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Story: 2nd in a series
Rated: NC-17
Spoilers: None – I’m sure of this

Weaver glanced down angrily at her armload of paperwork before turning an eye to the board, which was full as usual … God, she hated days like this. Dr. Carter breezed by her, his boyish good looks evident even to the most resistant of women, but the Chief would not be distracted by such things at present. Where the hell was Chen?!

“Carter!” She caught his attention by using his name a bit more sharply than she had originally intended. “Have you heard from or seen Jing-Mei?”

“Uhhh …” Carter crinkled his eyebrows as Weaver waited in anticipation for a response. “I don’t know … I mean … not since yesterday …” His face turning thoughtful; he leaned in close to Weaver. “Why – is she working tonight?”

Kerry sighed, plopping the folders down in front of Frank, the desk clerk. “Yes. Yes, she is scheduled tonight, and I don’t know why I am having to hunt down these doctors like I am a high school principal.” Then, muttering to herself, she added, “I knew it was a mistake hiring her back.”

“Ooh, good one, Kerry.” The redhead turned, as Carter scurried away, toward the sound of Robert Romano’s voice. “Can I have a word with you, Dr. Weaver? That is, if you’re finished with your verbal slander of a valued member of our motley crew.”

Kerry, closing her eyes briefly, wishing for the millionth time this week that she hadn’t seen his wretched little face, reluctantly followed the bald surgeon to the elevator.

The only words spoken during the seemingly endless voyage up were his little tauntings to which she choose not to reply. “So, Kerry, you’re looking a bit frayed around the edges. Haven’t seen your little firefighter around – you guys have a fight?” In her silence, he responded to himself. “Don’t wanna share? I guess I can understand that. Ever the mystic, our little Kerry Weaver.”

Finally in his office, she felt as if her patience had slowly been peeled away like layers of an onion. It took everything she had to retain her composure.
“What is this about?” she asked, not exactly in a hurry to get back downstairs to the ER, but desperate to get out of his office, out of his presence.

“Well,” he began in his smug voice, “I suppose by now you’re wondering why Jing-Mei hasn’t showed up for her shift.”

Shrugging sarcastically, Kerry replied, “Well, yes, Robert, that thought had crossed my mind, seeing as how the waiting room is standing room only.”

Nodding, he considered this. “Right. Those are all the injuries from that basketball game riot – mostly minor injuries, am I right?”

Shrugging again, Kerry shook her head. “I really don’t know. I haven’t actually …”

“Right. I got a call from Jing-Mei, and she needs a formal apology from you before she comes back to work.”

Cocking her head, Weaver wondered if she’d heard correctly. “Excuse me?”

“You’re excused,” he said, going to his desk, grabbing a piece of paper from it and handing it to Weaver. “This is where she’ll be – waiting for you. I suggest you get going.”

“Umm.” Kerry glared at him. “I’m not going. It isn’t my fault that Jing-Mei is a petulant child and …”

“Blah blah blah,” Robert interrupted.

“I’m not leaving my shift to go chasing after her. No way,” she said firmly. “Not only is it not hospital policy, but …”

“Is it hospital policy to leave our pagers in public lavatories thereby causing the death of patients?”

Weaver felt the anger creep into her cheeks in the form of white heat. “Go to hell,” she snarled, causing a light shiver up his spine.

“Ooh,” he said. “I’m afraid.” Handing her the sticky-note with a scribbled address on it, he waited for her to take it. When she didn’t, he folded his arms. “Now, don’t you think you have been a bit harsh with her? I’m surprised you haven’t gotten the same request from Dr. Lewis, her being your old chum from the old days and all. You treat her like an unwelcome mat – agreed?”

Kerry glared at him. Snatching the paper, she took a deep steadying breath. “I’ll make sure she knows this is by your own request – not mine. If she wants more than that, then she can forget it. I’m not groveling, Robert. I mean it.”

He grinned like the devil himself. “I wouldn’t dream of asking that of you.”

Without another word, Kerry left his office, cursing the very day she met him.

* * *

Speeding down the inner city streets of Chicago, Dr. Weaver gripped at the clutch like she was trying to tear it off. The tension in her shoulders and back and hands was constricting, brought on by the stress of her life, she was sure. As she rounded the narrow street where the expensive hotel sat, she noticed that her knuckles were white from gripping the wheel too tightly and let up a bit.

A handsome young valet boy approached her car, and she waved him off. “I’m parking!” she shouted and he backed off, hands up in surrender.

