much I love you.” Her hands moved lower to pull Kerry’s hips back into her own. “I need to be in your arms. I want to feel your skin on mine, your mouth on mine…oh…fuck…”

Kerry had been fumbling with the key and dropped it as Kim’s last words shattered her control. Kim heard the key hit the floor and a wicked smile crossed her lips. “Let me get that,” she offered. She stepped around Kerry and stood in front of her, watching Kerry’s face as she knelt down to retrieve the key. She grabbed it with one hand and then slowly straightened up on her knees until she faced Kerry’s hips. Kim let her free hand roam up to the soft curve of Kerry’s ass and she looked up with a playful grin. Kerry watched Kim’s mischievous expression as her face moved closer to Kerry’s hips. Kim nuzzled her face between Kerry’s legs, her mouth teasing through the fabric of Kerry’s pants. Kerry’s head tipped back and her eyes closed as she fought to stay standing through the waves of arousal washing over her. Tiny gasps caught in the back of her throat as Kim moved up Kerry’s body and dragged her mouth along Kerry’s exposed neck.

Kim eased Kerry back against the wall, still kissing her as she reached to unlock the door. She broke away from Kerry, opened the door and held it for her. Kerry entered and suddenly stopped in the doorway. She stood and stared at a massive flower arrangement full of color and fragrance. “Kim! How did you…oh, they’re beautiful!” Kerry looked over her shoulder and found Kim looking at the floor, wearing a tiny smile. “Kim?” Kerry asked, curiously.

“Guilty,” Kim admitted. “It was a gamble, but I was hoping we’d end up in your room together, so I had these sent up.” She chuckled and dropped the room key on a nearby table. “I figured Vegas is the place to gamble and I guess I was right. I am so glad you like them.” Kim smiled as she turned to close the door, slipping the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the doorknob with a great deal of satisfaction.

As she turned back from locking the door, she found Kerry on top of her. Kerry’s crutch thumped to the floor as she pushed into Kim roughly, crushing her with a fierce kiss and hands that seemed to be everywhere at once. Kim clung to Kerry as their kiss fused them together and left them breathless. Kim moaned while Kerry pinned her against the door and drove her wild with her mouth. Kerry moved down to claim Kim’s neck while her hands caressed her lover’s full breasts. Kim struggled, but Kerry held her in place and continued her possession of Kim’s body.

“Uhhh…I’ll get,” Kim stammered weakly, “…more often.” Kerry pounced on Kim’s mouth again, cutting off her words and interrupting any further thought. All Kim could do now was feel. Kerry wrapped her arms around Kim and peeled her away from the door to spin them around to the bed. Kerry was still devouring Kim’s lips, exploring the sweetness of Kim’s mouth with her tongue. Kim felt the edge of the bed behind her legs, but she had no idea how she had crossed the room. She didn’t know anything other than Kerry’s mouth on hers. Their tongues were entwined and their breath mingled as they fought for air. Kim couldn’t see, she couldn’t think, she couldn’t breathe. She broke from Kerry’s kiss and begged between gasps, “God, Kerry… I’m… wait, I need… please.” She didn’t know what she was saying, but she hoped Kerry understood.

Kerry pulled her close and cradled her, lowering them to sit on the bed. She calmed Kim by brushing back her hair and murmuring softly to her, “It’s okay, honey. Shhh… I know. We’ll slow down.” Kim nodded and relaxed in Kerry’s arms. She leaned her head on Kerry’s chest and Kerry rocked them gently. Kerry’s fingers swept through Kim’s hair, soothing her until they were both breathing more normally. “Are you okay, Kim? I’m sorry… I just couldn’t hide anything. You’ve touched me so deeply; everything in me just let go. I love you and I don’t want to hold back anymore. I love you so much, baby. Are you all right?”

Kerry’s words washed over Kim and she stirred in Kerry’s embrace. She took Kerry’s hands and kissed them. “Kerry, I’m ok, you just overwhelmed me. Your love, your desire; I’ve never felt anything that intense before. Ever.” Kim paused, kissing Kerry’s palm to make her point. “I am so in love with you and I want everything you can give me, Kerry. I just needed to stop for a minute.” Kim reached over and brushed Kerry’s lips with the lightest kiss. Kerry held her breath until Kim pulled back. They looked at each other and Kerry sighed, “I think your minute is up.”

