This is the first fanfic that I have posted, so not really sure what needs to be said or done before so can we say "winging it"? LOL.

If you haven't seen season 7 yet and don't want things to be spoiled then don't read. It's a bit old, but it's only one of two that I have written. It takes place after the whole Doc's debacle. Right before Surrender. I don't really know what else to say, no real sex, violence, or cursing. . . sorry. :-) Hope you enjoy and please send some feedback. I like feedback.


After 'Stay'
by: Lisa

She searched Kim's face, desperately seeking any sign of wavering. Wanting nothing more than to just sit down with her in the booth. Finally, after what felt like days Kim's face wavered and she returned to her seat. Kerry breathed an audible sigh of relief.

"What do you want, Kerry?" Kim said, her voice a mix of frustration, confusion, and . . .could she dare to hope. . .excitement?????

"I don't know what I do want, but I do know what I don't want. . . if that makes any sense." Kerry said, hoping that the stunning woman across from her wouldn't just leave at that absurd statement.

"Okay, well. . . then what DON'T you want Kerry?" Kim said, getting rather frustrated.

"I don't want us to be how we were today. That was horrible." Kerry said trying to get Kim to look her in the eye.

"It was terrible," Kim said finally making eye contact with Kerry for the first time since they had been nose to nose in the aisle a few minutes ago. Kerry felt as though she had been thrown a rope in a tumbling sea when Kim's eyes finally locked on her own. Her heart leapt and her resolve strengthened.

"I don't want to ever feel as horrid as I did after we fought. I don't want to be as completely confused as I have felt since the moment you entered my life."

"Well, I can just as easily step right out of it, Kerry." Kim said pointedly as she went to stand up, but Kerry caught her arm.

"You know, there is something that I know that I do want." Kim looked at her, scrutinizing her. Kerry placed the look somewhere between the look an injured gazelle would give a lion and the look the lion would give back. Kim debated for a moment, and choose to sit back down with Kerry. She decided to give her initial question one more try.

"What do you want, Kerry?" She said it gently and quietly this time. It was so soothing to Kerry that she felt she could stay in this sate with this woman for the rest of her life. Kim's hand slid gently over Kerry's and a sharp intake of breath was taken, although neither could tell from whom it came.

Kerry's eyes began to brim with tears and she looked away, but Kim caught her face with a free hand. "Kerry, . . . what do you want?" Kim had a way of asking the most difficult questions in the world and making them sound like the choice between corn and green beans with dinner. 'That's was why I love her. Oh, god. . .'

Kerry looked Kim directly in the eye, tears beginning to fall down her silken cheeks and suddenly Kerry's voice came to her from nowhere.

"You. . . I want you."

Kim's breath caught in her throat and surprised her. She began to rise from her seat and Kerry's face fell. Kim began to gather her things into her briefcase. All Kerry could think was 'I've really done it now. I finally admitted it all to someone and she's already leaving me.' That's when Kim's hand landed on Kerry's and gently pulled her to her feet. Kerry couldn't look at Kim. Kim's fingers laced into Kerry's and she led her out of Doc's silently. They walked to the garage in silence as well, the only sound was of their breathing at a slightly heightened rate.

When they got to Kim's car she turned to Kerry . . . "Kerry, I want you to come home with me tonight but I understand if you want to take it slow." Kim paused and searched Kerry's face. It was the most raw and openly emotional she had ever seen the stoic er doc. A smile played across her angelic face. . . 'I did that' was all she could think.

"I want to come home with you." Kerry said, looking Kim in the eyes for the first time since they had left Doc's. All that Kim saw in Kerry's eyes made her want her even more than she had for the past two months. Kim's eyes on hers energized Kerry in a way she didn't know was possible. That was when the emotionally reserved Dr. Kerry Weaver could no longer quell the urges that had been present in her since the day she first set eyes on Kim. In one quick, but graceful movement Kerry took Kim into her arms. Both briefcases were on the floor and the women entwined in each other. There was barely the soft preamble that is the norm when kissing someone. They blazed right past that and straight into the 'I desperately need you and will do anything to get just a millimeter closer to you' kiss. Hands in hair, mouth on mouth, tongue with tongue. The feeling of Kim's body on hers was incredible. So much so that she found it very difficult to remain standing. Kim felt Kerry loosen and droop in her arms a bit. Soon both could barely breathe or stand. The kiss broke off and Kerry fell into Kim's arms. Kim held her tightly.

After they had both recovered from the intensity of their kiss Kerry looked Kim right in the eye. She only had the strength to say three words, although she had two set's of three words in mind. She decided to go with the first. "Take me home." She decided that it would be easier to show Kim the other three words.