Inside the hotel, Kerry went to the desk and was about to ask for Jing-Mei by name when she turned and spotted her sitting at the bar in the hotel lounge.

The piano player’s fingers danced over the keys, creating a deep rich velvet sound that seemed to set the tone of the room. The lighting was very dim, lit only with candles, and the aroma was of expensive cigars and men’s and women’s colognes. Kerry approached the dark-haired woman and cleared her throat softly. Jing-Mei turned and rolled her eyes.

“God, I didn’t think you’d really come,” she said, sipping her drink, then raising her glass. “Here’s to life’s little unexpected pleasures.”

“Right,” Kerry said matter-of-factly. “Robert sent me to find out what’s going on, but if you want to ruin your career by playing these childish games, you may as well know that I’d rather you didn’t come back.”

The young woman smiled, brushing back a loose strand of her hair. “Jesus, Kerry. I didn’t think you were coming here to shit on me. I could’ve stayed at work for that.”

Kerry nodded. “Well, should I tell him that you aren’t coming back or what?”

“I haven’t decided that yet,” she answered, lighting a cigarette. “Tell him what you want.”

Adjusting her coat, Weaver shook her head, angrily. “I don’t have time for this. I’m leaving. You and Romano can deal with this together.” She started out as the young woman’s voice called after her.

“Maybe if you weren’t such a liar …”

She stopped and turned, again approaching the bar where Chen stared after her.

“What?” Weaver asked as the other doctor glared into her eyes.

“Maybe if you weren’t such a liar, Kerry, I wouldn’t have such ill feelings towards you.”

Sighing, Kerry shoved her hands into her pockets. “Okay, Jing-Mei, and maybe if you weren’t such a child …”

The younger woman shook her head, exasperated. “Of course.”

“No, I’m serious, Jing-Mei.” Kerry was very close now, wanting to really scream at her, but not wanting to create a scene. “You are such a baby. I mean, how many times do I have to keep coddling you before you feel like my ego is bruised enough for you to have a working relationship with me? How many apologies is it going to take before Robert has to stop trying to lure you back with provisions he wouldn’t even offer someone like Dr. Carter?”

Chen bowed her head, her lip pouting naturally, her hair falling into her eyes. Kerry was disgusted.

“You should be apologizing to me, you know that?” Weaver finished, feeling the familiar heat of anger in her cheeks. “I really don’t want you back at County, I feel it is my obligation to tell you that being that I am your superior, but … you do what you want. I’m leaving.”

Chen watched Kerry head out into the commons and got up to follow her. Before she got to the entrance, she stopped her.

“Kerry, wait,” she said, hating herself for always having to acknowledge the redhead’s superiority. “If you … have a free minute, maybe we could finish this in my suite.”

Kerry shook her head. “No. I think we’re done here.”

Jing-Mei was surprised at her own insistence. “I just think we should take this discussion someplace more private. I love this hotel and I would hate to be kicked out because of a domestic dispute.” She folded her arms, trying to keep up the bitch role she had grown so accustomed to playing around the Chief. “I mean, unless you want to be thrown out.”

Kerry considered it. They would be expecting her back, but … it was Romano’s idea for her to come here … let him deal with it, right? After all, they were mostly minor injuries, and Carter and Lewis and Gallant were there … and this really needed to be dealt with …

“Alright,” she heard herself say before following Jing-Mei into an elevator and riding up with her to what seemed like the millionth floor.

At the suite door, Chen pulled out a card key and glanced at Weaver before using it to grant them entrance.

“You want a drink, Dr. Weaver?” she asked going to the mini-bar and making one for herself.

“No,” Weaver said flatly as she watched the young woman pour burgundy liquid into her own glass from a very ancient-looking bottle. Now, she allowed her gaze to travel about the room. A very nice suite, indeed, she thought, noticing the wood finish, the black leather furniture, the large fireplace that sat in the middle of the room, the marble floors, the vaulted ceilings.

“You wanted to talk, Jing-Mei, so talk,” Kerry said cutting to the chase, and the beautiful Asian regarded her with a strange look on her face.

“You think you know everything, don’t you Kerry?” she asked, bourbon coating her voice. “You don’t know anything.”

Kerry watched as Chen approached her, slowly, getting almost uncomfortably close, and stopping within inches of her. “There are times in the ER when I wish it was you on the table, so I could torture you, let you die a slow horrible painful death. You make me so sick, Kerry. I don’t even know how I survived this long without going off on you.”

Kerry stood staring, wishing she hadn’t felt that tiny fraction of obligation to come and talk to this woman.

