by Elizabeth
added 11/??/01

Spoilers: Only for S8E8, "Partly Cloudy, Chance of Showers"
Rating: PG

Kerry sighed as she walked away from Gallant. He would be a good doctor one day, this she knew. It had been a hard one tonight, what with the woman and her baby. She was proud of Carter for handling the situation back at the home base as well. All she wanted to do now was get home and sleep. Suddenly she thought of something, that woman, Lopez. She was probably still at the scene or if not she might have been at the fire station. Kerry went back into the hospital and grabbed a suture kit and made her way to the firehouse in search of this Lopez person, still trying to figure out why exactly she was doing this. Was this going to be another Kim? Was she going to shy away if it looked like this Lopez person tried to get close or needed her? Kerry didn’t know, she didn’t even know if this person would want to be with her. Hell she didn’t even know her first name. All she knew was there was something about her, she was stubborn and knew what she was doing. Kerry liked that.

When Kerry arrived at the firehouse she looked around, but she didn’t see anyone who looked like Lopez. She went up to the desk and inquired. “Hello I’m Dr. Weaver from County, I’m looking for a Ms. Lopez?”

The guy didn’t even look up when he said, “Oh you mean Sandy. We sent her home. Bad laceration on her hand. Wanted her to go to the hospital but she would hear of it. Stubborn she is.” Sandy. Kerry tried the name around her head for a minute before trying to think of what to do next. Well Kerry you came this far…

“Can you tell me where she lives. I’m a little worried about her hand, it was cut pretty bad and I’d like to try and get it sutured before it heals too much. It would be a great help.”

The man at the desk looked up and her and shook his head. Then he grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled an address on it. “The only reason I’m doing this for you, miss, is that you still have your badge on from the hospital. Otherwise I wouldn’t be. Good luck getting her to let you fix her hand though, she’s very stubborn.”

“Yes well so am I. Thank you.” With that Kerry turned around and walked out of the fire station. She drove to the house, which turned out to be in the better area of Chicago near Mark and Elizabeth’s house. Kerry swallowed her fear and started the drive. She made her way out of the city and to the neighbourhood, happy that she had been to the housewarming party that the hospital had thrown when Mark and Elizabeth moved in their house. 1358 Nolan St. When she arrived and got out it became clear that Sandy lived across a yard from the house that was across the street from the Greene’s. Kerry could see their house.

Kerry walked up to the beautiful oak door and knocked with the knocker. From inside she could hear a dog barking, and guessed that it was a hound of some sort. She then heard Sandy’s voice from inside, “Okay Layla, calm down! I’ll be right there!” The door opened and Kerry saw that she was wrong about the dog, it was a Dalmatian. Of course, Kerry thought, what else would a firefighter have?

“Dr. Weaver. What are you doing here?”

Suddenly Kerry had a feeling she shouldn’t have come. She swallowed and was caught looking at this woman who was even more beautiful when she was dry and in faded jeans and a t-shirt. The shirt was just high enough to show a peeking of her stomach. Kerry would have stared at her all night if she hadn’t said something else, “Are you going to tell me why you are here or am I going to have to ask you to leave?”

That was enough to bring Kerry back to her senses. “I, uh, I thought I might come and see if I can fix your hand for you. If not it won’t heal correctly.”

Sandy looked like she was going to protest, but then winced in pain and looked down at her hand. She looked back up at Kerry and almost smiled. “Okay, common in. This is Layla. Hope you don’t mind dogs.”

“No not at all. Good song too. I have everything here.”

“Okay. Look at you, you’re soaked. Let me find something for you to wear.” Sandy said this as she led the way into the kitchen and started lecturing again, “You know you really shouldn’t have gone into that ambulance, and you definitely shouldn’t have brought that med student into it. Both of you could have been killed and you could have gotten in trouble.”

“Yeah I know. But I was only thinking of my patients’ needs. She would have died. I don’t lose patients.”

Sandy watched as this Dr. Weaver first numbed her hand and then started to sew. She started to wonder what exactly it was that brought her here to help her out. And what her first name was. She looked up and noticed her nametag. Kerry. Kerry Weaver, she thought, trying it out in her mind. This was the woman who risked her life for someone just hours before, and now she was delicately putting stitches in Sandy’s hand. A few minutes later she was finished, and putting on a dressing.

“Okay,” Sandy said when Kerry was finished, “I’m going to go upstairs to get you some clothes and then why don’t you stay and have a drink with me?”

“I’ll gladly stay for a drink, but there’s no need for clothes”, Kerry said as she took off her gloves and discarded everything.

“Kerry you’re in danger of hypothermia. This is the second time I’ve seen you drenched. Now you are going to let me get clothes for you so you don’t die or something.” With that Sandy went upstairs to leave Kerry wondering how she knew her name. She looked down at her hands and then realized she still had her I.D. on. A few minutes later Sandy came back down and handed some scrubs to Kerry, “here put these on.”

“Where did you get these?”

“Oh you know, every now and then I get the chance to borrow some from hospitals. I think those came from yours actually.”

“Oh. Well thank you.”

“The bathroom is in there, I’ll get some wine for us, how does that sound?”

“Oh that isn’t necessary … I mean, soda would be fine. Besides I have to drive tonight.”

Sandy looked a bit taken aback at this, but she put the wine back and went to the fridge. Meanwhile Kerry went into the bathroom and changed out of her clothes. When she came back out there were two wine glasses with soda in them. Sandy smiled, “I thought we could at least pretend.” Kerry smiled at this and sat down, suddenly shy. She hadn’t really planned what she was going to do after she sutured the hand. They sat and talked for awhile, until Sandy asked her if she got in trouble for cutting that woman.

Kerry sighed at this, “Well, I was told that I would either be a hero or unknown by the chief of staff, but I’m use to him so I just ignored it.”

“Yeah well he was right to yell at you. Do you know what could have happened to you? You could have — ”

Kerry suddenly gave into the urges that she must have been ignoring all night and put her hand on Sandy’s face before leaning in and kissing her. Sandy seemed surprised at first, and then kissed Kerry back a bit before pulling back. She looked at Kerry with a shocked look on her face. Kerry realized that she might have made a mistake here. She got up to leave, stammering. “I’m sorry…I..I mean I thought… that you… oh I’m so sorry…I’ll go now…you’ll want to get…the stitches out…well you know.”

Kerry was about to turn and run for it when Sandy stood up as well. She crossed the kitchen to Kerry and put her arm around her waste. “I am Kerry.” With that she leaned in for another kiss. This time the sparks flew for a few minutes and Kerry found herself moving her hand up Sandy’s back. For a moment she thought of Kim, and realized that while this was different, it was definitely good. She brought the kiss to an end and pulled away once more. “I should really go. I have an early shift tomorrow.”

“Of course”, Sandy said looking a bit disappointed, “um…can I call you sometime?”

Kerry smiled, “No, you can call me anytime.” After giving Sandy her home, cell and pager number she kissed her one more time before leaving for her car. She drove home and went inside to find her answering machine blinking. “You have one new message. Beep! Hey Kerry. This must sound really silly but anyway…it’s Sandy. There’s this dinner thing on Friday. I thought you might want to come. I’ll stop by the hospital tomorrow with the details okay? Talk to you later.” Kerry saved the message and went to bed. For the first time in a very long time she slept soundly with only good dreams.