Kim smiled at Kerry and pulled her up to stand beside the bed. They lingered in long kisses and took turns slowly undressing each other until they both stood naked. Kim pulled the sheets down and guided Kerry to the bed. “Lay down,” she entreated, “I’ll be right there.”

Kerry stretched out on the bed, watching as Kim inspected the flower arrangement on the table. She selected one pale pink rose and returned to the bed. She stood at the foot of the bed, admiring Kerry’s naked form. A smile crept across Kerry’s face and her cheeks flushed with shy pleasure at being so openly adored. Kim delicately placed the rose in her teeth with a grin. She crawled on the bed and stalked her way up Kerry’s body, keeping a few inches of space between them. Kerry inhaled deeply in anticipation and caught the delicate scent of the rose, mingled with Kim’s sweet muskiness. Kim hovered above her briefly before sinking down to settle in Kerry’s arms. Kerry moaned at the firm press of Kim’s body against her own. Kim, with the rose still clutched in her teeth, sank her wet center down on Kerry’s thigh, and they both gasped at the contact. Kim’s thigh pressed in to find that Kerry was just as slick. Resting on one elbow, Kim trailed the rose across Kerry’s lips. Kerry sighed and closed her eyes as the rose brushed over her cheeks, down her neck and between her breasts. Kerry whimpered with delight, the cool touch of the petals drawing her attention to the sensations dancing over her skin. Kim studied Kerry’s breasts intently. She drew the rose around Kerry’s nipples and marveled that they matched the flower’s dusty pink color perfectly.

Kerry soon grew frustrated with the light touches; she craved more. She drew in a breath and released it in a rumbling sigh, “Kimmmmmm…” The sound of Kerry’s voice pushed Kim over the edge. She dropped the rose and dove down into Kerry with her mouth and hands, pressing fiercely into Kerry’s breasts. Kim’s plan of slow seduction was forgotten as passion swept them away again. Kerry’s hands were thrust deep in Kim’s blonde locks; she pulled her closer and encouraged Kim’s mouth to continue. Kim moaned as she devoured Kerry’s breasts. She moved from one to the other, as if trying to decide which breast was more beautiful.

Kerry was in delicious turmoil. She loved to look down at Kim lavishing attention on her breasts, but Kerry couldn’t wait; she wanted Kim. She pulled gently on Kim’s hair to bring her up for a crushing kiss. Kerry pulled again on Kim’s hair to lift her head back. Kim gasped and her mouth hung open as Kerry kissed a trail along her exposed throat up to her jaw. “Oh god, Kerry. Yes….please….” Kerry’s mouth moved up to claim Kim’s earlobe and to gently whisper, “Kim, I’ve been away from you too long. I want to be inside you.” Kim shook with want and gasped, “Oh please…now…touch me…” Kim’s hips jerked down against Kerry, begging for her.

Kerry released Kim’s hair and pushed hard against the bed to sit them both up. Kim suddenly found herself upright, sitting on Kerry’s lap. Kim wrapped her legs around Kerry and laughed low in her throat as Kerry kissed her there. Kerry scolded her, “Didn’t think I was that strong, did you?” Kim couldn’t speak; she was too distracted by Kerry’s insistent mouth on her neck. They sat in the middle of the bed, face to face, a tangle of arms and legs as they moved against each other. Kerry released Kim’s neck and moved Kim back from her slightly. Kim was dazed. She couldn’t comprehend why Kerry had separated them. She couldn’t comprehend much of anything at that moment, other than the arousal that pounded through her. Her eyes had a dark sparkle as she stared at Kerry hungrily. One of Kerry’s hands supported Kim by curling around the back of her neck and holding her up, while her other hand traced lightly down Kim’s belly. Kim tipped her head back and leaned into Kerry’s strong hand behind her neck. Kerry’s fingertips trailed lower and she watched as Kim’s muscles quivered under her touch. Kerry cooed to Kim, her fingers moving down as she spoke, “Mmmmmm…You are so perfect, just like this. Waiting for me…”