“So,” Kerry replied, weighing heavily on her crutch, mostly from the exhaustion of dealing with this woman brought. “Does this mean you won’t be returning? I just need to know so that I can tell Robert to begin a new search for someone to fill the position.”

Jing-Mei smiled at this comment. “But I could never hurt you, Kerry.”

Sighing, Kerry nodded. “That’s good to know.”

“Well,” Chen added, “maybe I could hurt you … a little.”

“Okay,” Kerry said heading for the door, nearly infuriated. “Goodnight, Jing-Mei.”

“Oh, you aren’t leaving yet, Kerry,” Chen said, coming up behind her boss and turning her to face her, dark brown eyes meeting crystal blue. “We have a few things to discuss, yet.”

Kerry felt all her patience beginning to ebb away. “What else is there to talk about? You aren’t coming back? Fine with me. We’ll find someone else, I’m sure.”

Snorting, Chen pulled Kerry into the room by her coat sleeve. “This isn’t about work, Kerry. This is about us.”

Kerry almost laughed out loud at the implications. “What do you mean, ‘us’?”

“I’ll show you what I mean,” Chen said, angrily, before nudging Weaver against the wall and bringing her mouth to the redhead’s in a searing kiss.

“Oh God,” Kerry groaned, exasperated, when Chen finally pulled away. “I suppose this is another one of your ‘tactics’ to get what you want at County. Well, it isn’t going to work.”

Jing-Mei shook her head. “You don’t get it yet, do you?” she asked Weaver, pinning her against the wall. “I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

This time, Kerry did laugh, but not a moment later, it faded as a wave of panic washed over her and she felt the handcuffs clamp around her wrists, hard. Looking up, she saw the other woman’s grin widen.

“Okay, Jing-Mei.” She struggled against the restraints, slightly. “This is cute, but release me. This isn’t funny.”

The younger woman grinned again and snatched Kerry’s crutch from her arm, holding it like a sword before tossing it onto the floor. “Now, wouldn’t it be poetic justice if I beat you with this?” she asked, and Kerry was silent as Chen began to unzip the form-fitting dress she was wearing.

“Jing-Mei …” Kerry attempted to plead, but somehow she knew it would be useless as the woman stripped, slowly, seemingly swaying her hips to some sensuous, silent melody.

“You should enjoy this part,” Chen said softly, relieving herself of the garment only to reveal a slick, black, latex body suit, so skin-tight that Weaver would have sworn it had been painted on. In spite of herself, she swallowed deeply, pretending not to notice the woman’s supple curves, and the way her black mane fell over her shoulder like ebony silk. “I hate you so much, Kerry Weaver,” Chen said, stepping away from her small pile of discarded dress. “I’m going to show you how much.”

Kerry swallowed again, this time finding it somewhat difficult as Jing-Mei went into another room and returned almost as quickly with a riding crop – and scissors, Kerry noted, feeling her heart rate speed up a bit.

“Look, Jing-Mei …” she pleaded as the young woman approached her. “I’m sure Romano will give you whatever it is you want – just … don’t do whatever it is you’re thinking of doing … it won’t be worth it …”

Chen silenced her with her kiss, then pulled away to regard her. “Oh, I’m sure it’ll be worth it, Kerry.”

Now, with the scissors, Chen began to cut Kerry’s coat off her, then her blouse and her slacks so that the Chief stood wearing only indigo-colored bra and panties and black knee-high stockings. Her shoes were loafers and Jing-Mei slowly eased Kerry’s feet out of them.

“Now, I may have to hurt you, Kerry,” she said, biting her own lip, facing Kerry again. “But you may like it – who knows … I just want to play with you.”

Kerry took a deep breath, feeling goose bumps rise on her skin, cursing herself for being so vulnerable. “In addition to being a petulant bitch,” she began, watching the grin spread over her colleague’s face, “you are also sadistic. It’s really a shame I had to find out this way.”

“It takes one to know one, Kerry,” Chen said before crushing her mouth to Weaver’s in a sloppy, somewhat unwelcome kiss. She wanted to make Kerry pay, but mostly, she wanted to have her way with the woman – let her see what helplessness was like, and Kerry … well … she was using all her reserves to fight off the insane doctor, but biological responses couldn’t be stopped with willpower. In spite of herself, Jing-Mei’s assault was making her wet as hell.

“Stop this,” Kerry said, in attempt at a feeble defense when the kiss was finally broken. “I don’t … I don’t want to do this … you proved your point. Now, let me go. I won’t press charges.”

Chen laughed at that. “Why would you press charges? You’re enjoying this as much as I am.”

Kerry strained against the cuffs. “You’re wrong about that.” Her wrists were getting sore even as her nipples were getting hard. “Please, Chen …”

Now, Chen took the riding crop and slapped it against Kerry’s naked torso, eliciting a gasp from the ever-cool Dr. Weaver.

“You have such a beautiful flawless body, Kerry,” Jing-Mei said, grinning. “Too bad I’m going to leave marks all over it, but don’t worry – they’ll heal.” Then she added, “But I guess I don’t need to tell you that, right?”

Kerry closed her eyes and held her breath as she felt another few swipes with the riding crop, then, for a moment, she felt nothing and heard nothing but silence.

“Kerry?” Jing-Mei asked the redhead, but Kerry kept her eyes closed, hoping it was all a dream until she felt the warm wetness surround her left nipple and yelped.

“Oh God … Jing-Mei – don’t …” She struggled against the restraints and opened her eyes to see her co-worker latched onto her breast, sucking profusely. “… Jing-Mei … please …”

Now, the young woman’s hands were holding Kerry around the waist, pulling the smaller body towards her, giving her more of an advantage.

When she finally released her, Kerry was weak and her nipple was sore and tingling. “Did you like that?” Jing-Mei asked, wiping her mouth. “You taste lovely, you miserable bitch. It’s a shame I hate you so much.”

Kerry allowed her head to hang downward as Chen reached for the scissors again and went for the straps of Kerry’s bra, cutting the thing into shreds so that it basically fell to the floor in pieces.

“I know what you need, Kerry,” she said, disappearing into another room, and when she returned, Kerry thought she would faint at what she saw. Around the young woman’s hips was a harness, holding the largest, fattest strap-on Kerry thought she had ever seen. Jing-Mei grinned just as Kerry cursed the fact that she was dripping with the essence of her own arousal.

“Jing-Mei,” Kerry said in a voice barely above a whisper. “Stop this now.”

Chen smiled and cocked her head. “Or what, Kerry? Hmm?”

Kerry swallowed, tearing her gaze away from the strap-on to meet the onyx pools that were her colleague’s eyes. “Stop it now,” she said, using her best Chief-bitch-Weaver voice, “or you will regret it.”

In spite of herself, Jing-Mei felt her nerve ebb just slightly, but then, she came back full force. “Right, Kerry. Whatever.” Glancing down at the dildo, she grinned. “This little guy is twelve inches long, three-and-a-half inches in diameter …” Regarding Kerry, she mock-frowned. “Listen, I know the idea of a ‘member’ doesn’t really get your goat, but the object here isn’t your pleasure – it’s mine.”

Leading Kerry by the cuffs, Chen brought Kerry over to the bar and forced her over it, so she was bending forward.

“I hope I haven’t hurt you, Kerry, but this really isn’t the time or place for that crutch you use.” Chen pressed herself against Kerry’s ass, rubbing the dildo along her crack. “Dammit,” she said, pulling away from Kerry. “I forgot the scissors to cut up those adorable panties you have on.”

Going to retrieve them, Kerry pulled forward, and landed on her knees, causing her a great deal of discomfort. Standing with some difficulty, she limped towards where Jing-Mei was and stopped short as the younger woman grinned at her.

“Oh – what is this? Active participation?” She put her hands on her hips and shook her head. “You really are pathetic, Kerry. You know that?”

“I didn’t realize how much I hate you until now,” Kerry said and threw herself forward, landing with a thud on top of Jing-Mei. Now, she was on top, and brought her mouth down on the other woman’s in a searing kiss of angry passion. “God, I hate you,” Kerry groaned as she bit her neck hard, getting a squeal out of Jing-Mei. “Where is the key to these cuffs?” Kerry murmured, never releasing her clamp on the woman’s neck.

“Ughnnnn …” Chen groaned, wincing at the pain Kerry was causing. “Go to hell, Kerry.” She screeched as Kerry bit down harder, nearly drawing blood.
“Okay … okay … it’s in the …” Chen was giving in, so Kerry let up a bit. “… it’s in the cupboard … in t-the bar …”

Against her neck, Kerry murmured softly, “Go get it.”

Rolling them over so Chen could get up, Kerry sat up and kneeled, getting used to the aching pressure it shot through her weak leg as the woman returned with the key. She kneeled in front of her, inches away, turning her head to the side so that Kerry could see the enormous bruise left at her neck from the bite. The redhead smiled in spite of herself.