Kim’s eyes went wide and a cry erupted from her as Kerry’s fingers dove deep inside her with no warning. Kim threw her head back and braced her arms on the bed to push against Kerry’s hand. Kerry held Kim firmly and admired the curves before her: the curve of Kim’s exposed neck, the curve of her breasts as she fought to breathe, the curve of her belly as her torso leaned away. Kim arched her back even more, desperate to take Kerry’s fingers inside as deeply as she could. She pressed her hips down strongly on Kerry’s fingers, and Kerry groaned as she felt the tension building inside Kim. Kim’s head snapped up and she fixed Kerry with a wild stare as she begged, “God, please Kerry…Oh God, now…” Kerry pressed in with strong thrusts and circled her thumb over Kim’s clit. Kim dropped down to her elbows on the bed and slightly lifted her hips to meet Kerry’s thrusts. Kerry slid her arm down to wrap low around Kim’s back. Kim pushed against her roughly, wetness pouring out around Kerry’s hand. Kerry kept a steady rhythm and she watched Kim race toward release. Kim bucked wildly on Kerry’s hand, then sat up suddenly and cried out as she shook in Kerry’s embrace. Kim slumped against Kerry and clung to her as she gasped for air. Kerry hugged Kim close and rocked her gently as she slowly withdrew her fingers. Kerry lay back on the bed and brought a whimpering Kim down to lay on top of her.

Kim rested on Kerry’s stomach with her arms wrapped around Kerry tightly and her long curls spilling across Kerry’s belly. As her hands played through Kim’s hair, Kerry giggled. Kim gave an exasperated sigh, “Pretty pleased with yourself, aren’t you?” Kerry shot a superior look at the exhausted woman splayed across her and teased, “Aren’t you?” Kim groaned. “Kerry Weaver, you just about killed me. It’s bad manners to gloat about it.” The redhead grinned widely and quipped, “Actually, I think I’ve earned the right to gloat. Sue me.” Kim pushed up on her arms to stare Kerry down. Kerry was thrilled by her lover’s look of defiance. “Why would I sue you?” Kim asked. “I can exact much more satisfying revenge.”

With that, Kim straddled Kerry’s legs and pinned her to the bed. She gripped Kerry’s wrists firmly and leaned down to kiss her wantonly. “Now you’re in trouble,” Kim warned with a leer. Kerry replied, “Oh, I live for trouble,” and immediately regretted her flip comment when Kim pinned her wrists above her head with one hand and teased the tops of her thighs with the other. Kerry whimpered and tried to spread her legs but Kim held them firmly closed between her own strong thighs. Kim’s fingertips danced lightly over Kerry’s clit for long minutes as Kim teased her mercilessly and kissed her as deeply as she could. Kerry was simultaneously frustrated and aroused to feel her wrists and legs pinned to the bed. She broke from Kim’s kiss and thrashed her head from side to side as she was held captive under Kim’s long body. Kerry punctuated her movements with low groans and fell into a rhythm she wished she could feel pushing deep inside her.

Suddenly Kim released Kerry, rolled off of her and moved down to grasp Kerry’s ankles and throw her legs wide open. Kerry cried out as the air hit her exposed, wet center. Kim slid her hands underneath to cup Kerry’s ass and pushed Kerry’s legs further apart as she settled between them. Her mouth engulfed Kerry as she relentlessly licked and sucked Kerry’s clit. Kim followed Kerry’s hips as she flailed on the bed and spoke Kim’s name over and over. They rocked back and forth until Kerry tensed, wailed and then collapsed under Kim’s powerful mouth. Kerry gurgled moans and her lungs burned as she breathed deeply and tried to recover.

Kim lingered between Kerry’s legs and gently caressed Kerry’s sex with her tongue. When she felt a hand rubbing the back of her head, Kim looked up to see Kerry’s look of adoration. Kim took Kerry’s hands and pulled her up until they sat facing each other. She took Kerry’s face in her hands and kissed her sweetly, then pulled the sheets and pillows back in order.

Kerry gathered Kim in her arms and settled them into a cozy tangle of arms and legs. Her fingers softly moved through Kim’s hair as Kim sighed and buried her face in the crook of Kerry’s neck. Happily wrapped around Kim, Kerry noticed an unfamiliar feeling. She tried to identify it by its symptoms: she smiled more easily, she breathed deeply without effort, she felt no tension in her body and her mind was calm. Kerry realized that she felt a deep and unconditional love, both from Kim and from herself. She let out a grateful sigh as Kim shifted slightly in her arms. As they drifted toward sleep, Kerry kissed the top of Kim’s head and murmured, “You are a miracle. Thank you for loving me.” Kim hugged her closer and said, “I love you, too.” Cradled together, exhausted and content, they slipped away into dreaming.