“You made me do it,” she said, stretching her wrists forward so her colleague could unlock them, and Kerry was surprised when she did so without much coercion. Once freed, Kerry rubbed her ragged flesh and glanced up at the pouting woman before suddenly lunging forward and pinning her arms above her head.

“Kerry …” Jing-Mei pleaded, a bit surprised at Weaver’s strength.

“This is your game …” Kerry said, keeping her wrists pinned with one hand, and with the other, unstrapping the harness she wore. “Don’t tell me you want to stop now …”

Sighing, shakily, Jing-Mei attempted to at least bring her mouth to Weaver’s, but Kerry was having none of that. With one hand, she strapped the harness around her own waist, and kneeled over Chen, holding her legs into place as well.

“You wouldn’t …” Jing-Mei dared as Kerry again leaned over her, allowing the protrusion to press into her latex covered crotch.

“You want me to,” Kerry declared, as she released Chen’s wrists and pulled the latex apart, discovering it actually had been painted on. It was very flexible and as Kerry tore it, her eyes were linked with Chen’s the entire time, exposing one olive body part after another until her beautiful shaved sex was exposed, and Kerry felt herself tremble at the sight of it.

“You disgust me,” she said as Jing-Mei lay back, pulling her legs from between Kerry’s thighs and wrapping them shamelessly around the redhead’s waist.

“Do it!” she ordered, desperate for the feel of Kerry’s thrusts in and out of her wet aching canal. “Please …”

Kerry chuckled, ignoring her own need for release. “Why should I?” she asked in a wavering voice, thick with desire.

“Because …” Chen answered, desperate for it, almost melting with raw need. “Because … you can p-punish me … I k-know you want t-to …”

Deciding that was a decent idea, Kerry thought maybe she’d tease her a bit, first, bringing the tip of her finger to the outermost folds, and running it along the edges, causing the other woman to gasp and close her eyes, clutching at the carpet for dear life. Then she slipped her finger within the folds, rubbing it against her quivering and impossibly wet nub.

“God, Kerry … do it … God …” Jing-Mei was so ready, but Kerry wasn’t sure until the woman added, “Do it, you miserable bitch …”

With that, Kerry plunged the dildo so deep inside the other woman, she’d have sworn she heard Jing-Mei scream, but her face had gone almost blank with surprise, or perhaps it was already the beginnings of her orgasm. She had no idea as she moved her hips in slow circles, rhythmically, watching the face before her contort and contract, her arm coming up to rest over her eyes. The pleasure was pain and vice versa … she was so close and yet so far – it was exquisite, and Weaver reached down and pulled her up so that she was straddling her, face to face, riding her with Kerry’s hands beneath her buttocks, driving her closer.

Her mouth was close to Kerry’s and she leaned in for a kiss, but Kerry pulled back, avoiding it. She hated this woman. God, she hated her, but now, as the woman’s eyes began to roll back from the sheer edge of release, she brought her mouth forward and allowed for a small amount of kissing, tongues reaching so far inward they might nearly have choked one another.

Jing-Mei found her hands at the sides of Weaver’s face, holding on, reaching into impossibly silky red hair. There was nothing about this woman that she liked, but she was her boss, and damn, she knew how to work that dildo … God, did she …

It sank deep inside her once, twice, three times until Jing-Mei began to shudder with what appeared to be a huge tornado of multiple orgasm. She grasped onto Kerry’s arms, allowing a few more thrusts as the scream started from way down deep in the pit of her soul and climbed up to reach the pitch of a dolphin’s song – it was high and thunderous as she trembled against Weaver, letting the last of the tremors overtake her before collapsing against the redhead who then deposited her on the floor.

Kerry slowly unattached the harness and laid it on the carpet as she watched the unsteady rise and fall of Chen’s breast, her breathing labored but slowly becoming normal.

She stood and leaned against the wall for support before going to retrieve her crutch. Now, as she disappeared into another room, Chen lay there, cold, wondering about her, until she reappeared wearing a pair of extra-long black slacks and a black baby T-shirt that actually fit her well. She looked more like a teenager ready for clubbing than a forty-something doctor ready for surgery.

“So,” she addressed Chen, very business-like, without glancing down at her. “Do I tell Romano you’ll be in tomorrow, or not?”

Closing her eyes in surrender, Chen cleared her throat. “Yeah. Tell him, I’ll be in.”

“Good,” Kerry said as she went towards the door, grabbing Chen’s black mink coat and putting it on before leaving. “Don’t be late.”